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  1. I don't think These guys will stick around if it means a 2nd and definately not a third in EOS league. Then struggle to attract talent
  2. Thats moving away from the original point what will happen to Kelty if they didn't make it up at the first or even 2nd attempt. Would the players or sponsors stick it when they are playing in front of two men because the other and the dog know its shite.
  3. Camelon so far have signed Goalkeeper Dean Shaw from East Stirlingshire. He was on loan at us from stenhousemuir for the 2nd half of the 2014/2015 season
  4. I'm just playing devils advocate that their still is that possibility. You are right probably a lot of the south of scotland clubs don't want promotion. The game needs a restructure teams going into eos or sos league isnt the answer. Should be Lowland league then Lowland league West and EAst that way teams from sos that want to go up could go into one of those leagues but teams in it would need to be licensed or able to achieve licence within 2 years say. Which is what I think would put a lot of junior clubs off.
  5. But the point was would they have or attract the same calibre of players i don't think they would if they were in the east of scotland league more than two seasons.
  6. but humour me anyway gogsy what will happen to kelty if they don't achieve promotion?
  7. Not talking about kelty as a club I'm talking about the people on here thats suggesting its going to be at a canter and they'll be in the lowland league. I'm pretty sure Kelty hearts when they done their due dilligence thought of it as a risk when deciding to go into it, but being confident in themselves to be able to achieve it.
  8. GOod retort in other words you know I am right. Other wise you wouldn't resort to patter like that.
  9. I think yous will find a lot will leave. Theirs no guarentee of promotion as have to play off with winner of south of scotland league. We are talking about sjfa burying their heads in their sand. I think a lot of people on here are aswell. The worlds rosey and kelty wins it hands down. Theirs a chance they won't
  10. Are bo'ness going to go next year? I don't think they will. Linlithgow seems to be divided on the issue. Is it going to be a great place for most of hte juniors to go. As pointed out on the where does juniors go next forum. Playing for toilet blocks. They said £12 entry but Lowland league highest price is £8 at shire. Vast majority of Junior clubs be happy to stay in Juniors because seniors an over saturated market. I don't know what the official line on it is at Camelon. But would it benefit Camelon spending all that money I don't think it will with Falkirk, stenny, shire and even Stirling albion in close proximity. A point I also made about Kelty is what will happen if they don't secure promotion at the first attempt. They may skoosh the league but they may have to overcome a play off wioth south of scotland or they may not win it at all. I think a lot of players would leave after if not 1 failed attempt but a 2nd attempt. No-ones looked at it from that point of view. I think if they don't go up at the first attempt then a lot of the juniors I think would cool off.
  11. East of Scotland league is rubbish they've joined it based on where they can get too and not the east of scotland league. If they failed to get promoted to Lowland league at the first attempt I could see a mass exodus of players. IF not the first season certainly the 2nd.
  12. Obviously a Junior cup goldenboot winner and scored 30 goals a season at Camelon isn't good enough. Only play the same teams. Scoring goal that beat forfar aswell
  13. We've been linked with a lot of people this summer so will wait and see.
  14. Thats what I was thinking lol
  15. Kelbie was brilliant for us. He was there for the few weeks at the end of the season when Sludden took over from Danny. I would have had him back at Camelon personally