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  1. So the Council have planned a new 3G set-up, but it's not being built to comply with Junior requirements? that just seems like a complete lack of foresight, and now they are going to boot you out of Recreation Park. Jeezo.
  2. They're the only team to take points off us at home, and we were a little fortunate to get a draw in the end.
  3. I posted a match report, you decided to try and be a smart arsed troll and got found out. Now run along and troll someone else.
  4. Probably, but if they beat Pumphy and win their games in hand, they could be back in the mix. Don't beat Pumphy and it's definitely over.
  5. Anyway to move things on from the trolling, next weeks game of the day is at Pumphy, where Lochgelly really need a win if they hope to get back into the promotion race. Blackburn have a very tough local derby at West Calder, whilst on paper Dunbar should claim the three points at Kirkcaldy. Hopefully we find out more fixtures soon and don;t fall back into week-to-week which is no good for anyone. 04/03/2017 West Calder United v Blackburn United 2.30pm 04/03/2017 Rosyth v Oakley United 2.30pm 04/03/2017 Pumpherston Juniors v Lochgelly Albert 2.30pm 04/03/2017 Kirkcaldy YM v Dunbar United 2.30pm 04/03/2017 Crossgates Primrose v Stoneyburn Juniors 2.30pm 04/03/2017 Craigroyston v Easthouses Lily MW 2.30pm
  6. Indeed it does, "........disrupting normal, on-topic discussion often for the troll's amusement and to provoke readers into a response." As budgie says, if you don't like the content don't read it.
  7. Whatever Joe, same style, same modus operandi as usual.
  8. JoeThistle/Creameryparkfan, you have appeared on here under many different guises over the years after being found out but as they say, a leopard never changes it's spots, still the same tedious nonsense zzzzzzz......
  9. I would be surprised if the SFA did anything. There are Licenced clubs in the EoS (and SoS) who didn't even bother to apply for the LL vacancy last season. There's Banks O'Dee who are Licenced and would love to join the HL but can't. My guess is the commitment isn't worth the paper it's written on.
  10. That's not Kelty's problem.
  11. It never has been clarified what the commitment actually means. You could argue that you would be fully committed to being part of the pyramid as part of the SJFA.
  12. Linlithgow are exempt as they were awarded their licence prior to the pyramid commitment coming in. Will the SFA start enforcing Licenced clubs to enter the pyramid? Possibly. Will there be a change to the Lowland League set-up anytime soon? Unlikely. Will the SJFA bring in minimum ground requirements? Unlikely A Licence however brings with it Scottish Cup entry whilst sitting out with the pyramid, for the time being at least. If you can go for it then why not.
  13. I appreciate that you're a troll and have probably never seen Blackburn play, far less these two games, but surely you've have better things to do on a Saturday night than trawling through old posts? Hmmmm.......maybe not. However just to clear things up for your benefit, I didn't say we did not deserve to lose against Girvan, I said the scoreline flattered them (as you can see from my post you quoted), they fully deserved the win. Today a draw was probably a fairer result. Now back to slagging Glenrothes or whoever it is you "support".
  14. Friendly: Blackburn Utd 2 Arniston Rangers 3. Two up at the break which should really have been three, then hit the bar two mins into the second half, Blackburn were much the better side but both sides then made changes which swung the game in favour of the visitors who scored twice in a minute midway through the half then bagged a very late winner. A game of two halves where a draw would have been a fair result.
  15. That's a bit of a mouthful, no need to shoehorn "Junior" in there. What's wrong with the pitch? Plenty time to sort it I would have thought.