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  1. Always impressed with Mullen while playing against us for Livi. Would be a cracking signing if it comes off.
  2. Let me think about that one ? Jordan Kirkpatrick or Henderson
  3. The Buddies v Dunfermline

    Our record against Dunfermline is pretty poor and they are very much a side who know exactly how to get a result against us. We haven't been anything more than efficient of late and losing our unbeaten home record to Dumbarton was a major blow. Big game for both clubs, difficult to call it either way so I'll go for the score draw.
  4. How many loans can we have if Liam Smith is already here for the season? If Morgan goes to Celtic and returns as part of that deal and we also get Henderson then McCart would have to go back to make space for Loy.
  5. On a serious note, it could well be a joint decision by both clubs to see them through the difficult Xmas period. Saints holding any sold ticket money until the Jan date before releasing the cash back to Morton.
  6. Is this why Morton were selling tickets for the new year Derby game weeks ago, trying to cover the costs of underpaid staff. Disgusting behaviour, I expect a full explanation from Virgin ton.
  7. I have the fear again

    That's a pretty sad state of affairs when guys are assaulting a 19 year old kid with learning difficulties. Whoever the culprits are deserve to be caught and charged. We don't need that kind of scum tarnishing the good name of either club.
  8. I have the fear again

    He's hardly played much football this season and if we were to sign him say in the Jan window, my concern would be his lack of match fitness and the time it would take for him to reach that status. Good player though.
  9. I have the fear again

    Sutton will be gone in January along with Hilson Duffy and Kirkpatrick who will most likely be shipped out on loan to a league one outfit. Jack's choice of squad filler has been questionable to say the least. We really need to bolster the midfield with a Goodwin type and somehow sign a decent striker. I doubt it will be Loy.
  10. I have the fear again

    Stelios sending off was utterly stupid and he deserved to go. Jack got it all wrong yesterday with the way he set the team up. Fair play to Aitken who once again got his game plan spot on. We were absolutely rotten from start to finish but take nothing away from the sons who thouroughly deserved to win. Tom Walsh was excellent as was Hutton who rarely wasted a ball during the match.
  11. De Vita only stayed on the park last night because he got the slightest touch on the ball, which in all honesty was down to pure luck. He attempted the same lunge twice on Liam Smith with the second attempt making sure he got his man. The fact that he did get a slight touch was as I said down to luck. He should have been given a straight red, Toderov should also have received a straight red for his blantant elbow in Jack Baird's face. By all means play to your strengths Livi are a big unit of physical players who will give everyone in this division problems. But as the QOS poster said they are agricultural in their approach at times, which is a shame as they have some very decent players.
  12. I have the fear again

    It won't be like last season where teams like Dumbarton would bully us in games, We showed last night against the agricultural tactics of Livi that we can match the most physical teams in this division, but still get the ball down and play decent football. Harry Davis and Jack Baird strolled it last night as did McGinn and McShane. Lewis Morgan is different he's on another level and for most of the game Livi had 4 players defending against him. Hutton is going to be busy.