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  1. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    Turned over to strictly come bottom. Depressing.
  2. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    'Eil droch gheamma
  3. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    Hartley must've left the away kits in a trolley in Morrisons.
  4. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    I'd take a stab at AyeHara.
  5. Inbhir Nis v An Eaglais Bhreac

    Paul Hartley pre-match interview talks about coming up from Brockville. The playing surface is bit hard there these days Paul... And I wish too.
  6. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Manchester City have just announced a 473.FOUR million pound profit. The rangers? See ya!
  7. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Hahaha... 'touching his players' lmfao! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/1807946/rangers-fan-touched-players-st-johnstone-clash/
  8. Serial liar : it even reads back to front, a bit like them. In denial is another way of reading them.
  9. There's a quote running through my head from a song right now `Won't you stay with me? Stay with me`... Goodbye whoeveryoutriedtobe plc - it has been fun.
  10. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Wastecoatwilly, let me introduce you to Fullstop. Fullstop, meet Waste. Coat. Willy.
  11. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Cannae wait for the next midweek European installment of 'Scrubs' on P&B.
  12. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Mods should close the thread tbh.
  13. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Game must good then. 3 pages of slavering pish.
  14. Pedro Caixinha Candlelit Vigil

    Gone but not forgotten. More money spilling out of the 'off the radar' Ibrox coffers. We will always have the hedge Pedro. x