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  1. A hope not because he’s an attacking midfield.
  2. Jamie is a good composed ball playing centre half, but I’ll be surprised if he’s not away this year. I’m sure he’ll be an overage player, plus he has a good accounts job outside football that I can’t see him giving up to go proper full time to not even get on the bench. I’m sure him and Hilton are still part time. Yeah you’re right about McCowan etc having competition for places, but I think McCowan could fill the Crawford spaced gap in the midfield just now, but there’s no way he’ll go with him. Avci is a much better all round keeper than Newman, watched them both last year and Avci had a better presence. What is also interesting is Hare-Reid is also there with the 20s, so we technically have 4 keepers on our books! ETA - we have more goalkeepers than natural centre halves
  3. It’s hard to compare from 20s football to first team. The only way we’ll find out is by giving them their chance. CB is probably the 1 position where we don’t really have someone ready to step up, got a few 16/17 year olds currently being bedded in to the 20s squad. With the midfield injuries, I do believe Faulds/McCowan should be given a chance to stake a claim.
  4. Ayr vs Arbroath (again)

    Snow melting now with rain, forecast says it’s not to drop below 4 from now till the game. On to the game, I’m not too fussed about the result, as long as it’s not a draw. Think it’s by time Faulds, Waite and Murphy get a crack. Want to see a few changes so going for: Ruddy Waite Reid Rose Boyle McDaid Faulds Adams Murphy Moore Shankland Subs:Hart, Fergusson, Balfour, McCowan, Forrest, Hilton, Moffat A pessimistic 2-1 Ayr...
  5. Well we can then flip it around like this. McCalls not interested in using our youth players, not interested in trying to developer our own, so the squad we had at the start of the season really looked like: Hart, Geggan, Fergusson, Boyle, Reid, Rose, Higgins, McDaid, McGuffie, Forrest, Docherty, Adams, Crawford, Gilmour, Moore, Moffat, Shankland (To an extent) No back up keeper, no real diver for left back, one injury to a centre back and we would have a problem. Given Crawford, Docherty, Adams and Moore’s injury records, that’s a piss poor squad depth. Especially when 2 don’t train 60% of the time. McCall knew the situation with Fleming from the start of the summer, why he let it drag on for as long as it did baffles me. He knew he couldn’t commit to 3/4 days of training, but pissed about and eventually Peterhead offered him similar terms and has Willie Gibson to car share (lost his car share for us with Murphy) and had an easy option to make. Remember David Mitchell who we had that was never given the chance. Done well on loan at Stranraer, came back and signed a pre contract with them and went to them since he was given a chance there. Not saying this will happen with Avci, but we miss manage our youth players. Christ we nearly lost Crawford thanks to Roberts. We did lose Longridge and he’s not looked back.
  6. I never said I’d rather we lost, I never thought it’d be a draw. We needed the win so I thought we’d be all guns blazing and Raith would pick us off. Ayr win I’m very happy with the 3 points, Ayr lose I pick up some wonga. The draw gave me a kick in the sack.
  7. I could tell you exactly who they’d be without even having to look. Folk are just perma ragers.
  8. Who said anything about Raith Rovers Facebook page? Also who’s seething? The most I was raging about on Saturday was Raith bursting my coupon the draw was literally the worst result for me.
  9. Did he shit in his boot? In all seriousness, McCalls reversed the team bus into Herrons car
  10. Look up the definition of car crash in the dictionary and this thread will be there. Ayr fans raging at Spence. Raith fans laughing at Ayr fans raging at Spence then foaming at the mouth about Shankland and McCall. Then Raith fans on Facebook fabricating a story of an OAP being attacked after the game. Is it a Fife genetic thing where you’re just a bit of a weapon? Seen it over the seasons with Dunfermline and their perma rage with us and it’s back to being Raiths turn. Genuine Raith fans on Facebook forums with Killie slogans and talking about Ayrshire being blue and white etc. I wouldn’t even bother passing comment on Raiths local rivalries So 1-1 eh?
  11. From that game Geggan and Crawford were really influential as was Docherty. All 3 missing today. Need them back before the titles gone, but I really think we needed to win today. Can’t see you lots dropping more points than us some May. Always the bridesmaids.
  12. Has our full team been booked?
  13. Come on Ayr, need the win here.