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  1. The Buddies v Dunfermline

    Pars are only 2 points of the playoffs. Surely it's not that bad? Although you are level on points with Morton. f**k. Sack the board.
  2. Zombies v League Leaders

    Good luck with Dundee's European City of Culture bid.
  3. Zombies v League Leaders

    29th December is going to be a belter in Paisley.
  4. This is fucking glorious. Old rangers: deid. New rangers: irrelevant. #handitin
  5. Fantasy Football 2016

    Cheers Paul. Looks like I'm safe then.
  6. Fantasy Football 2016

    Is relegation based on position within the division or ranking? I've been shite this year.
  7. Jack Ross makes sense for the Dons albeit without him actually winning anything as a manager. He'd definitely go as it's not a diddy club like Dundee this time. Surely Tommy Wright deserves a chance?
  8. I have the fear again

    Craig Samson is so slow getting down to that.
  9. I have the fear again

    Yes, since January I think. We were poor all game. Nobody really knew the formation and Reilly being taken off for Sutton was baffling. The only criticism I have of Jack Ross is he sometimes tries to be too smart with his tactics and subs. Today was one of those occasions.
  10. Greenock Scum it said. Thank goodness we didn't have a full stand version of scumopoly.
  11. Buddievision with commentary from Chucklevision
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Looked to be some right niggle between the dugouts after the second goal which stemmed from the inexplicable decision of the referee not to award a foul after an obstruction on Morgan. Both managers going at it. Morgan is on a different level. That right back will be having nightmares for weeks.
  13. P&B Fantasy IDP Dynasty League

    Suppose I need to be positive and look to the future. That's fantasy football I suppose. AJ Green on the trade block now.