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  1. Have you seen his posts today?
  2. You’ve got yourself all worked up here over very little, you calmed down yet? All over offering a player a two year contract.
  3. If Clark, Aird and McManus aren’t 100% on staying, get them to fck. Get guys in who actually want to be there. You’ll be able to replace these guys no bother with much better players I’m sure anyway, it’s early days.
  4. Hearing Longridge is away to join his brother at Livingston regardless of what division they are in.
  5. This is my memory of him. Sometimes it doesn’t work at certain clubs. I’m not saying I’d want to sign him but he’s not always been a complete liability. Reckon he will end up back at Queens.
  6. Id be interested to see the conclusive proof of this Scott. Sounds like he’s shagged your Mrs.
  7. How accurate this is or not, I’m not entirely sure. However, thought it was a good base to explain this. This is a comparison between the 2001/2002 season (where we finished 9th and effectively should have been relegated), and the following season where we won the league. Hoping to see a like for like with last season and this coming season. There are 10 players who featured in both seasons for us. Steven Craig and Kevin Christie barely featured, and Andy Lawrie had that horrific leg break early on, otherwise 7 of them played a minimum of 14 games or more in season 02/03 (including sub appearances). Not all of them were key players (Rodgers for one, who never started) but highlighted that you could still do well in the league with good quality starters and these players as squad players. This is where I see Kidd and O’Hara next season. In terms of number of players, we used a lot of players in the 01/02 season, perhaps like last season, and less in the following season, and this is what Hartley has outlined his intentions as. A smaller squad with more quality, but having able back ups who can maybe play in more than one position. The key thing will be making sure we get the quality players in, hoping Dallison is the start of many more to come. Edited to add. 6 out of the 10, not 7. Felt Darren Hill had more games than he did that second season.
  8. That will definitely be our starting 11 for the majority of next season IMO. Thanks for pointing it out so early, so we can all adjust to it in time for the first league game.
  9. EdiBairn might explode. Could be an interesting afternoon/evening with him on this thread.
  10. Scott, you’re doing everyone’s fcking head in here. Give us a break man.
  11. It’s going to be a long close season.
  12. All for having versatile players who can play in more than one position, but that doesn’t mean signing Lewis Kidd fits that bill. Get him in the sea.
  13. No problem, we will just need to buy him instead.
  14. Yeah fair enough I’ve just seen the ‘like Hardie’ etc. Your point about Loy still stands though.