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  1. Italian Football Thread

    Fucking yaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!
  2. Italian Football Thread

    Juve ruin the the big games in Serie A, they're boring as f**k. Can't remember the last one they were involved in that I enjoyed.
  3. Italian Football Thread

    You've also got Sassuolo in 13th all the way down to Crotone in 18th in the last relegation place separated by just 6 points, with Verona just 3 behind them. Should be a cracking end to the season.
  4. Italian Football Thread

    Inter are shagging Cagliari right now. Only 1-0, but they've been all over them and could have 5 or 6. They're playing some lovely stuff.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    FM Touch 18 dropped the other day, although a bit pricey at £30. I picked it up despite owning a copy for the PC and I'm enjoying it. Played through an entire season in about 4/5 hours, which would normally take me 3 or 4 times as long if playing the full version. Seems to cut out a lot of the shite from the full version, such as press conferences etc, which is a bonus. Hopefully it sells well and they bring next seasons version to the Switch as well.
  6. Italian Football Thread

    Some end to the game, that. What a shite weekend though. Hardly any goals and Juve moving further ahead of Napoli.
  7. Italian Football Thread

    Given how the rest of the weekend has gone, Juve will likely draw 0-0 and it'll be as you were. That Milik chance in injury time though, Jesus Christ.
  8. Europa League 2017/18

    Nazio have totally shat the bed here. Luis Alberto misses a sitter at 1-1 and within 5 minutes they're probably heading out.
  9. Champions League 2017/18

    Daje Roma!
  10. Italian Football Thread

    Two open goals he missed, fucking hell.
  11. Italian Football Thread

    I imagine the guys actually reviewing the incidents do pretty much review everything. I'm a big fan of it and it seems to be working well in Serie A at least.
  12. Italian Football Thread

    Been a good start. Handanovic with a great save there.
  13. Italian Football Thread

    Milan the better side for most of this. Genuine seethe everytime I see Kalinic in a Milan shirt. He's fucking mince.
  14. Italian Football Thread

    Awful news. All games today have been postponed.