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  1. No room for error on here chaps..
  2. Donati almost single handedly tore us a brand new one for Accies in the league cup tie at the start of the season. Good signing that will provide good experienced cover for the title run in.
  3. League Leaders V Brechin City

    Yes there are plenty of spaces on nearby Murray Street and Clark street both in the industrial are just a 2 min walk from the ground.
  4. League Leaders V Brechin City

    Correct but the game changer was the calamity between Baird and Samson who are both prone to making monumental f**k ups. Now having said that Sammy has been brilliant for us and kept us in many games where we could have been in trouble. The same goes for Jack Baird arguably the most improved player at the club this season. Shit happens we've had one poor performance but when you consider how far we've come in one season it's an amazing turn around. We will win the Brechin game and go on to the title I have every faith in Jack Ross and this squad.
  5. League Leaders V Brechin City

    We simply have to get 3 points and put in a decent performance. Im hoping for an early goal to settle us and then run out comfortable winners. Then again it's St Mirren and we seldom do things the easy way.
  6. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Are you Alan Preston by any chance? He's also a bitter and twisted wee bellend.
  7. Neither was my reply to be honest. Just an observation of events going on at Dens, with the current squad you have I would expect you to have been doing better.
  8. You must be ecstatic with the job that the first choice is doing. McCann comes across like an absolute fucking baloon in post match interviews.
  9. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    We should have a big crowd through on sat after tonight's news the fans will travel through in big numbers as the feel good factor continues.
  10. Robbie Neilson for me, he's by far the best option currently available.
  11. I've given up on that site when you see absolute morons like Lord pity me trolling his own fan base, but with the brass neck to also have an agenda with The most successful manager we've had in years.
  12. There is no loyalty in football aside from fans who will always support their team. Managers and players are making a living in what is effectively a short career, they don't owe clubs anything as when it goes the other way clubs will drop managers and players like a stone. If he stays and sees it out to the end of the season then great, but if he goes then good luck to him he's been brilliant for us. Get Robbie Neilson in to the end of the season.
  13. Gary Monk has apparently thrown his hat in the ring for the Barnsley gig. My gut feeling is that Jack will see out the remainder of the season with Saints, and probably take on a bigger job at the end of the season.
  14. The salary increase of around 5 times what he's on at the moment will swing it in favour of JR taking the Barnsley gig if he does actually get interviewed for the job. Lets not forget that Barnsley have had over 100 applicants and will have more experienced managers in line for the job. Nothing from Barnsley official just a pish story in the Sun. Enough said.
  15. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    I would agree with you that he was a headless chicken. But he also gave the impression that he was not interested, of course that might well have been due to how poor we were under Rae's stewardship and the completely inept and unbalanced squad that Rae assembled. It's frightening to think how poor we were back then.