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  1. Raith don't have The Rangers in there league, we would've comfortably made it back up if it wasn't for that. Providing Raith are sensible with the budget and are well managed they should go up, there's no denying or getting away from that. As would I, he was pish against us everytime.
  2. He'll be a good signing for Utd, they seemed to totally lack pace and width last year and McMullan will give them that. He has been inconsistent in his career though, was fantastic at Stenny, very poor at St Mirren and Morton, and then back to being good at us, he'll need a good man manager. I quite enjoyed watching him play tbf, adds more constancy to his game and he's comfortably a top tier player, all the best to him.
  3. Some decent activities to do down here, you've got Windsor Castle 5 minutes away from Legoland, Thorpe Park is only 15 minutes on the other side as well. Ascot racecourse etc. I forget all about Legoland being 5 minutes away until I'm getting stuck in traffic trying to go past it, nightmare.
  4. Don't see how they have tbh. I wouldn't have went for Mchugh or Harkins?
  5. He'll do well for them I reckon, they were really lacking in width and trickery last season and with King? And McMullan they'll have that, he's a better player than Harris who Falkirk have signed. Falkirk were evidently better than them last year so they need a better window than them, I reckon they have so far.
  6. Freddie Daquin must be getting on a bit.
  7. I had high hopes for Spence when he first broke through tbh, I thought he looked a good player.
  8. Is he not aloud to score if he's a sub? Regardless of that SD already said he has potential to be better next season, a striker who scored 6 goals isn't going to go down as the signing of the season though, not by a long shot.
  9. Was that game not during, or after his illness took effect? He was like a man possessed, even more impressive when you consider he must've been fucked.
  10. You want the club to potentially lose half a million pound? You're fucking nuts.
  11. I don't think there would be a worse possible signing for us to make upfront than Reilly. But he could be that guy.
  12. I'd agree with this. Someone on .net seems certain we're going to sign a familiar striker who has scored 42 goals in 127 games. Plz tell me Shankland hasn't scored 42 goals.
  13. Loy would surely choose St Mirren and Falkirk over us? Got closer ties to both.
  14. Tbf he got the ball first, back in my day that wouldn't even be a free kick. #AMF
  15. This thread reminds me of the boxing "experts" on the run up to the Haye and Bellew fight. They got that one spectacularly and hilariously wrong