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  1. Theres more than 80 people their on sunday. That stand holds 626. Id reckon their was about 200 their anyway
  2. Didn't say they won't. I only played devils advocate what would happen if they didn't. Yous just see what you want to see.
  3. I noticed liam Coogans who failed at Linlithgow Rose has scored 4 goals in the lowland league this season. Juniors too tough for him got too slumb it in the lowland league
  4. it was £8 for the shire game today. So higher price possibly for the lowland league
  5. You can make something say what you want. You've only won 1 league game this season. Don't let facts get in a way of a good story.
  6. what yous admission prices in eosfl?
  7. They managed it last season with that manager
  8. I might come over to kelty one day and enjoy watching the dross. Is my plastic bottle aloud in the "professional" ranks
  9. You better remember this info if you ever make the lowland league and face a trip to ochilview. MI-5 will wipe you out
  10. It is terrible. Your taking it a bit far. But cmon if this is the world we are heading for. Pish like this
  11. i Admit granty being a big loss but don't see how one player made the difference when Rodgers and Sludden were bagging goals last season aswell. Rodgers just likes to moan even though half the time its his fault for losing the ball
  12. The security was the most enjoyable thing at the match. The boy walking round like mi-5. The boy telling a woman to get her feet off the seat and him telling the disabled guy it's a criminal offence to have a plastic bottle of juice. Laughable and that's progress. I've been to shire a couple of times mostly coz of the camelon connection few ex players and management team
  13. Safe to say another year inj lowland league for shire. I don't see what's different from this year to last as yous have only lost granty and Jamie Glasgow to best of my knowledge. What's gone wrong ?
  14. Just on that point I hope at kelty their will be no feet on seats,kids with football's or plastic bottles aloud in the ground. As witnessed by mi-5 @ shire game today. Boy was disabled and had a plastic bottle. He took it off him told him it a criminal offence. He put it in a plastic cup for him. If this is progress I'll be happy to die in the juniors. On another of your points the stadium that's not shires like BSC Glasgow Cumbernauld Colts Stirling uni that play in grounds of other teams
  15. I'm quite happy in the juniors. But if we moved then I'd still support my team