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  1. some free kick. "that's what James Tavenier does" well he doesn't defend so he must do something.
  2. Miz dishing out the "telts"
  3. Was pretty decent you could tell they were going for an open ended ending, similar to the one on C4 a few months ago about the family next door.
  4. surely youll get it cheaper out work with the old discount card.
  5. Bar west, vaults is shite. ML3 bar at a push.
  6. NXT

    They could easily pull off a Charlotte face turn though and have her go up against Nia Jax, or have nikki bella on raw after having foley and Brian fight for her signature.
  7. The one everybody is talking about, Decent performance vs Dundee on friday for us hopefully we can take the momentum forward into this one and get a win.
  8. if you changed the phrase to machete-ing it could work.
  9. lesnar v orton actually looked like it was going to be pretty decent, then brock killed PG, pictures on twitter make it look like it was real bleeding rather than a blade job and those elbows did look vicious.
  10. RIP orton
  12. Since the announcer said you can only win via pinfall or submission. That diva match killed the crowd for the majority of this match, Only just getting back in to it.
  13. ok a bella return probably makes this main show worthy, still be shit though.
  14. an ok match in sheamus - cesaro preshowed for this...
  15. orton lesnar is going to be pish isnt it.