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  1. Long shot...
  2. Yeah, I reckon they have to bounce back from the Cowboys defeat. Still might have a nibble on Dem Bears at 4/1.
  3. Got this on my other account too.
  4. ^^^ Free Money Decent CL midweek for me.
  5. Europa League Mayhem bets
  6. Distinct lack of ambition. Modest success at Shrewsbury would have put him on the radar of championship level clubs. Nice part of the country too.
  7. Managed to avoid a collapse so far this week. Worked out the city and executed. Failed to guess the moon and went wrong on the tennis participant.
  8. Wifie McBeaty's Irish Tavern?
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see another draw, although less entertaining* than the Accies game. *