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  1. What are you even blubbering about ffs [emoji23]
  2. FFS lol [emoji23]
  3. I hope not, more and more people are opening their eyes to reality. Equally though I'd not be surprised if you're correct.
  4. How can it be "well said" when the reason he uses to justify being against the Pyramid is false? Jeezo, no wonder the Junior game gets laughed at for being insular.
  5. But you're using travel as a reason for being against the Pyramid, yet it would not mean anymore travel than you'd normally face now. We both know that Newton Stewart and Wigtown wouldn't both be at the top end of the non league game anyway. Travel isn't a reason for someone connected at the top end of the Jumior game to be against a Pyramid, it's a red herring.
  6. erm......doesn't Kilsyth Rangers already travel down to Ayrshire in the Super First, Girvan and Irvine? If you win promotion you'll be going to Ayrshire 6/7 times, that wouldn't change very much in a Pyramid so what's the issue with buses???
  7. A Pyramid is built from the bottom up, we need to integrate the non-league set-up before anyone even thinks about the SPFL.
  8. Fortunately, there are many more Junior clubs than just the West Region, and there are clubs within the West Region who would embrace the Pyramid. Thankfully attitudes are changing and eventually the dinosaurs will be brushed aside.
  9. Caps lock on, watch out
  10. The first step to any reform has to be the abolition of the re-instatment rule, that is the only remaining barrier between Senior and Junior football, it has to go. A player is a player, a club is a club. No need for this money making nonsense in the modern game, the SFA don’t even recognise re-instatement. The next step is for SJFA clubs to give Tom Johnston and the Executive a clear instruction to engage without any pre-conditions. During discussions a number of years ago, TJ always claimed his mandate from the clubs in these discussions was based on the SJFA structure remaining intact, ie the SJFA would remain and the three region system would remain, within a Pyramid. That obviously failed and the LL went ahead. There now has to be open discussions with no pre-conditions, it’s cards on the table time. Will the LL/HL be open to reform to accommodate Junior clubs, in return for the SJFA to effectively be absorbed into a conglomerate of LL/HL/SJFA blazers, a new body within the SFA (or SPFL) to govern the non-league game. This would require SFA involvement, but first step is for TJ to convince Regan & Co that the SJFA is serious on reform. Will any of that happen? Well the first step is in the hands of the clubs, propose abolition of re-instatement and then vote on it at AGM. It’s as simple as that. Second step is to give TJ clear indication that clubs want to be more open to reform and to engage in the Pyramid, again this is in the power of the clubs to do and can be settled at the AGM by a simple proposal and vote. Bonnyrigg Rose (and Linlithgow last season), shows that the Juniors have a great deal to offer the whole Scottish game, continued isolation in league terms has no long term future and makes no sense. The SJFA need to start taking steps towards finding an agreeable solution to Pyramid involvement.
  11. So nobody in the West is talking about this?
  12. You're not going to benefit every club, but should we hold back on reform because a few clubs don't want to pay for buses? Clubs need to cut their cloth to suit financially, for too long players have been paid stupid money for playing at middle of the road clubs where facilities leave a lot to be desired. A sensible conversation needs to begin on this, the pyramid isn't going to go away and the SJFA sticking their head in the sand isn't going to benefit member clubs.
  13. With a few tweeks here and there, such as dumping the B sides and with clubs from the EoS and SoS integrated at the right level, it's something along these lines that Scottish football needs to be aiming for. I'd also include League 2 sides into this as we have too many playing nationally, but self interest would ensure that wouldn;t happen just yet. All that said, looks like the West Region are resurrecting the fully integrated idea that was eventually voted down a few seasons back http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/its-time-west-region-juniors-9618100#ICID=sharebar_twitter
  14. Ross, I doubt any club at this level would turn you away if you contacted them and asked to train. Clubs are always open to looking at new players.
  15. Friendly, Blackburn United 4 Dunipace 1