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  1. Did you expect change to happen in 6 months? If Johnstone had turned round and said he was starting discussions with the SFA about integration and that maybe by 2020 the Junior set-up would be in the Pyramid, would you have stayed and helped with that process? Would you have remained Junior if you could have gained your Licence without moving to the EoS? You wanted your Licence above anything else, you wanted access to the Scottish Cup and the prize money, that's fair enough and a decision for you guys alone, but as I said, criticising the SJFA now that you have left is a bit rich when you weren't prepared to publicly criticise previously. I also level that criticism and these two other clubs you spoke to who obviously feel the same but have not spoken out either. Silence changes nothing.
  2. Maybe change has to come from the clubs themselves, the likes of Linlithgow, Bo'ness, Bonnyrigg, if they spoke out about the lack of ambition shown by the SJFA/East Region then it would get people talking and asking questions. However, they say nothing, and nothing changes.
  3. You didn't really speak up though did you? not at last years SJFA AGM, not at any East Region meetings, not when the Pyramid meetings were taking place 4 years ago and the reality is, if you could have gained your SFA Licence whilst remaining Junior you would have, just like Linlithgow. The SJFA are deserving of much criticism, but frankly I find it a bit rich coming from Kelty who never wanted change and when they decided they did, wanted it right now.
  4. Yeah I kinda get it, but I doubt either of these two would meet in the SPFL, although it's always possible of course. Peterhead v Annan, now there's a.......reality.
  5. Not sure Gala will move to the Highland League to be honest 🤣
  6. Looking at their FB page, it looks little different apart from the pitch barrier being removed. Presumably that will be replaced before the season starts.
  7. Some good points made. The structure of Junior football is an ideal blueprint for how tier 5 should have been implemented from the very start. Three Regions, with the West and East Superleagues adopted as the level below SPFL, with the EoSFL and SoSFL absorbed into the structure, and the North Superleague plumbed in below the HFL. That of course didn't happen, we could still get there with reform of the LL. That structure offers something for everyone as far as clubs and players are concerned yet nobody is talking. You are correct in saying that Junior football still has a lot to offer, like you I'm looking forward to the start of the Premierleague, it's going to be very competitive and we get to cross swords with local rivals Whitburn, Bathgate and Fauldhouse on equal terms, as well as a few decent trips to Dundee, Kirriemuir and St,Andrews. However, we ignore the Pyramid at our peril and that is exactly what the SJFA are currently doing (and many people involved with clubs). They should be asking where the game will be in 10 years time, maybe it will be exactly as is, or more likely there will have been major changes either voluntarily or otherwise. Joining a Pyramid doesn't dilute the social appeal or community involvement of these clubs, it's not something exclusive to Junior fitba. Are Whitehill Welfare less of an asset to their community by being Senior and a Pyramid club? Spartans? Selkirk? Keith? Buckie? By not talking openly and honestly about it, clubs are doing themselves a disservice. Sitting in a huff in the corner gets us absolutely nowhere. Musselburgh Athletic should not be prevented from playing Preston Athletic by an artificial divide, we're all football clubs.
  8. The current SFA President is also President of Cove Rangers. Make of that what you will.
  9. Who has left?
  10. If memory serves, there were over 30 clubs who provided a positive response about joining a Pyramid. They were ignored. As I said before, clubs need to start speaking to one another to find common ground regarding taking the game forward. The SJFA top table are never going to recommend or drive change, they discourage it, therefore it's upto the clubs themselves to decide where they want to be and how to get there.
  11. Looks like it was a 1999 trial match against a Partick Thistle XI at Linlithgow, so just the 18 years.........
  12. Venues for previous tournaments held in Scotland 1995: Petershill, Maryhill, Pollok 1999: Arthurlie, Maryhill, Pollok 2005: Arthurlie, Petershill, St.Anthonys You get the idea. Disgraceful if they again hold it again in Glasgow.
  13. Correct. If we don't start talking seriously about the Pyramid, then we will lose more clubs to the EoS. The SJFA Secretary called the EoS poor, and the Pyramid flawed. That may be true, but it isn't going away.
  14. Now there's a surprise........
  15. Harthill confirmed as returning.