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  1. Joe Chalmers, ouch. An imposter still playing full time football.
  2. Completely hypothetical situation. Referees and their assistants make mistakes as much as the players on the park do. If we aren't good enough to win against Dunfermline or anyone in this league and then blame a refereeing decision, it's worrying times.
  3. Who gives a flying fck? Seriously.
  4. See that Jack Compton is still without a club. Would anyone take him back? Although we have Hippolyte and Harris we don't have many natural wide players in the squad and if one of the gets injured then we have to shoehorn Craigen out there. It'd be on the assumption Sibbald moves and we get compensation money to strengthen the team.
  5. Yeah, that's definitely what's happening here.
  6. I do agree to a certain extent with Shadwell. We already know what Kerr and Miller can bring to the team and it would have been nice to let younger players come on and see how they handle it. However apart from Shepherd there wasn't any younger players to bring on, and it was pointless risking Hippolyte when 4-0 up.
  7. Stirling Albion up there with the worst teams to visit the stadium in a competitive game. Could have been 7 or 8. Pathetic from them.
  8. On a separate note I believe in the Falkirk v Stirling Albion game, the second half to have the most goals @ 21/20 is great value. Under Houston we tend to start very slow at home, and feel this will be the case here again. First official game of the season and players maybe not 100% sharp yet. I assume Stirling Albion won't go all guns blazing and try and keep it tight. As the second half goes on I'm hoping full time fitness will have its benefits and Falkirk will end up winning the game in the second half. Our last friendly game against Edinburgh City was 0-0 at half time and 3-0 by full time so against similar opposition I reckon this will have the same outcome.
  9. On a more shitebag stake BTTS is evens, do you feel that's worth a nibble?
  10. It's not definite. Rant away my friend.
  11. This thread is giving me tonsillitis.
  12. Staying in the second tier consistently failing on gaining promotion, or join a team for who have qualified to Europe on the last 5 out of 6 seasons. Money doesn't even come into it.
  13. So regardless of how well he may do the rest of the season, your opinion on him will be purely based on one game away at St Mirren?
  14. Do you always live in the past?
  15. Yeah possibly. In that case I'd still use Muirhead as he's a better defender.