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  1. He's confirmed he is only looking to get back into management down in England.
  2. He was onto a good thing with Alloa and jumped ship pretty quickly when the opportunity came up.
  3. He'd have been perfect for us I feel. Even if we had gone up I reckon he'd have been a decent premier league player too. I agree with you. With our 'Scotland only' scouting policy it doesn't leave us with a lot of players who fit the bill. I have no problems waiting to get the right player in, but how often has that happened under Houston?
  4. I would be more worried for you lot if he went to be honest. Think there is better out there.
  5. Where have you heard that?
  6. Yes of course it is a wind up. Was just getting in there before the regular moaners get in there. I'm sure Keatings will do a much better job for them anyway.
  7. Not having that. The board and Housty too slow once again!!!
  8. Looks like Simon Murray is away to Hibs. Well done the board and Housty, no ambition!!!?!
  9. James Craigen is under contract and in no way good enough for Aberdeen. He only just came onto a game for us, and we've been pretty dire in the league below all season.
  10. You guys STILL going on about this? Wow. You got Dobbie. He saved you from being relegated, we finished second. Let's move on.
  11. Scored at Cowdenbeath and at home to Hearts as well from what I can remember. Reckon a couple of years training down with the big premier league boys would improve his game. Wouldn't be adverse to having him back.
  12. No chance if he has a broken jaw.
  13. People will find any reason to moan, might take a note of the poster and what moan they may have. Add it up before the first competitive game and poster with the most moans wins a prize. My money is on Shadwell, a man who would be miserable if he won the lottery.
  14. I would also bring Biabi back, but it won't happen.
  15. He's better than either of those. You'd take him in a heartbeat in the seaside leagues. He will probably go to a better team than you, you're right.