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  1. Indeed, ex Army captain so he'll have had some experience and prior training in not only the medical side of dealing with a trauma injury, but also in knowing to keep calm. Good guy.
  2. Strachan started so well, so dissapointing it's ended like this.
  3. If you find out let me know, thanks x
  4. I got a message from my mother in law and mum making sure in was alright. I don't live in London. Security has been ramped up around Windsor though.
  5. He was a double hard looking b*****d. She wouldn't have been stationed there if she wasn't pretty decent and considered to be upto the job.
  6. We'll probably lose tbh.
  7. Mid table mediocrity the next season with crowds tailing off? As the Qots alludes to, go back a certain time frame with any club and they'd be able to tell you about the time the club they support had a real "feel good factor" they're never, ever permanent though and they tail off.
  8. This, absolutely this. I read the books and just loved everything about the whole world, trying to read everything about it.
  9. More likely that they hit a bad patch of form when the pressure was starting to go and they just got into an irreversible tailspin
  10. Had two weeks after reconstructive knee surgery, a day off for rupturing my ACL, 1 day for D&V and 1 day when my wife phoned an ambulance for when I thought I was having a heart attack, turns out I'd got a nerve stuck in my ribcage, absolutely agony. Nb for four years.
  11. She was absolutely Fucking raging at PMQs yesterday, we have a chance
  12. Since that game we've been promoted and regained our title as the Kings of Fife. Cowdenbeath have been relegated twice and could well make it three, they've had a vile time recently.
  13. I started working in England in 2014, the only time anyone takes any interest in the referendum down here is to rip the utter pish out Scotland, if/when we lose again it could quite possibly make it worse. A dreadful thought. It is difficult as such to then grasp how optimistic/pessimistic everyone is regarding it, I just feel we have allot of ground to make up and I can't see that many people changing their mind. I was taking the piss a bit with regards to the cold winter chat, but we're never going to convince the oaps to switch.
  14. You can stand by your original point all you want. Most others will stand a good distance away and laugh at how wrong you are, themz the breaks.
  15. I still don't think we'll win it, I'm unsure if I'll be able to vote either tbh. Scotland needs a long, cold winter and expensive gas and electric prices.