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  1. The game will be an absolute dreadful state of affairs. Hopefully those in attendance have suitable entertainment lined up for the rest of the night.
  2. If your anywhere near an outlet grab yourself a steak and haggis pie, they're cracking.
  3. I'm struggling with nothing, you certainly seem uptight about the situation though. If you're going to try and pass it off that you're "loaded" and that "utter indifference towards situations" I'd suggest going for a more passive posting style. You're welcome.
  4. Fordyce didn't play in the u20s game, he'll be starting.
  5. I can only imagine it was one of the fans down at the tunnel trying to spit at a Falkirk player, there were reports of that shortly after the game. The vast majority of people who work under Dunfermline on match days are volunteers, it could have been anyone, it's the female football team that work the turnstiles on match day sometimes, could have been someone affiliated with them, who knows.
  6. I'd imagine it must be mind blowing for a Falkirk fan to see a chairman put a statement on the website and not make an absolute c**t out of himself, cracking statement.
  7. Absolutely no one cares what you think tbh. You do realise it was the SFA who asked Dunfermline for the footage right? The best course of action to avoid getting done for being a cheat is to not cheat, very simple.
  8. At least he didn't complain about it.
  9. We've still got some cheating left in the bank then.
  10. The still photo shows Murdoch touching the inside of the players groin with the very tip of his head, as the video then shows there was very little contact, the photo (as still photos tend to do) makes it look far worse than it actually is, the photo doesn't tell you in which direction any player is moving, where they have just came from etc. The video does show this and shows it to be a laughably bad dive. There wasn't significant contact, the keeper didn't come ploughing through his ankles or any nonsense like that. So needy.
  11. "we didn’t complain about it and greet like babies" Two players got booked for complaining about it and then your keeper squared upto McCabe after he scored. To be fair to the bloke, if Falkirk do fail in the playoffs a good proportion of the fans will want him to get the sack, he needs all the good will he can muster, and if that is by making up some lies then who are we to judge?* *The S.F.A are the ones who shall judge, two match ban incoming, cunto.
  12. He's done exactly what you'd expect the manager of Falkirk to do and given it as pro a Falkirk slant as possible. You know the bloke is clutching at straws when he comes out complaining about an incident that has already been apologised for, while failing to mention the incident in the tunnel where Hypo is bragging about diving, it wouldn't quite suit the tone of the article though so best to leave it out. The main reason he's "seething" is because the media team have uploaded the penalty, of course if Hypolyte hadn't done such an outrageous dive then the video wouldn't have taken off quite how it did, culminating in it being aired on SSN. The main embarrassment factor from it is the Falkirk player diving so brutally, we've merely given it a platform, Dinny shoot the messenger, Ken? Debatable penalty in December, settle [emoji38]