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  1. He didn't enjoy his time at the Pars but was a regular at York city where he made a winning appearance at Wembley. This is a great chance for him to establish himself at Queens and he's very determined to take his chance.
  2. He's a good friend and worked beside me as an apprentice engineer while playing for Queens Park. He's a cracking lad and deserves to be a success as he works and trains hard. Mad as a brush but he's starting to show a bit more maturity these days.
  3. Can any Queens fans give an honest opinion on how big Shaun Rooney is settling in at Queens so far.
  4. Would give us options on either left or right wing with Lewis Morgan. Hilson was looking good pre season.
  5. It's absolutely fine if Jack is in the stand, as James Fowler loves a wee scrap in the technical area with an opposition assistant manager or coach. That should keep us entertained.
  6. That's some finish from Gav for the 3rd goal, real strikers instinct.
  7. The absolute state of you weapons, mind the gap...
  8. It's hard to defend a match official who doesn't understand the rules that he's supposed to be implimenting. For Craig Thompson see Willie Collum two utterly incompetent match officials. Both of them should banished to the depths of league 2. Anyway back to the game, what a cracking result with only ten men. Reilly continues to make an arse of all the Fife mutants who are all over our match threads telling us how shit he is. Glorious.
  9. I'm not sure that Jack has enough trust in Kirkpatrick to do the defensive side His only start was at firhill where the team as a whole didn't turn up. All the info I've been reading about Kirkpatrick suggests that he's a number ten luxury player, who comes on when things are going well and will score the odd Wonder goal. f**k it give him a start.
  10. Magennis and Harry Davis are a huge miss for us at the moment. I also liked the look of Hilson before his injury, but we just need to get on with it and hope that McGinn and McShane can forge a decent understanding while Magennis recovers.
  11. I can see us continue to struggle on sat as our defence is honking. McShane and McGinn doesn't seem to be working and we don't look like scoring many. Not a good sign this early in the season, so it's a home win for me. I hope I'm wrong but we are not playing anywhere near like we did at the end of last season.
  12. I would imagine that this is an opportunity to give some of the players who haven't been involved a game. Eckersley Kirkpatrick Liam Smith Darryl Duffy Buchanan Along with youngsters like O'Keefe and Whyte might feature.
  13. Controversial because it involved that useless wee scrote Willie Collum he hates us, maybe we should start a petition...
  14. Ageed, God knows why he took Sutton off. He should have stuck Duffy on and just went for it as we had nothing left to loose. Morton did to us what we can never seem to do against ten men. They were clinical when the opportunities came along. Gary Mac was awful on sat along with the rest of the back four, and tbh I don't think McGinn and McShane is working in midfield. Early days but the bragging rights belong to you guys who deserved to win.