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  1. What a miserable, sour faced, charisma vacuum Gerrard is. Unsurprisingly the English don't slaughter him the way they did Andy Murray.
  2. In the olden days we wouldn't have been told who the Leipzig goalscorers were!
  3. All thanks to FIFA's empire building and the removal of freedom of choice. It should really be illegal.
  4. Not to mention the attempted head butt. Naturally, he missed.
  5. FIFA have said Matip can play for Liverpool now. Absolute nonsense that he couldn't in the first place.
  6. I thought he was unlucky to get sent off as the ball seemed to be heading straight for his face and he instinctively put his hands up. Penalty yes but not a red.
  7. All expect one of course.
  8. Unless they've been invited down by BT on a freebee, why on earth does it need 'a host' of these buffoons to go to London? Having Doncaster and Regan represent the Scottish game is bad enough but when BT meet the actual clowns in charge of the clubs any chance of a decent deal will be gone. You can imagine them all on the trip south. 'Peter, Peter, can we go to Madame Tussauds?' 'But I want to go on the London Eye Peter' 'Let's go to the zoo. Can we Peter, can we?'
  9. Of course it's right but why hasn't it been brought in before? The politicians are happy to pretend to do something about it but actually don't. Too many votes to lose. They were bending over backwards to save Rangers when they died. The other clubs ignore it. The legal world helped with the great lie that Rangers are the same club. Police Scotland stand back and do nothing every week. The media ignore sectarianism and help promote it. So called anti-sectarian charities just pay lip service. To me the only group in Scotland who genuinely want to do anything about what's going on are the fans of the diddy clubs.
  10. The bottom line is Scotland is just too scared of the bigot brothers to do anything about them.
  11. '...after the demise of Rangers' Oops. Someone at STV will be getting their jotters today.
  12. I checked google and there's no mention so take it there's no relationship. The Spurs connection added to it too. Of course maybe Kevin doesn't know who his dad is...!
  13. Thought there that young Kevin Stewart had to be son or relative of Paul Stewart but apparently not.