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  1. I take it Ferguson is injured just now?
  2. Only if he's walking really fast because then it would only take the merest of touches for him to hit the pavement.
  3. Any word on when Paul Watson is likely to be back?
  4. I won't be there tomorrow, but another must win game in the tussle for 4th place and the playoffs. No reason to fear Annan but they have been doing well of late, so it will be a tough game. Thoughts?
  5. There's one key issue that most people have missed-if he's been betting against Cowdenbeath, the guy must be minted by now
  6. Maybe Hay in for webby, but I would leave Cammy where he is as he has been brilliant at right back. Sanny has to start, preferably with a partner upfront beside him, fraser probably
  7. Got to start this one with two up front, preferably big Sanny, who has been on good form, and Fraser. Couple of decent options on the bench, Hay and Smith, as well if needed. Starting with 1 up front against Stirling and Edinburgh has handed the initiative to the opposition so that we are always chasing the game-fortunately in those games we've managed to do that, but we need to be better from the start. Ferguson has to start too. Callaghan was a waste of a shirt against Edinburgh, so I'd get McWalter in the middle with Tezza, with Tezza linking up with the forwards.
  8. I remember Neil Irvine when he was at the Mo, good player. I also remember John Bird, who we signed from welfare but didn't seem to adjust to playing at a higher level
  9. I don't understand why Petrie insists on playing 1 up front in the first half of away matches. We offered nothing going forward in the first half, similar to the Stirling game. We played so much better in the second half when we had 2 up front. Agree with the above, in that Callaghan and Smith offered nothing, but then again I'm fairly sure Smith is a striker and not a right midfielder. Ferguson made a huge difference, giving us width on the left. Felt he and Gibson should have started on the flanks to try and get behind the 9 man City rearguard. City had the better of the first half, primarily because we let them. In fairness, their finish was a cracker, but he had so much space. Other than one other shot on target City offered nothing, absolutely nothing, going forward. The time wasting for most of the second half was ludicrous. The poor ball boys did their best but at least double that number is needed to get the ball back quicker and get some continuity into the game. A poor performance for the first hour of the game from us, but we can't be allowing teams to get on top of us in the first half of games, such as we have been recently. We played better towards the end of the game and deserved at least a draw.
  10. I see Ross Campbell has been appointed as Petrie's assistant. Interesting move
  11. Anyone got any thoughts? I have obtained a pass so will be there. Will no doubt be a tight game. Even though City are on a bad run just now, they don't lose by much. Admittedly they don't score much either, so the first goal here will be especially crucial. Montrose to win 1-0.
  12. I may have missed it but is there a date for our re-arranged fixture yet?
  13. Ingliston Park and Ride, plenty of parking spaces there.
  14. Fish shagging b*****ds
  15. It's amazing the difference a new manager can make. Football is a simple game and by playing players in the correct positions and getting them motivated you give yourself a chance in each game. He's also very vocal from the sidelines.