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  1. 23rd and 30th December - Blank?

    Well I guess it's upto the clubs themselves to challenge the decision of the management committee's and ask for fixtures, particularly if there are a lot of postponements over the next 2 months.
  2. 23rd and 30th December - Blank?

    By the time you get to 30th December, people are gagging for a game to get out of the house, it's the ideal time to schedule local matches and pull in the crowds. If clubs have player availability issues then give them the option of opting out, not the other way round.
  3. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to a visit to Memorial Park (assuming weather or cup replays don't intervene) I think the last time I was there was about 10 years ago in a Fife & Lothians tie. You guys do a fantastic programme as well, a lot of clubs could learn from that.
  4. East Premierleague 2017/18

    We used to suffer similar at our old park, a difficult problem to solve without throwing a lot of money at it.
  5. East Premierleague 2017/18

    I'm going to hazard a guess that the comments regarding running the ball into the corner were to illustrate the fact that Musselburgh wanted to kill the game and stop Blackburn continuing to press for an equaliser. It illustrates the fact that they weren't running away with the game. Again, nobody is claiming we don't do similar, we do and have done this season. That's what you do when you're hanging on to what you have. We all have our opinions on a game and I have no problem with anyone thinking Musselburgh deserved the win, but I certainly wouldn't quote passages from "Liar Liar" regarding the truth, there is no truth, just opinion. Anyway I enjoyed my visit to Olivebank, first time there in many years and the place has been spruced up a lot since the last visit, a great place to watch fitba.
  6. 23rd and 30th December - Blank?

    I'm not even sure that friendlies are going to be allowed in the East Region. There is absolutely no reason why a normal calendar of games cannot be played on these two dates, or at least one of them. Instead, we'll be playing 3 game a week catch-up from April-June. Madness.
  7. East Premierleague 2017/18

    We're due at Thornton in a couple of weeks, what was the problem, waterlogging?
  8. East Premierleague 2017/18

    You seem awfy keen to tell people that Blackburn deserved nothing from the game, both on this thread and on the Musselburgh one. Calm yersel doon! I post brief match summaries on here to give people an idea of how the game went from my perspective and I try to be as fair as I can although I will obviously be a bit biased. I normally wait 24 hours before I do it so I can chew over the game. I thought we did enough second half to earn a point, I won’t repeat why as I said it in my summary. You disagree with my view, that’s cool as it’s all about opinions. I was happy with the performance given we were away to the league leaders missing two influential players. We came away empty handed, that’s fitba, and we move onto next week and see how we do against Glenrothes. We’ve come a long way since easily losing at Olivebank 6 months ago in the Fife & Lothians. I don’t write the match reports for the website but fill your boots, you might want to calm yerself first though as it’s through the eyes of another Blackburn fan http://blackburnunited.homestead.com/MA_14thOCT17.html
  9. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    There is roughly ZERO people deciding to sit in the house and instead wait for the game highlights on Youtube or Facebook some days later. You must be at the wind up.
  10. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Clubs are happy that someone is going to the bother of filming their games, far less charge them! some are committee members anyway.
  11. Been told that the management committee of the East Region have decided that there will be no games played on these dates, and friendly permits will not be issued. Words fail me. I hope clubs overturn this.
  12. East Premierleague 2017/18

    Musselburgh Athletic 2 Blackburn United 1 Musselburgh opened the scoring on around the 15 minute mark when a ball into the box wasn't cleared and Thomson stabbed home, Blackburn came back and Rarity hit the bar with a header from a corner. The homesters had a lot of first half possession without creating anything clear cut and Hutton was looking dangerous on the left for Blackburn, his balls into the box coming to nothing. Second half Blackburn were enjoying more possession in the Musselburgh half and were pushing for an equaliser but were hit by a sucker punch about an hour in when Thomson shot through a forrest of legs with the ball finding the corner of the net with Marley appearing slow to react. Blackburn came back and 5 or so minutes later pulled one back through an Andy McQuillan penalty after Herriot had been brought down. Blackburn continued to push but couldn't find an equaliser and indeed Musselburgh could have had a third when Marley saved on the line from King when it seemed easier to score. Despite missing captain Craig Young and Brian Ross, Blackburn done well and probably feel a bit aggrieved that they didn't claim a point their second half display merited. Crowd around the 160/170 mark, and good to see Musselburgh give away a 4 page teamsheet letting fans know the line-ups.
  13. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    If the SJFA are serious about fielding a national team and promoting it (although it doesn't appear that they are), they should revive the old calendar of matches that they used to play annually ie North Wales Coast FA, Northern Ireland, RoI and England (Birmingham County FA). Now some of those fixtures may not be possible anymore as stand alone games, but do they even try? Even "domestic" matches against Highland and Lowland Leagues would be easier to organise and promote, and could be played midweek without disrupting the calendar and attract a decent crowd. The Scottish Amateur FA can regularly organise representative matches (they've just played two games in the Shetland Islands, and played Northern Ireland at Lesser Hampden in May). This Quadrangular tournament is badly organised and reflects very poorly on the Junior grade. I wonder how it compares when the other three host it.
  14. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    I very much doubt it, but I'm all ears. What was the attendance last night?
  15. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    The SAFA issued a great 32 page colour programme for their game against "England" (West Yorkshire League) last year, and do it regularly. The chimps at the SJFA can't even manage one for a "prestigious" International tournament. Sums them up frankly.