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  1. Hope Rod Stewart does every single draw until he kicks the bucket tbh
  2. My iPhone is the best sat nav I've ever had. Shite in the back of beyond mind you.
  3. Shared Dundee x
  4. It ruined Standfrees day.
  5. Tbf one of them was my work mates wifes mother, but still not bad. Not something I buy either. Never bought one. Same things happened to me Moonster, extremely hard to keep in routine when you can just get up or go home when you please...! Basically just use mines for Friday's now. Home for dinner time. Work later on a Monday to make up for it. Usually have some uni stuff to do for the Tuesday so it works in fine.
  6. I agree with this, I think we missed Ferns and his pace when he went off. Love Jimmy but think the way the game was going and the kind of team they are suited pace up top more. It was a total hiding but with just the 1 goal, still pissed off thinking about it just now.
  7. I also thought it was cringey and quite embarassing for him and the draw too by the way, still found it pretty funny though. When he grabbed the old boys arse right at the start I ever so slightly lol'd.
  8. In the past 6 months I've known someone that's won 8k and someone that's won 2.5k, not too bad.
  9. Unless you dislike Rod Stewart then I reckon you would've found it pretty funny aye. I did. Boy was blootered.
  10. Just keep buying lottery tickets, that's what I'm pinning my hopes on.
  11. Flexi times changed my outlook on this, I used to hate 8-5 and be one of these people, now though I can be in at 7 and away at 2.45 day done leaving me a fuckload of time to do whatever I please. Obviously I can get away earlier or later but working around your life is absolutely excellent and I love my job. If I got 5k a year more to go back to a rigid 8-5 I'd turn it down. Agree with Chris though, negative shite first few hours of the week is incredibly annoying.
  12. It is absolutely horrendous. Couldn't even watch the full thing.
  13. Personally think people are being far too uptight when it comes to this draw. Who really cares if Stubbs mixed up a 6 and a 9 or Rod was half cut? Thought nobody cared about what anyone else outwith Scottish football thought about the game here..? Not that anyone looking in from the outside would have found it anything other than slightly amusing anyway. Job was done, and a more entertaining watch than it would've been with 2 monotonous robots doing the draw. Hoping Hearts beat Raith now, get an Edinburgh Derby on the Tele. Rangers v Morton will be selected I imagine, and I would actually like to see Dunfermline v Hamilton as the other game although I think County v Aberdeen will get the nod.
  14. Both can be applicable though. Surgery was obviously successful, story updated. Certainly don't think they were saying that purely to get people on their website. Bit morbid.
  15. Hmm. I dunno. Patriots are just constantly good with Belichick/Brady, know what you're going to get. I actually fancy them to win it now tbh. All round good well coached team. Would be great if the Falcons beat them now though, if you're going to win your first one no better way to do it than beat a team as good as this.