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  1. Firmly on board with this Stubbsy.
  2. Just read it in the South Park movie trailer voice, the 'featuring Rob Schneider' episode.
  3. I think you'd be surprised, if they are in a happy squad and getting their chance every now and then they'll still be enjoying it. Football is about more than just playing on a Saturday, Prunty at the end of his career in the seniors is probably OK with a bit part role just now, experienced enough to know that he'll get a chance due to injuries etc, he'll be picking up a decent wage, probably enjoying working with Hester and Skelly too. Hester is just a young lad who's played in the pub league and the worst junior league in the east region. Hell be enjoying training and working with some of the guys we've got in that squad, will learn a lot, again he's seen a reasonable amount of game time too, as well as having the opportunity to play in big cup games at grounds like Tynecastle every now and then. It's another reason why it's important to have a management team there that'll keep things enjoyable for the squad as well as characters on the playing side of things. The Albion Rovers team of a few seasons ago was a great example of it, good interview with John Gemmell who said how much he enjoyed being part of that group even when he wasn't playing. Sounds like they had a great laugh, nicknamed the Crazy Gang, which says it all I think.
  4. Do we have a student gate?
  5. I've not dismissed the fact that it'll be the same for other British Isles sides why would I? Again the figures tell you nothing though. They are an irrelevance. Aaron Ramsey for example, £5 million, as he was bought a while back and hasn't moved, been a superb EPL player over the years for one of the biggest clubs.Then you've got Matt Ritchie who went for £12 million from Bournemouth to Newcastle... The fees that have been paid for players mean nothing. They're not just skewed a bit either, they're vastly skewed. That's just 3 I've thought of in seconds by the way, but there you've got Hamsik, Skrtel and Ramsey costing about £12 million between them... And you've got McCormack, Ritchie, Rhodes and Hanley costing about £43 million between them!!
  6. Well there's a f**k load of lights and decorations to put up all over the city and it's only 5 weeks until December. Kehn it might be quite annoying but it's just the way it has to be done.
  7. Sitting watching this but not got high hopes for it, short day at work tomorrow anyway, f**k it.
  8. Fwiw I don't think the players are that shite, I do think they're too shite to get top spot in a WC qualifying group or to win a play off but I think we could get 3rd and possibly sneak a 2nd in a Euro group. Looking at the young players now there are some decent ones, Tierney/Robertson/Burke but were really lacking in quite lot of areas which is worrying.
  9. A whole £19 million fucking pounds between Hanley and Rhodes!!!! Unbelievable and vastly skewed in regards to comparing them to international players in other leagues around Europe. If any of them were playing in Scotland before going down to England they wouldn't have went for more than a couple million tops.
  10. He has. Said it was because of a lack of experience. MT, 'were done'... How convenient. Eta: it's not individual cases either, it's every single transfer that happens between English football clubs. The money has became insane, even for championship players like McCormack and Hanley.
  11. Know what would be a better way to judge the players we have MT, by actually looking at how they're doing in club football and not their transfer fee?? Pretty sure that would give a better indication.
  12. No It all depends on the club that's selling, the club that's buying and how much the club are wanting/not wanting the sell to go through Clubs vastly over pay for players all the time, especially in England, where most of our players are... Another one from Slovakia, Marek Hamsik cost Napoli a staggering €5.5 million, Ross McCormack £12 million. Who's better? What does their transfer fee indicate here?
  13. It's not an indication at all and is infact completely irrelevant
  14. Cheers! Is that because it was Elgin and the players would've got back late I take it?
  15. Why have Edinburgh played 10 games?