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  1. What, no Berwick wind-up merchants starting a thread for this vital match? No merge Angus patter? Something strange is going on here. I'll be heading along for this titanic clash. Any locals recommend some decent pubs on the way from the station to the ground?
  2. Is that not throbber's bird?
  3. Only 12 points off the top spot is quite frustrating. Not saying we would be winning the league had SP been appointed a ccouple of months earlier, but it's not too much of a jump to think we could have been at least challenging. It's great to at last have a manager who seems able to get the best out of what was always a decent squad
  4. We've upheld our part of the bargain....
  5. Played a few weeks ago against Morton seniors, we got pumped 6-1. Got a game against Celtic this Sunday.
  6. Hello, Started trying to be less of a fat b*****d recently and started playing over 35s football on a Tuesday night at Livingston. First time I've played football on a regular basis for years and it turned out to be great fun, really enjoying it. Anybody else play over 35s?
  7. What's the price for a Scottish granny dropping her kecks and taking a piss on the course?
  8. Circumcision thread for this pish
  9. Should that not be a Lorne go?
  10. Not sure if Martin Boyle played for Scottish Schoolboys?
  11. I take it Ferguson is injured just now?
  12. Only if he's walking really fast because then it would only take the merest of touches for him to hit the pavement.
  13. Any word on when Paul Watson is likely to be back?
  14. I won't be there tomorrow, but another must win game in the tussle for 4th place and the playoffs. No reason to fear Annan but they have been doing well of late, so it will be a tough game. Thoughts?
  15. There's one key issue that most people have missed-if he's been betting against Cowdenbeath, the guy must be minted by now