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  1. P&B Dead Pool 2017

    Yeah, this is why I was looking to give up running it. I just haven't had the time.
  2. Or the guy's a genius and he's being deliberately wrong again...
  3. He has, but that says more about the squad than it does about JOB. This is comfortably the worst and most unbalanced squad we've had since the Jim Fenlon, Tim Dreesen etc. days. Granted they were considerably worse, but it's the worst we've had since then.
  4. Considering other leagues aren't on a winter break, I'd be surprised if we signed a raft of players on loan or the like before the weekend. There's no incentive or rush for either party to get deals done until training on Tuesday. JOB won't play for County again by the sound of things, and it's not an issue between him and Coyle so there's no point blaming him for it. It's also quite concerning to think that a man who is incapable of tackling can be considered our best midfielder.
  5. P&B Dead Pool 2017

    Aye, sorry this and DP2018 have been a little neglected since the turn of the year. Haven't had the time to look at it properly but it does look like there's a problem with my spreadsheet. Will have a look tomorrow hopefully at this, if not for definite at the weekend.
  6. Wildcard weekend

    The bonus here is at least it's over earlier.
  7. Wildcard weekend

    I would say the AFC in general has been a pretty poor standard this year, Patriots will sadly waltz into the Superbowl.
  8. Wildcard weekend

    What happens if it's still 0-0 after OT?
  9. Wildcard weekend

    I'm enjoying this, but I'd be enjoying it more if Dee4life was in here.
  10. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Don't see mine either Spain, would ruin my year if I wasn't included in the Dead Pool Yours was one that I saw on my phone yesterday, despite having missed it earlier on my laptop. Don't know how that happened but I'll put yours up in a bit.
  11. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    I think I've somehow missed a couple in my haste, I'll look back later tonight when I get a chance.
  12. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    That's all she wrote, I'll be back with the stats & solo shots etc. later on. Enjoy!
  13. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    RR #1 Megan Markel (prince harrys bint) captain Donald Trump vice captain Billy Mcneil Prince Philip Olivia newton john Joe Bugner Billy Connelly Bill Cosby Robert Mugabe Bashar al-asad (the Syria leader) Rolf Harris Fredo Santana Chief Keef Young Dolph Gucci Mane Michael W 1. Simon Ricketts (Captain) 2. Fernando Ricksen (VC) 3. Doddie Weir 4. Brian Reader 5. John McCain 6. Paul Gascoigne 7. Leah Bracknell 8. Abu bakr al-baghdadi 9. Ian Hamilton QC 10. Lee Kun-Hee 11. Liam Miller 12. Bill Kenwright 13. Clive James 14. Robert Mugabe 15. Valerie Harper RadgerTheBadger Fernando Ricksen - Rangers CAPTAIN Kirk Douglas - Actor Angela Lansbury - Murder She Wrote Billy Connelly - Actor/Comedian Eileen Derbyshire - Corrie Keith Richards - Musician Aretha Franklin - Musician Bobby Charlton - England 66 Dennis Law - Footballer Dennis Skinner - Politician Duke of Edinburgh - Benefit Scrounger Leonard Fenton - Eastenders (Dr Legg) Jacquie Stallone - Sly's Maw Peter Sissons - Newsreader David Jason - Actor itsnome Jim McLean ex Dundee United Manager Ivan Golac ex Dundee United Manager Paul Sturrock ex Dundee United Manager Tommy McLean ex Dundee United Manager Alex Smith ex Dundee United Manager Paul Hegarty ex Dundee United Manager Billy Kirkwood ex Dundee United Manager Craig Brewster ex Dundee United Manager Ray McKinnon ex Dundee United Manager Peter Houston ex Dundee United Manager Gordon Wallace ex Dundee United Manager for 2 games Ian McCall ex Dundee United Manager Csaba Laszlo current Dundee United Manager Terry Butcher should have been Dundee United Manager Willie McLean brother of ex Dundee United Managers blanco 1 Tommy Chong 2 Gazza 3 Lester piggott 4 Clive james 5 prince philip 6 Kirk douglas 7 Michael Douglas 8 jacques chirac 9 jimmy carter 10 Craig brown 11 Edward furlong 12 Lindsay lohan 13 David Lima 14 Shannon doherty 15 fernando ricksen captain cdisaccie CAPTAIN - Leah Bracknell, 53, 12/07/64 - Tate ready for her fate. VICE CAPTAIN - Marieke Vervoort, 38, 10/05/79 - Dutch paralympian headed for a Swiss holiday. Burt Reynolds, 81, 11/02/36 - That stick won't hold him up for much longer. HRH Prince Philip, 96, 10/6/21 - Legend Kirk Douglas, 101, 9/12/16 - He's staying in the team til he snuffs it. Fernando Ricksen, 41, 27/7/76 - ^^^see Kirk above. Donald Trump, 71, 14/06/46 - US President!!! (half of Americans still can't believe it either) Meatloaf, 70, 27/09/47 - Bat into hell. Liam Miller, 36, 13/02/81 - Red carded. Ric Flair, 68, 25/02/49 - WOOOOOO!!!!! George Bush Snr, 93, 12/06/24 - Dubya's dad, wheelchair bound + Parkinson's ridden. Valerie Harper, 78, 22/08/39 - Off to join her pal Mary Tyler Moore Morrissey, 58, 22/05/59 - Dour b*****d, shite singer. Stefan Karl Stefansson, 42, 10/07/75 - Dead Town Devin Lima, 40, 18/03/77 - LFO to RIP
  14. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Bishop Briggs Fernando Ricksen (captain) Leah Bracknell (vice-captain) Gay Byrne Patrick Cryne Gabriele Grunewald Valerie Harper Clive James Olivia Newton-John Baroness Tessa Jowell John Lambie Devin Lima Senator John McCain Linda Nolan Chris Rea Nobby Stiles Once A Rover always a Rover Joseph Jackson - Michael's old man Daniel Arap Moi - Former Kenya President Marieke Vervoort - Paralympian Phil the Greek - Royal idiot Betty White - Actress Benedict XVI - Retired Pope George Bush Snr - ex President Henry Kissinger - Yank politician Olivia De Haviland - ancient actress (captain) Jill Gascoine - actress Leah Bracknell - actress (vice captain) Tessa Jowell - Politician Olivia Newton John - Actress/singer Billy McNeill - Lion of Lisbon Sheila Mercier - Actress weirdcal Gazza (footballer) Clive James (tv, predicted own death) Fernándo ricksen (firework enthusiast) Hosni murbarek (Egyptian bloke) Peter Sutcliffe (nice guy) Queen Elizabeth ii Stan lee Ozzy Osborne Leah Bracknell captain David cassidy Oj Simpson Liam miller Val Kilmer Bill Cosby Olivia Newton john sleazy Fernando Ricksen (capt) Jimmy Carter (vice-capt) Alexey Leonov (cosmonaut, did first space walk) Frank Borman (astronaut) James Lovell " John Young " Buzz Aldrin " Michael Collins " Alan Bean " David Scott " Shelley Duvall (Actor) Val Kilmer " Leah Bracknell " Shannon Doherty " Selena Gomez (Actor/singer) gingette 1 Captain: Fernando Ricksen 2 Vice Captain: Ozzy Osborne 3 Kirk Douglas 4 JImmy Carter (form US president) 5 Prince Phillip 6 Clive James 7 David Steele 8 Donald Trump 9 Doris Day 10 Bernard Madoff (financial Crook) 11 Oscar Pistorius 12 Paul Gascoigne 13 David Owen - former lib dem chap 14 Bob Newhart (actor) 15 George H W Bush (the first one) cal234ey Stefan Karl Stefansson - Actor (Captain) John Bain - YouTuber (Vice Captain) Leah Bracknell - Actor Valerie Harper - Actor Chris Rea - Singer Morrissey - Singer Linda Ronstadt - Singer Steve Gleason - NFL player Fernando Ricksen - Footballer Clive James - Author etc Marieke Vervoort - Paralympian Bill Kenwright - Everton Chairman Vivian Campbell - Guitarist OJ Brigance - Former NFL player Doddie Weir - Former rugby player Oddy Joe Fagin (That's Dying alright) Gene Kranz (Ed Harris in Apollo 13) charles Duke (Pal of Kranz) Tony Green (Capital D) John Sillet (Coventry City Manager) Dickie Bird (Howzat) Jerry Van Dyke (Not a Dutch Contemporary) Jim Norton (HE KICKED ME UP THE ARSE!) Chris Rea (Boro Icecream man) George Curtis (Coventry 'living legend') Jeff Whitefoot (Last remaining Forest FA cup winner) CAPTAIN Karim Abdul Jabbar (Over, Unger) Bernie Clifton (it was never a real Ostrich) Richard O'Sulliven (Robin's dead) Trevor Francis (European cup winner better know for Only fools and horses Track suits) blackislekillie Leah Bracknell © (actress) Rolf Harris ((VC)(predator) Prince Philip (of Greece) George HW Bush (US ex president) Des O'Connor (Singer) Ian Huntley (Child murderer) Jack Charlton (World cup winner) June Brown (Actress) Gary Player (golfer) Henry Blofeld (writer and cricket commentator) Robert Mugabe ( dictator) Kirk Douglas (actor) Michael Douglas (actor) Keith Richard (musician) John le Carre (writer) harry94 Paul Gascoigne (50) – c Jimmy Greaves (77) - vc Prince Philip (96) George H. W. Bush (93) Barbara Bush (92) Jimmy Carter (93) Dick Van Dyke (92) John McCain (81) Ian St John (78) Doris Dey (95) Tommy Chong (79) Michael Douglas (73) Kyle Falconer (30) Morrissey (57) Gary O'Connor (34) Gypsy Joe Swanton Marieke Vervoort (38) captain - wheelchair user. Jessica Falkholt (28) vice captain - won't be going Home just Away.....the crow road. Leah Bracknell (53) - buying the Farm Mark E Smith (60) - wheelchair user about to Fall. Fernando Ricksen (41) - firework enthusiast Johnny Hubbard (87) - moved from South Africa as it wasn't bigoted or Orange enough for him. Kathleen Blanco (75) - big cheese during Katrina and the big Waves. Greg Gilbert (39) - no Delays in him meeting the Reaper. Albert Dryden (76) - shot a man live on TV.....just to watch him die. Patrick Cryne (62) - former owner of Barnsley FC Reverend Brendan Bradshaw (?) - author and its all academic. Robin Herd (78) - designer of first McLaren F1 ™ car. Alberto Fujimori (79) - ex El Presidenté released on compassionate grounds. Susan Gubar (73) - author, about to be Fubar. Artie Lange (50) - comedian, mother planning funeral as his diet consists solely of a coke/heroin mix.
  15. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    cambozpar Prince Phil (C) The Queen (VC) Doris Day Bob Mugabe Donald Trump Kim Jong Un David Attenborough Kirk Douglas Gazza Vera Lynn Charlie Sheen Barbara Knox (Rita ,Corrie) Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Fernando Ricksen Michael J Fox Sherrif John Bunnell Liam Miller (C) Matt Cappotelli (VC) Fernando Ricksen Doddie Weir John Bain (AKA Total Biscuit) Bernie Madoff Prince Phillip Leah Bracknell Ric Flair Billy Graham (Wrestler) Michael Schumacher Clive James Jacques Chirac Bashar Al Assad Robert Mugabe alta-pete Marieke Vervoort (38) Paralympian CAPTAIN Matt Cappotelli (38) WWE Wrestler VICE CAPTAIN Mo Moreland (unknown) The Mighty Atom, Dancer Grace Mugabe (56) Former First Lady of Zimbabwe Leah Bracknell (53) Actress Pete Doherty (38) Singer, back on the skag Freddie Starr (74) Singer Jan-Michael Vincent (73) Airwolf actor John McCain (81) US Senator Clive James (78) Australian writer Richard O’Sullivan (73) 70s Sitcom actor Fernando Ricksen (41) former footballer Liam Miller (36) former footballer Jill Gascoine (80) Gentle Touch actress Desmond Tutu (86) former Archbishop lichtgilphead Leah Bracknell 12/07/1964 Emmerdale Actress (Captain) Eduardo Berizzo 13/11/1969 Recently sacked Sevilla FC Manager (Vice Captain) Valerie Harper 22/8/1939 Rhoda/Mary Tyler Moore Show Genesis P-Orridge 22/02/1950 Throbbing Gristle co-founder Billy Graham 7/11/1918 God botherer Marieke Vervoort 10/05/1979 Paralympian potential suicide George Bush (Senior) 12/6/1924 Soon to be dead Ex-President of the USA Mikhail Gorbachov 2/3/1931 Commie Michael J Fox 9/6/1961 Back to No Future John McCain 29/08/1936 senator & Republican US President Candidate 2008 Jo Dee Messina 25/08/1970 US C&W musician Olivia Newton-John 26/09/1948 Singer. Not actually Australian Phil Spector 26/12/1939 Musical murderer (put choir on The Long & Winding Road) Nobby Stiles 18/05/1942 Unlikeable footballer Connie Sawyer 27/11/1912 Aged US actress 50/50 Winner Ken Nordine (Captain) Rupert Neve (Vice Captain) Prince Philip Rolf Harris Jim Bowen Tommy Chong Aretha Franklin Robert Fyfe Brian Murphy Vera Lynn Bill Cosby Kirk Douglas Olivia de Havilland Pierre Cardin Denis Norden thistledo Leah Bracknell - Actress woman Linda Nolan - singer woman Jill Gascogne - actress woman Fernando Ricksen - footballer guy Ric Flair - Wrestler guy Valerie Harper - actress woman Leon White (Big Van Vader) - Wrestler guy Gay Byrne - broadcaster guy Shane Macgowan - drunk guy‬ Prince Philip - Old racist Harry Belafonte - singer guy Bob Barker - TV show host guy Bob Dole - politics guy Jacques Chirac - politics guy George H W Bush - Former president guy Ziggy Alberto Fujimori (ex president Peru (captain) Nobby Stiles (vice captain) Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stone) Prince Philip (parasite) Fernando Ricksen (footballer Lennart Johansson (former pres of UEFA) Tim Curry (Actor) Peter Tobin (bad guy) Shannon Doherty (actress) Gordon Banks (goalie) Bobby Williamson (ex Killie manager) Robert Mugabe (Troublemaker) Freddy Jones (emmerdale actor) Alan Brazil (scarlet faced ex footballer) Ian St John (ex footballer) choirbairn Leah Bracknell (captain), actress, 12/7/1964 Des O'Connor (vice-captain), entertainer, 12/1/1932 Bobby Charlton, football, 11/10/1937 Doug Ellis, former Aston Villa owner, 3/1/1924 Olivia De Haviland, actress, 1/17/1916 Glynis Johns, actress, 5/10/1923 Murray Walker, motormouth, 10/10/23 Nicholas Parsons, TV and radio host, 10/10/23 Burt Bacharach, songwriter, 12/5/1928 Irene Papas, actress, 3/9/1926 Ian St John, football, 7/6/1938 Dame Vera Lynn, singer, 20/3/1917 Kirk Douglas, actor, 9/12/1916 Lennart Johansson, football, 5/11/1929 Cesar Menotti, football, 5/11/38 nessies long lost ghost Fernando Rickson - Football - Vice Captain Billy Connolly - Comedian George Bush Senior – Former US President Michael Hesiltine - Former Tory MP Armin Mueller-Stahl David Jason - Comedian Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe President Kenny Richey - Former Death Row Inmate Hosni Mubarak - Former Egypt President Clive James - Author Billy Graham - Buckled Religious c**t Howard Becker - Sociologist Jurgen Habermas – Sociologist Doddie Weir - Rugby Weesiecodal Marieke Vervoort - Belgian athlete (38) captain Fernando Ricksen - Ibrox tearjerker (41) Vice captain Stefan Karl Stefannson - Icelandic actor (42) Leah Bracknell - Actress (53) Nobby Stiles - footballer (75) Donald Trump - POTUS (we live in hope) (70) Phil Spector - general sleaze (78) Ozzy Osbourne - partial to a bats head (69) Prunella Scales - Sybil Fawlty (84) Rob Kardashian - a weirdo in a family of weirdos (30) Jimmy Greaves - St’s pal - (77) Billy McNeill - fitba (77) Steve Gleason - American fitba (40) Christy Dignam - Irish singer (57) Jill Gascoine - Actress (80)