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  1. On face of it Thistle achieved their target of Top 6. Got to the quarter finals of the cup for the first time in ages too. We had an awful start to the season in terms of results and we're sitting bottom just before Christmas. Up until the last five games we had a decent defensive record and along with Doolans 2017 goals we deserved our top 6 place. We still struggle against the top teams and even St Johnstone this season though. We also have the embarrassing situation of not taking any points from a hapless Rangers team and the two late defeats at Firhill to cope with. Looking at the points won there is certainly lots of room for improvement but I'm happy overall despite no stand out performances. I think we only scored three goals or more on one occasion this season but that was balanced with the improvement at the back. A few stand out performers for me in Cerny, Doolan, Lindsay and the January addition of Niall Keown. I would give us a B- overall. Good work but could do better.
  2. A middling 5/10 to start the week. The only pleasure I took was thinking of antipodeans scratching their heads at the snooker question and cursing the compiler.
  3. It's nice to be nice Tam [emoji56] Oh aye, f**k St Johnstone [emoji211] [emoji106]
  4. Pure pished. Sorry to see the ICT go down but I think you'll bounce back. I was there for the amazing cup win of 2015 and I have an affinity for the Northern Jags. Haste ye back. Much love, jagfox99 x
  5. No DABs in the top flight forum. Thank you.
  6. Up your game. Thank you.
  7. I'll give that leg to Aberdeen on points but just watch out for the Jagernaut next season... PleasePumpThe****