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  1. I think City might struggle this year. I was at the game last week too and we were down to the bare bones in terms of players but we were still by far the better team for most of the game. City did, however, seem to be at least be more attacking (certainly towards the end), whereas last year the game I saw they were ultra-defensive. City do seem to lack experienced players (at this level) and unless they bring in a few quickly they will struggle.
  2. Yay, a table of 4 pissed up riggers, or just arseholes, on the train from Aberdeen. I hope they keep the banter up all the way to Edinburgh
  3. Week 1 - Aberdeen Week 2 - Livingston
  4. We didn't star off the best but gradually took control of the game. Big Temps' goal, great shot but took a wicked kick of the arti pitch which took it over the keeper's hands, followed by McLaren's goal after great work by Johnston down the right effectively killed the game. Big Temps had another cracking shot excellently tipped onto the bar, and steeves had a shot soon after which again was brilliantly saved by Antell. 2nd half started with Yano pinging a left footed free kick into Antell's top left corner. Fair play to Edinburgh, they kept fighting but just look like they lack quality and experience across the team. They got a goal back after Dillon made his only mistake of the game in giving the ball away. Promising result given the injury situation. It was a bit worrying to see just Ross Campbell and a couple of kids on the bench. Motm for me was Dillon, his experience of playing at a decent level really told with a makeshift back line. Callaghan had a decent game, Johnston played well, as did Big Temps. We will struggle against better teams unless we get players back soon
  5. Morrisons
  6. But it's good to see Alan Partridge out on the pull.
  7. I think it would be a bit unfair on Watson to make Dillon captain given that he has just arrived.
  8. Jamie Buchan, ex Aberdeen and Scotland under 21 international. I probably played against him in house football. I was obviously the better player, but my heart lay in public service. IIRC he was a decent guy
  9. He says the same, full of stuck up b*****ds. Where did you live? My wife's from Ballyhackamore/Belmont area
  10. Early 40s. You must be a posh fella
  11. Campbell College? One of my work colleagues attended that school.
  12. People who say 'I am sat doing [insert something utterly inane]'. How can you currently be doing something in the past tense?
  13. Fine legs galore
  14. I wouldn't bother, ice cube milk is on a par with eating day old cold toast. OFTW imo.