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  1. I don't actually agree with that. It's a response by a goal scorer to cover up any short comings. 'All he does is score goals' is a criticism of a player, not a compliment eg Kris Boyd. Just scoring goals is no longer enough so it's entirely feasible that Aguero could be contributing little outside of the box but still knocking them in being the great goal scorer he is. He's also missed quite a few he'd normally score so that can also be classed as a bad season by his high standards. He may have scored 25 but he should have had a load more!
  2. It was rumoured last night and talked about in the few minutes I had to suffer Talksport in the car this morning. It's no great surprise.
  3. And let's end with a paused still of the Rangers manager at Ibrox, a club we are in dispute with and at a ground we don't currently cover. c***s.
  4. Aye Jonathon, Richie Foran may have said last week that Partick could be a top four club, chuckle chuckle, and the way things are going they might indeed have half an eye on catching Hearts but so what if they did? That'd only leave them 5th, not 4th, a position now held by St Johnstone, the invisible club. Good grief.
  5. So Saints won 2-1, had 15 attempts to Motherwell's 16, 6 on target to Wells 5 and 9 corners to Wells 2 yet going by the highlights it was basically all Motherwll. Seems fair.
  6. I just read it on a link on that BBC page. Imagine the publicity if it had happened in England or Scotland but it must have passed with little or no comment.
  7. I didn't realise it was the family of a Derry player that died in the horrific Buncrana pier accident last year. Reminds me that it led to the most disgraceful actions of a journalist to get a story I've ever heard of. Louise James lost two sons, mother, partner and sister and was obviously suffering unimaginably yet a week after the tragedy the journalist, Alison O'Reilly, went along to the wake with own kids as cover and posed as a grieving mother. She passed on her sympathies to Louise, spoke to her then turned the private conversation into a sensationalised exclusive interview for the Irish edition of the Mail on Sunday. Wouldn't be surprised if the vile bitch got a bonus for it.
  8. If it's only short highlights I prefer a properly done overview style commentary rather than an added as live one. That style sounds so false.
  9. That does my head in, especially when someones about to take a penalty. Wait for 5 seconds before starting your award winning narrative for f**k sake.
  10. Not great but at least it wasn't the utter shitfest I was expecting. The change of camera position at The Riverside's a big improvement.
  11. Ball hits net...commentator describes it...pause...grudgingly, 'What a lovely goal' says Macmanaman blandly through the most gritted of gritted teeth.
  12. It's Macmanaman's whining, sneering Scouse drawl that is insufferable more than the crap he comes out with.