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  1. You have to be special type of fuckwit to think pre season means jackshit
  2. Coldstream 2 1 Selkirk
  3. Me anaw, should be good
  4. Johnnydougdog, think he was around -350 oh and I've seen the pics he bottled putting up
  5. Just been telt im going to the Atlantica sensatori Crete in September, which is nice
  6. I'd say Goblin won't have far to travel to it bud haha. As you say, nice for the town and club.
  7. I'm taking a dozen eggs and a big f**k off banner wi me hahaha
  8. Ahhhhhhh a nice story about Coldstream on here for a change hahaha, if there's a free buffet am in HJ
  9. Maggie Thatcher
  10. Lucy, an eye witness on sky news now saying that this has totally put her off her shopping trip ffs
  11. Wullie, don't buy into this "am frae Hawick" pish he's trying to trot out, he's been on the forum for years having sly digs at Coldstream hahaha
  12. Unbelievable Broony, he doesn't have a clue how to conduct himself
  13. Oosha fucker hahahaha
  14. I see you're taking being dumped really well ha ha ha
  15. Nuff said