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  1. Thought it might be better to have an Italian football thread rather than just a dedicated Serie A one, as each year the thread gets filled with stuff from Serie B etc anyway, plus I imagine I'll be polluting this one with a lot of Parma/Lega Pro stuff! Anyway, the Serie A fixtures are due out in a couple of weeks with the first round of games kicking off at the end of August. Can't seem to find any confirmation of when the Serie B/Lega Pro fixtures are out, but I'm fairly certain they are released after the Serie A ones, although I could be wrong. Crotone, Cagliari & Pescara are the new sides in Serie A after winning promotion last year - Crotone in the top flight for the first time. Verona, Carpi and Frosinone the teams whose places they've taken. In Serie B, Como, Modena, Livorno & Virtus Lanciano were all relegated to Lega Pro, with Cittadella, SPAL, Pisa & Benevento all coming up from the third tier. Lots happening over the summer as well so far, with the biggest stories probably being Pjanic moving from Roma to Juve (joining Dani Alves whose moved from Barcelona), Paul Pogba looking like he's leaving Juve for a world record fee and Marcelo Bielsa taking over at Lazio...then leaving after 2 days.
  2. Raith fans have a popular thread running where they can discuss all things Raith without the need for various different threads, so with there seemingly being a lot to discuss with us right now, it seems a good idea to make one for ourselves to keep any discussions in a single thread. If you want to discuss the board, management, stadium, transfers, players...or anything else relating to the club, let's try and keep it in here.
  3. Started a similar thread last year and then a lack of interest initially saw me completely forget about it, but I shall try again. With there being various different leagues on the telly these days (outside of the main ones), I figured it would be good to have a thread for all of those, since the bigger leagues all have their own threads. The TV rights are currently as follows: SKY: Netherlands - Eredivisie BT Sport: Portugal - Primeira Liga Switzerland - Super League France - Ligue 1 Brazil - Brasileirao/Paulistao On top of that, betting sites like Bet 365/William Hill etc stream games from various leagues across Europe and I find myself watching the odd game from the Danish & Swedish top-flights, particularly the latter considering their season runs throughout our summer. Premier Sports had the Belgian Jupiler League last season, but don't appear to be showing it this year. Perhaps BT will swoop in on that as well. Anyone else have any interests in leagues outside of the usual suspects?
  4. Italian Football Thread

    Awful news. All games today have been postponed.
  5. Italian Football Thread

    There's a few options: Plenty of shops in Parma itself sell tickets to games, you can purchase one at the ground, or you can just pay at the gate more often than not. No danger of a sell out, so should be fairly easy to get a hold of one, even in the Curva Nord - unless prices are increased for the game, shouldn't cost more than 15 euro for a ticket in that part of the ground.
  6. Italian Football Thread

    Benevento leading Roma at the moment. Been a great start to the game.
  7. Italian Football Thread

    Sitter from Eder, there.
  8. Italian Football Thread

    It's been dull IMO. Hopefully players just being a little rusty after the break.
  9. Italian Football Thread

    3-3. Lovely goal. Edit: Worth noting Lazio won 4-3 here last year, certainly fancy them to go on and win it now.
  10. Italian Football Thread

    Hopefully! Atalanta back in front. Hilariously bad challenge to give away the penalty.
  11. Italian Football Thread

    Cracking first half hour in Bergamo. Atalanta scored two goals in three minutes, should have gotten another about 2 minutes later and now Milinkovic-Savic has just scored a beauty to get Lazio back in it.
  12. Italian Football Thread

    Been really enjoying this game actually - Milan dominant but hopeless in front of goal. Suso is vastly overrated.
  13. Italian Football Thread

    Yup. Cagliari are building a new ground, but I don't think it's been clarified who will own it yet.
  14. Italian Football Thread

    Really good second half this.
  15. Italian Football Thread

    Indeed. Should have been a penalty though IMO.
  16. Italian Football Thread

    Think it'll be between Inter and Juve in the end. Napoli look out of sorts, Roma keep throwing away points and Lazio lack the depth in their squad IMO to put in a real challenge. As it stands at the moment though with Roma and Lazio having games in hand, its wide open.
  17. Italian Football Thread

    Decent enough for a 0-0 I suppose, but not great. Juve really should have won by a couple at least, Inter were pretty poor going forward.
  18. Italian Football Thread

    What the f**k was that goal?
  19. Italian Football Thread

    Only been watching since the second half and it's been a great watch. A few chances, one excellent goal, tackles flying in, end to end. The pitch is fucking awful though.