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  1. Real let my 16/1 fourfold with Man Utd, Juve and Sevilla down.
  2. Had a tenner on Isma first Hearts goalscorer at 31/10. Something in the pot at least
  3. Real did me too. Also had a Juve and Sevilla BTTS double.
  4. They've given me a free fiver after taking out my winnings. Same with the last one. Anyone else get this?
  5. Another rendition of this ditty occurred during a game at Cappielow when both supports were in the Cowshed and a member of the NGE decided to scale the fence but half way up they realised no one one was following they dropped back down and started a solo of 'The Hills are alive wither sound of shitebags'. 'The Jimmy Savile, he's one of your own ' chants in the first couple of games against Celtic when we came up were pretty cringed and thankfully stopped. A good one at Parkhead was when there was a pished old Jakey was trying to give some abuse out to the Thistle fans nearby. It was obvious when he started shouting that he was dentally challenged and the chant of 'One tooth, you've only got one tooth' was quite amusing at the time.
  6. Anyone copying me is setting low ambitions for themselves
  7. 5/10 Knew flag and capital, educated guesses on food and guesses on book and TV show. Went wrong way on 50/50 for HOL. I even changed my answer. Meh.
  8. Date (GMT) Time (GMT) Type Description Detail Odds Result Debit Credit Running Balance Tue 21 Feb 2017 21:41:36 Payout Manchester City v Monaco - Yes Bet Id: 11799582 Both Teams To Score In Both Halves - Win 11/1 Won £0.00 £60.00 £60.00
  9. Leverkusen knocking on the door now too...
  10. That's 40.83 Joe Garners
  11. Leverkusen 2 Atleti 3
  12. Monaco also sworded Tottenham twice in the Group Stage too. #BestLeagueInTheWorld