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  1. Kessie having a medical with Milan tomorrow, so there's one gone already. Gomez said at the weekend he might not stay, Conti will likely go, Petanga will probably attract interest too. Hopefully they actually spend a bit of the money they are likely to get. Also got a decent fee for Caldera in January, but they won't see a real benefit of the Gagliardini transfer to Inter until next summer due to it being an initial loan deal.
  2. Italian refs can be a bit card happy - although Carpi commited 26 fouls in the game, so plenty of opportunity to rack up a few yellows. They seemed to lose their heads a bit after a decision went against them, not long before the goal, 4 bookings and a red within 3 minutes. They went out to 50/1 to win after the second red too, would have been even bigger by the time the goal came. Pleasing result. Frosinone are the stronger of the two sides, and given i want one of the sides in the other play off up, they'll fair better against Carpi. Benevento have already dicked them 3-0 this season.
  3. The weekends results and final league table:
  4. Goals in each of the top 5 leagues this season. To think some folk will still call Serie A boring... Serie A - 1,123 (2.96 per game) La Liga - 1,118 (2.94 per game) Premier League - 1,064 (2.8 per game) Ligue 1 - 991 (2.61 per game) Bundesliga - 877 (2.87 per game) Worth noting as well the Bundesliga has 74 games less per season than the rest due to having less teams. If you apply their goals per game average to match up with total matches of the rest and they'd be sitting 3rd with roughly 1,089.
  5. Fucking magic. To think that single defeat was at Juve, too.
  6. 2-0 PALERMO! Crotone are staying up!
  7. 3-1 Crotone! Should hold on now you would imagine.
  8. Half Times: Crotone 2-1 Lazio (Lazio down to 10 men) Fiorentina 0-1 Pescara (Fiorentina down to 10 men) Inter 3-0 Udinese Palermo 0-0 Empoli Torino 3-2 Sassuolo
  9. Immobile should have made it 2-2 there. For f**k sake, Crotone.
  10. Lazio get a goal back. Get a fucking move on Palermo.