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  1. the shite statues of footballers thread

    They should have replaced the C with an S.
  2. Really. Why would I know what it is? I know Ibrox has a trophy room to hold the trophies they bought from the dead club, a picture of the Queen in the home dressing room from pics on here and a marble staircase thanks to Alex Totten comments otherwise the less I know about that place the better. Going by Cowden's comment it doesn't look it's as world famous as believed!
  3. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    They will never leave Hampden. The idea of pumping even more money into the bigot brothers by using their stadia will be vastly appealing to the Hampden suits but the need for a neutral venue in Glasgow for cup bigotfests combined with Scottish football not doing change will see them remain.
  4. Rangers legend Willie Henderson has been impressed with Graeme Murty's impact as interim boss at Ibrox. (Evening Times) So, Jabba's Phase 2 begins...
  5. And to think some people say Aberdeen is a very insular city.
  6. PS - Also the first time I've heard of the 'world famous blue room'. I take it it's world famous in Ibrox anyway.
  7. How are the winning team meant to decide which one of them gets to keep their Scotland strip?
  8. Europa League 2017/18

    1996 - 3 clubs merge to form Östersunds FK 2017 - Club renamed as Graham Potter's Ostersunds after being discovered by the English media
  9. Good. Good. I'd be amazed if he'd lower himself to return to such a diddy club as Saints anyway.
  10. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Back in the days when I used to listen to listen to Cosgrove and Cowan they spent a lot of time supposedly laughing at the Old Firm. But it was still talking about the Old Firm. Most of it wasn't funny of course. It was like overhearing a couple of guys in a Glasgow pub who'd rather talk about the Old Firm. good or bad, than anything else going on, which is of course standard BBC policy. It's one reason It's one reason I've never been able to take Cosgrove seriously. He has never just ignored them. I don't suppose the BBC would pay as much for that though.
  11. It's obviously not as good as sitting in a B&B dressed as a female Norse warrior .
  12. I would never have thought 8MileBU looked that good.
  13. Premier League 2017-2018

    If Random Guy starts using it you'll know it is.