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  1. In all seriousness, that’s a very good signing, and one which absolutely transforms our prospects of scoring goals in the second half of the season. Not expecting an instant return but we’re certainly well-equipped now. Good stuff from Hopkin and the bean counters.
  2. I’m going to laugh my tits off if Lee Miller nets a decent amount for us this season. Worst case scenario, we now have a really experienced striker in able to pass on some knowledge to guys like Mackin and Boyd.
  3. You may be jesting but the lineup of after dinner speakers looks pretty decent. Maybe even tempted to go! Looks like Hardie will be a Livingston player. Good move. Absolutely what we’ve been needing and I hope he can score a shedload for us.
  4. Up to 40% off in the club store?
  5. Apparently the pitch is fine but the car park is fucked. Hoping to play this on Tuesday it seems.
  6. Modern Pop Music You Like

    MK. 17. What a fucking banger.
  7. Possibly the most predictable signing in our history. One can only hope another striker with some pace is on the way in.
  8. General Politics Thread

    Anyone seen the latest PPB from the SNP? Nice touch that the wee naysaying yap in it looks like David Torrance. Top stuff.
  9. The stadium seems to operate in its own microclimate at the best of times, will be interesting to see how the ground is underneath the covers which I’m assuming are down. See the club have asked for folk tomorrow afternoon, will have a better idea then I’d imagine.
  10. I doubt any of the Sunderland first team would come here, and Knox isn’t that much of a catch that Sunderland are going to subsidise all the wages in a loan deal. The alternative is getting someone from their U23 side, and 9 times out of 10 these players are glorified sprinters with a horrendous touch. Agree we need experienced players, though, an experienced striker and our prospects for the second half of the season look a whole lot brighter.
  11. I'd be hopeful we just want cash, Sunderland are fucking terrible.
  12. A certain postponement; just delaying the inevitable exit for ourselves at this round for a few weeks yet.
  13. The irony is that Knox doesn't really fit in with our Hard Brexit brand of football, and now he's off to a club from Brexit central. Madness. Looking back, we should have took the £200/300k that was being banded around for him. The latter would've been daylight robbery on our part.
  14. Feels like the speculation linking him with a move has went on for longer than Knox has actually been alive, personally I reckon there is a good player in there but he must have one hell of an agent - not seen much to suggest he’ll do anything above this level. Good luck to the lad, hopefully we get a good fee.