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  1. Dickeleux having an absolute 'mare here it's sad to see.
  2. She was decent, defo 6/10
  3. I quite liked lotan at first but he's went mental so not bothered about him out
  4. If you like odds of 1/20 and less you can.
  5. I know theres an individual thread somewhere, but prison architect good?
  6. There's a pack with 1,2 & 3 on steam for £8 cant complain.
  7. Rollercoaster tycoons on sale aswell, great day where is ragingammy?
  8. south park stick of truth 6 quid
  9. our slo had them on accies world at 0800, just aswell no one cares about us.
  10. Near Blantyre but not Blantyre
  11. Only time I've ever seen someone getting huckled was in vue Hamilton in one of the release showings of straight outta compton. Ice cube said f**k the police then some junkie shouted I agree with you. A few people chuckled fair enough if that had been the end of it, he then started shouting that the woman next to him had stole his wallet someone then shouted to him 'as if you had a wallet' anger and insults followed the junkie ended up papped out.
  12. Yeah it was at least we would have got a development fee for him. Anyway can see us getting shafted again in the fixtures tomorrow Hibs away to open the season, and we'll still have to go to one of the old firm twice now that they'll be both be expected top half again.
  13. Do you not need to be rated to be overrated ?
  14. diddy forums for this absolute shite pls.
  15. Honestly don't see them lasting till then. Just aswell the EK end is PATG anyway. Yeah weird renewed mine my dad asked me to get him one for this season after giving it a miss last season said no public sale until 03/07. Just another odd thing accies do