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  1. Cheers mate. I'll either enjoy it or be scunnered for a lifetime. Actually hope Cowden stay up too if it's at the expense of Berwick, afterall Shielfield is just as bad as Central and Centrals a better away day out on the bevy. Good luck next week.
  2. All they Rangers fans walking around the streets aimlessly, hmmm....
  3. Of course there's a chance. Stop saying there isn't. Nothing is won yet.
  4. Didn't half. Even when you were down to 10, we were all checking our phones at Gayfield and you're taking off your right back and putting on a winger.
  5. No. It was a very bad day yesterday wind wise. Usually get 2/3 of them a season. First is a free kick. Barely any complaints from the Elgin players sums it up. McCord was actually on I think. This is AFTER the ball was headed. The defender is coming out the box and McCord back in too. Thought offside at the time after seeing it he's on imo.
  6. Read any interview with DC and he says that he'll be a manager till the day he drops. A direct quote from an interview in December..... '“I’m not in football to stabilise clubs; it’s championships that excite me. When I lose a game I’m worse than ever. The taste of defeat I hate more than ever. “And okay I’ve had cancer but what else apart from football am I going to do? I’m not a shopper. The garden? I like lying in it, don’t much fancy 
digging it. I like golf but there’s only so many games you can play. I love looking after my six grandchildren but I also like giving them back. So am I going to spend my Saturdays wandering round Dobbie’s? Sorry but I don’t think so. “I can’t see me retiring. I can’t see me ever walking away from football. Football will leave me. But the only way it will do that is if it takes my life.” Anyway, despite all your doom and gloom it's still all to play for and you've still got a good chance. It's good knowing that you HAVE to win next weekend though. We could get away with any result bar a hiding if you don't. I look forward to the (not really) drama next weekend. First and maybe only time I'll see a last day helicopter decider!!!
  7. What's happened to Bikey?
  8. It says on the ground guide that 2508 seats in total, both stands look identical, so 1250 on each side. No extra stand will be required if that's the case... well I don't think so anyway. Absolutely no idea what to expect. Had about 900 odd at Forfar I'd guess but that was only 20 minutes along the road.
  9. By singing GSTQ and Rule Britannia I'm guessing. The inside of her jacket is a Union flag. Jesus. Northern Ireland... :/
  10. Has it really affected us though? I mean other than Lumsdens shambolic effort and the year we finished bottom have we finished below the top 4 in this league once in the last 20 year?! Don't think we have. Could be wrong. He's also been here when we've won our only ever title and had numerous promotions, a couple of seasons in the 2nd tier too. When you're at the top you've got to make difficult decisions that'll upset some people. Like you have said yourself, we've been extremely well run whilst he's been here. Gave us a stable club to support. Don't need to look to far in this country to see clubs that have gone under or been in serious financial trouble. Spoken to the guy a few times. Been a very pleasant guy and passionate about the club on every occasion. He's just an old Arbroath fan at the end of the day. If you don't like him or you're not a fan then fair enough, but to start saying things like 'f**k off' to the guy, on an anonymous football message board, that gets read by the people at the club is extremely disrespectful in my opinion considering all the work he's done for the club, longest serving chairman in the country. Be better off keeping it to yourself. Mental that these kinds of comments are coming when we're one single win away from winning our 2nd league title whilst he's been here, what would be the 2nd title in the 139 year history of the club. Surely it can't bother anyone that much...?!?! Anyway I agree. I personally wish Christison all the best for the future and say thanks for his efforts at Arbroath FC and I hope whoever comes in can keep on progressing the club in a positive manner. This season has been a massive improvement in every department, the social media stuff, the website, the highlights, the community stuff, Bri Cargill etc etc etc. It's been great and next week could potentially top it all off. Cmon the Lichties. [emoji1145]
  11. Ha It is most definitely not mate. All to play for, despite what Forfar fans say. Early goal for them and it'll be pressure on us. It's going to be a terrible afternoon for the nerves. Guys in that team that have been there and done it, and on the sidelines and in the changing rooms there's not many more people I'd prefer than DC, the coaches, and even guys like Douglas and Prunty. Experienced heads. If we could get an early goal that would be great.
  12. Sounds like an extremely accurate way of getting figures that. Anyway, nobody cares.
  13. That fan is still a year on defending his players getting an absolute hiding from Hibs fans.* *Brown and Griffiths.
  14. Also, 148 (if that's even right) is about 50 percent of your average home crowd Al. [emoji23]
  15. Haha just seen the awards ceremony on YouTube. DC has really freshened up the club, love it, also fair play to Christison, longest standing chairman in the country at present, and the only one to be here when we've won the title. When you look at the financial bother some other clubs have gone through it's been great to have been supporting such a well run club. All the best to him. [emoji1376] Hopefully give him a great send off next week.