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  1. Says uber Hamilton fanboy. Interesting observation for a fan of the biggest bitch on the grid.
  2. I agree it's unlikely but it was just a fact. £2 extra at Dumbarton bothers me less than a £35 return ticket to Dunfermline or something. I don't know where you're getting the 'unfair' from people not being ripped off for a change though.
  3. Yeah the easiest solution to me is just to move the players back. Maybe not the half way line but somewhere they'll have no chance encroaching when the kick is taken. I like this too. Kinda rugby penalty advantage but with with free kicks. However this one would be harder to implement. It would really vary in usefulness depending on where the free kick is from. No point letting play go on for 30 seconds to pull it back for a trip in your own half.
  4. Could the photographer not get Lyle to even sort the collar out, what is going on there? The home top is dece but the away one is an absolute banger and not in the good way.
  5. That Aberdeen top though. It's actually smart. I like it.
  6. Not so much bottle crashing, more like settling for the playoffs and getting the cigars out 3 months early. Fucking Morton.
  7. You've heard it here first folks. £20 for the spoon burners, cheaper for everyone else. Well done fuddies.
  8. Just posting out a thought but wouldn't it be great if say the SPFL could work a deal with Scotrail to allow for discounted travel prices for matchday ticket holders. The price of transport in Scotland is a far bigger issue to me than a couple of quid here and there at the actual grounds.
  9. Quiet confidence. No one is talking about Morton's chances and that's fine. Probably no point since the midden have it wrapped up before a ball is kicked anyway.
  10. I don't know why footballers would feel the need to explain themselves to supporters of their old club for celebrating a goal. It's the folk that get angry about that shite that need to grow up.
  11. That home top minus the sponsor is sensational.