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  1. Raith fans have a popular thread running where they can discuss all things Raith without the need for various different threads, so with there seemingly being a lot to discuss with us right now, it seems a good idea to make one for ourselves to keep any discussions in a single thread. If you want to discuss the board, management, stadium, transfers, players...or anything else relating to the club, let's try and keep it in here.
  2. Thought it might be better to have an Italian football thread rather than just a dedicated Serie A one, as each year the thread gets filled with stuff from Serie B etc anyway, plus I imagine I'll be polluting this one with a lot of Parma/Lega Pro stuff! Anyway, the Serie A fixtures are due out in a couple of weeks with the first round of games kicking off at the end of August. Can't seem to find any confirmation of when the Serie B/Lega Pro fixtures are out, but I'm fairly certain they are released after the Serie A ones, although I could be wrong. Crotone, Cagliari & Pescara are the new sides in Serie A after winning promotion last year - Crotone in the top flight for the first time. Verona, Carpi and Frosinone the teams whose places they've taken. In Serie B, Como, Modena, Livorno & Virtus Lanciano were all relegated to Lega Pro, with Cittadella, SPAL, Pisa & Benevento all coming up from the third tier. Lots happening over the summer as well so far, with the biggest stories probably being Pjanic moving from Roma to Juve (joining Dani Alves whose moved from Barcelona), Paul Pogba looking like he's leaving Juve for a world record fee and Marcelo Bielsa taking over at Lazio...then leaving after 2 days.
  3. Italian Football Thread

    Aye, the red card ruined it, really. Torino were looking pretty good and were causing Juve some problems, not so much since.
  4. Italian Football Thread

    What a fucking goal from Mertens. 3-1.
  5. Italian Football Thread

    Scenes. Napoli from 1-0 down to 2-1 up with two goals in two minutes.
  6. Italian Football Thread

    Roma pump Benevento 4-0 in the 'early' kick off, with the help of two own goals. Roma could have scored more and Benevento were worth a goal or two themselves. The game was pretty end-to-end throughout, although Benevento gave up a little after the 4th. Juventus v Fiorentina and Lazio v Napoli tonight should be great.
  7. Italian Football Thread

    Can't see them turning this around as it stands, should be further behind.
  8. Italian Football Thread

    Verdi puts Bologna in front with a screamer. They've been superb, Inter haven't been in it.
  9. Italian Football Thread

    Bologna all over Inter at the start of this game.
  10. Italian Football Thread

    Didn't catch the game, but Lazio are looking like a good bet to push for one of the Champions League places. They were superb when they beat Juve in the Super Coppa, and when they could have caved after blowing a 2 goal lead, they instead went right up the park and won it. They also thumped Milan, ground out a last minute win at Chievo, came from behind twice to win in Europe on Thursday, and tonight still managed to get three points despite Genoa pegging them back twice. The only blotch on their season so far was the opening day draw with SPAL, a game they really should have won. The home game against Napoli on Wednesday should be a cracker.
  11. Italian Football Thread

    Dybala is a c**t, but he's some player. Three ridiculously good goals from him today.
  12. Europa League 2017/18

    Didn't get a license to play games there, can't remember the reason why. Their current ground is a bit run down, but they bought it over the summer and are planning on redeveloping it, which is a shame, as it's cracking as it is.
  13. Europa League 2017/18

    Scenes at the Atalanta goals. Just caught the highlights with Nigel Spackman explaining how "it's a tough place to go", even though Atalanta aren't even playing at their own ground. Surprising result though, they've been fairly poor so far this season. Everton must be shite.
  14. Italian Football Thread

    Trademark Callejon goal, that.
  15. Italian Football Thread

    Bologna v Napoli has started well. Bologna have hit the bar, had a goal disallowed and gone pretty close with an effort across goal too. Napoli yet to really get going.
  16. Italian Football Thread

    Parma's 100% record gone after losing 1-0 at home to Brescia. Watched the first half which was pretty awful - this is quickly becoming a theme of Parma games this season. Game was played in pretty poor conditions which were bordering on ridiculous by the end. Very large Brescia away support at the game, too. Huge difference to the tiny away supports they got in Serie C/D, with the odd exception.
  17. Italian Football Thread

    Christ, Hellas are shite.
  18. Italian Football Thread

    First three games: 5-1, 4-2 and a 3-3 tonight with Frosinone, after they had lead 3-0 at HT. Across their 5 games in league and cup this season, their matches are averaging 6 goals a game. Zeman is some boy.
  19. Italian Football Thread

    Two wins from two as Parma win 1-0 at Novara. Caught the last half hour and they were absolutely shite. Had one half chance but spent the rest of the time time-wasting, sitting deep and playing for free-kicks (and by f**k were there a lot). Novara at the very least deserved a point based on what I seen. However, a win is a win, and they are one of only four sides to have a 100% record so far - Perugia, Frosinone and Carpi being the other three. Speaking of Perugia, they followed up their 5-1 win last week by beating Pescara 4-2. Of the other promoted sides, Cremonese got their first win, beating Avellino 3-1 and Venezia ended up with the same result as last week, a 0-0 draw. No wins and no goals so far, get it up them. Table after two games:
  20. Italian Football Thread

    Fabio Ceravolo has signed from Benevento. Scored 20 goals in Serie B last season, so hopefully more of the same this year. Doesn't look like Alessandro Matri will be joining though, he's been linked over the last week or so, but seems the deal was dependant on Sassuolo getting Zapata from Napoli, who's gone to Samp.
  21. Italian Football Thread

    Aye it was a great goal. Watched this over any of the other games just to get a look at SPAL, they looked pretty decent. Udinese despite coming from 2 down, weren't very good. Cracker of a penalty from Thereau, though. All of tonights scores: Milan 2-1 Cagliari Chievo 1-2 Lazio Crotone 0-0 Verona Fiorentina 1-2 Sampdoria Napoli 3-1 Atalanta SPAL 3-2 Udinese Juventus, Inter, Milan, Sampdoria and Napoli all on 6 points going in to the break.
  22. Italian Football Thread

    Foggia mark their return to Serie B with a 5-1 shagging by Pescara. Torino have just pumped Sassuolo, with Belotti scoring a contender for goal of the season already. VAR has been used to overturn a couple of penalties as well. Also, Mihajlovic...
  23. Dundee Vs Hibernian

    Barker looks decent for Hibs. They've been on top since the goal, can see an equaliser soon.
  24. Italian Football Thread

    Fair enjoyed that. Roma should have been well in front before the equaliser, but fell apart after that. Nainggolan should have scored at 2-1, would maybe have fancied them to go on and win had he done so.