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  1. Europa League 2017/18

    For all stuff I've heard and seen about Ostersunds, which has obviously gone up to 11 since drawing Arsenal, I've never once heard Reid's name mentioned or that their Assistant Manager is a Brit let alone a Jock. Potter rightly gets the glory but when you get the stories of the English misfit players that have ended up there a little mention of the British connection being more than England wouldn't be a hardship.
  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

  3. Tyne/Wear/Tees - The North East Thread

    Welsh football's had a bit of a reality check the last few days.
  4. World Cup 2018 kits

    Not a fan of Nigeria either. Colours looked washed out and reminds me a bit of... Also, once the SFA see Abuja they'll have Glasgow slapped on the Scotland badge. It may not be the country's Capital but it's the centre of the universe to them.
  5. A skill obviously well above the capabilities of ^^^^
  6. Oh for goodness sake guys...fancy not knowing it's Graham Moore of Cardiff, Chelsea, Manchester United, Northampton Town, Charlton Athletic and Doncaster Rovers. fame. T'huh.
  7. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Shows how out of date he is. The 4 dreams now are getting to England asap, becoming 'a brand', having his own clothing range and playing a bit of international football with a country that'll help him achieve all that.
  8. I vaguely remember the name from my Sutton days but they weren't the club they are now. Thanks.
  9. It aint 'ard. It's quite easy really.
  10. Who are the 2nd team in Sutton Coldfield after Town?
  11. FA Cup 2017/18

    I'd forgotten just how good the original is.
  12. FA Cup 2017/18

    Ah yes. From Waylon Jennings third album. Side 1, track 5.
  13. FA Cup 2017/18

    I'm sure the Record and Sun are already working on their report...Ex-Celtic Star's Son Stars in Sensational Cup Upset.
  14. shite badges

    I'm with you. Choosing not to go with 6-0 in the badge was probably the best decision though!