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  1. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    Aye. Half of my family are from Glasgow, love them but they seem to have similar attitudes. Think Bishopbriggs and Glasgow is the only place in the country. Not everything revolves around the central belt though and especially not all the wee shitey towns that surround Glasgow. Most of us in other parts of the country just see them as wee backward shiteholes that merge into each other. Which is why people from all these places regularly come and holiday in Arbroath. [emoji1][emoji1360]
  2. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Lynch was thankfully in the stands watching afterwards and he never just left. Stupid but not ridiculously stupid.
  3. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Win the next 2 and it's not looking too bad at all considering. I was all ready to post a seething rant about that missed kick too. [emoji1] Cooper was outstanding and Carr could've been picked 4 or 5 times but at the end when it mattered he really pulled it out the bag. Big sack by Mack to get the ball back too absolutely superb. Chiefs lost 2 on the bounce now hopefully that affects them going forward. If we'd just managed to win that fucking game last week!!!
  4. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    What a finish. Absolutely cannot believe it. Yassssssssss. That's more like the mentalness of last season come on. Jumped right off my seat. [emoji1][emoji1][emoji1]
  5. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Stupid penalties doing my heed in. So frustrating this season compared to last, watching them last season it was absolutely no fear it was brilliant. Shiteing myself every snap this season.
  6. That's the colours of Betfred
  7. South Park

    The more basic the story the better, where they do things normal kids would do with the extra massive exaggeration and imagination are the best ones. Keep saying it but see series 7/8. These mental ones that have these far fetched story lines don't really do it for me. Not watched latest one though.
  8. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Lynch being a fanny. Washington making up for it. Class. That missed field goal at end of 1st half is going to f**k this I know it.
  9. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Fancy him to get another one too tbh. [emoji6]
  10. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Carr given a bit of time and boom. What a play from Cooper too, that's more like it.
  11. Thursday Night Football 2017/18

    Sort of resigned to losing this game tbh. Took a flexi day from work tomorrow to watch. [emoji4]
  12. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    Likewise Airdrie just equals 'Weegie overspill'.
  13. Arbroath vs Airdrieonians

    If that is indeed true then a big massive apology from me to the holy goalie. Hope he gets better soon.
  14. There was more than 120 BUT there was enough space for us in the section we were given, we didn't justify opening the 3000 seater stand. Raith fans also came through our turnstile so they never just opened it for us, I followed the 2 guys that went in ahead of me and ended up in the Raith side after realising one of them had a Raith scarf on. From what I could see Raith fans that had got a concession either student, juvenile or OAP went to the wee window next to our turnstile and went in it afterwards. Secondly it was 2 Arbroath fans and 1 Raith Rovers fan misbehaving and by misbehaving I mean shouting back and forwards before the Arbroath boy walked over to the Raith boy, where nothing happened. Another Arbroath boy went over and got in the middle of it. Let's not make this out to be some big thing here. The people that were involved were being fannies. Thirdly it happened last Saturday, who really gives a f**k. And lastly Barcelona fans don't travel very well and there's a lot going on over there just now so they maybe could've squeezed into the main stand too.
  15. Scotland v Netherlands squad/lineup

    Gemmil has wanted him in the U21 squad but he's held off saying he needs to make his mind up before fully committing. Tbh we should do it, Wales have done it with quite a few half and half kids now that could've played for themselves or England. Nothing to lose. Guy started for United in the last game of last season to, somehow managed to miss this. 6 foot 4 central mid. f**k aye.