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  1. Very nicely put. I used to smile, pamper and laugh these fuckers off, but at my present time of life, I just tell them if they'd like to do the job themselves, I'll f**k off their boat right now and let them hack on with it. I cringe when I hear "It's just a five minute job"
  2. Check out these bad boys
  3. No but I've been covered in plenty shite. Once had a toilet pipe off in an engine room and heard water running, thought it was odd as we were up the slipway, then splat !!! One of the crew flushed his shite and it landed on my shoulder. Par for the course
  4. Im a marine plumber, which means I shit all over you domesticated chaps. Anything over 22mm and ye shit yourselves
  5. Birthday girl today, 6years old, up for cake and a cuddle laters
  6. After getting off the bus, SAF came bounding over to me all aggressive up at a pre season up at east fife 1995, after I mouthed off about Ince, Kanchelskis and Hughes being hooked, he starting slavvering pish about some young lads he was bringing in, think I was in the wrong like
  7. Too far, just too far
  8. My youngest grandson who's just turned 3 has been in a big bed now around a year. Last week was the first time he's ventured out the bed when he woke up. You always had to go through and get him up, he'd just lie awake waiting for you
  9. The mere sight of that is enough to give me the boak, and as for the smell
  10. 3 stone off, fucking easy easy easy
  11. Aye, that TtB has become a right pompous stuck up hoor lately well done Lothian
  12. Gotta love the boy
  13. Someone gonna stick it up on periscope, Rab ??