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  1. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    We're definitely lacking leadership on the pitch. Archie has assembled a squad of nice lads. Oh, for a Dinnie, Pittman or McVicar... Also were neither attacking or defensive in our strategy. We don't have the same possession of play as we've had in previous seasons but still want to score the perfect goal with imperfect players. The defence has gone to pot this season, formation changes, losing Lindsay, employing four different right backs and a massive drop in form from Keown haven't helped. At the other end we still don't create anywhere near enough chances to win this league. I recall we were having one effort on goal for every two by the opposition. I wouldn't be surprised if this has got worse as the season has gone on. Bottom line is we're low on confidence and the manager still doesn't seem sure of his preferred starting line-up and formation. We're staring relegation or a playoff straight, smack in the face.
  2. Hibs vs Thistle

    I've ordered five tickets today. Mate's birthday so hopefully Thistle don't ruin the day too much...
  3. Hibs vs Thistle

    Marciano and McGinn out for this one.
  4. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

    Heard of context m8?
  5. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Making informed political decisions based on what football club they support or the latest post they've seen on Facebook.
  6. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Yup, there's only one diddy team in the league we've managed to beat three times this season...
  7. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    As a shock to not many at Firhill Barton admits confidence is at a low ebb.
  8. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Yup. Or start a social media post sorry Facebook reply with 'I'm a Celtic/ Rangers fan but...'
  9. Things The Lower Classes Do

    That memorial thing near to where their unsupervised wean has been drowned/ knocked down and cover it in Celtic/ Rangers shite and photocopies of the departed. Usually with texty messages of condolence. The remnants can be seen for weeks even years if the accident had occurred in a slightly off track location.
  10. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Refer to a Chinese take away meal as a curry...
  11. Things you want to share with P&B

    Learned off Sly Stallone in Cobra, imo...
  12. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    I seriously doubt it...
  13. FA Cup 2017/18

    Oh, well. Ex- Chelsea boys getting their old team the plum draw
  14. General Politics Thread

    Congratulations to Mr Putin on winning the Russian Presidential election with 73.9% of the vote. I suppose the winning margin was reduced due to the heavy telt he received from Theresa and Boris over the nerve agent thingy?