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  1. Aye Duffy's an absolute fanny for that. Reckon that's the league sewn up for you guys . Would you agree?
  2. Agree 100%. That is what really frustrates me with Duffy. Every single ton fan knew we needed a winger to replace nesbitt and I'm pretty sure he knew as well. Can't understand why he didn't address the problem at the start of the season.
  3. Celtic v Morton

    Hope we give it a go on Saturday. Although they're good going forward Celtic have been poor at the back regularly this season. Is Baird cup tied?
  4. Looking forward to this one. Should be a cracker. Livi are having a great season and we are on an excellent run. No idea how this will go.
  5. Queens v Morton

    Wonder if it bounced like that because it was on AstroTurf? Might have been a different outcome if it were on grass.
  6. Rewriting history

    Michael Gardyne did hee haw for us. He went on to have a decent career imo.
  7. Smackdown Thread

    That Owens and zayn match on smackdown last week was great.
  8. (Mor)Ton vs (Dumbar)Ton - 10/2/18

    I was very sceptical of harkins and Tidser being in the same team but fair fucks to Duffy. It's currently working out well for us.
  9. Contact admin and ask on your next study break.
  10. Alias? . Nothing to do with me. Please feel free to contact admin and ask. Hope you put as much effort into finding my posts as you do studying for your exams.
  11. Day 3 of Tetragimp giving me 22 red dots .