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  1. The thing is, guys like Waite, Faulds, McCowan, Murphy, Hilton should have around 10 appearances as subs each. How many games August - January were we cruising games by 3 or 4 goals with 20+ minutes left and instead we’d bring a Gilmour on and learn absolutely nothing. Now they are just bench fillers where as if they had the experience from Subs appearances they could have contributed in the run in. Take the East Stirling game for example, quite a few started and made an impact, never to be given a chance again. All about squad management.
  2. McCall in his wisdom sent Waite, Ballantyne and Thorburn all out in loan and they can’t be recalled. The rest of the 20s defenders are all under 18 and this is their first full years at that level.
  3. Fucked It Ayr vs Albion Rovers

    Need to pay me £10 to go and watch them this Saturday.
  4. That’s the attitude around the club that just doesn’t sit with me. Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinions, but the acceptance of failure after failure is why we never win or progress. 3 games to go, 5 points in front to being 1 point behind going into the final game is just unacceptable IMO.
  5. There’s all this talk of him “going upstairs”. Why? To do what?
  6. You’re quoting me like I’ve said that?
  7. The only way I think he’d deserve a crack at next season would be to win the league this season. If we somehow manage to win the league (we won’t) I’ll happily give him the benefit of the doubt to stay on and see how he does.
  8. He’s had it from me. Brian Reid had no where near the financial investment McCall has had and achieved more. No doubt no matter what league we’re in next year he’ll still be here. Our board wouldn’t have the backbone to get rid anyway. We’ll accept the failure.
  9. I’ve made my feelings about him clear since the debacle of last season. 3 games to go and 5 points clear. Losing the league from the position is pathetic and he’s the boss. We won’t win the play offs either. Alloa or Arbroath will see us off in the semis.
  10. I’ll not be going to the play offs and if McCalls in charge next season I’ll not be going, even if we win them. He’s blown it big time, I’ve not been particularly sold on him this season and winning the league was the only way to keep me on side with him. However here we are again.
  11. Alloa vs Ayr

    He then went on to jump on a unicorn for a lap of the pitch before jumping onto a ferry in the Stranraer docks.
  12. Alloa vs Ayr

    I remember when I started going to away games Alloa had a decent wee terraces but along the side and a covered area. Much better than the wee porta tent.
  13. Alloa vs Ayr

    Alloa 0-2 Ayr United Moore and McDaid Please