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  1. A travelling support of 300 odd for what is a glorified friendly in peak summer time, v a team we played 4 times last year is not bad. Also considering the entry fee was higher than that of our game on the Friday!
  2. Footballers aren't banned from betting shops remember. I may or may not work in one and have had Morton/Ayr/Stranraer players in and even junior players from teams like Auchinleck. These guys like the horses/golf etc just as much as anyone.
  3. I agree. Your squad is looking a little threadbare however I still fancy you lot to stay above Brechin, best of luck for the season.
  4. Stewart turns his back on Hart and leans back, impeding him, what's your point?
  5. Our goals last night, doesn't show the full move for the first that was v sexy.
  6. He seemed quite pleased about it tbh.
  7. The super becoming even superer.
  8. Gilmour replaces Rose for us tonight, same team otherwise.
  9. More interestingly, Adams played as a CB!
  10. 3,100 was in the AP. However, the north terrace of the away end was 3/4 empty and you could see it wasn't as if they were all crammed in behind the net. They either A didn't turn up or B no idea what Killie have done.
  11. It's an absolute myth all these Killie fans being in the home end. Double figures at most. Only the 2800 odd tickets went through the turnstiles. Ayr won 1-0. It's over, deal with it Aaaaaaaaand on to Tuesday. Can see McGuffie replacing Rose and Adams moving into centre half. Hart Geggan Adams Higgins Boyle McDaid Doc Crawford McGuffie Moore Moffat Subs: Avci, Ferguson, Waite, Gilmour, Faulds, McCowan, Forrest
  12. Adams and Cairney are completely different players to hard to want one over the other. My gripe with Adams re-signing (if you can it that) is he can't train full time. We couldn't accommodate Meggat, but could Adams. Couple that with not being able to train/play on Astro. f**k it, bug man earned his stripes on Friday, hopefully puts in a few shifts like that.
  13. Killie fans won't sell 3,000 tickets in 5 hours again in the next 5 year, but it was Ayr Uniteds cup final
  14. The big man was coo tipping at 6am, Killie skelping at 8pm.