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  1. Some good games in there
  2. Aye got the same shite today, long time since I kicked a ball mind. Apparently if you play over 30 you're fucked
  3. Ahhhhh fuuuuuuck really ?? looks like tomorrow nights and no no then
  4. Been X-rayed in both knees, osteoarthritis in both the c***s, my own fault I suppose
  5. Been for an eight mile cycle tonight, first time I've been on a bike for 30 odd years and I can still walk
  6. Aye away and treat yourselves, have a bit of kid free time
  7. Love the first birthday cake smash, the DinL's got the grandkids done as well
  8. Done 10m x 4m, cost £600, grass was mid table, called majestic. 3t of type 1 and 2t of sharp sand £120, borrowed the whacker plate off a mate, jobs a good un
  9. fucking wife's been out hoovering the grass already, no wise yon wuman
  10. The garden is getting fucked off at weekends now, getting bored with it now. During the week fair enough. Artificial grass is looking great though
  11. aye they're some size that hot I nearly had to take my sweat shirt and puffer jecket aff
  12. Been to Blairdrummond safari park, nice day wi all the bairns
  13. A wee tad risky
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of the many 'uncles' I'm sure these kids have
  15. I can't help but think this is gonna end up with you somehow getting a sore face