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  1. Can't remember the exact words but it was a nice little dig at them that Gary could only respond with a...who? us? never...kind of response with a smile on his face.
  2. Caught him giving Lineker and Ferdinand stick for their constant slagging of Scottish football. That's loads of bonus points earned.
  3. It's even worse. Turns out they were 3-1 up at one point and the two late goals were in 95 and 96 minutes. Think I'd rather get stuffed 5-0 than lose like that!
  4. Norwich 3-2 up at Newcastle 4 minutes into added time and lose 4-3. Ouch.
  5. It's surprising the ex-Manchester City winger MacManaman wants Manchester City to win.
  6. Strict Liability means clamping down on the bigot brothers. It'll just never happen in Scotland. Ever.
  7. Not really. Responses are always tailored to suit. Obviously they would prefer to be in a bar but, as I did say originally, it's A good idea that obviously needs some tweaking which is basically the same as It's a good idea to stop touts but they could have avoided the problem of queues fairly easily by planning it a bit better. I never at any point said it was perfect and it actually looks like we are in total agreement.
  8. The majority of their fans? Nope. A load of fans have suffered, yes, and they've probably missed out on their once in a lifetime opportunity to take in the magnificence of Glasgow and interact with the locals but I expect it'll be rectified. Still, it's a good chance to have a go and blow things out of proportion.
  9. That's exactly what they wanted to do. Exactly that.
  10. Yes, City obviously planned from the outset for their fans to queue for hours in the rain rather than enjoy themselves. Season ticket holders never do anything wrong of course, except some have abused the system so City are trying to rectify it but have got it wrong this time. Anything that stops touts is worthwhile.
  11. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/man-city-celtic-queue-tickets-11951492 Huge queues and ridiculous waiting times in Glasgow for Man City fans picking up their tickets for tonight's game. To minimise online ticket touts, this season City have said you have to pick up your ticket in the city the games being played in, showing photo ID. A good idea that obviously needs some tweaking.
  12. If Shearer's saying 'we're the laughing stock of world football' I hope he's paying royalties to P&B for using it's catch phrase.
  13. It's always stuck as it's laughable that the London media have always chosen to forget that his last managerial role ended in failure in the 2nd Division, a dose of reality they overlook about his managerial ability when constantly promoting him as the saviour of English football. He's now just another past it ex-pro promoting cheating while milking a living out of the media.
  14. Wolves, in the 2nd Division, where he was, at best, bland and failed to get them promotion.
  15. I agree with you. They presumably targeted him as part of the bung brigade rather than just because he was the manager of England but turned them down, however he's being slaughtered for something he actually didn't do. He may have taken them in the past which is why they targeted him but he 'did the right thing' on this occasion. It's quite laughable he's been brought down for bending/avoiding the rules. If he'd been an accountant or banker he'd have been given a massive bonus. Thank goodness our journos are all cleaner than clean and would never do such heinous things.