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  1. Boxing Thread

    Whyte can be entertaining to watch at least when he gets in a scrap. Honestly a lot worst opponents for Joshua out there. We'll probably see worse in the next 12 months.
  2. 'Supporting your team is not a crime' No but sectarianism, vandalism, assault, smokebombs and flares are.
  3. f**k up. The thread is back to normality. Go away.
  4. whisky lovers

    Aye. I took a bottle over to a mate in Germany for putting me up for a weekend. Bottle was open about 20 seconds after I handed it to him. Good lad, him.
  5. whisky lovers

    Anything under £50 is a good buy for A'Bunadh. Absolutely excellent. I like the Glenfarclas 105 as well which isn't too far away in profile and you can get a litre for about £35. Cannae beat it. Enjoying a wee sample of Glen Scotia 10(peated) the now. Really nice. I also tried the Kilchoman red wine cask I bought at the start of the week. Took about 20 minutes or more to open up properly but given time it was spectacular.
  6. Lootboxes, pay to win etc

    I'd add day 1 DLC to lootboxes in this rant btw. Disgraceful from publishers and won't stop while people are still buying it.
  7. Lootboxes, pay to win etc

    Agreed. People who buy the new FIFA at launch every year are the worst of mugs. I haven't bought once since 2008. On PC minor gameplay improvements and updated textures/weapons or in FIFA's case, squads, would be called a patch. And it would be free. It would not cost £50 a year and come not even cleverly packaged as a new game.
  8. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    Welp, time to depict your shaggy mass on the gallows under the pseudonym of a fictional sidekick.
  9. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    Too late, i looked. I'm deactivating my Facebook and cancelling my credit card.
  10. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    I just skimmed the last 6 pages. The court case thing has been ongoing for years. The blog thing was genuinely sinister. That Dr Watson character supplying pictures and stuff from social media. Bunch of creepy loonballs. And that is enough of that for a few months. f**k sake.
  11. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    Someone summarise. I haven't been near any thread on the Championship forum for some time. Fucks hapnin on the Morton thread?
  12. Emergency loans

    There's something very cathartic about this thread. I've read before it's good for men's mental health to go to the pub because they talk more over a few pints than they might otherwise. This is like the online, slightly more sober version. Seeing posters talking about adult problems and helping out without (too much) ridicule. Good shit.
  13. whisky lovers

    They seem to be churning out high quality whisky regardless of age. It's more expensive than the average 12-15 year old bottles but then look at Octomore which is considerably higher up in price again for mostly 5-10 year old expressions.
  14. whisky lovers

    http://kilchomandistillery.com/whisky-shop/single-malt-whisky-liqueur/red-wine-cask-matured Managed to bag one of these about half an hour ago. They were on sale for all of about 3 minutes before they sold out.