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  1. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    FFS......that’s my mortgage on QP for the title. Superb signing.
  2. Best chip shop

    No. Sadly, glasgow chip shops are fairly dire. Sent from my SM-A310F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  3. Crisp packets

    Spot on! Sent from my SM-A310F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  4. Crisp packets

    Walkers changed the accepted colours many years ago, the b*****ds. Add this to the abominations of changing the names of Marathon, Dime Bars and Opal Fruits and you have proof of why the UK is in the shitter. Sent from my SM-A310F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  5. Japan/Korea two week double header 2019

    I enjoyed Seoul. Not as straight laced as Tokyo; neither has a bevvy culture. I also felt that Tokyo is not really a "tourist" city....which might be a good thing. But the busyness of the place makes it an exciting place to visit. I'll go back to both. Best place I visited in Seoul was the Samsung museum. The Koreans do their museums pretty well and your spoilt for choice re royal palaces. Nara is close to Tokyo and can be done with Kyoto. Both are packed with Japanese and foreign tourists but you might only be there once. I would go for Nara if you have to choose. Both Japan and Korea have bullet trains and should be sampled. The Tokyo underground is mad...but worth experiencing. I mixed with the locals a bit (being Scottish is a novelty - they will often assume you're American) and that helped make the trip. Sent from my SM-A310F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Middle aged woman on the bus playing some game on her phone with the sound up at Metallica level.
  7. League Cup Group H

    Disappointed not to travel to the two grounds I haven't visited and we don't even get a Saturday match at home against one of the dozing giants. Redraw!
  8. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Wanted St Mirren and Spartans away...feck
  9. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    There's a bit of a lion in the club badge. I wouldn't read too much into it. Just a wee bit of decoration.
  10. Edinburgh City

    That looks like the sort of pish, bog standard logo that your local firm of plumbers would come up with, courtesy of the owner's 10 year old wean.
  11. Peru v Scotland - Wed 30th May 2018

    We should either insist the team belt out Flower of Scotland like the rugby guys or stop playing it. The comparison with Peru looking so patriotic as they gave it their all and our guys giving it all the enthusiasm of going through the 7 times table was embarrassing to watch. We used to be known for our passion. Feck me, not now. If you don't want to sing it, GTF.
  12. Edinburgh City

    Is the "Citizens" nickname something that anyone has bought into?
  13. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Caught! To be honest, I made that up.
  14. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Ramos seen with a full trolley in Lidl in Cumbernauld.
  15. Edinburgh City

    The current crest's a wee beaut.