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  1. How shite is Craig Samson
  2. Kane wanted to go to get games.
  3. Did Arbroath do any highlights Cowden ones are hard to see.
  4. It was superb like, the place when it went 2-1 was absolutely gutted. 2 weeks in a row now I've got to witness devastated **** first hand.
  5. So very bad mate. Flights delayed a few hours too.
  6. Well. How did it go???
  7. No. I was very well behaved and having a good time with most people actually, openly supporting Inverness but I was at a table with a group of Rangers fans including two of my friends. However somebody had taken exception to the fact I wasn't staunch enough to be in that pub and grabbed my chest after I cheered Inverness getting a penalty. Most guys were decent but there really were a few steeeotypical creatures in there.
  8. Aye it's rubbish the way it works out. Well just need to win the league instead... Whoever wins this game will put down a massive marker here. Huge game. Confident we won't get beat but Elgin are a great side at home so we'll need to be at our best. Jummy being back is big same team for me. What happened to David Gold?
  9. Benidorm is a shitehole and I'm very unwell.
  10. Atleast 4 wins out of 5 though
  11. Good to hear Said it before but easiest position in football no problem with gold/malin or whoever from midfield playing there
  12. Malin play RB???
  13. Cmon the lichties
  14. When Invernesss missed a penalty a *** grabbed me by the neck in the ibrox bar in Benidorm and gave it a massive girfuy. As you can imagine, watching the winning goal go in 2 minutes later was very sweet. Thank you Inverness.
  15. Another twa pints and I'm alright Good luck to the lochee fleet planes just away to take aff x