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  1. No shit Sherlock.
  2. Honestly think we'll "sell out" but our version of a sell out vs the old firm this season was 1000 empty seats in the home end. So who knows
  3. Would love Pickford to move to one of these 'big clubs' looking at him, terrible keeper.
  4. It's really weird Dundee fans wanting us to win. I don't like it
  5. NXT

    Good take over, all the matches I watched were good. Didn't bother watching the women's match because what's the point? Asuka = Celtic yeah she's good but what's the point if none of her challengers are even close to her.
  6. If you've got a golden ticket you get on the SLO's magic bus.
  7. ^^^ sum boi hopefully he's fit enough to start 3 games in 8 days.
  8. I hate players families tbh. Just need to accept that the career their son etc has chosen means they will get criticised
  9. If it had been falkirk we were playing no doubt prices would have only been £15 or less, because you would have easily sold out the gazebo and both of our stands for us.
  10. they defo aren't unless bt & sky both show it, chris sutton and derek rae already tweeted about doing the 28th game.
  11. was making dinner at half time but did Jordan Kirkpatrick seriously compare himself to McCarthy
  12. all other clubs in the play offs are in the diddy leagues though. In the big time it's a bit different.
  13. same as every other game this season. Hope you enjoy your trip to a premier league ground.
  14. great result, obviously Dundee had downed tools for the season which is fair enough but where has that fight and determination from our players been all season? If they had acted like that in atleast 2 of the 14 games we went 1-0 up in to draw we'd be safe. As I said early the only positive of being in todays situation is that we now go in to the playoffs with some momentum from a great result.