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  1. Still Game & Best Bits

    Go on to Netflix and watch some of the older ones on there, then you will come back realising Mick is a shite character. I’ve enjoyed the first 2 of this season but the latest one was absolute jobby.
  2. Scotland v Costa Rica 23rd March

    Also the ugliest.
  3. Good to know he’s real (maybe).
  4. Eastenders....

    That was one of the worst episodes in months, only surpassed by the Ring in Dog shit one a couple of months ago. Actually think I preferred the Weyland/Max Branning secret agent stuff to this.
  5. Wonder how many st j fans voted him in their top 3. That day at NDP seeing their faces drop as the news about Gretna came in was glorious.
  6. Killie v Accies

    Leaving for this tomorrow it better not get called off or I’ll be pure raging so I will. Especially because I’ll have made that long 40 minute journey.
  7. Killie v Accies

  8. The Wrestling Thread

    I’m blocked off JBL so won’t even be able to see it.
  9. Smackdown Thread

    Mental that crowds still pop for Randy Orton in 2018
  10. Smackdown Thread

    No c**t would have been watching smackdown without the announcement as a precursor.
  11. Smackdown Thread

    Cultaholic tweet featured on the opening of Smackdown there 🤨
  12. Monday Night Raw Live

    Hope they don’t give Braun a partner for mania tbh, a handicap match would be much more interesting tbh
  13. Monday Night Raw Live

    They’re really going all out to get Roman cheered at mania.
  14. The Relegation Battle

    Double telt, now f**k off weeperdee.
  15. Great Unexplained Questions of Wrestling

    This isn’t a question.