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  1. People who vote UKIP
  2. Finished episode 7 last night. I'll try and finish it but unless there's rave reviews I won't be bothering with any 3rd series. Really disappointing the dip in quality.
  3. Can't really argue with that TBH.
  4. Depends on your starting point TBH and what kind of exercise you're going to do with it. I'd never done weights before June last year, and bought a set of 8kg, 10kg, & 12kg and quickly found that the I didn't need the bottom two at all and could easily have started off higher up. I use a 16kg now. But then I only Alternating Swing Catches & Deadlift Sumo Jumps, both as finishers with them.
  5. Was that the last one he scored too?
  6. I was going to guess Torquil
  7. I get this all the time. It's even more annoying in that my name is in my e-mail address so there's no excuse for people e-mailing me the first time or anything either. And as above I have normal name that has variant spellings, but it's not anything complicated like a Ruaraidh or the like.
  8. I just assumed it sent it each time. I'm kinda disappointed now if it doesn't do that
  9. I've dropped it at the same stage for the moment. It picked up a little after the first couple of episodes, but not by much. Might try and make a dent in it this weekend.
  10. Depends on your definition of "right now". There's not a huge amount of top quality stuff on weekly at the moment but the dip in standards in this means GoT will be miles ahead when it returns.
  11. Dumbed down Spyker IMO
  12. I put mine on, but then read and reply sometimes from my phone. Meaning a full conversation can ensue with an "out of office" also being sent every time they reply to me.
  13. Even black wings, bargeboards etc, and everything else orange would have been better
  14. McLaren, send it back please