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  1. I've been saying it all season, the standard is truly awful.
  2. I would like to see your reaction to a similar situation, should it happen to Utd in the play offs. Charelston should not officiate another match at senior level after that performance.
  3. You expected instant results with the fucking shambles that Rae left behind ? I was one of the fans who didn't want Rae appointed in the first place. He is a footballing dinosaur with a completely one dimensional hoof ball mentality. The warning signs were there when he gave Clarkson another year and Shankland came back from Aberdeen with an arse the size of a small country. The squad was unbalanced and had no direction or leader. Jack Ross has given us an identity we haven't had for years, the fans players and management have all bought into what he's trying to build. We should all be grateful while it lasts, as he's destined for a bigger job in the future.
  4. One or two might be getting carried away but it's certainly not unrealistic to be heading up to tannadice with a bit of positivity, given the current form guide we are in a very good run of late. Given the monumental mess that Rae left trailing in his wake, Ross has done a remarkable job to get us where we are at the minute. I would have bitten your hand off to be in the play off spot pre Xmas as we were isolated with no hope until Jack binned the duds that Rae assembled, and rebuilt the squad in what was a calculated gamble with ten new players. Jack Ross has done a magnificent job, delivering performances at exactly the right time, it's in our own hands what else did you expect from where we were.
  5. We will most definitely come up to tannadice looking to win the game. No question that Jack will have the players looking for 3 points as draws are no use at this point of the relegation scrap.
  6. Kyle Magennis is a gem of a young player. He's been doing a job playing out of position, and done us and himself proud. His natural position is central midfield, and he could step in to replace Mallan if he leaves come the end of the season.
  7. That's a great point for us today and it's good to see Dumbarton losing and they are now back in amongst the scrap. 1500 traveling fans again great support for the team and on we go to tannadice next sat.
  8. McGinn has only been here since the Jan window, in that short space of time he's arguably been the best midfielder in this division. He's been instrumental in our revival. Forbes has also been outstanding for a longer period of the season for Morton, and therefore will probably edge it over the season.
  9. To be fair you guys posted never ending highlights of the last min equaliser in the 1-1 draw at our place.
  10. Top cat's credibility was shot to bits from the minute he suggested Rae should have been given more time. He doesn't have the balls to admit he was wrong along with 2 or 3 other roasters who frequent the black & white army forum. They all wanted Ross to fail giving them the opportunity to say "I told you so". There has been absolutely no praise whatsoever for the amazing turnaround in our season, thats all down to Jack Ross and James Fowler.
  11. It was a considerable gap last night mate. 4-1 it could have been an even bigger gap had we taken more chances created.
  12. His problem is that he adores Gus and found it extremely difficult to hide his petted lip when Jack got the nod from Gordon Scott to take helm. A wee bit of humility and the admission from him that GLS made the correct decision in appointing Jack wouldn't go a miss. I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.
  13. Really? Roon ye you absolute fucking roaster, humiliated in your own stadium. We told you that we were a different proposition since Jack cleared the decks, and got rid of that sevco fud Rae's useless duds. Now you know. GLORIOUS