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  1. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Maybe it was Nicky Clark was the jinx in the DA v DU fixtures? Looking forward to not losing to them this season now. But honestly am a little annoyed that a team of similar size/stature has managed to nick another player. Not gutted just annoyed. Fully resigned to Aird making the switch too. Hopefully AJ has some targets lined up as will have freed up some budget at least.
  2. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Carnegie, Adamson, Dickson and that world record holder with the Ferrero Rocher
  3. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Oaft. That video on Twitter. They’ve got a cheek playing banjo music only when we visit. #straightouttarabun
  4. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Was that bone idle?
  5. Agreed, simpletons. Not my argument. The McDonald song, does that not go like this? Scott McDonald had a dive Ee-aye-ee-aye-oh Got our man Ashcroft a red card Ee-aye-ee-aye-oh With rescind here, a rescind there Everywhere a rescind Scott McDonald took a dive Ee-aye-ee-aye-oh
  6. I agree with you that was their intention - to insult. It can ONLY be that way if society still finds being called gay is an insult. If no one sees it that way then it would be pointless using it. ...."Cheating, diving, Aussie spawn of deported criminals" may have sufficed?
  7. You've hit the nail on the head. The problem is that society still views calling someone gay by implication or inference, as an insult. What my clumsily put point was in the first place is that this is what is wrong with general attitudes. I have a "so what" attitude to it, therefore I personally don't find it offensive and find that it says more about the person attempting to use it as an insult. If everyone moved beyond it being an insult we'd be in a far better place. Let me make it clear, again, that I am not and have never been homophobic. I support same sex marriage for example. The comment about perversion is correct, by definition, and applies to both gay or straight (save going into graphic detail). There is nothing perverted about being attracted to members of the same sex. Two completely different things. Again this comes back to my original point in that people still correlate the two. The accusation by a couple of contributors on here that I am somehow a racist couldn't be farther from the truth either, I should find it offensive but I just pity them for making it.
  8. I didn’t partake, and to be clear I am not condoning such songs, but as Scott McDonald is not reputed to be gay, I’m not sure how such a chant can automatically be viewed as “homophobic”. It’s a bit of a leap to connect a song about a hypothetical perversion to homosexuality, and therefore be able to class it as homophobic. I expect the full wrath of those who don’t understand the nuance. I think it could possibly breach guidelines for containing a sweary word but the connection to homophobia is tenuous to say the least. I’m not sure who could possibly be offended other than parents with young children hearing offensive language. But none of you folks calling it out have ever done that? It’s a bit of a paradox in that it’s making the connection, that’s the bit that makes it homophobic. And to those that think that this defends your juvenile chant, you are wrong. I think you should stop, not because it offends - I deplore the constant nannying and snowflakedness in society, to the point that a YouTube video gets you fined - but because I think that diving shit McDonald actually ups his game when he hears it. I think it would freak him out if the crowd went silent every time he was on the ball.
  9. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Talbot was solid (one of our most consistent performers) until he lost his place and only Martin's performances have kept him out. One of the best full backs in the Championship in my opinion.
  10. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Gamble indeed. At least he tried throwing the dice. Get rid of our player of the season? Clearly you’re not thinking straight.
  11. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    You guys can’t have it both ways. The number of times AJ was criticised for not changing it, or not bringing on subs this season yet you complain when he does. If we’d equalised and then gone on to win in ET or pens it could have been considered a master stroke. Unfortunately the tactic was probably not considered in training as the likelihood of the game going as it did was negligible. We probably needed to be cuter by initially putting him in midfield and not make it obvious what we were up to. That may have been the tactic but it looked like he was a little lost out there. There were also a couple of long range airborne passes that weren’t aimed at him which didn’t help. I’ve just seen that Livvy are charging £20 for the second leg next Friday so at least our massive support have been spared a fleecing. I’d always preferred the idea of when returning to the top tier, it being as champions anyway rather than this arriving via the backdoor. Bring on 18-19!
  12. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Release Talbot and Paton?! How easily you treat Talbot as a forgotten man because Martin has played some of the best football of his career after coming in. Talbot is a solid fullback and excellent defensive cover. Defo keep. Paton is the most underrated player in our squad. A classy midfielder but AJ mysteriously seems to overlook him. Defo keep and give him gametime. I think our squad needs minor tweaks but there was more than an element of bad luck to last nights loss. On another night that could have been a 4-0 spanking we dished out.
  13. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Living legend.
  14. 3-1, When did that happen? I was at a 3-0 pumping of the eventual champions.
  15. Hopefully AJ running onto the pitch at FT tonight to do a fortnight dance with Higgy will give you some new material.* *won't happen.
  16. McDonald obviously has a penchant for armpits the way he buries his face in there. Never a red, possibly a yellow ...for McDs simulation pretending he’d been elbowed.
  17. The advantage of having the home leg second is that you then know what you need to do. Home tie first is only an advantage if you go all out and kill the tie by sticking 5 goals away. 4 goals is not enough to kill a tie when when we’re involved.
  18. Name Ruth Davidson's child...

    Alan B'stard
  19. Is this a scam

    Turn off your phone, lock your doors, hide under your bed and await rescue.
  20. Smugfest

    Last night...
  21. Moat boring season ever?

    Whoosh me happy, Mr Obvious.
  22. Who do you want to come down?

    Dundee, because Scotland needs a Dundee derby.
  23. Pars v Sons

    Damn, I was ready to blame him for affecting the psyche of our players in the event of a defeat.
  24. Pars v Sons

    The scenario I feared.
  25. The Exciting Race for the Premiership Playoffs

    These dates have left me hoping for 4th so I at least get to the Tuesday game. Agreed to work Friday night only yesterday so I'm totally pissed off.