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  1. Scottish 2nd round draw

    Neilston's draw will be out on Twitter quickly anyway because I'm going to pop in during my walk over to Asda Toryglen!
  2. Postponement 's - Non pitch related

    Aye I'd agree, it has to be taken at face value, especially when the problem is only discovered on the Saturday morning. We would take photos on the phone if the problem's visible like when the Brig O'Lea pavilion kept flooding one week last year until we located the collapsed drain. Things will start to go wrong in a 53 year old building.
  3. I presume that it does. I've never had to use it because any amateur player we've signed was already released and a free agent at that time. If I found myself in this situation I'd probably feel safer checking with Hampden but I'm assuming selecting it does the job.
  4. You wouldn't be able to register a player while still on a recreational form because the online system only allows you to submit a registration if the player is now a free agent. You can however select an option 'Notice to sign a recreational player' so in effect the system forces you to do the right thing when signing someone from the SAFA.
  5. Aye definitely do that if you're around mate.
  6. Rossvale v Saint Rochs

    This on top of the Port Glasgow v Perthshire match being abandoned.
  7. Games off 9th Sept

    East Kilbride v Neilston is off.
  8. Just spreading the word around folk. A new football memories group is being launched next week with support from Football Memories Scotland, Alzheimer Scotland and Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire. As well as general Scottish football, we'll be including junior football, in particular Neilston Juniors and Arthurlie. Both clubs fully support this initiative.
  9. Scottish Cup Draw

    And if it's 200.5 miles according to the AA / RAC? It should be up to 200 miles then over 200 miles!
  10. Dixie Deans (Neilston Juniors) 1 & 2
  11. And defender Tommy McMillan went on to make 265 appearances for Aberdeen and win the 1970 Scottish Cup against Celtic.
  12. There will be no West Region fixtures that day due to the Quadrangular International Tournament.
  13. In our history I'd say there were three Neilston sides easily good enough to have won the cup. The 1946/47 side who were Western League Champions (and Western League Cup winners) with 113 goals in 28 league matches (ironically put out in the first round of the Scottish!). The 1964/65 side who were put out by Kilsyth Rangers with a late goal in the quarter finals in front of a big crowd at Duncansfield. The 2002/03 side who lost the first ever Super Premier League title on goal difference to Pollok. Alan Urquhart, Brian Hewitt, Robert Anderson, Michael Fallen, Andy Whiteford, Robert Fox, Chris Aitken, Tam Murdoch, Chris McKee, Gordon Cochrane, Sammy Johnston, Alan Waddell etc. Although put out in the 4th round, that side still won the SJFA award for tournament top scorers with 28 goals.
  14. Sat. 29th July friendlies scores

    Neilston 3 (Craig Patterson 2, Jonny McStay) Irvine Victoria 0