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  1. Obviously not, it's the challenge cup after all.
  2. It's amazing isn't it? Almost like this is a forum or something, one for fans of different football teams. Incredible really.
  3. Not quite seriously enough to care about the challenge cup though.
  4. Pars v Livi

    Will be the first game I'll have managed to watch since the Rangers? Game. Looking forward to it.
  5. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Would McInnes have done any better at Sunderland? He struggled in the championship, Scottish Premiership is his level, keep him away from the national team, it simply won't work.
  6. Queens vs Pars

    With M'voto being fit do you think AJ will go to a back five again? Murdoch Williamson Morris M'Voto Ashcroft Talbot Wedderburn Splaine Higginbotham Smith Clark
  7. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Big Sam is the best available, f**k getting a manager in who'll have a "system" and want to play the game a certain way. I want a manager that will come in, look at the players we have and use them.
  8. Queens vs Pars

    Usually, Smith has started a few games though and fans would like more playing time for him, good player. Unlike Paul Burns, one of the most out of his depth footballers to play for us. Howling.
  9. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    That's not true at all about Dobbie though is it? The rest of your nonsense can get swiftly punted in to the bin.
  10. Queens vs Pars

    We were really struggling with injuries, Smith wasn't going to start for Scotland but he was going to start for us, he'd already played for them earlier in the week. Genuinely shocked anyone gives a f**k about the challenge cup, get it in the bin.
  11. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    Falkirk fans have taken this to heart, jolly good show. More teams should take the challenge cup seriously. As long as it's not us.
  12. Edinburgh City

    How has Stuart Morrison been performing since he came in?
  13. Annan Athletic 2017/18 thread

    Any Annan fans have any thoughts on Luke?thought he looked impressive in the u20s but it's a long way from first team games.
  14. Bairns v Pars in the challenge cup

    He'll play in a game before your keeper does, every cloud and that. Playing in this tournament increases the chance of picking up shit injuries like that, well rid.
  15. Queens vs Pars

    You probably didn't realise that I wasn't panicking, or that my opinion doesn't count for everyone either right? Carry on with your hyperbole.