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  1. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Cut down their privet hedges and replace them with ramshackle fences made from random pieces of wood.
  2. Brewdog - Beer For Girls

    Fact: Brewdog got its name when the first tester to taste their drink said that it tasted like "Brewed dog shit, with a hint of chestnut".
  3. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Did Rob MacLean refer to Morton as Falkirk a few times today, or do I need to get my ears syringed?
  4. Snow!

    None left.
  5. Snow!

    Anyone in or around Falkirk know of anywhere selling decent quality snow shovels?
  6. Rangers vs Falkirk March 4th

  7. Snow!

    Anyone blaming the SNP?
  8. Snow!

    Its because its so cold apparently.
  9. Snow!

    What's with this fine powdery shit falling in Falkirk?! Where are the big fluffy flakes?
  10. Snow!

    The snow is of a shite standard here in Falkirk so far.
  11. Glaswegians

    I like running Glaswegians over in my 1991 Vauxhall Nova. It's a hobby of sorts.
  12. Leeann Dempster

    So RatNamara it is then!
  13. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    We'll now be subjected to a stream of Rangers diddies getting caps so that'll the **** can add a couple of digits to their transfer value.
  14. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

  15. Heart of Midlothian Season 2017/2018

    Roses are red Violets are blue If you're a black man at Tynecastle Hearts fans will attack you