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  1. Cracking win yesterday for you lot, seem to be looking after Big Sexy Lee Miller well. Forgive my ignorance on the subject, but out of your current squad, how likely are your key players (or starting 11) likely to stay on for next season?
  2. Very early to be discussing this perhaps but as it looks unlikely (although not impossible) that we will reach the playoffs, provided we stay in the division, who would you lot keep for next season? And who would you let go?
  3. Gutted, but not surprised that in attempt to wind up Brechin fans, a Falkirk fan took the bait. Fair play to you sir. You saw right through me.
  4. Brechin deserve to be relegated for that pitch alone. These poor playing conditions are not welcomed at this level, and it’s played a massive part in your poor points total this season. The Paul Hartley juggernaut continues.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    Sure it’s been said on this thread already, but big congratulations to you guys for the result today.
  6. Let’s not start using the Rangers school of nicknames by adding a ‘y’ at the end of a syllable. King Louis will do.
  7. Not much to wonder. He thinks McKee is better than Blair. Where he is right or not, is another debate, but it’s not exactly perplexing.
  8. Falkirk vs Brechin

    Brechin lads, you don’t need the points anymore, fancy just gifting them to us on Tuesday? Cheers.
  9. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    Lock away your Middle Aged wumen #HungryTravelzz
  10. I don’t think you realise that despite a small recent upturn in form, we are still pretty poor. It takes a pretty good team to win consistently. Even some of the best teams, struggle to play well consistently. It’s unfortunate for us that we either seem to win, or lose, without playing poorly and picking up the odd draw, like we were initially when Hartley came in. Yeah today we could have altered a few things. But it won’t change that with the players we have available, and where we have came from, finishing 7th and above is a bonus.
  11. Cove Rangers V Falkirk

    And now that we haven’t won...
  12. I liked him initially when he came in against Queens, maybe because I wasn’t expecting it, but it’s time to move Kidd out of the team, at least temporarily. Offers little to nothing. At least with Sibbs and Taiwo you know what their purpose is. With McKee, Blair and Welsh (when he comes back), surely there are better options for Tuesday nights game. That along with the keeper of course. But I just assumed that was a given.
  13. ^^ Housty loving moon howler IMO.