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  1. NFL General Discussion

    Not all that surprising but still disappointing - CJ Fiedorowicz retires at only 26 after taking 3 concussions last year.
  2. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Latest post-Bowen & Hawking (and a few others) 1 Gypsy Joe Swanton 318 2 Ned Nederlander 312 3 Bluetoon87 243 4 Billy Jean King 207 5 mozam76 197 6 Sherrif John Bunnell 178 7 Arabdownunder 174 = Fuctifano 174 9 DBA 144 10 psv_killie 138 11 Ross. 133.5 12 The Naitch 114.5 13 10menwent2mow 89 = alta-pete 89 = cdisaccie 89 = Mark Connolly 89 = Michael W 89 = Sloop John B 89 = Supermik 89 = thelocalcat 89 = weirdcal 89 22 Shotgun 88 23 Arch Stanton 78 24 lichtgilphead 76 25 Eednud 73 26 Sweaty Morph 72.5 27 Oddy 69 28 sleazy 68 29 50/50 Winner 65 30 the snudge 61 31 Bishop Briggs 59 = Indale Winton 59 33 HI HAT 55 34 Bold Rover 49 = Cardinal Richelieu 49 = Salvo Montalbano 49 37 Ben Twilly 26 = Christophe 26 = Helpma 26 = lolls 26 = nessies long lost ghost 26 = sureiknow 26 43 Everyone else 0
  3. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Oskar Groning finally departs too. Probably be tomorrow at least before I'll get to update all these.
  4. I have a weird feeling about this, Killie have been on fire as of late and we've been absolutely dreadful. But I have a strange amount of confidence in Ketts to turn this team around. I'd happily take a draw but have a funny feeling we might get more.
  5. Not at all, I think the squad is far more balanced now than it was under McIntyre. It just appears Coyle was incapable of employing tactics or a game-plan or getting the best out of a squad. I'm quietly confident Ketts & Fergie will get this team playing much better.
  6. Suspect it'll be more akin to the arrangement I mentioned last night.
  7. Ketts was keen on it before Coyle but didn't want to be the guy in charge who potentially took us down - but I think the way things are now no-one could judge him for that now even if we did go down. I think the plan for the caretaker spell post McIntyre had been for Fergie to be in charge largely in name only but Ketts actually making the calls.
  8. I can't see anything other than it being Ketts & Co now.
  9. The Walking Dead

    It varies quite a bit with deaths, Jenner at the CDC way back in series one said it took anywhere between three minutes (I think Shane was even quicker than that) and eight hours. There was a whole bit in the Fear spin-off about this too, as they were actually experimenting by killing people and then waiting for them to turn. The bites seem to vary quite a bit too, obviously depending on where or how they were bitten. It's the infection and/or the loss of blood that seems to make the difference. Bob took ages to turn, remember he even had his leg eaten unwittingly as "tainted meat" by the terminus folk? That seemed to last for ages. Whereas others who have been bitten somewhere that they've bled out quickly have turned pretty quick (struggling to think of any specific example right now though). Anyway, your last point is just wrong. They know he won't turn until he's dead and they're there with him anyway watching over him before he dies. This seems to be their standard approach rather than just killing someone when they're still very much themselves, just like of the aforementioned Bob - they let him die before finishing him off.
  10. Fantasy Football 2016

    Curious how the draft will work for that, but looking forward to it.
  11. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Are we sure he hasn't just given up breathing for lent?
  12. NFL General Discussion

    Pleasing, hasn't been up to it in recent years and he's an arsehole to boot. Better players there that the money could be spent on.
  13. The Walking Dead

    The irony.
  14. It also didn't finish second. It won. It wasn't just an online vote.
  15. The get fit, stay fit thread

    I've already got one extra spare day to play with and (4 workouts, 2 rest days and 1 spare) and no-matter when I've taken that extra spare rest day it's not really made any difference. It's hitting the same big lift so soon after already doing it where I feel the difference. If anything I'd be tempted to add in an arms specific day. I just stumbled on it somewhere online (can't even remember where) and thought it sounded a simple enough way to benchmark myself at home out of curiosity. I'm not at all up for getting into that whole Crossfit cult thing either. I'm happy with what I'm doing at the moment on the most part.