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  1. Dare I ask who the black armbands are in memory of?
  3. Did Wales not positively arrange friendlies?
  4. Referee Tommy Little stops the fight between Henry Cooper and Cassius Clay. Wembley Stadium, London, 18th June 1963
  5. Shit, I could end up being promoted
  7. Power cut at work [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1]
  8. I'd take Ranieri or even Roy Hodgson with up and coming coaches backing them up. We'll probably end up with McLeish though
  9. Please kepi these to yourselves...
  10. Every club should have a fine set of twin strikers...
  11. Turns out it was Mawson. He'd rather give the England u21 route a go. Can't blame him really.
  12. People who make hat puns...