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  1. You're a w****r, just sayin.
  2. There ain't no motive for this crime, Tony was a friend of mine.
  3. NWP busy with folks playing football again today, what a bad bad committee.
  4. Yeh the mrs and I have been watching it, they've jumped the shark eh?
  5. Founded by a rather small lady of the night. HTH.
  6. So your views on music are as misguided as your political views?
  7. Been on here for ten years no idea who he
  8. Was it Tony?
  9. Im not one for being overly bothered by the inner workings of other clubs nor could I care less about the politics of it all, but having just driven past NWP and seen with my own eyes loads of kids going through the gates wearing training kit im calling bullshit on the OP.
  10. Well if you think rent and council tax and leccy would be about 50-55% take home? Maybe hes pushed it a bit to 60%? Id say 5-6k pcm.
  11. Enshrining human and workers rights in law to ensure they are protected = progressive
  12. I didnt say it was 'nationality' its something more than that. Its being a citizen of an inclusive outward looking organisation of forward thinking and fair minded people. But given your views on the matter its obvious that this is entirely beyond your understanding.
  13. I was born European, I feel a sense of belonging to the European Union, its wrong that it could be taken away by hate filled people.
  14. I'd happily give up British Citizenship but sadly don't qualify for any other, even if there was a way to resign BC and just become a citizen of the UN or something i'd take it. It really annoys me that I'm having my EU citizenship taken from me, I don't see how its even remotely acceptable to take that from someone without a challenge, even if the UK left the EU there should be a way for those who feel European to retain citizenship of the EU.