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  1. There is definitely a real good feel good factor about the club. Jack Ross has managed to give us all hope and some genuine belief for the first time in years. On the issue of Rory Loy I've heard from some that the Bairns are offering him more cash than we are. Don't know how accurate this is but if true that's going to put you guys as front runners to get his signature.
  2. We've shifted 1700 so far as the early bird offer is open until July.
  3. Scrambling for relevance ^^^ Thanks for playing and better luck next time ......
  4. I'm not surprised that you convienently choose to forget about Cammy Smith after the 4-1 horsing at Cappielow, you remember the game that had you all hot and bothered like a proper little Greenock Virgin. Nae luck chump and thanks for playing.........ect
  5. McGinn, Morgan, Cammy Smith, McKenzie, Stelios, Eckersley, Magennis for starters.
  6. Cheers for the reply mate. Sounds like he's a very decent young player. We are pretty much covered with central defenders although we've not yet heard if Harry Davis will definitely return. So there could still be another place to fill.
  7. Can any of you good Arbroath fans give an honest opinion on Craig Watson, I believe he's on trial with us at the moment.
  8. You might want to find some decent material before you go posting fishing trips.
  9. Lewis has only had one full season of starting games, he needs to stay at least one or two more seasons while learning his trade before he moves. After losing Mallan we can't really afford to be selling our next best asset, as he's going to be vital to our chances next season. fucking agents.
  10. Alex Neil big Eck or Tommy Wright will be in with a shout at Aberdeen. Jack needs to prove himself for another couple of seasons before he takes a bigger job.
  11. Stelios re-signing is tremendous news. He's going to be a huge asset to us playing in either full back position or midfield.
  12. What you actually mean is that you didn't understand the original post, therefore you thought it would be fun to act like a c**t. Off you f**k mate your talking pish.
  13. You decided to quote one part of my post in order to have a go. w****r.
  14. It's fucking weird to see so many posters from other clubs falling over themselves to tell us how poor Samson is. In fact Ross Stewart will almost certainly hold down the starting place with Samson as back up. The championship keeper of last season was Cammy Bell who makes plenty of high profile f**k ups, what do people honestly expect at this level.