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  1. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    It's all about opinions but I'd say we were very much in control.
  2. Player of the year

    Must be worth another look!
  3. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    A defeat today would've meant a 14 point gap rather than a 17 point gap.
  4. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Fixture Secretary The Management of the West Region of SJFA has decided to restructure the Neutral Officials as from Season 2018/19, the make-up will be:- General Secretary, Assistant/Discipline Secretary. Fixture Secretary and Treasurer. They are therefore seeking Applications for the Position of Fixture Secretary Applications for this position to be submitted to J Fyfe, Assistant Secretary, 5 Langford Drive, GLASGOW, G53 7HU by 31 May 2018. SJFA West Region
  5. Old Petershill pic

    Petershill playing at Hawthorn Park, their home prior to moving to Petershill Park in 1935.
  6. General Secretary of the West Region

    Yup TJ was a Farmer's Boy from 1969 to 1972 and captained our 1970/71 'C' Division league champions side. He is still one of only four league championship winning captains at Brig O'Lea along with Charlie Campbell in 1947, Andy Whiteford in 2006 and Martin Hughes in 2014.
  7. West Region

    It's the inconstistency, it's becoming a joke and a nightmare for the kit man. We played Port Glasgow the other week who were in all dark blue, top, shorts and socks with a keeper in all black, top, shorts and socks. As the light faded you weren't sure who was saving the shot! Then on the other hand earlier this season at Lesmahagow, the referee decides our white socks with black tops clash with the Gow's socks as shown below. Joke.
  8. West Region

    It's not just pitches, they are all over the place with the issue of kits clashing too.
  9. West Region

    All West Region games now off Saturday too.
  10. East region

    All West Region games now off too.
  11. GAMES ON

    Neilston v Port Glasgow
  12. I'm presuming that's exactly what they have done. Done a ballot for the play-offs hence the situation of the bottom Super Premier team getting the 'easier' play off!!
  13. It was also recently agreed that the games will be over two legs, both gates will be split and will go to penalties if the aggregate score is level.
  14. This is from the 8th August minutes... 11th Super Premier v 5th Super First 12th Super Premier v 6th Super First 13th Super First v 4th Ayrshire District 14th Super First v 4th Central District
  15. Games Off

    Neilston v Blantyre Vics