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  1. Queens v Pars

    Have to disagree there, it's pretty dreadful when you look at is as a whole. He does pretty consistently give out thumpings to Part time sides though.
  2. Queens v Morton

    I don't think it's as great as it was getting made out to be on here tbf.
  3. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    Forthbank would surely be perfect for this, give each team a stand each, terracing for overspill, easy for both fans to get to. Baffled as to why anyone would want it at McDirmand.
  4. Queens v Pars

    Ayr went this season, Airdrie went full time last season. AJ beat St Mirren 1-0 in November 16, Raith in January 17, Morton in March 17, and Qots in May 17. He's played 30 games away to full time opposition. Ouch
  5. Think the last accounts that they posted had them posting a profit for the financial year.
  6. I get your point, but at the moment outwith Livi and St Mirren is anyone happy with how there season is going? Maybe Morton.
  7. How's 5th place? Higher than I expected us to be.
  8. How did he play today?
  9. Arbroath v Alloa

    Smith doesn't seem to have settled in well at all. What's he doing getting sent off?
  10. Queens v Morton

    Can't see anyone catching Morton tbh, us and Qots will "fight" it out for fifth again.
  11. Players worth a look at

    Ethan Hamilton on the bench for Man Utd, McTominay starting for them. Think the ship has sailed for McTominay though sadly.
  12. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Don't think there's been a game in so long where I've played with my friends so much, use to always just smash in fifa which is pretty solo in terms of ultimate team, battlefield was used quite allot but everyone seems to be playing fortnite atm.
  13. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    I'd love to be proved wrong but I think that's the worst appointment we could have made if you're simply balancing up how good they are as a manager, since being relegated with Birmingham in 2011(who spent an absolute shit ton that year?) he's been a failure everywhere, his last good season was 8 years ago, we've appointed a manager who's not been a success in nearly a decade, has failed in the 4 jobs since, and who walked out on Scotland last time he was in charge (and was a failure last time anyway). What is the point? I would genuinely have rather had McKay, for all that he seems an absolutely despicable person he's got a better management record. O'Neil is similarly a bit of a c**t and people would have had no dramas with him. I would have absolutely loved Clarke or Ross, Clarke with Ross as his assistant would've been ideal.
  14. Rewriting history

    Sometimes I sneak round local businesses and just steal from them. No reason, just pleasure.