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  1. NFL General Discussion

    Ex Dolphins OL and bully victim Jonathan Martin with some disturbing threats on social media.
  2. NFL General Discussion

    Thought that would display the tweet.
  3. NFL General Discussion

    Check out @NickyBeaster’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/NickyBeaster/status/967105915873906690?s=09
  4. He actually faced the St mirren fans all the way up with the finger on lips gesture despite the fact no one had given him any stick. A very strange character. Hardie did it at the first goal as well, but there's no love lost there so understandable.
  5. Aye but I'm not seething. We were well beaten mate, make no mistake.
  6. I wasn't critsicing either. They are what they are an played to their strengths.
  7. Livingston absolutely bullied us. My word they are agricultural. No issues with it at all - they won and fully deserved it. A nice kick up the arse for us .
  8. Good luck to Jack. Even if he doesn't go now he'll be away within 6 months. He's been fantastic for us and will always be highly regarded. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a total nugget.
  9. Don't know if all Hearts fans are racist, but I meet loads through my work and I can confirm I've never met one who wasn't a c unt. I hope this clears up the situation.
  10. So from reading some comments from the more informed posters on here, sounds like Barnsley won't be happening but he'll be the next Rangers manager in the summer. Please go to Barnsley Jack.
  11. Seriously, Barnsley are going down the analytics / moneyball route. I'm sure they have brought in Billy Beane as a consultant or something. That sort of thing strikes me as appealing to Jack. He's been brilliant, and I've got a nasty feeling about this. Spectacularly poor timing for us though.
  12. Give it giggsy til end of the season.
  13. I read that Accies are suing RBS, good luck. From what I've read it looks like the first few payments were stopped? If the club confirmed that they were genuine then the fraud system wouldn't refer any payments over the next few hours or so. It's designed to reduce the impact on genuine customers/payments. Sounds like the case will come down to that as RBS will argue that their controls worked.
  14. NFL General Discussion

    Apologies if I missed this elsewhere but...