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  1. I'm expecting a certain player to be outed for large scale ketamine abuse at some point...
  2. Cove's old ground used to have an indoor bowling lawn. Does Meadowbank still have a long jump pit in the concourse? They used to have karate lessons on every time I went there that you could see from the stand.
  3. A wrong un in Drongan
  4. Did Morton not pay some kinda fee for Oliver in the first place?
  5. I'd like some unsafe steep banking now. All we have left is a bing behind the goal. Now THAT'S quirky
  6. I'll probably auto draft anyway so it doesn't really matter
  7. Sounds like they did us over?
  8. The Black Hutton
  9. I recall Thistle had a capacity of 40,000 then this was halved hence us only getting 20,000 on our return to the top flight in 1992/93. I'm not sure if this would have been a council measure at the time?
  10. He must have said that he was innocent about a dozen times on his wee interview on BBC Sportsound. Strange as he seemed aware of strict liability and he was found to be guilty on that count.
  11. ...and the DABs in 1991
  12. Seems strange to be disappointed with a very solid score to start the week : Reservoir and Production company did for me.
  13. Clydebank FC had benches all round Kilbowie Park. RE: Old capacities. I recall reading that these capacities were basically cut in half without any actual changes to the stadiums. Not sure if this was in the 60s or as late as around 1980?