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  1. tues 25th 7.45pm

    Id guess it's because Bingham is an awful footballer? Kurtaj would've also did more chasing and tackling and was playing in midfield. He still went negative just not as bad as previous games and deserved to get away with it tonight.
  2. Yep knew what was coming already and that just confirmed it, but dropped a look back clue for viewers not familiar with the comics.
  3. tues 25th 7.45pm

    As said never a penalty, Collum does just want to be the centre of attention sometimes. Massive 3 points for us we now need to continue this into Saturday. Greg Docherthy was outstanding again. I think we will be v lucky to keep him for long. Not a failure in the team. MacKinnon and Devlin surprisingly good given how bad they can be. Very happy accie considering how things annoying things have been recently.
  4. tues 25th 7.45pm

    Would've taken getting beat if it meant you didn't appear on this thread you welch.
  5. tues 25th 7.45pm

    Was never a penalty very lucky for us, at the same time we have played well just toothless up top. Aberdeen look poor tonight but will no doubt equalise or win knowing us.
  6. negan's a bit of a c**t then eh? Decent opener, Actually thought Glenn was going to survive again when they trolled us with Abraham. Will be interesting to see how Daryl develops within his group bad guy turn incoming? It will be a proper "yaas" moment when Rick finally brutalizes Negan just a shame its going to be years down the line
  7. Anyone got any tips to get a 50 pound free bet out my account ?
  8. the boogeyman was a good gimmick.
  9. was always going to happen since it's going to be team raw v team sd at survivor series and foley, bryan, shane and steph will be involved. Good that balor will be over as a replacement
  10. Jets
  11. Lol Angeles rams
  12. Vince McMahon tweeting using #TripleMainEvent about hell in a cell, so still might be Owens Rollins closing.
  13. Terrible game
  14. tues 25th 7.45pm

    Can't see redmond starting a game any time soon, which is a shame because there is a really good footballer in there. Just plagued by injuries. If he was to bring another winger in I think Kurtaj would start on the left and Imrie switched to the right.
  15. tues 25th 7.45pm

    Would be MacKinnon for me, him and docherty much the same work rate but docherty actually a decent footballer, and Ali is undroppable obv. Although can see Bingham leaving the side and us just going 1 up top.