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  1. It's the quality of player that's frequently missing penalties that surprises me. Messi, Neymar, Aguero and Rooney have been serial penalty missers which is quite astounding. Agree the ridiculous stutter run ups are a prime cause combined with keepers getting away with chancing their arm.. Just hit it hard in the corner and stop being a smart arse.
  2. "It's a European competition so let's think about it.''...playing the Final in New York. Yep, that makes sense. They're already gearing up to it with the summer international tournament trials. It's just a matter of time before CL games go worldwide I expect. The bidding process is one of the worst elements of modern sport. Millions and millions that could go to grass roots sports development wasted in cock measuring presentations, jaunts, freebees and backhanders. No wonder they want this introduced asap.
  3. The only reason to change the club you support is when you're brought up as an old Firm fan but then reach the stage of thinking for yourself, seeing the reality of what they are, deciding you're not a sectarian apologist and start supporting a nearby club that's there for football. If you don't, it shows you're just the bigoted, glory hunting c**t you pretend not to be.
  4. The ex-Man City and Real Madrid Scouse whinger may just be a tad biased about this game.
  5. I doubt Rotherham fans would be too happy if they went after another manager from the pub league north of the border. Tommy won the cup but so did Stubbs so I doubt that would count for much. Can't see it.
  6. Exciting fact...you go past Curzon Ashton on the way to Ikea. Always think they sound like a company making bathroom supplies.
  7. When you come to Anfield you've got to kill the crowd...I expect the Scouse demands for Neville's resignation and full apology have already started.
  8. It didn't look like a known language and didn't make any sense at all. Probably Scouse.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the first Sutton saw of the team was when it appeared in public. Probably some blue bigot fan boy intern put it together for him.
  10. I wish him a long and successful reign. That way there's no chance of the b*****d infecting Scottish football again.
  11. Cheers. That's embarrassing.
  12. I was checking wiki to see if he had gained any qualifications that would make him suitable for a CEO role and found this... McNamara co-wrote a television sitcom pilot with Scottish actor and comedy writer Fran Gilhooley called The Therapy Room, starring Jackie's actor brother, Donny.[44] The show is based around a young footballer who is catapulted from amateur football to the English top flight, and is partly based around McNamara's own experiences as a player and manager.[44] Is this real or is it wiki being wiki? Please let it be true. Failed football manager, failed comedy writer, soon to be failed CEO. It's going to have to be politics next for him.
  13. Great, it's another Super Sunday of football... Middlesbrough v Watford Southampton v Burnley Tesco it is then.
  14. I think short term caretaker would be ok but when nobody's given you a managers job after 20 years as a coach and assistant then there's generally a reason. Hull are about to find out why.
  15. Unreal. Still, it means Scottish football will be free of the snivelling rat for the foreseeable future.