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  1. Ooh, it's Thursday, the day the possibility of Saints info being given to the plebs rises from f**k all to there's an outside chance. Today, the excitement is intense.
  2. With Steve in charge this is the only hottie you'll see in Saints colours.
  3. Lovely Ladies of the World Cup 2018

    Thank you. Turns out I used a made up word that precious people don't like to describe the astoundingly magnificent fellow you work with It wasn't anything to do with the support for our sapphic friends. Given a load of the stuff posted on the forum it's amazing what apparently isn't allowed in case people get upset or offended.
  4. Lovely Ladies of the World Cup 2018

    WTF??? Could the mod that's deleted my reply to @banana and his subsequent reply to me kindly explain what on earth was wrong with it? This is quite unbelievable. Nope, nothing. So basically the situation is - Kim Jong P&B - This post is so horrific it has to go NOW Me - Oops. Tell me why and I'll make sure I won't repeat it Power mad mod - Not telling you, it's a secret. All the communication skills of St Johnstone.
  5. The design team are still working on a few ideas.
  6. Ah...it was a tweet about giving Saints money. Now it makes sense!
  7. Good. Thought that'd be the case. Cheers. Was...WAS....hopefully we never here 'is' about a division six player.
  8. C'mon Kyle, at least the fantasy stuff Random comes up with has some basis of reality to it...
  9. Russia v Egypt

    He's definitely getting close to stalking her.
  10. Russia v Egypt

    Have they slaughtered Ramos for his Simpson/Durrant effect on Salah at all?
  11. Russia v Egypt

    Credit where it's due, that was some finish from where he was.
  12. World Cup Dinners 2018

    I take it that'll be the fat, racist embarrassment Abrahams they used to try and promote as a character.
  13. New kits for 18/19

    Because of the monstrosities before it the Lincoln one has actually become acceptable.
  14. Russia v Egypt

    Last time I tried that it was Green that was on. Pearce or Green. The BBC really do love taking the piss. Eta - Of FFS. You're either a sensitive wee soul or a bigot.