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  1. here we are, who's going on Sunday?
  2. just checked 13 nov' last year. Must be tripping.
  3. Tory Rodg' as well. We have a hideous following.
  4. 3 out and out left backs and Barrie McKay
  5. No one brave enough to go for Simon though [emoji848]
  6. 4th November seems very late, or am I wrong ?
  7. Anyone been watching this C4 drama? Robbie Coltrane plays a fictional celebrity being accused of be*st-ism. Episode 2 just finished tonight, I don't think he did it just now but we will see.
  8. Rio on bt about Southgate "It shouldn't be too hard for him he knows half the players through the Under-21s, The next games against Malta he could play the Under-21s and beat them." Obviously Malta are pish but you'd think they'd learn
  9. cool.
  10. *insert jeffries pleasing gif*
  11. southgate plz
  12. to be expected when #PGKILLSWWE
  13. The kofi step spot wasn't that bad, was expecting something hideous the way you were speaking just bust his nose a good one.
  14. Too long didn't read.