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  1. They were simply promoting cheating, all three of the ex-pros. Just what they do all the time now. The BBC's 'golly gosh, you must be nice to everyone all the time and never, ever break the law' culture should be coming down on this like a ton of bricks. Jenas also gave the 'just about beat Hart' crap for Southampton's first penalty. No Jermaine, he did actually beat Hart as well you know. It's now got a rival for really pissing me off though...'the get go'. How the f**k did that one ever come about. Anyone using that to try and be trendy should be nuked on the spot.
  2. Looks like Eck Ritchie's already got a new tennis court out of it.
  3. I'm shocked and stunned at this. The thought never crossed my mind once.
  4. You're on risky ground with this Paulo. Very risky. First time we've had 3 match threads with a PSJFC theme and it's the first time we've won our first three matches in the top league. If we lose next week we know who to blame...
  5. Goals from May and Deacon? Pity we can't get a Mercury or Taylor next.
  6. My first experience of Everton TV last night and thought it was pretty good. They were obviously and self admittedly biased but not ridiculously blinkered like the bigot brothers channels, the only other 'in-house' ones I've experienced.(Shudder. One Saints game on a stream of each and never, ever again). Praise and criticism to both sides where it was due and their delivery was more chat than the mainstreams screaming, soundbite driven, listen to ME style and hardly any Scouse to be heard. No thick, rule ignorant ex-pros promoting cheating at half time either. It was all quite a pleasant change from the usual. Decent game overall with a few laggy bits. Everton could've been 3 or 4 up but then Hajduk could have easily got it back to 2-1 near the end. Will be an interesting second leg anyway.
  7. The game officially became a bogey in 2012. If anyone is surprised at anything that favours the bigot brothers then they haven't really been paying attention.
  8. Aha, never thought of that. I shall see how I feel later then. Cheers.
  9. Same as happened to Charlton in this seasons Carabao Cup draw. Jesus, we've got to copy England at bloody everything.
  10. Now, about this telly coverage my good man. Sky didn't cough up for it, BT are showing some Hungarian/Aussie playing tennis plus men's rounders while ITV4 are keeping 8 viewers happy with women's rugby. Where have they hidden the Everton game?
  11. They're Scousers Rab. If they don't have one they'll just nick one...
  12. They prefer ice cream making to love making. At least his wife does which may not be a great surprise.
  13. Which channel? And if you say Everton TV...
  14. Surprised the Everton game's not on tv tonight. I thought basically every big English team would be covered these days.
  15. Wrong thread - http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/245603-most-beautifullest-spfl-fans/