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  1. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    I would say we controlled the game second half, not defend. We could easily have came out in the same manner, but that could have exposed us allowing Raith back in. We allowed Raith to come forward a lot, but the defence were never exposed and not under too much threat. We still had chances during that period and went close a few times. The third was the icing on the cake and for me that’s the best performance this season. I would rate that better than the Killie game due to the fact we were fluent going forward as well as being solid at the back.
  2. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    To be honest it’ll be no surprise when he’s off. Over his tenure the supporters attitude to him has been dreadful.
  3. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Would these Rovers fans be bringing this up had they won 3-0 tonight? There’s your answer. Seething they were royally pumped.
  4. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    I see Shankland as a Moore type of player. In the sense that McCall has given him the chance when others seemed to lose interest. I think he’ll sign at least till the end of the season. He’s playing well and to change club and potentially lose his form may factor him in his decision to stay.
  5. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Statistical evidence to the contrary or gtf. Pumped btw
  6. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    /\/\ Thinks the teacher in England should be sacked for calling a boy a boy.
  7. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Brooklyn Cafe at the top of the town is very decent. Have a look on their Facebook if you have it. Unfortinateky for the cerryout yer humped. If you’re desperate for one on the train back (a suppose you will be drowning yer sorrows) buy one before and stash it somewhere
  8. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Moore 12 goals in 15 games Spence 6 goals in 19 games Buchanan 7 goals in 17 games So in all comps they only manage one more goal, both having played more games than Moore. In your 2 October league matches, you had a total of 32 (thirty two) attempts on goal. Hardly “not creating”. 4 clean sheets in our last 6 matches, by the way.
  9. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    It is though to be fair. There aren’t any other teams who’ll be able to match either Ayr or Raith over the course of the season. Our squads just have a lot more quality. Bar one or 2 from Raith, there’s not many if any players from the other 8 id have in our squad.
  10. No if you have a cerryout!
  11. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Really looking forward to this tomorrow. Who’d have thought we’d be in this position 6 weeks ago. I think we can get a decent win here, but we need to be at our very best. Think Adams will get the nod in the middle for this win and Ferguson will start on the bench. McCall will want him in there after missing the game at Starks. If Higgins is back then he’ll obviously start. Hart Geggan Rose Higgins Boyle McDaid Docherty Adams Crawford Shankland Moffat Subs: Avci, Reid, Ferguson, Gilmour, McGuffie, Forrest, Moore Really hate leaving Moore out, but with Shanklands form and Moffat being as intelligent as he is, it’s hard to fit him in unless we start with 3 up top which I don’t think he’ll go for as it’s been working as a good plan B. 2-0 Ayr, Shankland x2 and my 10 and a half hour shift before to drag in.
  12. Yes they do Bon Accord pick ups. They even done it for games like St Mirren/Morton.
  13. Super Ayr vs Lewis Vaughan

    Ice Hokey thread for this pish.
  14. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Don’t know where to start with that. An absolute dud from start to finish. 0/10.
  15. Ayr United v Stranraer

    We don’t care about you, but my team won 3-0 today so I’ll go and comment about you on a thread from our game over a week ago