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  1. It's been poor quality in general compared to Selby v Ding earlier.
  2. People will believe what they want, and what you consider balance of probability isn't the truth. The video certainly looked bad but that's all we see. I give him the benefit of the doubt. No suspicious betting patterns ever linked to him so the only thing he was ever guilty of was what he said in the video. None of us know the circumstances of it.
  3. And he said he agreed to whatever they said because he feared for his safety. I think that's reasonable considering where he was.
  4. Anyway, Higgins through, O'Sullivan oot on his ear. Pleasing.
  5. John Higgins has never been formally accused, charged or found guilty of any match fixing. Nor has there ever been suspicious betting patterns around any of his games that could have seen his integrity called into question as is pretty much always seen around true offenders like Stephen Lee, Jamie Burnett etc. In fact the WPBSA investigation found that Higgins had given a truthful account of the meeting in Kiev since he suspected mafia involvement. He was banned for failing to report an approach from men he thought were gangsters - who were really just scumbag NotW plants looking to make a story - and giving the impression that he would break the rules. I would take Higgins word every time over that of crooked journalists who tried to ruin the guy's life. A true Scottish sporting legend. I clocked him as well, travels with the same supporter's club as me.
  6. If O'Sullivan goes out it'll be a Selby v Higgins final at this rate. Unless Ding can hold his bottle in a scrap with Selby.
  7. Fu getting unceremoniously buggered. Higgins already through.
  8. Think how much more aerodynamic he'd be if he wasn't hairier than a baboon too.
  9. ^ yeah that. He's a bellend with no regard for the sport, its rules or the fans.
  10. Pleasing evening session there. Hopefully O'Sullivan goes out to shut those annoying c***s up. Crowd and commentary. Higgins playing like a dream so far. Hope Fu comes back a bit fresher for his 2nd session against Selby, would love to see him out. Fu wasn't at it all after his match against Robertson.
  11. It's a bit late to gain any fluency and they're both under pressure now at this stage. Any mistake potentially match losing. They know they're not playing well. It's an interesting watch.
  12. Yep.
  13. I quite like Parrott. He's at least got a bit of patter as well as knowledge of the game. Personally I'm a big fan of Alan McManus on Eurosport.