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  1. 700 a week? Surely not. That's a Full Time wage. No chance he'd be leaving Kelty if he was on that to go to City surely, they'll pay absolute buttons in comparison.
  2. I'd be keen on letting bulls run riot on our streets one day a year to be honest, say the 12th of July.
  3. Considering the old club died off the back of paying said players who won these titles I doubt they give a single f**k to be honest.
  4. Montrose is 4G mind? Highly unlikely it will be called off. Aberdeen is grey and door as f**k though.
  5. It's different up and around here. Not really like your area or in particular the west coast. Nobody supports the junior clubs apart from the club officials and players families etc. Arbroath have a junior team, should really have 2 considering Forfar do and we're over twice the size of them, but there'll not be one Arbroath Vics supporter in the town.
  6. No doubt he's not just a decent player, he'll be a very good player, season changing though? Nut. It seems like an unnecessary move for City I think. Atleast you can see why Clyde threw their morals out the window by signing Goodwillie, even if he is another player I wouldn't want playing for us.
  7. Where did I say he wasn't good at football? Fwiw i hardly think he'll make that much of a difference to City, obviously probably one of the best options you guys could get for that area of the park but he's a right back who's been junior for 6 year. It's not even like it's the same as Goodwillie who should really bang in plenty for Clyde. Read what he did and I don't know why you'd want someone like that at your football club.
  8. Does seem awful dramatic. No threats were made when a bigger issue like new Rangers re entering the league was voted on was it? I don't for one second believe that that would happen, even saying that would create irreparable damage to the SPFL.
  9. He groomed and made several young kids do things on the internet, one as young as 12. Nobody, not one single person will be looking on enviously.
  10. You're just being pedantic now.
  11. There's already 4 clubs that are definitely against it, two being championship clubs, were well set to get 11 so less of your negative shite please. Remember, these guys on the boards at most of our clubs are as passionate about our clubs as we are.
  12. Whatever is topical on here gets talked about. Aberdeen thread when Hayes was being sold, Hearts thread when Cathro was being appointed, the United thread when Dundee relegated them, Scottish Cup match thread when Davie Gray headed in number 3.... It just so happens that your car crash of a club have been in the headlines and one of the main talking and laughing points of Scottish football since they were formed in 2012.
  13. Not just highlights though. Everyone seems to have great words to say about the guy. Also, gutted I missed out on the Beau Busch highlights... was he even actually that bad? [emoji23]
  14. I'm not trawling through other threads to find *** posts. Without looking I bet you that it isn't just Hibs fans that have posted in there. Also why the f**k would a *** post in the Rangers thread after 21/05/16? They'd be laughed right out of there.
  15. No. It needs to pass a vote. 32/42 clubs need to be in favour. Why do people keep saying this?