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  1. Remember Qots had an absolutely outstanding start last year and that didn't end up well, we're on a good run of form presently, that's all presently.
  2. Surely not, it can't be that Peter Houston.
  3. 50 miles people stood like that on the m1? Where in the f**k have they parked the cars? Mental.
  4. I like our graveyard. Got stones and all that jazz, it's great.
  5. Surprised by that.
  6. The slope at Easter Road was fixed I'm sure. The stadium faces the wrong fucking way aswell. Good job I'm not going on Saturday otherwise I'd spend the whole time facing the back of the stand in protest. Take that Dumbarton.
  7. If I was being picky I'm not entirely taken with our central midfield, and if we get 1 injury in there I reckon it could impact us in a big way. That's being very picky though.
  8. They do have stands on all four sides and have fans sitting on three of them tbf, if you bring enough fans the railway stand gets opened which would bring it up to four. I'm genuinely not sure, it was something I read a couple of years back, I'm not sure if it was something to do with either licensing or grading but I liked the idea of it, stadiums in England are seemingly far better proportioned and better looking, makes for a more enjoyable experience and it looks better on the T.v etc. I reckon it would be better tbh, say Dumbarton had a 500 seater stand with three sides of terracing it would look a hell of allot better and I'm sure your own fans would enjoy the matchday experience. Burnt toast is still better than no toast, I'd still go, however if I was in a position where I had to pick and choose my away days then the one that costs £20 for a single stand stadium would be the first one to get punted in the bin. I reckon allot of football fans make a decision on whether to go to a game based on atmosphere, it's why derby games are such big draws. On the opposite end of that spectrum one sided stadiums are the worst for atmosphere.
  9. The Forrest game I watched he seemed less greedy than at Rangers and more of a team player, looked like a player with genuine potential, chances are though he could just have a Johnny Russell type career. Not quite, from the games I've watched there generally are better standard of football.
  10. In one of the trailers from before the season we see the Hound fighting in a location that looks the exact same as the one that they'll be at in the next episode.
  11. I prefer Stark's and Morton because I like a stadium to have four sides, not sure why. Going to a one sided stadium is always absolutely shit. Not to mention at Morton you go in the Cowshed now anyway. I think down in England they have a rule where you've to have four sides and the stadiums look ten times better for it. If I was in a position where I had to choose away days I'd sack of the ones with only one stand, is there a one sided stadium in Scotland which isn't absolutely shite?
  12. Re watching it. Why did Jon go of killing more wights when he could have just fucked off on the dragon? And how can the Knight king influence dragon fire?
  13. Aye, with all the clothes he had on there's no danger he survives that, even if he was prepared for it the chances of resurfacing are ridiculous, sadly it wasn't surprising.
  14. Cardle has matured like a fine win, back in the title winning season he had a horrible patchy beard on the go.
  15. Big Nat Wedderturn wins every competition.