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  1. Hearts or Hibs for train and pubs. Dingwall for getting mwi on a bus.
  2. He must have some agent.
  3. what's the parking situation like for Meadowbank ? No supporters bus.
  4. episode 2 pretty solid viewing again. As much as its fixed, without a backstory and knowing much about the performers it does feel like a real contest. Tajiri could still be in the WWE at 46
  5. let's be real here, They'd both get pumped, Ideally at the same time.
  6. Seen an article saying that the commentary team will be changing. RAW: Graves, Cole & Saxton SD: JBL, Ranallo & Otunga. Lawler getting papped
  7. Hopefully Dolph can get a decent push on SD. Steph just trolled everybody
  8. Scratch that, AA save the day.
  9. Are smackdown just not having a tag team division
  10. Raw is still going to be miles ahead of smackdown. Don't need to worry about my patching my ticket.