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  1. Will be interesting to see how the midfield lines up without Byrne. As far as I'm aware, he has started every game this season. I seem to remember Falkirk's right-back having a tough time against Cadden so hopefully he is fit again.
  2. I suspect this will be postponed.
  3. Yes! Excellent point in the circumstances. #AmberMachine
  4. Not sure about the rule regarding postponements. Is it 3 players on international duty?
  5. Feel more confident for our home games now after the arrival of Miller and Hardie. However, I think Morton will be up for this after limp performances against ourselves and Falkirk. A win would probably secure 3rd place barring a major collapse so that should serve as great motivation for us.
  6. Dumbarton v Queens

    He scored every penalty he took for us. Must have been around 15 across 3 seasons. I can only remember Kyle Jacobs taking one penalty for us (that wasn't in a shootout) and he scored it against you.
  7. Dumbarton v Queens

    Was Russell still on the pitch? There is no other footballer I've watched that I'd rather have on a penalty.
  8. Livingston v Inverness CT

    Would suspect this will be the only game off today. Very poor. Tuesday 20th?
  9. Livingston v Inverness CT

    I would guess the early inspection is for the Inverness fans and players making their way down. If they thought the game had absolutely no chance of going ahead, would they not have done the inspection today?
  10. After our poor performance last time at EEP, hopefully the players will be wanting to make amends in this game. That said, the clownshoes opening goal put us in a very tough position to come back from so if we can avoid something similar, I would imagine this will go better. As with the Morton game, a draw would not be a bad result but the players will be going there thinking they can win. Don't have the best feeling going into this one. 1-0 Dunfermline.
  11. Morton v Livingston - Tuesday 27th

    14 points clear of 5th is massive. One or two more wins and we can focus on 2nd.
  12. Morton v Livingston - Tuesday 27th

    Yes! What a win. #TheAmberMachine
  13. Morton v Livingston - Tuesday 27th

    An awful run considering the two teams have been fairly equally matched over the period. Hopefully we can end it like we did with Dumbarton's winning streak a few seasons ago.