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  1. It's not a debate that'll be settled on here I'm afraid Rab! My comments are based on what I've heard and read from players over the years. I think your order of preference may be different if Liverpool had the won the EPL recently but hadn't won the European Cup/Champions League for 20+ years. From a quick google it appears most major trophy wins are listed with the EPL and domestic first then European. That doesn't say too much for the stutus of the greatest club competition in the world! Clubs themselves seem to list domestic then European but you might get the exception that lists them how they personally prioritise the competitions. Lets take one of those at random... http://www.liverpoolfc.com/history/honours 18 League Champions 5 European Cup Winners 7 FA Cup Winners 8 League Cup Winners 3 UEFA Cup Winners 3 European Super Cup Winners 15 FA Charity Shield Winners 1 Super Cup Winners
  2. Didn't realise that's who they played. Will be very interesting indeed then.
  3. Good win for Leicester but they stuffed Man City too and that turned out to just be a blip. Next game will be crucial.
  4. Deep down, Gerrard would swap it though. Yep, agree to disagree.
  5. Cup competitions will always be second to a league title no matter how prestigous it is though. They didn't renamed it from European Cup to Champions League for nothing!
  6. Their domestic championship is what counts most to players.
  7. Aye, you keep convincing yourself about that Rab.
  8. Listen is the latest cliche in footballer speak. Appropriately it seems to be an Irishism that is spreading all too quickly. Steve Lomas was the master of it.
  9. Ah, so that's why!
  10. Who sets the criteria for the trophies that are included? If the EUFA Super Cup is included then surely the Charity/Community Shield should too as they're basically the same thing. In fact any staged crap like the Intercontinental and Club World Cups should be excluded.
  11. That's only 43 v 44. You haven't added today's League Cup into United's total.
  12. He's basically just taking the piss!
  13. That's why I don't bet. Still leaves Puel's best result as his star studded Monaco side escaping McDiarmid with a 3-3 draw.
  14. Depdends if we're talking Old Firm or plebs rules.