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  1. Raiths current predicament is very similar to our relegation season a few years back. Team in disarray, fans totally scunnered and a hopeless manager. Looking back it was an astute decision to appoint Duffy although many of us didn't agree with it. He knew the lower leagues well and has brought the team, fans and club together again. Like us your next managerial appointment is going to be massive.
  2. Aye that rings a bell. Have to say I agree with you. Nothing wrong with dangling an extra incentive in front of players. If our board had done the same with Loy rather than brought in Donnelly and shankland our season could have ended differently.
  3. I thought I read it on here from a st.mirren fan. I could be wrong though.
  4. Is it true that loy chose the skunks over us because he was offered 10k if they avoided relegation?
  5. Be a good bunch and send Vaughan, Callachan and Benedictus our way. Duffy will make them great again.
  6. Get it right fucking up them.
  7. Get fucking doon
  8. Thanks for correcting my mistake . Saves having to take the time to edit .
  9. Not really. Your season ended the day we came down and beat your lot 5 (yes 5) - 1 .
  10. Remind us all how your season went again.