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  1. Elgin City 2017/18 Season

    Win tomorrow and we will let you win the following week? Assuming we pick up at least a point at Stenny, of course.
  2. Stenhousemuir vs Montrose

    I hope so, my nerves won't last another week!!
  3. Ouzy See Fundraiser

    No idea, but would it not just cover the cost of treatment and possibly loss of earnings from the football club?
  4. Top of the League Thread

    My nerves can't take much more of this!!
  5. Top of the League Thread

    Always thought you were a decent guy Jake.
  6. Top of the League Thread

    Stop your mind games!! You won't trick us into thinking it's all done.
  7. Top of the League Thread

    It's not over yet.
  8. Top of the League Thread

    I thought the same about the Cowden game but they approached it in exactly the right way.
  9. Cowdenbeath v Montrose

    I'd agree with that, I expected Cowden to be up for it after a good win against Clyde at the weekend, but they kind of went down with a whimper. Like you say, even from the start there is absolutely nothing to lose. Goal difference doesn't matter a jot if you don't have the points, and if I was Bollan I'd be telling my players to get stuck into the opposition and fighting for absolutely everything. I thought we approached the game spot on, up for it from the start. The wind was a big factor in the 1st half with Cowden struggling to clear their lines and the ball coming straight back at them more often than not. Defence played really well albeit against a limited Cowden attack, midfield looked comfortable although the ball spent a lot of time in the air. Tezza was superb, at his imperious best, Milne played well as did Rennie and Big Temps. Ballantyne for me was MoM, always a threat going forward and very solid in defence. If I was SP I might have been tempted to try and get a few more goals towards the end rather than managing the game. It's probably too late to get the goal difference back to anywhere near parity but a big win last night coupled with a few goals on Saturday (coupled with a win, obviously!) might have put more pressure on Peterhead. Anyway, brilliant to see such a big away support on a Tuesday night. #3winsforthetitle
  10. Best Beer Garden in Scotland

    My main concern with that photo is the peas-who in their right mind puts peas in mac cheese?
  11. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

  12. Cowdenbeath v Montrose

    Any pitch inspection for tonight or is it looking fine?
  13. Clyde vs Montrose

    Will be tough against an in-form Clyde side playing with a bit of confidence.
  14. Top of the League Thread

    This is far from finished, a few twists and turns to come yet