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  1. Now I feel bad. It is a new signing, and yes pre contracts aren't binding. However Britain isn't a very good example, you would have been better off saying Callum Elliot.
  2. Neither is any contract that, Britain signed a contract with St Johnstone, Ross County gave you some money and what do you know, he's a Ross County player! Shiting myself incase someone gives us money for Lee Ashcroft and he backs out his contract, phew.
  3. I have absolutely no idea how it will go to be honest, there is going to be allot of pissed off fans though regardless. County and United will have their heart set on winning the title, while Falkirk will have one eye on the job that St Mirren done last season and fancy repeating it, you then have Inverness who finished the season stronger than anyone else, a Partick side that will see anything outwith the top four a complete failure with the money they'll have and Dunfermline will also be wanting to challenge competitively for the title. If you go a bit further you then have Qots with the best player in the league and Ayr who have already come out with playoff aspirations. It will be crazily competitive.
  4. Was discussing his contract before the season was over. Maybe AJ isn't a *dick. *I reserve the right to call him a dick in the future.
  5. I like to think that AJ has taken my tantrum to heart. Bring home the prince AJ, bring him home.
  6. Aye seen it pop up on Facebook, great cause and a fantastic amount of money raised.
  7. 2018/19 League Cup

    We've been in it every year(obviously) and I still think it's great.
  8. Summer 2018 transfer thread

    Aye just binned the whole "retained" bit, much better though.
  9. That's absolutely outstanding, I couldn't see us getting him at all. Fantastic bit of business.
  10. Absolutely delighted for Byrne, enjoy the Premiership and playing Fifa...
  11. Who's the Ferrero Rocher bloke?
  12. things you arent so proud of

    There's been twice where apparently I've went to piss in the corner of the room, first time I stumbled around, made the motion of lifting a toilet seat and prepared to piss over the wife's straighteners, she eventually got my attention and I apparently had a go at her for sleeping in the toilet. I don't remember any of it, but I do remember walking back from the actual toilet and she looked at me with a look of utter seethe.
  13. Nah there's always been differing views on here, makes for healthy discussions.
  14. U ok? Think I'm in better nick than Sibbald at the moment. So needy.
  15. Been all downhill for "Sibbs" since then.