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  1. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Couldn't make Saturday. How did Morris play?
  2. I live west of Westhill. The traffic on Saturdays and before 1900hrs in the evenings is very heavy.You would have problems getting home after Saturday games. Every home game would seem like an away game. Attendances would definitely suffer badly if there was any dip in team performance. Give the club the stadium it wants at a location which can easily be reached by all fans..
  3. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Whittaker should be starting, he is a good player.
  4. King's Links, Loirston and best of all redevelop Pittodrie. The latter would'nt please our chairman. He's been trying to get his hands on Pittodrie for years. kingsford only considered because it costs peanuts as planning permission for other developments has already been refused there ( twice!)
  5. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    We've had a shot on target!
  6. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    The miracle will be that you don't keep a clean sheet.
  7. The obsession with Kingsford is ridiculous and only s money making exercise for the chairman. Aberdeen should be playing somewhere in the city and not in the middle of nowhere with terrible transport links. Shuttle buses from the town centre, really? Parking at Kingswells then hiking it to Westhill? Would have been great in the recent terrible weather. Come on lads, get back to the day job.
  8. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Don't worry, you score, you win. We don't do scoring.
  9. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    If we lose to this lot, we're done.
  10. Cowdenbeath 0 - ? Peterhead

    Yes Rumsby didn't have a great game on Saturday but was still one of our best players. Re the long ball? That happens week in week out all over the country. The Berwick goal was poor defensively but where was the RB and could the keeper have cut out the cross?
  11. Cowdenbeath 0 - ? Peterhead

    I like Rumsby. As Nelly says , maybe not his best game on Saturday but still one of the better players. He is our best defender and only seems to struggle a bit when up against tall forwards. The thought of playing against Rory on Saturday probably didn't help but he did keep him in check for most of the game.
  12. Cowdenbeath 0 - ? Peterhead

    Forfar manager punted!
  13. Cowdenbeath 0 - ? Peterhead

    You'd be surprised if you knew how old he actually is. Can't believe that any Pars fan is still hurting from that result.
  14. Cowdenbeath 0 - ? Peterhead

    Comment on Buchanan was purely on effort. He tried yesterday, very hard but have to agree about ability. The three subs who came on probably should have been on from the start.
  15. Cowdenbeath 0 - ? Peterhead

    That's been said for a long time. The youngsters aren't doing well.