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  1. Renton missed his penalty in the Alloa shoot out on Saturday!
  2. Any news on Whittaker? Will he be out for a while?
  3. How is CJ doing? Has he scored yet?
  4. Buckie have had their chance of taking something from a game. They were poor on Saturday. Don't expect them to get close to any of the teams.
  5. Thought the score flattered Buckie, a lot. A freak goal at the start and there second goal again showed the problems we still have with corners. Davie was flapping at a few as well. We do need a big central defender. That apart we created so many chances, Robbie should have scored three or four. Great to see four players in attacking positions second half and creating so many problems for Buckie. I hope someone recorded our fourth goal. I lost count of the number of players Connelly beat. Good support for Buckie too.
  6. Aberdeen have a class act in Greg Stewart if they figure out how to use him properly. Just ask any Dundee fans if he's missed.
  7. Sounds good. We did need a right back.
  8. Another Scottish team bite the dust? No matter which way you spin this, it's a terrible result for Scotland's second best team. Good luck to the Dons, I hope they get through but this really shows how poor Scottish football is.
  9. Any more signings coming up? Not much backup in the squad.
  10. Shaping up now. Still a bit light in midfield and another defender would be good if Gerry has gone. Renton is going to be difficult to replace.
  11. Whittaker was the name I got. Killie fans reckon he's pretty good.
  12. Just back from Majorca and met a couple of Killie fans who know the mother of the player involved. They said he had signed or was signing for Cowden. Didn't believe it at the time but if the same rumour is coming from another source there might be something to it. Maybe Locke leaving has complicated things though.
  13. Why? We've had Nish and Fox who were being paid. Can't be any worse.
  14. Shocked, but I suppose we should be getting used to stuff like this. And the season hasn't even started.
  15. Very doubtful that their new ground will go ahead. It'll buy them some replacements for all those that have left though. I'll be going to watch Stewart if I can't get to CP.