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  1. Both teams were absolute pish playing against the wind. O'Brien should've never been sent off. And if 15 is Miller he started it at the corner got booked for it. Then done exactly the same when Hamilton was running out the box on the way back to halfway after 3-2. The only player that should've been sent off was him.
  2. Thought Denholm was class. Ricky wasn't himself today in my opinion, Tam played well minus the incredible goal he scored. Hammy was well below his usual, Whatley done a job but I'd prefer seeing Gold there. Yule was ok really bad pass for the second, McCord decent, Linn very quiet and pretty poor, Swankie ok, showed some nice touches. Hutton had a bit of a mare. Really not looking forward to seeing that 3rd goal again. Have nightmares over it, Jesus f**k.
  3. Had a poor game but your number 15 should've been off at 3-2
  4. Could've scored a load in the second Possibly the 2 worst defensive performances this year, brutal game but plenty happening Wonder if DC will drop Hutton after that
  5. 2nd was a great strike tbf. Yule had a really shite pass for it too. First goal an own goal, as for the last one.... fucking hell thats right out of a bloopers video
  6. Defensive shambles and mistakes galore Mountain to climb
  7. Changed his twitter profile pic to him in a Leipzig top
  8. Said this today too, seems to really want to get one up you boys. Would definitely give him a run out, Kader had a really good season so far though so who knows. Whatley is a good player no doubt, not average, maybe in the context of our squad because like you say wouldn't say he's one of our best players. Think he's very reliable though and obviously a leader so can see why he's playing.
  9. Job for life when you kehn Jackie McNamara it looks like.
  10. Watch your fucking mouth.
  11. If Doris, ToB, Little, Hammy, Yule and Denholm are playing I'm happy. Other positions have a different options and think they're all good ones tbf.
  12. Be following Louisville and Lamar but after backing Clemson from the very start last year instead of Alabama I've really got a soft spot for them.
  13. Steak and Black pudding ones at Gayfield are superb.
  14. Positive you've played Hearts before this season and lost 4-0.
  15. 95 percent of them wouldn't even know the difference between a catholic and a Protestant.