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  1. Smacking Ban

    Interesting second paragraph considering the question you just asked. How is that relevant? It's completely different. What are you expecting people to say? Yes???
  2. Smacking Ban

    Why do people keep asking stupid questions like this?
  3. NCAA College Football 2017/18

    Wtf is this UFC pish doing on still get it to f**k.
  4. Week 49 Show

    Get it up you Ray.
  5. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Now I know this will be my 3rd post regarding Forfar in the last couple of weeks, it's not easy being obsessed with you lads, however I have to say I think Forfar might be doomed. Think it'll be Airdrie, you lads and Queens Park that'll battle to avoid bottom spot. However things may change with Weir, who knows, not so sure he was the right man though. January will be very important.
  6. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    Keeper for first one palmed it right to Swankie. Your left back for the second one, swankie with back to goal ball in air going nowhere and he just went right through him, it was funny as f**k that one. The 3rd was just an unreal finish, flick on from a cross, keeper maybe a bit suspect. 4th your right back with his horrendous back pass left keeper stranded. Linn rounded him and put it in. 5th was another good goal from ourselves great through ball and good finish from Denholm. 6th terrible header from your Number 5 put our striker in keeper came rushing way off his line and got lobbed, great finish. 7th, just sublime from McCord. Chip from a ridiculous angle.
  7. Wouldn't worry about it mate. You lads have it worse than anyone so not sure why he's complaining. Scotland would only have too many senior teams if the teams were struggling to survive, which obviously isn't the case at all.
  8. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    Only me that's replied and it certainly isn't a meltdown Like saying Messi is flawed because he always uses his left
  9. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    So do most of our players McCord/Linn are the only two who you probably wouldn't say that about
  10. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    It's hardly a flaw he's still an outstanding player at this level, it's not like it affects his game, one of best players on park last week and this week
  11. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    Denholm was full time at Livi and never really worked out for him. Plus he's a teacher so he'll not be giving that up to go full time, luckily for us.
  12. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    19 goals in 5 games [emoji33]
  13. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Well that's just not true
  14. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

  15. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    Genuinely could've played better than that too and we were missing Stevie Doris and we still absolutely cruised it. The Airdrie defending was absolutely abysmal, should've been 10. Nobody can moan after that though, surely? [emoji6] Excellent from Danny Denholm and Bobby Linn today I thought. And as for McCords 2nd goal, wow. Everyone played well.