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  1. I'm having a great time with these names. A Guti/Kluivert dream team before we inevitably appoint Jim McIntyre.
  2. Yep, Neilson out of the running. Irish lad maybe the favourite now?
  3. Lambert now 1/2, albeit with the lack of liquidity these markets offer.
  4. Have I? I don't remember and I don't post that often. Clearly you're not bothered though! Anyway, I'll not bother you again.
  5. My lord you are so boring. I was just mentioning what I'd seen, nothing more nothing less.
  6. Anyway... The Sun reporting we have been allowed to talk to Hopkin and Goodwin, as well as Fitzy talking to Lambert. Neilson coming in today. Robert Grieve is usually on the ball with saints related matters. Also reporting Jack going to come back for Kyle, and bid for John McGinn. Kerching for us.
  7. I resigned myself to Jack going when he started flirting with Barnsley earlier this year so not overly bothered as it was inevitable. I'm far more concerned about the future of Kyle Magennis and Cammy Smith. Sunderland bound in my book, Kyle in particular. At least they are under contract.
  8. Closer to home. His wife is a teacher after all.
  9. Get a grip ffs. Gardening leave!! By all accounts this was his summer holiday anyway so what exactly are we missing out on?
  10. Wasps -vs- Sons - The Final.

    Hutton, Carswell, Gallacher, Walsh, Gallagher. Says it all really.
  11. I love Scottish football with everything I have. That bandage!
  12. Jack has obviously got comfortable with going to the championship. He probably sees that as a logical step otherwise why would he speak to two clubs now? He wouldn't be speaking to them unless he was comfortable moving his family as well. I said to my mates last season that the most important transfer this summer is keeping Jack as I couldn't see him staying. His stock is too high just now. If he goes, he goes with my best wishes and no ill will at all. I just hope it happens soon to allow us to replace quickly. Robbie Neilson will do me fine.