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  1. na na na na na na na na na batman i mean leeeader
  2. Yes he had them out at the Charlottesville march last week.
  3. Love to see how well you do in an ambush.
  4. No the one with the antiques dealer.
  5. Im not sure you should watch the Simpsons because you clearly don't understand the points made in that episode.
  6. Show us this apparent elbow.
  7. Our bench jumping about causing mayhem? Only one bench ran the width of the park, that sub with the bib on trying to square up to everyone. It was a red card. I think for someone from yoker to criticise the antics of any bench is farcical given the continual way your coaches react every single time we play you.
  8. Yeh they tried to get creative about the white power stuff and started having highland games and 'scottish societies' etc to give them an excuse to get together.
  9. ok im concerned by the opinion of a poster who has clearly only joined to comment on a single incident!
  10. Bissland quite clearly stamps on the boys head, its there in the highlights and slow motion that he rakes his studs right on his head.
  11. What a load of utter shite. No such team as Clydebank Juniors.
  12. I lived in bearsden at the time and that was my local shop, say what you will about your typical asda but the posh folks in bearsden who shop at m&s are the worst.
  13. The posh c***s from bearsden who to a man would turn up at the m&s garage at Canniesburn every fucking night to buy almost gone off reduced food that no one wanted before it was reduced. Fucking arseholes timing their nights to get out their bentleys at the garage because theyre gonna save 50p on hummus.
  14. Aye all very well and good but did you get a look at the changing rooms? pics?
  15. Talbot ruined my coupon, had them for 18:0 and they let me down, its as if they weren't even trying.