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  1. All you had to do was "be specific"
  2. I don't mind cena anymore since him/Vince etc are willing to let him lose these days. When he does the five knuckle shuffle and you see him not even touch the guy though. [emoji58]
  3. On app, but would go for a sweeperdee option.
  4. Yeah club said there have been for a while, £26 would rather shite in my hand and clap.
  5. I prefer big show as face Tbh
  6. Oh there's big show, fantastic.
  7. It's gotten to a ridiculous level. As if someone would organise a robbery against their family I know it's tv but come on.
  8. rick looking distraught again next week is promising, can only really be spencer though.
  9. Miz is outstanding him getting back to the main event picture wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  10. NXT

    Surely must mean Joe is getting the call up at the rumble. It'll definitely be around mania.
  11. More concerned you think Imrie is our best player ...
  12. It's a shame people actually fall for stuff like this
  13. What's up with Persians new heed ?
  14. Newcastle mafia
  15. Get it right up rab