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  1. Ah...it was a tweet about giving Saints money. Now it makes sense!
  2. Good. Thought that'd be the case. Cheers. Was...WAS....hopefully we never here 'is' about a division six player.
  3. C'mon Kyle, at least the fantasy stuff Random comes up with has some basis of reality to it...
  4. Russia v Egypt

    He's definitely getting close to stalking her.
  5. Russia v Egypt

    Have they slaughtered Ramos for his Simpson/Durrant effect on Salah at all?
  6. Russia v Egypt

    Credit where it's due, that was some finish from where he was.
  7. World Cup Dinners 2018

    I take it that'll be the fat, racist embarrassment Abrahams they used to try and promote as a character.
  8. New kits for 18/19

    Because of the monstrosities before it the Lincoln one has actually become acceptable.
  9. Russia v Egypt

    Last time I tried that it was Green that was on. Pearce or Green. The BBC really do love taking the piss. Eta - Of FFS. You're either a sensitive wee soul or a bigot.
  10. Russia v Egypt

    Spot on. Can't believe they've given the egotistical c**t a prime time game. What with this and the bigot McCoist earlier the mute button has had a busy day.
  11. Tunisia v England

    Sexist as well as racist. No surprise really.