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  1. Once again it wasn't so much Sturrock going to United that was the problem it was that he had said he wasn't interested a couple of days before he joined them. As Random says if there was honesty it wouldn't really be an issue. You can't criticise someone for taking their dream job.
  2. It's been blown up out of all proportion.
  3. Was just thinking that as it was said about Newcastle confirming promotion!
  4. This is what gets me about the change of use of 'just about' this season. What on earth makes a load of professional commentators, presumably intelligent enough folk, suddenly decide they'll change the meaning of an established expression? I doubt they've been briefed to do it. I know football has a copycat culture but you'd think if they heard someone else get it wrong they'd think 'idiot' rather than 'I'd better start saying that too'. Weird.
  5. Interesting thanks. Well done Monaco then. Setting up the best youth scouting system in France, hoovering up the cream of French youngsters, competing with PSG for the title and into the CL semi finals whilst only being financed by average crowds of about 8,500 is some achievement. Chapeau.
  6. Ooft, no! Didn't realise they'd taken it that far.
  7. That is indeed Liverpoolesque cringe levels from United. Terrible stuff.
  8. We're still on for a glorious double...Sherwood and Redknapp getting relegated in the same season. Please make it happen.
  9. That's what I thought. Strange one. They'll be kicking themselves now that they're missing out on the non-event of their God's first game in charge of Birmingham.
  10. There will be no football after Brexit. There will be no nothing, only a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the UK was, apparently.
  11. Surprised Villa v 'arry's Team isn't on the tv especially as there's no other English game on at that time. I would have thought the Birmingham derby would have been one of the broadcasters dead certs every season.
  12. Ok, thanks. I thought photoshop was maybe involved.
  13. I don't gamble but is that not heck of a big odds on offer? ETA. For what the actual bet is that is.
  14. Fyvie was distraught enough being taken off after half an hour but to see the guy he was subbed for score withing a couple of minutes means he really shouldn't be left alone for the next few hours.