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  1. There's no way the biggest/only jewel won't play. Given what young Brown will have forked out I expect Scougall to play every game, do a shift in the car park pre-game and help serve pies at half time.
  2. It's too light for anyone in Scotland other than Forfar going by that pic.
  3. So basically Chris Harvey trolled about a signing, took the piss about Stevie May then only did a piece about Scobbie? What a delightful chap.
  4. Fingers crossed the delay in announcing the signing is due to him getting a late offer from Gainsborough Trinity that blasts ours out of the water.
  5. It wouldn't be so bad if there actually was a story to it.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40384646 Celtic: Leigh Griffiths critical of Dave King's 'ludicrous' gulf claims This is a classic example of the utter puerile dross that masquerades as football journalism in Scotland and that we are forced to fund. The lead 'story' in Scottish football for f**k sake. When you think you can't up the level of hatred you have for the Bigots Broadcasting Corporation they come out with toe curling crap like this.
  7. I suppose he did say 'hopefully'. Some job, sitting around McDiarmid all day, waiting.
  8. Ooft. Didn't realise St Mirren had chosen to move to Joma this season despite having seen years of dross. Bad move guys.
  9. It makes a mockery of the FA's decision yesterday to end their sponsorship with all betting companies including Ladbrokes after the negativity about players gambling.
  10. That makes sense. Still a bit strange seeing the new work grow around it now whilst big parts of the old stand's still there. It's great for seeing the different sizes of stands though!
  11. Not being in the building trade my knowledge of such things is virtually nil but I don't understand why they are constructing the new stand around the ever decreasing old one. I'd have thought they'd totally demolish the old one, clear the site and then start the new build. Seems a bit of a complicated way of doing things to the untrained eye.
  12. Exactly. Anyone that doesn't realise our teams are Euro diddies these days either doesn't pay attention or is a member of the bedroom based Spreadsheet Loyal. Saints will be doing well to get through the first round to more than likely meet the team that's joint top of the Swedish league with Malmo. Yep, that one will be a doddle too cos we're Scottish...
  13. Were many folk taking Scobbies side? I thought most were fairly neutral to it all and realised the media were shit stirring.