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  1. UK Premiere will be 23rd October, the day after the US air date.
  2. So far: Houston & New Orleans in January/February for the Super Bowl West Highland Way in April Wroclaw in June I've a few long weekends here in Scotland still to go - a wedding down south and a festival up here. Other than that I've still got a fancy for a week or so lazing on a beach somewhere hot. I haven't been on a lazy poolside/beach-side holiday in a couple of years and it was actually the only thing on my wishlist to do this year until Christmas-time when Houston was suggested. Hopefully squeeze it in as I've got a trip to Canada snowboarding and visiting a mate there pencilled in for early next year already and I'm hoping to head somewhere else further afield too, maybe America again or Australia this time.
  3. As one of the two reigning Champions, the Rockets are in. Edit: Are we doing random assignment of leagues again or is there going to be a top league and a lower league?
  4. Pretty sure Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol was in it too. The Sheeran one was just too in your face though.
  5. ^^^ Only here for the Nic Cage gifs though.
  6. D'Onta Foreman arrested for firearm and marijuana possession. Also haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but Hard Knocks starts on the 8th August.
  7. I agree. I'll be avoiding here anyway until I get a chance to watch it. But there's no point posting without spoilers at that time of day just for the sake of being a bit of dick. People will accidentally wander in here not thinking. I watched the simulcast last year and stuck to using spoilers, it's not a hardship.
  8. When you're trying to be smart, you should at least try and be right. Discussions aren't fair game without spoilers because that's not the rule, moron.
  9. They're not mentioning it, but surely Alonso having a slow last sector would have been team orders. Otherwise he'd have needlessly knocked his teammate out of Q3.
  10. For the first few moments of that match, I genuinely thought we could turn out to be something special that season. Oh how wrong I was. And it didn't even take me the rest of the match to find that out.
  11. A solo shot for @gkneil I believe. Will update later.
  12. Too slow in the first half of the season, too fast in the second half. Not sure I find the last couple of episodes all that believable either, due to the point raised by scottsdad in the spoiler above.
  13. 1 week to go...
  14. Lies.