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  1. whisky lovers

    I've had a bottle of that gifted before also. Nothing to do with suppliers though. It was ok. Standard meh NAS bottle a la Glenlivet founders reserve etc. Better than a kick in the stones for free though.
  2. Boxing Thread

    I think in its own way the loss to Spence was even more brutal for him. Such a good even fight before the eye socket broke. Guy is nails for fighting through 3 rounds of that 2 fights in a row but it will shorten his career. Then you look at Rigondeaux who just chucked it because he was getting stuffed.
  3. whisky lovers

    If you like Bruichladddich there will be some lightning deals on Amazon later. I'll be watching the Octomore one to see if it goes low enough to tempt me (the .3s are meant to be the bollocks) and the Islay Barley. Had the Port Charlotte Islay barley (twice) and it's lovely.
  4. Snooker

    I'm off work on Thursday so got myself an all day ticket to the Scottish open. Really cheap actually £16.50 for the morning and afternoon sessions. Evening is £11.
  5. SPOTY 2017

    Texting a retired boxer calling him a disgrace to the superior black race. A few days later blamed it on a 'hack' but not many really believe that.
  6. SPOTY 2017

    Anthony Joshua seems a bit racist and shouldn't be anywhere near it.
  7. Zombies v League Leaders

    We were fucking pish and deserved the scoreline we got.
  8. See original post on this thread made by.. oh, you. more unacceptable
  9. Zombies v League Leaders

    A gap that can't be made up in 2 games is pretty wide. But it's early enough in the season not to bother too much about unless we get beat. I don't see us getting too close to them if we end up 10 points behind this weekend. Who knows, if we won it would be a good time to start looking up the table again. Pretty sure we wont be in danger of joining Falkirk and Brechin any time soon.
  10. whisky lovers

    Aye I missed Gordon & Macphail haha. Probably the biggest and best known. Also Cadenheads now I think about it. Yep never had a SMWS bottle for that reason myself. IBs are generally decent for most whiskies - except the defunct ones and Springbank. Springbank is just dear whatever you go after. Must be small production.
  11. whisky lovers

    I mean they are primarily an independent bottler. Old Particular is one of their ranges. They just buy the spirit from distilleries and age/bottle them themselves. They also do the Provenance and Clan Denny stuff in the picture you quoted. Other notable indy bottlers are Hunter Laing (sister company I believe?), Signatory, Ian MacLeod (Chieftains), Scotch Malt Whisky Society etc.
  12. whisky lovers

    They do single malts as well as their quirky new range of blends. A lot of it really good too. The last grain whisky I tried was Compass Box Hedonism. Right up there with the malts Compass Box had on offer.
  13. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Celtic asking for another doing here. Hopefully one of the Belgians does a number on Sinclair at some point.
  14. The penalty not given fucked things up considering the game would likely have been put to bed before half time. Which makes the very soft penalty given all the more confusing.
  15. Zombies v League Leaders

    I, too, take confidence in football results based on internet forum posts from bumpkins. Off to the bookies armed with this thread.