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  1. What is the point in you posting anything it's always the same, you never answer any questions and just jump on any put down made by independence supporters, conveniently ignoring the rest... Basically '*insult? Yeah good one mate, not heard that before, and you wonder why yes lost the battle eh? You carry on my friend, whatever floats your boat eh, the rest of us have all got life's to lead away from pie and bovrils wee bubble of intolerance' It's all just the same pish regurgitated. You seem to forget that you seem to be on here just as much as anyone else. You're obviously absolutely shitein yourself and just trying to comfort yourself over your precious Union though, which is ok I suppose.
  2. All over Twitter
  3. A perfect way to describe it
  4. Primark should only be used for getting a load of shite clothes you don't mind ruining for your holiday/sitting about the house Miguel
  5. Yup Sure I've got every colour of polo top, and loads of shirts, all purchased at 16/17/18, about 6/7 year ago. Just wear them sitting about the house now Still see the orange ones out in force whenever I go to Tannadice though
  6. Same 500 years
  7. Where did I say anything other than that? I don't think you should be shouting negative stuff at any player that's playing for your club and giving up a lot to do so. I could maybe, maybe understand shouting negative stuff at somebody that clearly doesn't care, but not to someone that's clearly giving their all. Better off just shutting up, places like this are a good place to get your frustrations out if you have any. Not at the game, shouting negative stuff at your own player when you're a so called supporter is ridiculous. Surely you don't disagree with that? It won't help the player or the team in the slightest, players all must find it a bit of a joke too. Knowing that some fans will get on their backs and constantly give them a hard time if they take a dislike to them. Craig Wilson last season had me beyond furious at times for example. Still managed to refrain myself from shouting abuse at him. Absolutely pointless.
  8. If you take out the Gibraltar results then you should take out the Germany ones too.
  9. His Friday nights, Saturday's travelling all over the country to play for us, hours of his time through the week. He's not brilliant or anything but he's not even that bad, the criticism from a small minority of so called supporters at the games is embarrassing. Absolutely no point in it at all. No better just keeping your mouths shut?
  10. My Cupboards full of it Not too much Lyle and Scott stuff now though tbh, only bought one shirt in the last few year and that's because it was on sale
  11. Luckily its only a minority at games Just a young lad who gives up a lot for us, always gives his all and some give him stick for it, it's alright doing it constructively on here, but it's horrendous when you hear stuff getting said at matches, no need. Other players can't think much of it either tbh. He seems to get singled out by some regardless of how he does. Very poor
  12. East Stirlingshire deserve to be stuck in the basement league for eternity after the clubs Twitter activity. Retweeting every single *** fan that's wishing them luck, cringe. Swiftly unfollowed.
  13. I'm guessing... the EU citizens maybe?
  14. It was sarcasm you tool. Yet that happened in the EU vote and nobody seemed to give a shit. Imagine the outcry if they done that, never heard anything not a word when that's what happened to the EU citizens. Shock horror eh