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  1. Does The club Twitter calling a loan move a ‘temporary transfer’ boil anyone else’s piss?
  2. Has he signed his pre contract with the **** yet btw? Or is he holding out for an English side as well.
  3. It’s win win for you though.
  4. The Graeme Murty's Rangers 2017/8 Thread

    Well done killie get it right up them. Hopefully we’ve got the balls to do the same when they make a pish offer for Docherty.
  5. Can see the club actually giving a shit about a decent cup run this year given any prize money will be well needed. As opposed to previous season when you can tell no one could be arsed with the cup. I’d have the same line up as the league game obviously. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Canning maybe started Fulton in this.
  6. Swansea and Millwall now in the chase for Docherty as well. If he ends up going to the **** I’ll be raging. They can have Crawford on a PCA if they behave.
  7. Not with happyh*n around he won't.
  8. Premier League 2017-2018

    You can’t win with them. If he had been appointed the 2 of them would have given him the same ‘Johnny foreigner’ treatment Marco Silva got when he took over at Hull last season.
  9. Caption competition

    Happyh*n & friends.
  10. The Wrestling Thread

    Vince McMahon tweeting a video calling Martin Luther King his hero is the definition of fake news [emoji23].
  11. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    I’m planning to launch a complaint to ofcom when I get in from work.
  12. Come ahead, 12 Ruel Street.
  13. January transfers

    20 million would be a bargain tbh.