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  1. Fassone confirming Milan are still after one of Belotti, Morata or Aubamenyang. Seem to be in for Renato Sanches as well. Good to see they aren't finished yet.
  2. Agree with what's been said re:O'Hara, really impressive when he came on and could have had a couple of goals. Linked up pretty well with Miller, just as Loy and Austin had done earlier. The early signs are good, hopefully more of the same next week too.
  3. Haven't been able to get to many games the past few seasons, so really enjoyed that today. 3-0 up at HT, but could easily have been double that. Eased off a bit after the fourth but still created a few chances. O'Hara looked particularly lively when he came on and could have had a couple. Stirling were rotten although their goal was well taken. Bigger test next week, but it's a good start.
  4. Just the €45m. No Romagnoli either. Mental from Juve, really, regardless of the CB's they'll still have.
  5. Actually seems like this is going to happen. Reports now Juve want €45m, but don't want to include De Sciglio.
  6. Bonucci to Milan...
  7. The striped top is their Europa League kit. Love the badge on the home kit.
  8. Rory. Still a couple of gaps to be filled in the squad but this is a pretty good start. Sibbald signed up next please.
  9. Fiorentina home.
  10. First Parma goal: Second goal:
  11. Aye, signed him last week.
  12. More than happy to be wrong this time. Can't believe they ended up getting promoted, thought for sure they would get pumped. Busy start to the summer already. Three players in and Chinese investors have just bought 60 percent of the club, with Hernan Crespo being made VP. One of the guys involved owns Granada in Spain. Hopefully they don't start throwing money at players in an attempt to go straight up, a season just surviving in Serie B wouldn't be too bad.
  13. Ah shit. Alessandria are going to pump them.
  14. The winning penalty.