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  1. Parking fines

    Cheers, I think it'll be getting dingied then.
  2. Parking fines

    Car registration is clear in photo but you can't make out who the driver is.
  3. Parking fines

    I got a parking fine notice through today for parking in the Wickes carpark near Tynecastle. I was running late for the game even though kick off was delayed 15 mins and knew free parking was only permitted for 90 mins but decided to take the risk. Now they have sent a notice for a £100 parking charge providing photo evidence. If I pay within 14 days it will be reduced to £60. It's been sent by creditor G24 Ltd. Should I pay up or just ignore it?
  4. The Grand Tour

    Enjoyed that opening episode a lot. Clarkson and May are really showing their age now, Clarkson especially. Hammond needs to stop dying his hair and beard. Who is he trying to kid? The chemistry's still there though and I'd rather watch these three old men than the much younger team on Top Gear, not that they're particulary bad or anything, just don't find them as entertaining. How Hammond managed to come away from that crash relatively unscathed is a miracle.
  5. Celtic v Hamilton

    A case of damage limitations here. If we escape with a 1 or 2-0 defeat to keep our goal difference intact, then I suppose that'll do. Just hope results elsewhere are kind to us.
  6. Why do Perth Saints keep trolling us? It would be better if they done it to someone they gave a shit about, like Dundee FFS! We didn't deserve to lose that. Not that we played particularly well, but we controlled most of the game. Too many chances off target. Rojano should have buried that sitter, no excuses. If that was Bingham, he'd have been slaughtered. No point in kidding ourselves on that we will get anything against Celtic. A win against County next weekend might be a must if results go against us midweek.
  7. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    You'll never forget my naaaammmmeeee!!!!
  8. Peaky Blinders

    It can't be a coincidence Hardy and his wife came back on the same episode. Makes sense I suppose both filming at the same time. So Lizzie is up the duff. It has to be Tommy"s sprog she's expecting.
  9. Eastenders....

    Great performance from Max tonight. I think he is heading for a breakdown.
  10. HAFC vs RBS http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/hamilton-accies-war-rbs-after-11652824
  11. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    Clips from the other night,
  12. Coronation Street

    I noticed George and Bethany had just walked past the flower shop when he started crying, so seems very likely it's the pollen he's allergic too. So that's Andy's mate added to the long list of people taken in by Phelan's porkies. Surely he has to slip up sooner or later?
  13. Dirt Rally

    I know this isn't really the right thread but came across Grand Turismo Sport which is VR compatible, for what seems a really good price, when considering it's still selling for between £30-40 at a lot of stores. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gran-Turismo-Sport-PS4/362171005626?_trkparms=clkid%3D192114293281152916#rwid
  14. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    How good was that? As someone said about him once from what I've heard 'Biblical'!
  15. What's happened to the Hearts match thread? Has someone been naughty?