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  1. 'Colt Clubs' & The Democratic Principle

    Surely the way to solve the Scottish youth development issue would be for the “rich” teams to pay decent transfer fees to lower tier clubs, rather than snap them up for peanuts under the current arrangements, giving an incentive once again for development by lower league clubs. Using other teams as sparring partners so they can develop players and pay these teams a little cash to smooth over this dirty little arrangement isn’t going to solve much. It just means players that “make it” will be getting splinters in their arse at Ibrox or Parkhead. Or that they will head to the English leagues for astronomical transfers creating further disparity in the Scottish game with the big two getting even more of the wealth, whilst the others get strangled further. The product suffers in Scotland and the better players for the Scottish national team that Project Brave is meant to herald remains unproven.
  2. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    If we had the old Sammy, I’d like to see him do this and follow it up by ripping off his shirt to reveal a “who’s lying down now?” T-shirt. I’d pay the gate money just for that.
  3. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Who’s up for a surprise sliding tackle whilst he wanders along behind the goal?
  4. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    St Mirren, one of the worst teams to show up at East End this season, 3-0 going on 6-0. It astounds me the league position they find themselves in. About time this was redressed. We always win on BT on a Friday so don’t see any issues. 2-0, Cardle and Wedderburn.
  5. Dunfermline vs Greenock Morton - Sat 20th Jan

    What use is a player who is only effective when playing against us? Think Falkirk is the team that he’ll end up at.
  6. Dunfermline vs Greenock Morton - Sat 20th Jan

    Ref was so poor that he allowed a free kick to be taken 5 yards inside the Morton half for an offside against them. Farcical, as well as no bookings for the major time wasting near the end. Harkins pretended to kick the ball away by accident - most wooden piece of acting I’ve seen this year. Anyway enough moaning. Get Jai signed as it was obvious from his goal celebration that he he wants to be playing at EEP every second week, as well as obviously trying hard to get himself noticed by a bigger club, by scoring a disproportionate amount of goals against us.
  7. Dunfermline vs Greenock Morton - Sat 20th Jan

    Reported for weather speculation.
  8. Think that you maybe should concentrate on your own clubs predicament?
  9. Financial woes are no laughing matter.
  10. When did your team last score 6 goals ?

    Dunfermline 6 Elgin 0 this season
  11. Dunfermline v Dundee Utd. Sat. 13th Jan '18

    Wasn’t impressed by how easily United players went to ground yesterday, and the referee would give a foul. How often they were they pulling on M’Voto’s shirt? At one point he should have had a penalty, yet M’Voto got booked after he gets fouled and the ref gives it the other way?! #justiceformvoto
  12. Dunfermline v Dundee Utd. Sat. 13th Jan '18

    Are you suggesting that losing to Alloa is stick on?
  13. Dunfermline v Dundee Utd. Sat. 13th Jan '18

    Like this to be in the #dafcplaylist for today Let’s hope Csaba’s team selection is rank, and the team “turn him inna donkey - yes”. Booyaka!
  14. Dunfermline v Dundee Utd. Sat. 13th Jan '18

    I’m a big fan of using acronym shorthands to save time, and also like to ensure everyone knows what I mean by putting it in parentheses after. Win win. Recent form points to a Pars win, however we have what is becoming a bit of a hoodoo with this fixture. Time to blow United away, and get back in the title race. LUGRITPDTECBFTO (Let’s get right into these prima donna title expectant city boys from the off).