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  1. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    I remember the game but don't remember any of the details. One of the most ridiculous endings to a game I've ever seen
  2. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Hehe, either is fine by me
  3. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    There's a burd on the train from Dundeh to Edinburgh looks like a younger version of Cat Sheared. I ken the rules but I'm not going to start taking photos of random burds on the train. Defo did tho, take my word for it.
  4. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    When he's up for it he can score goals. Sadly, he hasn't seemed up for it for a while.
  5. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Okay, maybe I over-exagerated by saying 'by far' but I still think that they have a better first team than we do. The likes of Gibson and Riley are very good players at this level, McCracken, Stevenson and Ferry too. And McAllister is probably the best striker in this league and would probably be one of the better strikers in League One too. The problem might be that if they were to suffer a few injuries to some of the key players in the first team then they might not have the same strength in depth. I don't know that much about Peterhead but would probably say that they have the better first team but we have better strength in depth, if that makes sense. The key for Peterhead would be keeping the first team fit and injury free. I agree that without McAllister's goals, Peterhead would not be that special, but they still have a strong team. And they probably (again, I am only guessing here as I don't know that much about Peterhead) have a much higher budget than us and would be able to strengthen in January if required or pick up any free agents the rest of the season due to the wages they can offer. Templeman is an important player for us, and I agree that although he would be a big loss, he is not the only threat we have up front. A fit and motivated Gary Fraser can score goals. CJ can also score, as can Hay. I'm yet to be totally convinced by McLaren but there is something there. What we lack is a goalscorer like McAllister, someone who you could rely on to score virtually every week with decent service. The key difference in our favour is Stewart Petrie. The difference he has made since he has come in has been amazing. I think he is a better manager than McInally, with the budget he has and the players at his disposal, McInally should (in my limited opinion) be doing much better than they are. So, in short, you're right that Peterhead are not that far ahead of us but I would still say that they have the better first team and provided they stay injury free should be favourites for the title. That doesn't necessarily mean they will win the league though.
  6. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Peterhead are by far the best team in the league. Just hope we can keep it as close as possible for as long as possible.
  7. Peterhead v Clyde

    Isn't Peterhead Prison where the sex offenders get sent?
  8. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    You haven't had to share a Forum with them for the last 10 years!! I could guarantee that if Goodwillie had signed for another League 2 club then the same victim blaming rape apologists would have been frothing at the mouth saying how disgraceful it was that that club had signed him. The good thing about Clyde fans is that they are generally too busy fighting with each other about how to reclaim their spot in the upper echelons of Scottish football to pay other teams much attention. Hopefully Sir Stewart of Petrie can lead us to promotion purely to get the fu*k away from these clowns.
  9. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Doesn't exist in Scotland
  10. Clyde Victim Blamers FC v Montrose FC

    Maybe about 70, but I wasn't counting.
  11. Clyde Victim Blamers FC v Montrose FC

    Pretty decent support down at Cowden a couple of weeks ago. Now we've started winning games, I've noticed the away following is bigger than it has been for a few years.
  12. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    This happens all the time on our community Facebook page. Cats are supposed to be outside stating about hunting, shagging and doing cat things so it's no surprise they 'disappear' for a couple of days. Cue the posts 'Tiddles hasn't come home tonight, sooooo worried, can everyone keep an eye out' accompanied by a non-descript photo of a cat that looks no different to any of the other bloody cats that live in the area. It is total attention-seeking behaviour.
  13. Clyde Victim Blamers FC v Montrose FC

    Hiya pal, long time no see. Missed you loads.
  14. Let's get back to the football. This will be a tough game for the Mighty Montrose against a Clyde team with a new manager. Clyde, with Goodwillie up front, are always liable to score. We haven't been free-scoring but we've decent players up front who can cause a threat, Big Temps generally being the focal point of our attacks. I can't make it on Saturday but I like my trips to Broadwood, it's a decent stadium. Prediction 2-1 to Montrose.