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  1. I have to say we've had many lads that went to Yooni at my work, They had no direction in what to do next, in debt, but all say they had a fab time in the process. However they do make good labourers and one even cleaned the toilets like they were his own. I don't mind them really
  2. VT now has someone to keep him company in the Box Office VIP lounge, hope they get along with each other now and us plebs now start showing grim respect he's entitled too
  3. The ones that can't stand him, are the ones that just can't stop quoting and writing about him. Grim isn't making himself the big I am here, these fucking idiots are doing that for him. All he is doing is replying back to posters that are digging away at him, as is his right to do so. Grim has become Box Office, admit it
  4. Jeezy peeps...........superb
  5. Best thing about this thread is when it's back on page 20, grim will still be here, and still rubbing awe c**t up the wrong way. Keep scratching them heads bois
  6. But that's just it, the vast majority of the ones that are fake peeved didnt donate, I did and don't have a problem with how he spent it. As for insurance covers it, these fuckwits obviously haven't experienced anything more than a dropped iron on a carpet
  7. Now it's Mon-Thurs 8-4.30 Fri 8-3 wouldn't have it any other way. Have probably worked just 20 hrs overtime in the last 10 years, as opposed to 60-80 hrs a week the previous 20 years. Made shit loads of money in that time, but couldn't be arsed to do it now. Happy days
  8. Tragic thing is on that thread, awe c**t else was stone cold sober, let that sink in
  9. Judging by tonights posting, you've had more than one sir
  10. And still doesn't know how much his bills are and still can't use a washing machine may I add
  11. You're shittin me
  12. Some may use the word "bully", I prefer words like tosspot or shitbag. They're the type of person who's arse would leave them on eye contact, the type to put their head down as they pass you, the type to sit all quiet in the corner of a pub all biscuit arsed. On here though, kings.
  13. 3 is the new 2 imo and as wren road says, when tired a nightmare
  14. Must reply to everything