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  1. The Wrestling Thread

    He was blotto every night at the European tour supposedly as well. Sawft c**t.
  2. The Wrestling Thread

    If anyone gets a presale link for tickets for the next WWE event at the Hydro give me a shout.
  3. Smackdown Thread

    Whoever has been in charge of booking the Styles vs Naka feud needs to be removed from creative straight away. They've absolutely ruined it.
  4. WrestleMania 34

    Surely Undertaker is returning The American Badass for this. 1. Coat and Hat left in ring. 2. Cenas smarky instagram remarks 3. Kid Rock there to perform American Badass live. It starts to add up. Could even just have Michelle show up on Raw to accept the challenge and he won't need to be seen or heard from until the show.
  5. Royal Rumble 2018

    They can't have everyone from the main woman's roster though. Neither champion can be in it surely or who they are feuding with if they are having matches at the rumble. Nakamura or Orton wins for me. Defo someone from Smackdown .
  6. Monday Night Raw Live

    Is Booker T pished? Taking even mode guff than usual.
  7. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    I pissed my bed then woke up and heard this news. Strong appointment. I'll have ten Bob on the 500/1 shot.
  8. Best Live Wrestling Experience

    Bully Ray swiping my pint, taking a tan out it then hitting James Storm over the head with the plastic tumbler (which he sold a beauty) ranks in mine. Was in 2010 or 11 at a TNA house show at Braehead.
  9. The Wrestling Thread

    Does ICW on Demand work on PS4 if I use the web browser? Want to know before I sign up.
  10. Elgin v Clyde

    New signings probably travelled only to learn of the latest f**k up this morning.
  11. Black Friday - The real one

    What's the actual legislation on that out interest? One or two at my work I'm chokin to crack.
  12. Haggling with Sky

    I worked for Sky in retentions for over a year recently, briefly as a team leader (I now work in a similar role for BT). The best way to negotiate a decent price is to just threaten to cancel it all and retentions will get you a deal. The offers on every account are different based on tenure, if you have been a good bill payer, the package you are on etc. If you are still within minimum term however you won't be allowed to cancel and won't be offered anything. I will warn that putting in notice to cancel and then waiting for someone to phone you back is a bit risky. If someone phoned in and said they were doing this or had done it in the past I would remove them from marketing so that Sky wouldn't contact them again and plenty of others did the same. Adversely affected our stats regardless so we didn't care.
  13. Glasgow Area 5's

    Thats the ticket!
  14. Spartans v Clyde

    Any pubs within pissin distance?
  15. Clyde Fc 2014-15

    Unless he was just talking about me singularly.