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  1. Nice. I might be heading to Craigellachie or somewhere nearby in winter so will be looking to take in a couple of distilleries if I can. My recent additions are a Glenfarclas 15 (excellent value, less than £50), a Benrinnes 19yr Signatory and a 16yr Tomatin Connoisseurs Choice. Have only opened the Glenfarclas as yet.
  2. I'm shaving. 26 but will be 24 and a half on the day.
  3. Doohan is a development loan. We could actually still get 2 full loans from Celtic if the clubs wanted.
  4. Buzzfeed for this utter, utter pish.
  5. It's mostly a case of not buying it. One of these confirmation bias things but it seems like every time all the fans on one side are so negative, they fucking win. Your lot might be pish but they'll still pick up points. Would not be surprised if we turn in a stinker at one of our biggest bogey grounds. It's also too early to know if we're actually any good yet. Saturday was probably the first time we've played our strongest team in our favoured setup.
  6. The goal cam for the penalty Quitongo won shows him actually trying to stay on his feet to get a shot away. I don't think there's much doubt about either pen. Maybe the straight red later was double punishment but he'd have walked for a 2nd booking anyway no?
  7. Don't get carried away says St Mirren fan on thread created by St Mirren fan about finishing above The Famous. See also pre match predictions on the match thread. Delicious.
  8. A good morning to all you lot tip toeing into work with heads down. Special shout to Shull, great wee read on B&W army. Why do they hate us?
  9. Meh. Falkirk went to Paisley thinking they would walk it. Got pumped. The midden came to Greenock yesterday expecting to walk it. Got thoroughly pumped. Our record there is bad enough that I don't think we should be making the same mistake of thinking we'll win. A point here is probably fine.
  10. Morton weren't even particularly good against the 10 men. We let the burners have more of the ball after the sending off. Tam O'Ware just strolling back into the team with no pre season and no games and putting in a towering performance was so pleasing. Tidser bossed it from the middle and Quitongo was unplayable. O'Ware being back gives us a spine to the team again. That wasn't even near our best, it was just good enough for the day. Fucking love getting that lot pumped.
  11. Burners have been the better team since going down to ten. I remember seeing this last season...
  12. Rubnish. We should be 2 up. 2 sitters.