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  1. Your lack of punctuation has similar effects here..
  2. What is your lineup?
  3. How much to get in here today?
  4. Bring da ruckus [emoji211] [emoji191] [emoji191] [emoji211]
  5. Fair enough. Not funny. But I've been there myself on occasion [emoji14]
  6. Being gay isn't illegal. Do you assocdiate homosexuality with pedohilea?
  7. Is he not a heterosexual pedophile? I don't know what you're getting at tbh.
  8. To the person that stole 100 cans of Red Bull from my shop!!! I don't know how you can sleep at night.
  9. Just arrived in beautiful Perth. A mince roll and three points await [emoji211] [emoji191] [emoji191] [emoji211]
  10. You need to reassess your reliance on social media m8
  11. Happy weekaversary Hibbies [emoji211] [emoji191] [emoji191] [emoji211]
  12. There's a lot of gay folk in the woman's game. Thistle even have a player who can't play official games until their transcender surgery is complete. I can see why folk don't come out in the men's game to a degree. But that state of affairs isn't going to move anything on for young folk who want a career in the game but may feel intimated to take their football career further. Apparently there is a gay footballer playing at Perth today according to a workmate. Personally I couldn't give a shit who they shag.