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  1. It was a major contribution to me losing interest in international sport. Much the same as football. I'd get behind any Scot representing Scotland no matter how bad we were but don't really care about anyone that's there only because they qualify to play for Scotland. Looks like Big Sam is going to exploit the residency qualifications for the English national team too. It's a side effect of the EPL clubs flooding their youth set ups with youngsters from all around the world that probable wasn't thought of. If they've lived in England from about 16 yo onwards they'll be able to play for them in their early 20s. I'm sure the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United/City would much rather have their players follow the European international break calendar than disappear to the Africa Cup of Nations or keep flying back to the Americas a few times a season so wouldn't be surprised if they used their influence to get them to become 'English'. The Premier League is guilty of fucking up many things football out of selfishness and greed so I don't see why they should restrict it only the club game.* * Subtly bringing things back on topic to the Premier League as I realised we'd deviated off it a tad.
  2. And when they get there and their lifelong dream of a Scotland cap is within touching distance they can see it shattered as the SRU ship in yet another failed southern hemisphere player to play instead.
  3. As is your jumping in with this post most times I say it. The BBC isn't just football.
  4. Right, sorry. Picked you up wrongly. I agree then. There's nothing wrong with thinking big or progressively but it has to be realistic and attainable. Egotists like Mercer always think they're right and those that disagree are plebs.
  5. That's interesting as I take parochial to mean small, insular, non-progressive, only concerned with one's immediate environment or an outlook portray that attitude.
  6. Much better this week. Instead of our 25 seconds analysis they allowed us 36...Tommy got 15 to actually talk about the Saints game instead of Celtic then Steven Thompson's after thought summary was 21 seconds, much the same as last week though really. However credit must be given to the editor. Charged with highlighting Scottish football he decided against talking through a decent headed goal from ICT and a cracking equaliser from Saints to feature and discuss an ICT guy running around for about a minute. He or she certainly knows their football.
  7. In which way should Hibs and Hearts fans have been more parochial when not wanting their clubs to become one? Third rate is a lazy description to bandy around. What level are they measuring it against? How can they measure the value of a foreign import to St Johnstone as opposed to Celtic? Where should we have been more parochial in this area?
  8. I thought most of these mis-matched friendlies would basically be played in front of a handful of supporters on training or side pitches. However, checking Google for the Leipzig teams following Burke's transfer to RB I discovered this... 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig - Records (since re-establishment on 10 December 2003) - Record Defeat: 1–15 v Hertha BSC, friendly (23 May 2005) - Record Attendance: Bruno-Plache-Stadion 13,098 v Hertha BSC, friendly (23 May 2005) It'd be interesting to know what the attendance for the nest home game was!
  9. I was going to avoid this given it was a BBC Glasgow programme so it was bound to be a programme about the Old Firm dressed up as Scottish. However, given the good reviews fro a number of decent diddy posters, I thought it was worth looking at, which I've just done. How wrong. One or two of the other diddy reviewers were spot on. This was just the usual BBC Old Firm fare with a few non bigot brothers moments thrown in. From the very off you knew it was going to be the same...Scotland's game, starting with two of England's greatest manager. who were Scottish, then straight into 'the Rangers.' That is indeed the BBC's view of Scotland game. Sectarianism addressed but excused and brushed off. They started it in the 80's, a high point for many as it was the horrifically called New Firm period but was that really discussed? No. Minimal Aberdeen mentions. It was only the starting point for the bigots massive spending, nothing else. What is mostly disappointing about this is not the predictable BBC presentation but the acceptance of numerous diddy fans that this was 'Scottish football' The brainwashing has indeed worked. As for the bigoted singing. This is of course, illegal. people doing what was supposedly 'acceptable in the 80's' are now paying for it. Will anything be done about the perpetrators by Police Scotland or the SFA, especially about those still involved in the game? Will it f**k. 'Scotland's game' will never change.
  10. Thanks. I felt he had potentially had more technique than defensive ability so could be worth trying to develope as a defensive midfielder. If he's so lacking in both then there's no hope.
  11. He's not a centre back. Move him forward into midfield and you might have a player.
  12. And there we have it. Scottish football in a nutshell.