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  1. whisky lovers

    I've just opened this one which I got today. https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/springbank/springbank-12-year-old-cask-strength-56-5-whisky/?srh=1 Deary me it's wonderful. I think I might have just got the last one of that batch on Master of Malt and have also ordered one of the new batch from TWE as well. Smells like maraschino cherries and a kind of salty-sweet honeycomb with the familiar funky Campbeltown malty flavour that I can only really describe as 'Campbeltown' because there's not really anything else like it. I've only ever got that nose and taste from Springbank and Kilkerran. Magical. If the cherry on the nose sounds oddly specific on the official tasting notes I can guarantee it actually is accurate.
  2. I've never really rated Baird. Not exactly going to solve our problem of defenders and midfielders outscoring most of the forwards.
  3. Ton v sons

    Just seen the goal there. That's a firm header give he's running away from goal.
  4. Ton v sons

    It's a brass neck when the process of even getting a ticket with money in your hand is such a pain in the arse with Morton.
  5. Ton v sons

    Didn't score, opposition did.
  6. Ton v sons

    442 usual no? Lamie left back Russell midfield again.
  7. whisky lovers

    Apples and oranges. The longrow is near 50% older and heavily peated. A different beast really. It is a bit better from what I remember but it's probably in proportion. I'd love to try a wine cask Deanston aged in the mid teens to see how it sits. Also, see how it develops as you work down the bottle. Wouldn't be surprised to find you like a bit better a couple of months and a good few halves down the line.
  8. Queens v Morton

    Good highlights. 2 fine goals and a near wonder strike that turned wonder save. Dece entertainment .
  9. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Quality, heids gone at the death as well.
  10. Queens v Morton

    Its just Northfield howling at the moon again.
  11. Queens v Morton

    D- for effort.
  12. Boxing Thread

    Looks like he dislocated his left shoulder mid round.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Scenes at the end Groves never got out of first gear, I thought had he mounted a proper offense he could knocked Jnr out any time in the 2nd half of the fight.
  14. Boxing Thread

    Jnr looks fucked. It's a good watch though. Just windmilling wildly.
  15. Boxing Thread

    The difference in footwork is stark. Jnr is plodding forward head first and getting caught.