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  1. Sounds very similar to ourselves (morton) in terms of falling attendances impacting on player budget. Feels like we are on a downward slope just now.
  2. Morton v Falkirk

    Jesus wept.
  3. Morton v Falkirk

    Falkirk were the better side today and deserved the win. We were fucking terrible. Not one player can be pleased with their performance today. Get Duffy out to f**k.
  4. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    It's not deflecting from the fact that you're an arsehole.
  5. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    First time I've heard that.
  6. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    Fucking hell. Sounds like a scrap in a weans nursery
  7. Brechin v Greenock Morton

    Tragic. If you were so concerned why didn't you go to the aid of the steward?
  8. Falkirk v Dundee Utd

    Good to see the bairns aren't getting carried away after one result (albeit a fucking excellent one).
  9. Not if your behind the goals with the crossbar at eye level. The kids could see easily tho Move to another part of the WDE then?
  10. To be fair. If I was going to launch leftovers from my selection box a bounty would be my first choice.
  11. Was there more St.mirren fans than morton fans at the game yesterday?
  12. Don't talk shite. Genuinely don't think it was as bad as others are making out. It was a yellow card offence.
  13. Yeah. I thought he looked dangerous every time he was on the ball and was constantly attacking our defence. Doyle did play well against him last night though.