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  1. Falkirk v St Mirren

    I thought we did a cracking job in the first game of the season, Lewis Morgan and Gav Reilly really did stick the boaby up the Falkirk mutants.
  2. Im hearing about the venue only having space for 1000, will it be moved to a bigger stadium ?
  3. Top of the League and You're No

    I like this thread, there's absolutely no Greenock sub human mutants with their childish wee gifs.
  4. Saints v Sons

    Big John Sutton grabs his chance.
  5. Saints v Sons

    Get in there wee Gav Reilly
  6. Saints v Sons

    Stelios on the bench McCart not even making the squad and Ross Stewart starts
  7. Saints v Sons

    Even allowing for Gallagher in goal Hutton in midfield and not forgetting Tom Walsh who is a nice footballer, but a total shitehawk.
  8. I don't think we actually paid the reported 400k for Stickroth around the time of the early 90's .....
  9. Paul Lambert to Motherwell in exchange for Jim fucking Gardiner still remains our most significant f**k up of all time , in transfer dealings.
  10. Saints v Sons

    Shull could do the whole open top taxi run.
  11. Saints v Sons

    That was last season, the irn Bru cup is a total irrelevance now that it's even more geared up for the premiership colt teams. The only thing that matters to the majority is league points and promotion.
  12. Saints v Sons

    Anyone who gives a flying f**k about the irn-Bru fizzy pop cup is just ripping the piss. Nobody cares.
  13. Saints v Sons

    We welcome back Lewis Morgan and Liam Smith from international duty, we also have McGinn Cammy Smith and Jamie McCart to come back into the starting line up. Hopefully we can win at what has been a very difficult fixture for us in the past two seasons. A win to end the first quarter would have us in a position that I didn't expect to be in at this stage. In all honesty I thought top 4 would have been a realistic target, but it's the most open championship for years.
  14. Fucking hell, are you suggesting that it's worse than the black and white army.