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  1. HibeeJibee knocking Saints? I am shocked and stunned.
  2. A Blackburn U-20 v Reading U-20 Final at Wembley would be a superb GIRFU to every club that voted for this shambles.
  3. Generally good but don't like that a club misses out each round especially when it's a Saturday. It adds the frustrating stop/start effect at the beginning of the season, like Celtic's 'f**k the league and the rest of you, we'd rather make even more money than you with a meaningless friendly' rule does in the league. It's obviously unavoidable with the odd numbers in groups unfortunately.
  4. Oops. You're right of course. For some reason I thought it was their new home strip despite the lack of blue. Another coffee needed I think.
  5. Can't see the PSG fans being too happy about that strip. They've been very precious about their stripe in the past so to lose it altogether seems a strange move, even allowing for Nike's bucks.
  6. Moyes'll be fine. Sunderland'll be fine. It'll be mid table security then looking upwards hoping to qualify for the Europa League so that they can moan about qualifying for it soon enough.
  7. Well it is Mrs Swanson's caesarean day.
  8. Oh dear! Thing is, despite the meaning, it's still far better presented than ours. That's it confirmed though...Alan Storrar Cars is worse than shit.
  9. I beg to differ. There is no logo in the history of football worse than ours.
  10. I fully expect that if Gary Neville hadn't had his ill judged spell at Valencia, he'd be forgiven for his role in Hodgson's set up and now be in post after a media campaign to appoint a young, forward thinking manager that would command immediate respect because of his highly successful English playing career as that's just what was needed to shake up the England set up. It's quite an amazing fall from grace.
  11. It's a very terse statement and more about what's not been said than what has. It should be more along the lines of...Obviously disappointed to lose Sam but we congratulate him on his appointment as England manager...thanks for what he did for us last season and keeping us up...best of luck to him and England...we're confident of having a replacement in place soon that'll continue the progress being made at the club. Instead it's basically Allardyce has gone...f**k him and the FA. It was well know Sunderland were rightly pissed off with the way the FA were going about things and the statement just backs that up. They're in such a huff it wouldn't surprise me that no matter who they appoint next they'll say he's better than Allardyce anyway! It's just not very professional.
  12. https://www.safc.com/news/club-news/2016/july/allardyce-departs Sunderland AFC confirms the departure of Sam Allardyce, who takes up the position of England manager with immediate effect. The focus of everyone at Sunderland AFC now is on moving forward quickly and decisively, with the appointment of the club’s new manager to be confirmed at the earliest opportunity. Sunderland taking Big Sam's departure well then
  13. I wouldn't rise to it. He loves having a go at Saints. The whole Euro 2016 effect is a load of nonsense. 'I've loved sitting at home being spoon fed the top nations and players in Europe for the last month so I'll go and see Annan v Stranraer this weekend and, hey, wait, it's Stenhousemuir v Queens Park on Tuesday. Hud me back,' Over analysing a new style competition after 5 days is ridiculous.
  14. We all are unfortunately. Rubbing salt into the wound though is that the filming and interviews were all done at your ground. They really just don't give a toss.
  15. Caught this on SSN. It was the utter disgrace you'd expect. Cursory mention of Hamilton then quickly on to his Celtic days, his love of Celtic, his Celtic tattoo, he shows you his Celtic tattoo and then in the piece de resistance the interviewer asks him that as Hamilton are playing Rangers at Ibrox in the first game of the season would he be showing the tattoo to the crowd. The whole piece was as nauseating as it sounds and was a microcosm of everything that's wrong with the Scottish football media. What goes on is far more than just playing to the biggest audience. It's a genuine, deep rooted belief that it's only the bigot brothers that matter. It really is soul destroying stuff.