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  1. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I hear the EoSFL have a new social media man, looking forward to better output than the ERJFA ever managed (not hard!) I wonder if the Twitter feed will follow Trump's lead, after all we don't want FAKE NEWS, that would be SAD! MEoSGA!
  2. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    As has been said many times, don't just look at next season, look at how things will pan out in 5-10 years time. With West clubs on board the LL will be a very strong league, and in the East the EOS "Premier" will probably be better than last seasons Superleague. The South Challenge Cup will effectively assume the mantle of the Junior Cup, minus the North teams.
  3. EOS Grounds for Optimism

    Re Heriot Watt, I'm guessing that in order to get a Licence they'd need to build changing facilities next to the pitch and that the current arrangements (inside the main building) don't meet requirements? Never been, so not exactly sure of the layout.
  4. East Region Superleague

    According to you regionalisation guarantees the original members are in the same league, as if it is the aim of those clubs for that to happen. Forming a second 16 team league for 2019/20 from next season's league positions is very straightforward and should be one of the options on the table. As I said earlier, clubs should have a better idea of what they are playing for next season otherwise they are going into the unknown. Set out the scenarios now based on different outcomes. No new members and the league looks like this. Up to 10 new members and it will work like this, over 10 new members etc etc. Its not rocket science. Anyway this isn't the place or the thread for this discussion, there's one for this purpose on the EoS forum.
  5. East Region Superleague

    Why is it a nonsense? Why do the original 13 clubs need to be in the same league? As Patriot pointed out some people are obsessed with not travelling the length of their own shadow. We're not talking hundreds of miles here.
  6. East Region Superleague

    TJ-esque view of things? behave it's just fact, any new clubs joining the EoS have "had their chance" of coming in at a higher level as quote by JG. There has to come a time when respecting those original 13 members is the priority as many of them wont make the top 5 and are therefore faced with a second season of "transition" to accomodate an anticipated second wave of Junior clubs. Now it may well be that this is what we end up with and that everyone is happy with a second season of transition below the top 16, but it's not been discussed with the clubs. As for Regionalisation at tier 7, there wasn't a demand for it at tier 6 for next season, everyone was happy with seeded Conferences, I doubt there will be a demand for it at tier 7 either. As pointed out it's not a large area to travel, in the seeded Conferences next season many new members have cut their overall travel and let's remember the majority of new members come from the Super and Premier Leagues which also included Tayside clubs, travelling really isn't a showstopper for them. Yes, some local derbies are always welcome but travelling to Perth or the Borders a couple of times a season isn't a hardship.
  7. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Did they squander the rest?
  8. East Region Superleague

    As you say, everything up in the air and nothing discussed with the clubs yet, regional leagues at tier 7 is only one option. As with JG's final sentence in the quote above, the new clubs couldn't expect concessions to be made to accomodate them. The EoS hold all the cards. Not sure what relevance Licencing would have to the possibility of tier 7 or tier 8 for clubs finishing outwith the top 5 and I'm not so sure clubs are altering player budgets significantly given some of the signings being made.
  9. East Region Superleague

    Fair to who though? It's not fair to the 13 EoS clubs who this season agreed to a transition season to accomodate the new members. To ask some (most?) of them to go through a second transition season isn't fair on them really. I do think an outline of what will happen in different scenario's should be communicated to all existing members by the end of the year. Hopefully not regional.
  10. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    You crack me up [emoji23]
  11. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    New striker?
  12. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    That would just about buy 3 x £150k toilets [emoji23]
  13. East Region Superleague

    Pop down to Blackburn Brycey, after all we gubbed the Hoose twice last season [emoji6]
  14. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Correct, there's significant funds in there which would be a great help to clubs, particularly with Licencing on mind.
  15. East Region Superleague

    For some clubs it would be the second season of "transition" with no benefit to them. The existing members were accommodating to this season's influx, will they be so accommodating for a second wave?