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  1. Not much better, but definitely better.
  2. If we had a Shay Given or Robbie Keane quality of player they would be getting that number of caps but we haven't and don't, also the fact ROI qualify every so often adds another 6 or so games on to players totals. You look at England and guys are getting 2/3/4 warm up games and 3/4/5 tournament games added to their cap tally every 2 year.
  3. It was a joke.
  4. Well who could do a better job?
  5. Dressing room wall please DC. Get Stevie fired up to put a load past these diddies
  6. Ooooft Coming from yourself? Irony overload
  7. Great post from Dunning 53 and counting is unbearable here. Moaning that McArthur has got less caps than his age being unacceptable. Not taking into account... His personal development as a player, how good he has been as a player over his career, other players that have been available and selected in front of him in his position, injuries, form... Nothing. Just, he's 28 and now one of our better players it's a joke that he's got less caps than his age. Absolutely no point even trying to discuss anything with him.
  8. And Robertson still doesn't make him look scrawny and Tierney still doesn't need to bulk up Moaning about everything
  9. Robertson at same age and now in comparison. Tierneys clearly got more of a build than Robertson. Not sure why someone thinks Tierney needs to bulk up
  10. Don't get it Are you saying you would've been gutted if Aberdeen qualified for the Europa/Champions League as they're elitist?
  11. It doesn't but you know less talented teams usually don't do as well as more talented teams yes? f**k sake. I'll say it again wtf is the point of throwing our promising young guys into a starting line up over better older players? Like I said if you done this maybe 3 or 4 years ago you would have guys like Armstrong/GMS/Wilson/Jack/Rhys McCabe/Ross Perry/Lewis Toshney/Gregg Wylde etc (all part of our under 21s in 2012) getting caps and games for the first team, more than likely losing those games, only to get a few year down the line to realise that none of them are good enough... What would be the point????
  12. Pass was different gravy though I'm sure In seriousness I hope he gets on in one of the upcoming games, but boys that have barely seen him play calling him different gravy off the back of interest from EPL teams is quite amusing. I've only seen him 3 or 4 times and he's been decent, one of my best mates is a big Forest fan and he has been raving on about him for a while
  13. 1 win and 2 draws, not bad, should really have 7 points but I'll take that. [emoji5]
  14. He's about twice the size of Andy Robertson and only 19 year old. Been consistently very good for Celtic. Poor tonight but so was everybody. It's ashame he's not right footed instead.
  15. How many times you actually seen him play?