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  1. Wet Wipe Perverts

    More importantly, do they stand or sit to wipe?
  2. Ally Love

    Cue the apologists saying that because he hasn't been convicted in a criminal court it doesn't count. Disgusting club.
  3. The Nick Walsh Thread

    Another vote for Gavin Ross.
  4. Scottish Football related dissertation

    Damn right!! But I'll settle for one in the meantime.
  5. The Alan Partridge Thread

    Back of the motherfucking net!!!
  6. Montrose v Stenny

    Sorry dude, I redded you by mistake. Will even you up with a greenie soon. Sounds like another ground out win. 6 point gap now
  7. Montrose v Stenny

    Thoughts? Tough game for us, but vital for us to win to keep the pressure on Peterhead. Now that Edinburgh City have picked up after signing a few players, I fancy them to take something from Peterhead tomorrow. I hope so anyway.
  8. Why do you follow the team you follow

    Or the Cowboys.
  9. Best TV theme song

    Mysterious Cities of Gold He Man
  10. Official P&b Cycling Thread

  11. PETERHEAD - 17/18 Season

    Kenny Miller.
  12. Cable Endies v The Binos

    Looks like a clear dive from the highlights
  13. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    You edited that? Jeezo indeed.
  14. Divisional Round

    Yessss!!! Defence won that for us
  15. I've got stuff on this Saturday so chances are I won't make it. City seemed to have improved recently with a couple of decent additions to their squad and good results recently so this will be a tough game as opposed to the first meeting at Ainslie Park.