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  1. Jislam
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40362094 She would certainly make my cream dispenser explode.
  3. Apparently burning down your house with your pets inside is a good way of raising money.
  4. Grant Dickie?
  5. By all accounts throbber wouldn't be able to fit into the bath once his burd has got in.
  6. I'm with you on this one. Then when you go to try and empty it the rubbish goes everywhere because it has been piled up, so then you have to spend time picking the rubbish off the floor as well as emptying the bin. Really fucks me off.
  7. Tha gu dearbh!!
  8. As can adults who use scooters in the city centre.
  9. Couple of centre halves and a right back would be about it. Great to see the business getting done so early instead of scrabbling around at the end of the close season
  10. Not to mention Riley's impressive dive to win a penalty on Saturdays
  11. If Petrie had been in charge at the start of the season Montrose would have romped to the title.
  12. There should be no pressure on the team tonight and Saturday because we have considerably exceeded pre-season expectations, so the players should just go out and enjoy it and do themselves justice. Having said that, now we have got into this position it would be disappointing if we didn't get up. It will be a tough couple of games and I don't think we have the best of records against Peterheid, but as Aidan says, if we are still in with a shout on Saturday then we'll probably be doing well.
  13. Ginger has a look of Dahmer about him.
  14. Probably if Hegarty was still in charge. I'd go with Matty Allan