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  1. Ah right, so it wasn't from here then... Dougie Wright‏ @dougie_analysis Follow More 10:33 PM - 21 May 2017 How did each Scottish Premiership club finish compared to their budget? League's biggest over/under achievers here:
  2. Thought this looked decent in action yesterday. Bit big but the badge looks so much better without the Shankly Gates shoved on top of it. Best Liverpool strip for ages.
  3. Yep, these things are usually public knowledge, even if they're not meant to be, so if there's no grapevine about it then it's probably unlikely. I shall gladly bow to your knowledge.
  4. Don't forget they did the same sort of thing with Drogba, the team chairing him off when he was subbed during his last match. Guess who they were playing...
  5. Interesting thanks. I just got the impression throughout the game that they were maybe another of those small clubs that had a sugar daddy attracting players that are playing below their level. At the apres match interviews, which I wasn't paying too much attention too, I did pick up something about 'financial input' from someone. I doubt it would have clicked who Carl Finnegan was had Kris not mentioned him above. Apart from him not doing much with Saints he's totally changed his appearance aided by a Pogbaesque stupid haircut.
  6. They were the better team although 4-0 was a bit hard on Cleethorpes as 3 of the goals were fairly late. I take it South Shields are having loads of money pumped into them.
  7. City playing some great stuff but Watford aren't pretending to give a f**k.
  8. Rooney off the bench for Man United. That'll be him off then!
  9. Well they've got their act together with the season tickets but I can't see them having the capability to do it with the strips at the same time unfortunately.
  10. Finally, the great day is here. Today we shall see Saints appear for the last ever time in that utter abomination of a so called strip. Never, ever put us through that again.
  11. You score a hat trick in the play off final, lose on penalties then someone else gets the Man of the Match award...
  12. Talking of the old days, David Will being Chairman of Brechin City and Vice-President of FIFA takes some beating!