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  1. I can't see Edwards being dropped after his performance yesterday. MOTM imo. Also despite his ability to miss chances with either foot Azeez will get the nod too.
  2. I can see the Sexdoll Stranglers winning by a couple of goals
  3. Not seen any highlights barring Coulibaly's goal. What a strike! The guy's got a nose for goal and isn't afraid to let fly. A Diamond among a plethora of averagey right backs.
  4. Yeah, I can see Archibald setting us up the same way as at Pittodrie. Not much room for error on our part.
  5. Neither team have been setting the heather alight so far this season. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 0-0 or 1-1, tbh. Obviously if there's a red card or two dished out that would change the whole dynamic of the game.
  6. Big Adebayo will be ruing his missed chances but hopefully he'll work on that. Big Lyle Taylor missed his fair share too but came good in the end. I trust Azeez will too.
  7. Hee hee. That's what crossed my mind too. Mcghee seemed to be pretty objective in his thoughts on the game?
  8. Apparently Moult never trained much last week due to tweaking his hamstring after standing on a child's toy
  9. Up the Arse
  10. Two points lost. Azeez had enough chances to win two games and I felt we'd rue those missed chances. Goal seemed soft from our point of view. Don't think Sully was too blame so how did the second smallest player on the park score with a header? (He could have had two but for the disallowed effort). Overall played okay, hopefully just one of those days...
  11. *insert not bad meme
  12. Davie Bhoy is the green Derek Johnstone
  13. Mon the Unentscheiden
  14. Aye, McGregor was signed by Souness I think. It was his blonde locks that fooled me