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  1. Balatoni is seen as some kind of Beckenauer. The guy was slow as a week in Barlinie. No surprise to see him part time. Lives off a reputation he shouldn’t have.
  2. Yeah, Danny Graham, keeper.
  3. So all in all, it looks like we will add possibly McCrorie, Harvie/Marshall, Ferguson, New Cb, New CM. If we get them all then you can’t really argue with our business this window.
  4. In Kerrs 2 interviews, I think it was clear that there was something between the old group of players and the Hartley regime, as the max exodus probably confirms since he’s taken charge.
  5. Haha, not quite. No doubt nothing will happen. The wording from a friend suggested something could be a possibility, but no formalities had been concluded.
  6. Possibly something happening today I’m led to believe. Not sure who or that, but we shall see. Not 100% though.
  7. That was my issue with it last week. It’s just dragging on. Like you say, many games he went missing or even didn’t start. Good player in there, but needs to find that level of consistency. Especially if he’s replacing Cardle and Higginbotham.
  8. Was thinking about the McDaid situation earlier. Why is McCall letting it go this far? I would think he should be giving him a deadline for re-signing and if he and his agent think they can get a better offer then that’s fine. Just feel like we’re hanging on here while they pursue a deal elsewhere.
  9. I see Stuart Faulds photographed with McCall, Ecrepont and Dargo promoting the Academy fundraiser in Ally MacLeods honour. Assuming that means he’s signed up for next season.
  10. All the best to Hart, he never shied away after a mistake and to come back like he did at the end of the season is a testament to his character.
  11. Must be an upgrade on Jean Yves Anis.
  12. Also, I’d hazard a guess at a possible starting 11: New GK Geggan Rose Higgins New LB McGuffie Docherty Crawford McDaid* Shankland Moore Subs: Hare-Reid/Hart*, Bell, Adams, Kerr, Forrest, Ferguson*/McCowan, Moffat *If they re-sign
  13. Goalkeepers: Hare-Reid Defenders: Geggan, Rose, Higgins, Bell, Ecrepont Midfielders: Forrest, McGuffie, Crawford, Kerr, Docherty, Adams, McCowan, Murphy Strikers: Moore, Moffat, Shankland, Hilton If McCrorie signs, I don’t think that would dent the budget too much, depending on how much we pay towards him. You’re looking at a definite left back needed (Talbot/Crane/Marshall?). If we can then add McDaid back into the equation, and another defender as well as Ferguson, were looking at a squad of around 22/23. Although a good 4/5 are reasonably untested at senior level (my criticism of McCall last year not getting the likes of McCowan and Murphy more game time in league/cup games we were cruising) they may become important squad members. You never know, Ecrepont might be a quick developer like Tierney.