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  1. Colombia v Japan (the hot one)

  2. Tunisia v England

    It's....it's....all falling apart.
  3. Tunisia v England

  4. Tunisia v England

    England keeper to get sent off please.
  5. Belgium v Panama

  6. Belgium v Panama

    At least my Nan's 5-0 prediction is still a possibility.
  7. Belgium v Panama

    This is the footballing equivalent of constipation.
  8. Belgium v Panama

    Belgium are playing like a team that's already through to the next round.
  9. Belgium v Panama

    We could see the first red card in this match.
  10. Belgium v Panama

    I hope you'll treat me to P&B Platinum with your winnings, DrewDon!
  11. Belgium v Panama

    Another 5-0 coming up lads.
  12. Germany vs Mexico

    German efficiency is steadily increasing lads.
  13. Germany vs Mexico

  14. Costa Rica vs Serbia

    A peach of a free kick.
  15. Peru vs Denmark

    Solid penalty attempt.