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  1. Yes, as in within the next few years. It has to be if the Pyramid is to progress. If Kelty do move, and others follow which I think is highly unlikely, then that will hasten reform.
  2. Disappointed at the result yesterday, I felt that we were the better team second half and deserved at least a share of the points, we failed to covert our chances (and a great save by the Dunbar keeper at the death) but that's the way football goes, although I'd like to hear the explanation from the referee how he can give an indirect free kick in the box for handball. Only our fifth league defeat over two seasons. However congratulations to Dunbar, a worthy addition to the Premier League next season, the two best footballing teams in the Division are going up. Commiserations to Pumpherston and Lochgelly who made this season one of the most competitive ever. In any other season the title and promotion would have long since been decided but it was impossible to get any breathing space at the top such was the quality. As predicted, it went right to the wire....... Bring on the Premier League
  3. LOL, don't worry, people are caught out on here all the time for not being quite what they claim to be
  4. I'm sure because neither goal was offside.
  5. Video ref gets it right again. That linesman needs booted!
  6. Looked the correct decision to me. The defender was not catching the attacker.
  7. I don't think you'll see any Junior club move to the EoS.
  8. My only visit there last season, no more than 30 were there.
  9. Given they are in "Junior territory" maybe they see it as a better environment to develop? I think if they ever did earn promotion to LL they would perhaps struggle on the pitch. Isn't the playing side effectively amateur with players paying to play? They help take the goalposts down after the game.
  10. Lol, that's just not going to happen. Maybe Duns are considering the Juniors?
  11. "Managed to get up the road for my second game of the season" an earlier quote where you said you didn't live in Dunbar. Enjoy the game today
  12. As I said above, I broadly agree, on a knockout basis.
  13. Trust me, you can't have 16 teams leagues and 30 game seasons with a sectional league cup as well. You'll be upto your necks in fixture backlogs. The East Region is a live example.
  14. Of course you were, everything else was secondary [emoji23]
  15. You've just won it so you don't look at it objectively. Understandable, but League Cup sectional competitions waste early season fixture dates especially if leagues are being expanded to 16.