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  1. We have half our team suspended so would gladly take a draw in this one. 2-0 saintees.
  2. This, but as I said in the game thread his wee piece in the paper about not going on holiday during the winter break will make him immune from criticism from the "half wits" in our support for a while.
  3. Member Clyde?
  4. Wtf is tommy wright's pedo beard about ?
  5. Surprised they managed to get that much out of it tbh.
  6. turns out the rose fan in question was the goal scorers dad. So I'd say the celebration was acceptable. Still junior thickos tho 8magee, grimbo etc
  7. Imrie has been dire for weeks. His wee piece in the sun about not going on holiday during the winter break will make him immune from criticism for a few weeks.
  8. Great decision to put us behind the goal.
  9. Thought James would have went Jedward or Kim, fair play to speidi though he also knew they'd be the least bothered by it.
  10. No chance horrific support, a no doubt weakened team whimpers to a 1-0 defeat. I'll go if I can be bothered.
  11. He'll get a great send off, but with Cena v Taker supposedly cancelled for mania, must mean they think taker has another year left in him, So he retires in New Orleans next year where the streak was broken.
  12. wid.
  13. jedward and kim discussing knob piercings, and they say reality tv isn't intellectual
  14. The boycott news is embarrassing. I'm not a happy clapper by any stretch of the imagination, but boycotting a proverbial 6 pointer game when the club have said they don't need fans is deluded. Should be attending and making our feelings heard as we have done. McGowan etc will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of nasty men who swear at the football not attending.