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  1. Albion Rovers vs Arbroath

    How can you actually say that’s a dive?
  2. Albion Rovers vs Arbroath

    Had a wee nosey at that. A lot of digs at us, someone saying QP and Forfar would’ve taken care of us, pretty sure QP and Forfar haven’t taken a single point off us in the 7 games we’ve played this season. Also some saying Wallace dived, he was flattened by the big centre half, it was clever of him going for the ball the way he did but it was never ever a dive. We were poor today, but that was due to the pitch and weather more than anything, surely the sign of a good team being able to grind out results in conditions like those, especially from a goal down.
  3. Albion Rovers vs Arbroath

    Very tough conditions but done ok and grinded out a win without playing well. Thought McKenna played well again and unlucky not to score hitting the post. Wallace won and took pen well. Missed a good chance first half too. Kader got a goal and a goal saving tackle too. Denholm always dangerous, his effort that led to the rebound for the goal. Martin/Whatley and Swanks all put a shift in, Swankie unlucky not to score great tackle from Albion though. Back 3 comfortable enough considering and Gomes the same, although a few bad kicks thanks to the wind and bobbly pitch. All in all a good result, only 2 players in that Albion team that seemed like they wanted to play was the captain in centre mid and Trouten. Albion goal looks like it came from a weird decision too.
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    There weren’t any full time teams in the division then though were there? Certainly not any teams as good as Raith or Ayr in the division. I think this squad is much better, standout players in the last squad really helped us (Falkingham/Sheerin/Swanks/Doris) push on but the squad and squad filler not as strong as now in my opinion.
  5. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Well no, it’s still a great idea and the most competitive way of having a league structure. Cowdenbeaths struggles have absolutely nothing to do with it. Clubs have had issues before it and clubs will have problems after its introduction too.
  6. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Really hope Cowden can get out of this, not your biggest fans and like a bit of banter about you maybe going down etc but losing your club is just brutal. I just dunno how you can get out of this situation though, the talk from Sir Alex is all good and well but he could probably do a 10k donation from his pocket change.
  7. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    Don’t think that really matters. We had possession and were in Ayrs half. The free kick pinned our whole team back into our own box and the goal scored 20 seconds after the free kick was taken. Not saying it’s fully the refs fault but that decision played a huge part in the goal.
  8. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Obviously the ground doesn’t help generate much, not sure what you have in the way of hospitality etc but I think an additional 100 fans really would help surely, an extra say 20k odd a season just on gate receipts if you’re going by an average of a tenner a head. Even without the other things they would be spending money on. League 2 champions only make about 60k I’m sure. Annan and Edinburgh are quite close to you attendance wise but they have both got their own perks. Annan seem well backed in the community with a cracking social club and Edinburgh just with their location and contacts. But surely most other teams have quite a good advantage just with the higher crowds they’re attracting?
  9. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    Nope. Happened right in front of me. That’s what he gave it for, why it’s so frustrating for everyone. Ayr had chances and deserved a draw but if that wasn’t given you might not have scored. Totally changed the momentum the last few minutes too you got right up for it, was sure you were going to get a second.
  10. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    Foul is included in the highlights, 6 minutes 25 on Ayrs ones. It’s an absolute shocker of a decision.
  11. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    Also can’t seem to beat Alloa or East Fife to save ourselves 3 points from 18 against them so far. The East Fife games in particular have been brutal, even when we played them off the park they got a 90th minute pen.
  12. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    More chances for both teams than I could remember. That FK is ridiculous. Pins us right back into our own box and the goal comes 22 seconds after it.
  13. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    “Ayr united goalie giving it “Do you know how much I’m on a week” tonight #TrueStory [emoji85]” Ruddy sounds cool
  14. Arbroath vs Ayr United

    That was most definitely not the norm. It’s usually a bit breezier than the average ground but it’s never as bad as that all the time. Someone already mentioned it but it’s only been like that for 2 Home games this season, tonight and Raith before Christmas.