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  1. Livingston offered to loan him out for the rest o that season, we wanted to buy him so paid a fee.
  2. It is absolutely not a wind up. Are you here to defend this bigot?
  3. Crimes against cringe, superb. Going to start using that. Maybe that’s what got to me.
  4. Falkirk very much abide by snitches get stitches rule and do not grass. An honourable club many aspire to be like.
  5. Why are Brechin fans making excuses over this? So it’s alright then as he could have said worse? Ridiculous.
  6. Hearing rumours Hippolyte, Austin and Loy are to be dumped in January. Makes sense with them not starting the game on Sunday.
  7. Absolutely disgusting comments and hope the club give him the strongest punishment possible. We are trying to rid our society of that nonsense.
  8. Sounds like both teams need a rebuilding job due to an older managers incompetent recruitment, creating lopsided, unbalanced squads.
  9. Sometimes you have to make it simple so that people understand.
  10. We need good players at this level. Alston is. Can’t believe anyone thinks he wouldn’t improve what we already have.
  11. Who can Falkirk offend this time? Chants about Eddie Thompson would be my choice. That’ll show them. #WeAreFalkirk
  12. Leave Grant and Tragic alone. They’ve obviously got nothing else to do but attempt to noise up opposition fans on the internet. I find it cute how they like us enough to try and interact with us. Let’s make them feel welcome here. #NotARivalry #NotADerby
  13. He would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!