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  1. I'd be more than happy to give Ross Brown time to get fit and back at it. PoTY last season at a very solid East Fife team, must have something about him and would be very disappointing to punt the boy without him really getting a crack at the whip. Hopefully he can go some way to filling the Penrice-shaped hole which is on the way in the side, along with Knox. It would take a madman to say that he hasn't changed since he made his debut, looks a helluva lot stronger this season and has been unfortunate Penrice has came straight into the side, looked decent out on the left in pre-season and against Partick. Would be relatively poor form from us releasing guys in January if an outstanding replacement was not available - given that, it seems unlikely. But I agree to a point, it's apparent that Carrick and Longridge aren't Championship players. More than happy for them to fill in but not really starting material with all due respect. Agree regarding the second choice goalkeeper. Hopefully the youth GK is the real deal or else we could be scraping around a bit. Doesn't seem to be any sign that Alexander is chucking it at the end of the season, think he's been a good signing IMO, but 12-18 months with him should be an attractive option for any young GK around this level.
  2. Livingston v Glenafton

    Least the Rangers fans had a good wee day out.
  3. 7 minutes in and three chants already from the Glenafton YT reminding us the home crowd is awful. Cheers, boiiz.
  4. Livingston v Glenafton

    At least you're not rattled that your fellow dafty made a rip roaring c**t of the point. Kudos.
  5. Livingston v Glenafton

    The Junior fans on here doing very little to dispel the "Junior thickos" stereotype that is prominent around here. FWIW, whilst stuck in an apparent time warp, Junior football is probably as close to the classic notion of the "working man's game" as you will get in the modern era. Senior football is hardly the corporate, soulless a few on here portray, I'll happily admit it is overpriced by and large (as evidenced by Saturday's prices) but I'm certainly not alienated and feeling abandoned by my team. Maybe time for both sides to try and work together and share best practice - who knows, maybe you guys will pick up how floodlights can be used.
  6. Livingston v Glenafton

    By all accounts the prices are to balance the cost of leccy, stewards, etc. Glenafton must be on board with the pricing having agreed to two sets now.
  7. Livingston v Glenafton

    Don't both teams need to agree to the pricing? I know you luddites aren't aware of the concept of electricity yet but it doesn't come free. Adult prices have been reduced to £18.
  8. Glenafton are well within their rights to try and maximise any money they make out of this tie; however, those running the show at Livi should be recognising that this was an opportunity to encourage people along at a lower price than normal league games, against new opposition where, with respect, we are heavy favourites to win. As I said in my first post, the prices had to be agreed; if they couldn't, then normal league game prices would've kicked in. IIRC for one of the friendlies, Livi clarified the price was due to both clubs having to agree them, and most folk were on board with it thereafter. It seems to me that someone, on one of the sides at least, has seriously overestimated the interest in this game. The crowd will take a hammering on Saturday, of that I'm sure. I would defy anyone to defend this pricing - there's no way we should be charging more for a cup tie against a Junior team than a normal league match.
  9. This has obviously been agreed between the two clubs, somehow - if they couldn't, the rules state the prices revert to the normal league prices of the host club. That's not much, given it's usually £18. A fucking stupid decision, and even if the prices are altered, not sure I'll bother. This really does require some clarification, otherwise the goodwill that John Ward and co. have built up amongst supporters in the past year or so will evaporate pretty quickly.
  10. £20 for adults. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
  11. FTFY. Can't disagree with any of what's been said so far. Seems like a ruse to f**k over the smaller clubs, whilst benefitting the larger ones. If our youth setup hadn't been essentially mothballed in recent years I'd probably be far more up in arms about it, tbh. Never really liked Accies but it is delightful how much seethe they induce in some. Whilst their "falling for an obvious email scam" behaviour is bizarre in the extreme, their general model is enviable, especially given the relatively equal sizes of my club and theirs. Good luck, ya jammy b*****ds.
  12. Hopefully DH and the team are under no illusions on that front - my main worry with this game is that it's viewed as one where the starting XI can be tinkered, with three tough league games coming up in quick succession after this tie. Give Glenafton the respect they are due, they're at this stage purely on merit; I hope their fans enjoy the day out but this is a game we should be winning with a bit to spare. I don't imagine McMillan or Penrice will be available for this one given their loans are up in January, so hopefully we'll see Mullin and Knox on the wings. I imagine Robinson is maybe in with a shout of a start too, if fit, but other than that no more changes than necessary.
  13. David Goodwillie? No thanks, don't need the baggage that comes with him and he's under contract at Clyde anyway. Regardless of whether we made money from the League Cup, I'd much rather that was invested in keeping guys like Halkett, Pittman and Byrne here a bit longer. Would echo the calls for De Vita up front. Certainly if Danny is out again then he would make an excellent partner for Todorov I think.
  14. The height of absolute "yer da" patter. Unsurprisingly it's a Rangers-based account.
  15. TNS are going to win this fucking thing, aren't they?