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  1. I though he'd have been shipped by now, however, McCall's never mentioned him about switching to full time which would maybe suggest he's waiting for him to find another club.
  2. He's only part time with Rangers, from what I understand several full time players have juggled the 2.
  3. I like Cairney, and would have had him over Gilmour, Crawford and Adams. However I just don't see the need to add another centre mid on top of they 3, Doc, Geggan and you can play Rose there if needed and the academy players. The one thing that Cairney brings that they guys don't, is goals which is why he'll probably sign. I just wish we could negotiate a deal to release Gilmour.
  4. Ayr United - In Craig Reid from Peterheed Out Greg Fleming
  5. So with Fleming leaving and Reid arriving, that takes our senior player count to 15. McCall saying he was looking for 16 I think in the AP, but it looks like we're still after another centre half and wide forward. I think 18 is the number we're needing with the youths, although the 18 would for me include another goalkeeper. I'm not sure whether he'll bring another one in or go with Avci. Also no idea where that leaves Cairney.
  6. For me that's the only way I see McCall playing 2 up top, having Doc and Geggan in midfield. That would be a brilliant starting 11 for this league btw.
  7. I don't think we utilise our social media to the extent others do. Bar updates that come from the official site, there's next to no interaction with fans or other clubs.
  8. To be honest, the same folk pop up every year raging. They'll love the publicity.
  9. *Insert a couple of tits joke here* Thats bodog that do it, surprised it's taken them as long this year!
  10. Hmm a part time deal might not be sufficient for him. Also Higgins could be a factor as well as potential title challenge. Probably not, I'm sure Adams and Fleming might not be there... I was talking about potential new signings.
  11. Hilson would be a cracking signing, always scored against us with Forfar. Can play out wide as well which would more than just about complete our attack and midfield. Would imagine we would be a more attractive offer for him with full time football unless he has a job lined up. Pre season starts today, wonder who apart from Cairney will turn up.
  12. Mark Wilson away
  13. McDaid and McGuffie have to be our wide players.
  14. Raith Ayr Alloa East Fife Arbroath Stranraer Airdrie Forfar Albion Queens Park
  15. Think he was being sarcastic...