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  1. I can't say I've watched Archer very much at all this season, however he seems incredibly well liked by the Millwall fans, how on earth would you rate who is consistently playing better? Archer seems to be setting himself up for a career in the championship/Premiership, chances are that's a higher level than Clark, based on that alone he's more likely to be a future international keeper in the eyes of future managers.
  2. The post I quoted did talk about Archer, I'll leave it to the saintees to debate Hamilton and Clarke
  3. Out of interest what's the argument behind this?
  4. Before the game even kicks off we'd be above you tbh. It's a ballsy claim to say you'll never be below another team, very ballsy.
  5. This seems like a decent charity bet. If the Pars are at any point in the future above Falkirk while not in administration you pay a sum to a charity of my choice? If in my lifetime we don't I'll leave it in my will to pay to whatever charity you choose, seems fair.
  6. If you're gonna fluke it then it may aswell be in the Scottish cup final against Rangers. Pitch invasion while not mandatory was a thoroughly good afterthought, good thinking guys.
  7. Hibs have been the best team we've played this year by a mile, if they play Humphrey it could get genuinely ugly. 0-3
  8. I have a biscuit tin to keep my biscuits fresh. Tupperware box? Minks
  9. The Fife cup gives us a chance of silverware every season but its still shite, same with the challenge cup. Just because you get a trophy doesn't mean much. There is absolutely no "prestige" associated with the challenge cup, I wouldn't give a damn if we just didn't bother entering it. On the contrary the league cup is great and if you win it then it'd be one of the best days supporting your club, ask St Mirren or Ross County fans about it and try and genuinely tell them it's lower than the challenge cup.
  10. He knew that burd was going to give him up, he must've had a reason for not topping her. Really enjoyed it, hopefully it has a second series.
  11. - He was cleared of that tbf.
  12. May aswell just keep it going until whenever the next one is. I'm gutted that HibeesBounce bloke absolutely shat it from CupidStunt.