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  1. I expect Morton to have somewhere in the region of 300 to 400 tbh,but I can understand why they don’t want to travel in numbers. This is our party and we’re going to have one helluva day.
  2. It’s actually madness for the club not to put in place segregation in the north stand, and get more of our fans to the game. Hire a few portaloos if the problem is one set of toilets. Morton will have less than 500 fans leaving 1150 empty seats.
  3. Glorious, and thanks for playing champ.
  4. I wonder where Virgin ton GiGi and the purple monkey dishwasher guy have all disappeared to ? They were all very active not so long ago. Its almost like we’ve won the league and they can’t face coming on pie&bovril to take some of the medicine they so readily love to dish out.
  5. Spot on Stu, the best option is to put both culprits on ignore.
  6. Always plays well against us and to be honest looks a good player Are Morton due a fee ? Do you reckon he could cut it down in the English championship.
  7. In truth we’ve looked tired since the 2-2 draw at Inverness. We all knew the job was done but in the last 4 games we’ve looked burst. Tonight was a bit of a damp squib as a team of fringe players didn’t really get going. We need one more performance on sat for the trophy day. I expect to see us back at full strength.
  8. The thread you are referring to on Black & White army, has been hijacked by Shull trying hard to be a WUM but failing miserably. Edit to add, I apologise if you were referring to the thread Shull started about Danny Mullen ? Originally I thought you were referring to Shull’s comment about Samson. I’ve just seen the thread he started about Danny Mullen. Shull is a bellend.
  9. I was thinking about how long it would take for someone to mention Miller as a possible signing he’s more likely to get a coaching role somewhere in my opinion. He could certainly still do a job at that level for someone maybe go back to Hibs if he wants to continue playing.
  10. You make a very well balanced viewpoint of how he is failing. As you say I’m looking from the outside, so perhaps he’s taken things as far as he can. Who would you like to see come in as a replacement, given that your core squad looks very decent from the outside looking in.
  11. I genuinely don’t get the depth of bad feeling towards Jim Duffy. Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for in regards to the kind of man you get if the man currently at the helm gets the bullet. Look at where we were a year and a half ago, we had Alex Rae that says it all.