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  1. Alan Trouten has a proven record at this level!
  2. Decent Thursday in store I think!
  3. I would imagine he'd be leaving. Can't do that and train full time with Ayr.
  4. Assuming McDaid will sign on, McCall quoted in the Record saying Moffats movement will improve the games of Forrest, McGuffie and McDaid.
  5. Albion Rovers, Airdrie, Stranraer and Queens Park will bring a bigger support to Ayr than what Raith will. Simple demographics.
  6. I mentioned El Alagui as a joke (wish I hadn't) and it came to fruition, along with Higgins (not so jokey, just a cb who was a free agent)
  7. Right back this season is a poison chalice of a position, especially if we don't bring in a competent right mid. They will be unfairly judged on how Devlin got up and down the wing. We shouldn't need a right back to do that all game. A right back that can emulate Paddy Boyle of League 1 when we went up, defensively sound and can get forward when needed would be ideal.
  8. He does like a goal at Gayfield it has to be said.
  9. He was at Somerset with Moffat last week.
  10. Wonder if McDaid is still an option? If we were to have Moore and Moffat signed up, what would folks thoughts be on bringing in Craig Malcolm as a third striker?
  11. So as of now, our squad looks like this: Ayr United: Goalkeepers - Greg Fleming (2018) Jordan Hart (2018) Defenders - Chris Higgins (2018) Paddy Boyle (2018) Michael Rose (2018) Midfielders - Brian Gilmour (2018) Gary Harkins (2018) Craig McGuffie (2018) Strikers - Alan Forrest (2018) Michael Moffat (2019) We currently have 10 signed players, probably looking to bring in another 6-8? I would imagine 2-3 defenders and 2-3 midfielders with probably 2 strikers. We can't be looking to re-sign Adams/Doc/Cairney and Crawford, 2 out of they 4 would suffice. We need to be bringing in 2 wingers.
  12. Ayr United sign Michael Moffat.