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  1. It's an old City away top with Brother as the sponsor.
  2. Fellaini being a complete idiot is overshadowing what a cheating little shit Arguero is.
  3. It's unbelievable they can't get a full house for the derby.
  4. I still fail to believe that goal scorers are the best at taking free kicks. It's a damn site easier to lump a decent ball into the box than it is to score.
  5. Even Fellaini would've got that one.
  6. It was one of the best 40 minutes of football I've seen for ages. A joy to watch. It's amazing that if Zlatan hadn't missed an open goal with the last kick then it would've been 2-2 at half time. A display like that should see you about 4 or 5 up.
  7. The difference is that Bale was playing out of position while Gestede is playing out of his depth.
  8. It's really weird that when a player is injured seriously enough to be stretchered off they don't just take him off across the pitch to the tunnel but instead have to get off the pitch asap and then lug the guy right round the track. You'd think the priority would be to get him into the changing room rather than hold the game up for a few more seconds but obviously not.
  9. Probably Walsall as the Megabus fare would be cheaper than Oxford or London.
  10. Ah but it's a big, negative story so he's a Burnley player.
  11. This really is BBC Glasgow's dream week. Two senior bigotfests and a junior one in between. Kleenex shares will have gone through the roof.
  12. It true BBC WATP mode, ex-Rangers player Ugo Ehiogu died but Burnley midfielder Joey Barton is banned for 18 months for gambling. Shouldn't be too long before the ex-Ger Barton is on Open All Mics though.
  13. Once again it wasn't so much Sturrock going to United that was the problem it was that he had said he wasn't interested a couple of days before he joined them. As Random says if there was honesty it wouldn't really be an issue. You can't criticise someone for taking their dream job.