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  1. Having just read a lot of the thread tonight I can’t help but feel you’re a bit blindly optimistic about the whole thing. If the stadium is built then I hope it is a success though and everything you’ve said is correct. Seems like a bit of an American model to me though, and sports fans there have a totally different mindset, they set off hours and hours in advance for a game and make a whole day of it, mentality here as you’ll know yourself is to rock up just in time for KO. Less time spent travelling the better. Do you think there’ll even be that kind of demand for people going by bus? Using the bus is a total pain in the arse, personally hate it. How quick will the roads be when you’ve got 20k people using them all going to the same place?
  2. Week 14

    Yeah brilliant, Cutler and Landry have been brilliant too. TD catch from Grant was lovely. Drake running riot. It’s really good viewing, I got home from work last night and ended up dozing off until midnight’ish. Had planned to maybe watch a bit of this then head off for a few hours kip before going back in but think I’m going to see it through. Can’t remember the last time I watched a live Patriots game where they got beat, never watched the Chiefs or Panthers games this year. It’s so enjoyable, they are human after all. If they don’t see it out I’ll be gutted.
  3. Week 14

    Can’t believe what I am watching. Dolphins deservedly beating the Patriots as it stands, 20-10 with 5 minutes left in the 3rd. Miami inside the 5 yard line, Kenyon Drake is an absolute flying machine loving watching him. Mon the Dolphins.
  4. Bypass will be excellent for people from outwith Aberdeen but surely the people in the city will still have a lot of difficulty getting to the site. I know 7 miles or whatever it is doesn’t seem far but when your driving through city traffic it’s an absolute pain in the arse. Imagine a midweek game, setting off about 6ish. If I’m leaving Edinburgh at that time to try get back to Dundee I’m absolutely miserable, one of they things, think it could sound like a minor thing just now but that can take it’s toll and once it’s built it’s rooted in place forever. If things aren’t going great the fairweathers could bail.
  5. Never had any bother getting parked for a game. Don’t think it’s really an issue. Infact for a midweek game against Hibs (think it was a full house, the 1-0 game) I left my flat at 20 past 7, got parked by 7.30 and into the ground for KO no bother at all. The problem with Dens is the clusterfuck behind the Derry. The land there would be a bit of a c**t to redevelop with the layout of it. I really hope Kingsford doesn’t happen, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Aberdeen in my experience is an absolute nightmare to drive through. Everyone leaving the city to go to this ground would surely be a disaster, 100 buses ffs?! I work in construction so find this all very interesting, especially the possibilities at the existing site and the potential costs. There must be some kind of solution. I’d definitely go for the training facilities at a site like that though. Seems to be the thing to do, Hibs, Celtic, Rangers etc.
  6. I don’t think wings is that bad. Tbh on twitter a lot of ‘yessers’ do my nut in, all arguing over the most trivial things amongst themselves.
  7. Hampden Park has it had its Day ?

    For how many years though...? And it’ll get used more than that. Cup finals. Semi finals. Queens Park games. Concerts. SFA offices. I don’t think it should be new. I don’t see how the West and East stands couldn’t be redeveloped.
  8. Hampden Park has it had its Day ?

    Why would it be a white elephant? Hampden could just be redeveloped like Windsor or Croke.
  9. Hampden Park has it had its Day ?

    How were England’s, Wales, Northern and Republics grounds funded. There must be a way.
  10. Premier League 2017-2018

    Yes plus cup wins and champions league finals. Honestly no idea where RandomGuy pulls some of his posts from
  11. Week 14

    It really would be ashame. Happened last year with Carr and it’s never been the same since.
  12. Premier League 2017-2018

    Well he’s not just average tbf. And so are everyone else.
  13. Show us your pussy..!

    Right you that’s plenty. I’ve googled it and supposedly it just depends on the cat whether they like it or not. Milo seems perfectly happy and hasn’t been acting any differently with it on.
  14. Week 14

    Honestly no idea how they manage to play in weather like that, f**k that. Especially the Quarterbacks, hands must be frozen.
  15. Week 14

    It is extremely frustrating watching our games this season. Absolutely zero confidence in them on offence or defence.