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  1. I would drop Moffat and play Moore.
  2. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Why is it a penalty for heading the ball?
  3. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    If the correct amount of added time had been added we'd still be playing the now. Jobby McCall
  4. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Hart Geggan Rose Reid Ferguson McDaid Docherty Adams McGuffie Shankland Moffat Subs: Avci, Waite, Gilmour, Faulds, McCowan, Murphy, Hilton
  5. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Just watched that free kick back. For all that Hart had jelly hands, I don't think the wall helps him out. Too far to the goalkeepers side and McDaid might as well not be in it. Had they have been a yard or two more to their left I reckon he might have had a better view. However you can maybe put that down to his positioning of the wall.
  6. Crawford apparently out for 4-6 weeks with a stress fracture. Which begs the question, why the f**k did mccall think it was a good idea to play him v Raith? Risked Crawford as well as no doubt adding to his injury.
  7. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    He had strapping when I seen him last week, but no moonboot or crutches.
  8. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Crawford with a moonboot and crutches in my work the day
  9. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    This whole Ayr were amazing chat is very cringe. The highlights don't show us creating that much.
  10. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    I'll be laughing next week when we're 5th as well
  11. Ayr Utd vs Alloa Athletic

    Win or bust for McCall next week IMO. Don't win and we'll most likely go 6/7 points behind Raith and that's no acceptable at this early stage and most likely drop out the top 4.
  12. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Think he was talking about Raith Rovers collectively rather than the players that played. Unless you are no The Raith Rovers?
  13. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Very surprised if Crawford makes it. Legs been taped up the last 2 days that he's been in my work.
  14. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Think it's interesting to note that neither Waite nor Faulds were involved for the 20s last night. I'd have a change of formation for Saturday. Either: Hart Waite Reid Higgins Ferguson Rose Crawford Geggan McDaid McGuffie Moffat Or: Hart Reid Rose Higgins Waite Faulds Crawford Geggan Ferguson Moffat McDaid
  15. Raith v Ayr Ayr fya etc etc

    Adams is the type of player who can just stop a team getting started, particularly in midfield. Since his injury our results have been a not so conniving 3-0 home win v Forfar, lucky 4-3 win at Stranraer and defeats to Arbroath and Montrose. Desperately missing him.