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  1. The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV

    Titans and Cowboys
  2. NFL General Discussion

    They should, hopefully, have enough to make the playoffs but as Antiochas says they won't be anywhere near the Superbowl. I've unfortunately not seen too much of them this season mostly just highlights but the defence looks strong, especially with the return of Fletcher Cox. Offence looks decent especially with WRs who seem able to catch the ball this season, and a good RB in Blount. Wentz will only keep getting better. So playoffs should be realistic, if the injury Gods keep being relatively kind to us
  3. Thoughts? I must admit I've got a bad feeling about this one. Apparently it's the featured William Hill game of the day and the draw will be taking place live after the game. This is setting the scene for another one of our dismal cup exits at the hands of another non-league team. Maybe I'm just being negative because I know virtually nothing about Stirling Uni. Fingers crossed for a win though.
  4. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    Can anyone recommend a fairly decent but cheap smartphone? It's for the wife who is constantly breaking/losing her phones so looking for a cheap replacement for her currently incapacitated LG G3. Preferably about the £100 mark but cheaper would be acceptable. I've had a look on Amazon and there are a few that might do it, but was wondering if anyone else had a thoroughly clumsy wife for whom they've had to source replacement phones.
  5. Montrose v Clyde.

    How the hell we only scored three in the first half is beyond me.
  6. Why do you follow the team you follow

    Philadelphia Eagles for me. When I first started watching NFL, Randall Cunningham was the Eagles QB and his scrambling ability always amazed me. Great athlete, not so good at throwing the ball though which I suppose is quite important as a QB! Reggie White was in the team at the same time, which made it interesting to watch whether the offense or defence was on the field.
  7. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Soft Play
  8. Montrose v Clyde.

    I hope so, seemed like we missed him last weekend.
  9. Montrose v Clyde.

    Never gets old. Will be a tough game against the Bully Wee, they've got a big threat up front in the shape of Goodwillie. Always seem liable to concede though so hopefully we can score more than Goodwillie does.
  10. Clyde v Edinburgh

    Ooooft, feel the seethe. Morally corrupt?
  11. Montrose v Queens

    That was a fantastic game, a wonder goal from Stevie king too IIRC.
  12. Fair does, apologies for being a sarcy dick!!
  13. Oooft, sour grapes or what. At the end of the day we won the game and therefore do deserve to go through.
  14. Top of the League Thread

    A title fight 4 games in? Bit early wouldn't you think?
  15. Any thoughts? Anyone going? I can't make it but this should be a tough game against a team that dished out a doing to Berwick last week.