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  1. My stomach’s already churning like f**k, but I’m also relatively calm about tomorrow. If the players put in the effort as they have done for the previous 40-odd matches this season, I won’t be disappointed about the result. Never thought we’d be remotely close to the top four this season, let alone second, and now the play-off final. It’ll be a large away crowd by our standards, doesn’t happen too often, I’m just buzzing for the occasion and what could come. Mon the fuckin’ Livi.
  2. The whole Massone thing still seems a bit surreal, would make an excellent book in years to come. Best memory of that time was my old primary school teacher offering him a fiver for the club in the summer of 2009 live on television. Halcyon days.
  3. 18/19 kits thread

    Preview of what I'm assuming our new home kit is up on Facebook and Twitter the now. Pleasing that it's amber, and it'll probably have a collar. Will reserve judgement until I see the full thing but it's looking promising.
  4. Only time I've seen them this season was their game against County a few weeks back - I reckon if they could both still be playing that out now, and there still wouldn't be a winner. Surely some sort of fight or flight, adrenaline pumping scenario comes into it for Thistle on Sunday? It's well and truly the last chance for them.
  5. I've been thinking about this for months now, and I really have no idea how David Hopkin has managed it. He has rung every ounce of effort and commitment from this group of players this season, going all the way back to July of last year. The fitness is incredible, and wouldn't look out of place amongst the top table in this country. I really can't see Partick being as bad as they were tonight on Sunday, it was always going to be a very difficult match for us but I'm chuffed to fucking bits that we've at least got something to go there with. Bar the goal, we never really afforded Partick anything, and whilst the second half was a bit of a slog we turned the screw quite a bit and should've had more than 2 IMO. I sincerely hope Thompson's and Pittman's misses don't come back to bite us; if we apply ourselves as we did tonight, we're in with a very decent shout.
  6. It’s very surreal seeing so many folk getting behind us. Wish we could just get #Admin3 out the way so everyone can go back to hating us.
  7. Well this thread took an unusual turn.
  8. If De Vita is out, as expected, I would go with Cadden or Frizzell off Miller. It really won’t be pretty, but at this point I honestly couldn’t give a f**k. If we were to go on and finish the job now without our two best players, IMO, that’d be some achievement in itself.
  9. Are Queen of the South *that* much ahead of us in budgetary terms? With all due to respect to the Doonhamers I honestly think Mullin can do better than them. Given how much he’s come on in the past 18 months or so I think he could be a fairly competent lower end Premiership player with the correct coaching and resources behind him. I was also seeing today on SSN that the Morecambe manager is linked with Carlisle. Hope for us yet?
  10. If he’s got his head together and can get a good run of games behind him, I think he’ll be a very good keeper for League 1. Had a superb record of keeping out penalties for us, was immense during 14/15 but petered out the next season and couldn’t get his place back in the team. Good luck to the guy if he moves up there, deserves a crack at it again.
  11. Sounds good to me, I look forward to rolling down it in spectacular fashion at the final whistle.
  12. What stand are the Livi fans going to be in at Firhill?
  13. Away to f**k. As the captain of his side, his actions during the first leg were an embarrassment. Not sure it affected the overall result of the tie but it summed up how much of a shambles United are at the moment.
  14. Willo Flood was sitting with the other United players in the North stand during the first half, took a shellacking walking back to the tunnel at half time, and never reappeared for the second half with his colleagues. For a so-called hardman, what a shitebag.