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  1. Games Off

    Neilston v Blantyre Vics
  2. Neilston signings

    It's a wee bit of altitude training for Kenny!
  3. Neilston signings

    Nothing too dramatic! We had Cammy Sinclair and Craig Burns earlier in the season then the co-managers signed Robert Tiropoulos. With Tiro going straight into the team, you can't blame the other two keepers for wanting game time and as a club, we would never stand in their way.
  4. Neilston signings

    The club has made three signings today. Goalkeeper Robbie Kelly joins us from Johnstone Burgh and central defender Robert O'Neill joins us from Yoker Athletic having previously been at Clydebank. Also we are delighted to welcome prolific Beith striker Kenny McLean to Brig O'Lea on a short term loan deal. Welcome to all three new faces in our push for promotion! By mutual consent, we have released goalkeeper Cammy Sinclair. It was Cammy's second spell at Brig O'Lea and we all wish him all the very best for the future.
  5. Festive friendly match thread

    My understanding was that the SFA had advised the SJFA that they might not be able to provide enough match officials if full fixture cards were issued for the 23rd and 30th, and that was why the decision was taken to only give games to those who wanted one. Fair doos.
  6. Festive friendly match thread

    Speaking on behalf of one of the clubs who didn't request a league fixture but were prepared to play a midweek fixture, could I just point out that we, and other clubs in a similar situation have done absolutely nothing wrong. General Rule 23 of the West Region already allows for no games on Saturdays on 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st December and 1st, 2nd Janaury. At September's Management Meeting the management committee decided to extend that arrangement this year to the 23rd and 30th December with the proviso that no friendly permits would be issued on those weekends for any club who didn't request a league fixture. Fair enough. Clubs in membership of an association should not be criticised for duly following the rules of that association. Criticise the rule all you want if you feel it's a bad rule but it is out of order to criticise members for adhering to the rules that they signed up for.
  7. Festive friendly match thread

    You'd be wrong to jump to that conclusion for reasons others have stated.
  8. Festive friendly match thread

    Well aye it is 'unprofessional' considering a lot of players are amateur status and only play for the love of the game. And those that are on professional contracts will be getting £20, £30, £50 a week or whatever. Unlike Celtic and Rangers, we are not the main employers of our players and they're not wage slaves to us (as Johnstone Burgh have obviously suffered from today.)
  9. Junior Derby. Who are your biggest rivals.

    Arthurlie. Don't beat them enough but we'll keep it at
  10. Festive friendly match thread

    Renfrew v Neilston Friendly at New Western Park Thursday 28th December 7.30pm
  11. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Wednesday 17th February 1965 and Neilston beat Kilwinning Rangers 4-3 at Brig O'Lea in the first ever junior competitive match under floodlights. Match footage was recorded by STV and shown later that evening in Scotsport alongside the Inter Milan v Rangers European Cup quarter final. Almost 53 years later we're still talking about floodlights like it's some new fangled thing.
  12. West Region Cup Committee

    I wasn't to know that mate, just answering what seemed like a straightforward question about whether clubs were asked to nominate a rep, which they were.
  13. West Region Cup Committee

    Yes, all clubs in the region had the opportunity to put someone forward for this working group.
  14. Yoker news today

    Yoker v Neilston should be ok next week since the four teams that will need a revised fixture can all play each other several ways.
  15. East Region Websites

    I wondered about that before. I do our website and I did think about whether it was needed. Twitter is great for team line-ups, scores, postponements etc. Club facebook pages have taken the place of forums but I still think the website has a role for general info to look up. Management/Committee/squad lists, previous results, appearances, honours, history etc.