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  1. Vote for me...vote for me.
  2. According to tonight's MEN that's now 55 cup ties in a row.
  3. Man City used a radical new crowd control technique on Tuesday. When they identified Celtic supporters in the City sections they threw them out. It'll never catch on in Scotland though.
  4. It was always just CSKA until recently but some have decided to go with Siska/Seska because that's how they pronounce it in Moscow apparently. That's still Moscow, not Moskva of course. It leads to ridiculous situations like tonight where they were calling them Siska/Seska in the studio and CSKA at the actual game after the hand over.
  5. I think it's a disgrace that the BBC employ the self promoting, multi-convicted, violent thug Barton. Looks like he's virtually guaranteed a place with them when he finally stops playing. It really does beggar belief.
  6. Some game going on at Wembley. Going by the BT Goals show it's apparently Tottenham 1 CSKA Moscow 1 Siska 1.
  7. Why should they get upset? It's the same club after all...
  8. They were doing just fine when Warburton was manager and they used traditional methods. Since changing to new principles they appear to have gone backwards and are, as mentioned, sitting 3 points above a relegation place. They're now trying something else new. That's not good enough for a national organisation. Wait and see what happens with their latest toy and if it works they can be listened to.
  9. Why on earth would the SFA pay any attention to an English 2nd Division team sitting 3 points above the relegation places? Ah, of course...
  10. Last night I checked the BBC website to see who Bonnyrigg would play next and instead of Bonnyrigg Rose/Dumbarton v Hibs it had tbc v Hibs. It actually had tbc as the opposition for the 3 or 4 ties still to be resolved so you had absolutely no idea which of those teams they would be playing. You obviously wouldn't even know who the tbc teams are. Quite unreal.
  11. Disappointing stuff City. Still, I expect Celtic drawing with a reserve side that was playing at half pace will be called a great result for Scottish football.
  12. Roberts could have easily carried on but stopped instead.
  13. Man City reserve player scores against Man City reserves in front of the Irish tricolours and with the Irish national anthem being belted out. A great moment for Scottish football indeed.
  14. Sadly that's unlikely. It's needs a total change of mindset and culture and that just isn't going to happen.
  15. Covering a Man City game will allow the journos that are only good enough to work for BBC Glasgow to pretend they're one of the big boys for a while though.