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  1. Criticised the players not long ago about the lack of fight, gladly eating my words now. Another big test on Saturday, a win would be great, draw not terrible. 3 home and 3 away games left. A target of 8 points, 4 home and 4 away isn't out with our reach I think.
  2. That's shocking. Whos fucking attempt at a paint job was that?
  3. Was just going with how AU Media described the opener. Hope that's no taken too much out of us for Saturday.
  4. Fleming and Devlin selling jerseys by the sounds of it.
  5. We'll get horsed if so, not the lineup to contain Uniteds attracking threat. We shall see though, anything tonight would be good.
  6. Rose, Harkins, Doc, Gilmour, Crawford all central midfield players, just don't see where the width comes from unless we play Crawford on the right and Gilly on the left. We shall see though.
  7. Looking at that, I have sneaky feeling it might be a back 3 with Boyle and Devlin wing backs.
  8. Basically this. Balatoni/Meggat was/is by far our best CB pairing.
  9. Just after 7 mins on Ayrs highlight package, looks like Dumbartons no.11.
  10. On Thomson's sitter that Fleming saved, there is the most blatant foul on Michael Rose when Dumbarton won the ball down the left hand side.
  11. His behaviour after being on the end of a heavy challenge where his leg bends in a manner it shouldn't? You're coming across here as a bit of a knob, I would just stop now.
  12. This type of mindset it's pretty scumish tbh. I'll await your justification with great anticipation.
  13. Fleming Devlin Balatoni Meggat Boyle Docherty Rose Crawford Harkins Moore McGuffie