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  1. Kris Doolan's 50th Premiership goal. Pleasing.
  2. Good to see the Main Stand Evacuation Procedure ran smoothly...
  3. Gotta love Kris Doolan [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]
  4. That first half is damaging Scottish football, imo.
  5. Repeating 'Boys are Back in Town' in the space of ten minutes. Embarrassing for Scottish football...
  6. What's the kickoff delay for?
  7. Oh, aye. So a jambo come in with three new main stand scarves [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  8. I'm getting tore into my first pint of Tennents in the Prison Officers club as I type... #CanUp #21stCenturyCan
  9. I was tired and emotional...
  10. Free entry for me today...
  11. Hearts doing us a favour by not allowing Sammon to play. What a club!
  12. I’m glad I took the sensible decision of leaving The Corinthian at 2.30am this morning. I’m actually looking forward to this now. Bus at half eleven then a few beers in the Clubbie at the Away end.
  13. Pretty much this. Three mates booked this weekend back in the summer as they thought Hearts at Firhill was a good fixture for their annual football journey North from Swansea. Then we switched the fixture, no problems we thought. Tynie is a great Away day. Then it was switched to the Sunday and that fucked them for the game irrespective of the new Stand shenanigans. Went to the QP vs Pars game and got passed in the Southside. All good. My issue is this will be my third day on the batter in a row. Thank f**k I took tomorrow as a holiday