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  1. The Tribute Act v CL Diddy Team

    They’ve got to find some grievance for them haven’t they?
  2. Utterly dreadful referee
  3. Let's get started. Prediction 0-1
  4. Scottish Cup

    ... unless you are Albion Rovers
  5. Stranraer v Airdrie

    Nonsense. Worst refereeing decision I've seen in at least 12 months.
  6. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Since the new system is designed to address the statistical disadvantage of going second it almost certainly affected the result. Presumably Livingston did not protest since they are glad to be out of the cup. And presumably the SPFL and the SFA don't want an investigation which would likely pin the blame on them for poor briefing of the referees.
  7. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Farce of this beautifully summed up in today's Times. Two referees running penalty shootouts followed different formats. So presumably the match with the wrong format will have to be replayed?
  8. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Can't see why anyone is criticising a competition with massively attractive games like a Cove v Crusaders and TNS v Elgin [emoji6]
  9. TNS vs Livingston

    Since there is nil interest in this game elsewhere in Scotland what's the point in this thread?
  10. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Perhaps Rovers should temporarily change their name to Rangers and then the authorities would just ignore he registration issues [emoji6]
  11. Queens Park v Stranraer

    Surely we should be able to afford another couple of players from the gate money from our upcoming glamour tie against Partick Thistle colts.
  12. Clyde vs Stranraer

    I think we'll find that the starting 11 on Saturday will be much closer to what we finished with last night than our starting lineup. Suspect the manager will take the view that everyone in the squad has now had a chance but that it's clear that some (e.g. Okoh and Woods) are squad players rather than first choices.
  13. Clyde vs Stranraer

    Poor performance until Clyde's second goal - which was a cracker - but thereafter we dominated. Okoh missed three sitters, and the referee missed a clear tug on his shirt in the box, so we should not have had to take this into extra time to win. Agree with the comments about the referee. Apart from missing the second penalty he allowed persistent fouling from Goodwillie in particular to go unpunished. And he was conned many times with "head injuries". A classic "homer". Clear why the second string guys given a start tonight are bench warmers - we were much better with Thomson, Wallace and Hamill on the park. As for Clyde, I expect you'll have a much better season than last.
  14. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Crowds pouring in for today's game