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  1. Or perhaps her ending her life, how could you
  2. Someone had to carry my suitcase and go to the bar
  3. Just back off a holiday and have to endure non stop fucking Eastenders until she's catched up
  4. The grass is green, the sky is blue and wimen are fucking wired wrong
  5. Ben's Ronnie Kray look is tragic
  6. Cheers pal cracking highlights and tunes
  7. I flew with a man who had a knife, he was deeply pissed off when they took it off him
  8. You'd to walk further than that to make a difference to you mind
  9. A bet it's no there's a smell of belly pork cooking here gid looking pint though pal
  10. Cockneys, cringey c***s
  11. I expect blue moon to be added also
  12. It's to avoid looking at that shit fitba top he"ll no doubt be wearing
  13. I'll be tanning my fat arse In Crete watching for updates and a miracle, mon the streamers !!!!