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  1. I've posted multiple times on this very thread. So it's not really almost like that at all.
  2. Lootboxes, pay to win etc

    It's not really to do with hiding core content. That's more to do with actually classifying lootboxes as a form of gambling without the same warnings and regulations that other mediums would be subject to. It is a good thing just not on the same page as p2w mechanics.
  3. Fallout New Vegas

    Yeah pretty much this. The start is a bad introduction to a good game.
  4. Fallout New Vegas

    I would recommend committing to the point you reach the main actors in the game which are the controlling factions of the Mojave desert. I agree the start is shite - I didn't really play new Vegas for a good year after I bought it because the start of the game was empty and unengaging and I didn't go back to it. I was glad when I finally did, it's really good. The DLC are superb as well.
  5. Fallout New Vegas

    The start is more boring than the other gsmes because you don't start in a vault. It gets so much better after the first couple of hours.
  6. Snooker

    Apparently they've banned football tops this year. Under the guise of avoiding rival fans kicking off but hopefully just to get it up that fanny.
  7. Is that a step up from overproof rum?
  8. Potentially horrible tackle from Dorrans. More please. Heids aw o'er the shoap.
  9. Harvey Price would have made a better go of that chance than this doppelganger c**t
  10. Poor Harvey Price is having a torrid time up front there.
  11. Halliday hahaha, listen to the Sevconians as well. Well he does hate the pope, and the IRA and at the end of the day these are more important characteristics than footballing ability.
  12. 2% This is one of those skelpings I reckon.