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  1. Very high expectations? Have I missed something?
  2. Are St.mirren in a position to spend anywhere near 75k on Andy Ryan?
  3. Good signing for St. Mirren . He'll do well in this league.
  4. Absolutely spot on for almost all teams in this league. Duffy is good at identifying players who will fit into our squad and give 100% although they may not be the most technically gifted. Stef mccluskey and Michael Doyle being two recent examples. There's obviously exceptions to the rule such as Lawrence fucking shankland
  5. I may be wrong but I'm sure Duffy wanted him to stay and offered him a new deal but chose to go to Livingston for regular football. Not sure if he played much for them right enough. I was very optimistic when we signed him as the sons fans raved about him. Just didn't turn out to be the right move in the end.
  6. Although he got a hard time from a lot of ton fans I thought he did ok in League 1. Seems to be a confidence player and didn't get a run of games in one position for us. Played right back or centre mid and I'd say he looked more comfortable at centre mid (just). Surprised St.mirren are looking at him if they are aiming for top 4. Ross must see something in him.
  7. Up front yes but although not a priority we could do with bringing in a winger.
  8. Have read a few people saying that he can play upfront and on the wings. If that was the case I wouldn't be surprised if we signed him.
  9. I assumed that as well but the trialist replaced Lamie so someone suggested he was a defender unless we moved players about?
  10. Anyone know who the trialist was today?
  11. Great signing for Falkirk.
  12. A tad harsh! Since his time here he's probably won us more points than he's cost us but if we are going to improve this season we need better. I'd imagine Duffy feels similar after dropping him for the second play off game
  13. Any update on more additions to the squad and what areas the management team have identified as needing strengthening?