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  1. Don't underestimate Montrose, they played really well against Cowden. Their attack isn't frightening but they have some very good defenders.
  2. Be a change not to play a game in a howling gale. Let's hope our midfielders can get into the game and give some decent ball to Carrick and Renton.
  3. Oh dear.
  4. Don't worry about it mate, at least you are being realistic. It's not easy being down here.
  5. That's why we are bottom of the league and you are second bottom. The second goal didn't come in the 90th min. There was stil a long time to play (51st min.) Clyde really were awful, yes they had chances which better players would have taken. One shot on target v five for Cowden. Says it all.
  6. Funny how the rotten teams always beat Clyde. You were never in it. How many chances did Cowdenbeath miss? You never missed the penalty either. Our keeper saved it.
  7. Hope it isn't too long!
  8. Bet you were the only ICT fan there. They don't do travelling.
  9. Seen all the games against Montrose and up until yesterday they'd been the poorest team we've played. Their defence was really solid, fullbacks both played well. I'd take them both. Their No5 handled Renton well, although he was lucky with a couple of his tackles. A stronger ref would have given at least one penalty. He pushed a Cowden player with both hands right in front of him. Not that it matters that much, we'd probably have missed it anyway. Pity they didn't bring Muirhead on. Anyway, well done Montrose.
  10. He did have one decent save near the end, the only shot we had! His handling and distribution was good. Looked confident but as you say, an easy game.
  11. How'd the cheats do today?
  12. Thought Montrose were giving us a break when they brought on Iain Campbell, we countered that of course when we took off Robbie. Montrose scored straight away.
  13. I'd agree with that. Think some folk have an agenda with certain players.
  14. Cheers.
  15. Hope it's not the fitba that makes it miserable.