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  1. Well that wasn't interesting at all. St Etienne were a shadow of the team from the first leg. Why can't St Etienne and Lyon play on the same night? They're 60+ kilometres apart.
  2. St Etienne v United should be interesting. No way should United be 3 up and going by the strong team they've put out they know it.
  3. Brilliant stuff. Falcao could have thrown in away though with that awful penalty, no matter how good his chip was later. City were reeling at that time and going 3-1 down could have led to a bit of a cuffing.
  4. That was great stuff. This two teams attacking each other crap won't catch on though.
  5. Andy Hampson@andyhampson Here's the latest addition to the Man City pre-match experience - a catwalk entrance for the players. It's wet. Hope they don't slip! #mcfc That is just ridiculous.
  6. They're at it again. BBC lead their online Scottish Football section with the news that an ex-Ireland international has lost his job with an English 2nd Division club. If you want to know about English football go to the English football pages, not Scottish. Our domestic coverage is limited enough.
  7. I wouldn't say professionally going about his job was manipulating the bet. It's just doing his job.
  8. Sky News Newsdesk ‏@SkyNewsBreak Sutton United has asked reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw to hand in his resignation and he has agreed And he's gone.
  9. Coyle's got the boot from Blackburn. My, what a surprise.
  10. Can't remember which programme it was on, maybe one of the Jimmy Hill retrospectives, but they showed old footage of a couple of top division managers being interviewed during a game back in the 70's or 80's. It didn't expand on it but it was maybe a trial that never took off at that stage.
  11. It wasn't exactly a state secret before the game so the BBC should have just avoided showing him eating the pie instead of making an hilarious feature of it.I'd charge the out of touch b*****ds with collusion too.
  12. Sky Sports News HQ ‏@SkySportsNewsHQ BREAKING: Gambling Commission open investigation into Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw eating a pie during FA Cup tie against Arsenal #SSNHQ No matter what happens it's been worth it for the charge alone.
  13. I mainly watched Newcastle v Villa. It wasn't good.
  14. So I see. Didn't realise it had officially got to that stage. It's surely just a matter of time.