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  1. We were well rested before our game last Saturday and it looks like it's the worst thing that could've happened going by the last 2 games
  2. 2 journeys over 10 months. Wow. Mental. Poor players having to travel 5 hours on a bus every 5 months, and like I said the vast majority of players at all clubs are in the central belt anyway. As an Arbroath fan the longest journey I'll make is 3 hours. Montrose, Forfar = under 25 minutes Cowdenbeath, Stirling, Edinburgh City = hour and 15 Clyde = hour and a half Elgin, Berwick, Annan = 2 and a half to 3 hours. So 6 trips over 2 hours in 10 month. For what it's worth the last 3 clubs at the longest distances are the days out most of the fans look forward too. It's really not bad. Scotland is a very small country with the vast majority of clubs and population between a distance of Montrose to Ayr. A 2 hour journey. I have a few friends who played for Montrose Roselea last season, last year they had to go down to Haddington and the likes I'm sure, now it's even worse for them with joining the north league. They left and went to Tayport, where they still travel down well past Edinburgh to play infront of less than 50 people for practically no money. Players in the seniors are paid very well considering it's a part time job. You're using the extreme examples and acting like it is the norm.
  3. Pt clubs don't usually make these trips unless there's no alternative. It is extremely rare. Also you have to remember that most of Berwicks players will actually live in Edinburgh and most of Stranraers players Glasgow. It's not literally the distance between the two towns.
  4. Can't bring myself to watch it TB...
  5. Going by football logic that's the probable outcome... Unless you've decided to go to the game?????
  6. Hester obviously one returning
  7. So funny lads keep it up
  8. Any footage of the moment the news broke? That would be good viewing.
  9. The fact you think Ricky Littles best position is RB sums up your knowledge of the guy
  10. He's fucking brilliant Shite last night by the sound of it but trust me after watching him for the past 4 year you just can't describe him as slow small or scrawny he's a machine, prone to a heads gone which he's recently had and a few poor games which he's recently had but on the whole an absolute rock
  11. Google does say that but it's also got him weighing 10 stone. Eta: Colin Hamilton 5 foot 9 too, but just 8 stone.
  12. Ricky Little is not wee and has been an outstanding player in this league for seasons. Team of the year what 4 times? QP captain and POTY how many times? Same for us. He most certainly doesn't struggle against big lumps like Gormley. Maybe he just had a bad game and Gormley had a good one no...? As for Linn. Again it sounded like a poor game from him, doubling up on him isn't a solution it happens most weeks. Ricky Little/Colin Hamilton and Jaseem Sukar are all 6 foot plus and definitely not slow. Gold is the only one you could classify as scrawny for a defender but even then he's a very fit guy. Just because they're not fat like Smith doesn't make them scrawny guys Paulo..
  13. Want a fucking medal? There's fucking thousands of creatures/orcs in our country unfortunately. We all know.
  14. Yes Looked v dece there to start with too. Think when he's moved back there later in games he's not as good as he runs about like a madman when he's upfront. Personally don't care who plays. Squad effort. Just hope to see a big reaction from whoever is on the park.
  15. #bathered