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  1. Also did this but with Civil Engineering. Not really sure why "honours" became the norm. Hated every minute of Uni itself but loved the lifestyle. Fell out with one of the tutors because he was teaching the class wrong in something I knew a lot about (setting-out). I got to the stage of wondering what else we were getting taught wrong and called it a day after 3rd year but getting the degree. Was always a means to an end for me anyway.
  2. I think they're out of this world tbh.
  3. I see Martin Brundle has revealed he had a heart attack last year (en route from the commentary booth to the podium interviews in Monaco). Sneaky leaving it until the New Year to tell anyone.
  4. To be honest, I'm just delighted at already guaranteeing myself another year without being a zero-pointer.
  5. I don't think you did... I don't really mind who wins this, just as long as the Patriots don't win the whole thing.
  6. Well, Snuka's given a fair few the break. Including me, huzzah! Here's the update for Kenyon Wright, Buddy Greco & Jimmy Snuka - well played by shieldhillsmithy getting his second hit of the year with Snuka & Soares putting him into an early lead. 1 shieldhillsmithy 110 2 cal234ey 104 = Sherrif John Bunnell 104 = The Two 104 5 50/50 Winner 80 6 DBA 78 = Savage Henry 78 = Bold Rover 71 9 thisal 65 10 Bishop Briggs 58 = Njord 58 12 Albino Rover 52 = Arabdownunder 52 = Bobby Skidmarks 52 = Indale Winton 52 = JamieStevenson 52 = Spain 52 18 nessies long lost ghost 50 19 Everyone else 0
  7. We were well in it in the first half, had our chances but in the end we just couldn't keep Brady quiet long enough for the incompetent Osweiler to inflict any real damage. Could have, and really should have converted at least one of those 3 1st and goal opportunities in the first half into a TD instead of a FG to at least have led at the half. Oh well, did better than expected to be fair. So roll on next year.
  8. Sounds like the Raiders are filing the papers this week for their move to Vegas.
  9. Already a thread here in the US TV section. I'm only on episode 6 or 7 at the moment but yeah been pretty good so far.
  10. Scenarios like this must lose them a massive amount of respect from those more neutral fans too though surely. If I was visiting LA on holiday I know I'd be more likely to try and go up to a 9ers game than try to watch either the Rams or the Chargers now. Unless of course the Texans were playing either.
  11. So tonight after a few glasses of wine at my parents house, my father decided to start a wee tasting session. Started off with a Scapa "The Orcadian", then a 10yo Glenfarclas, then a Singleton Tailfire. I'd heard good things about both the Scapa and the Tailfire but I've got to be honest (and I know I bang on about it all the time) but the Glenfarclas, despite being a 10, was far better than them both IMO. I'm definitely going to buy some older Glenfarclas' out of interest because bang for your buck it's in a league of it's own IMO. He was going to treat me to more, but my phone rang because I'd drunkenly forgotten I was supposed to be getting a Tesco delivery at my own house so I had to run home
  12. Anthony Lynn taking on the Chargers role by the sounds of it. Just leaves the 9ers and Skins to go.
  13. It's a no score draw I'm afraid.