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  1. Smacking Ban

    I'm typing whilst trying to control 2 grandbairns who are running riot here, I'm tempted to give them a smack but they're both wee grasses to their Mams
  2. Smacking Ban

    I just can't believe that a controlled snack to discipline a child is being confused with abuse, There's a difference
  3. Lthv 17/18

    At least you have floodlights to catch-up
  4. Smacking Ban

    The naughty step I cringe when this term is used
  5. Smacking Ban

    This reminds me of a couple who had an unruly child, who was quite clearly a wee shite. They used to show him an imaginary yellow card for his first offence, then a red one for his second, then take him away to his room for some quiet time. When he just needed a good skelping across the arse
  6. Smacking Ban

    It was the slipper in primary school , belt at middle school, cane at high school and smacked at home. Did it stop me getting into mischief nahhhhh, but it certainly slowed you down a bit
  7. Smacking Ban

    I just remember thinking I'd better behave
  8. Smacking Ban

    Fucks sake
  9. Smacking Ban

  10. Smacking Ban

    Yes there is, just sit back, do f**k all and tell all c**t they have ADHD Doesn't work that way I'm afraid, you'll just want to smack your child for chastising your grandwean
  11. Things you want to share with P&B

    Is this type of behaviour not supposed to be frowned upon on here ?
  12. Pregnancy And Parenting

    So sorry to hear this PB
  13. Smacking Ban

    I used this tactic, one look and they knew it could escalate. Very rarely would a smack to the arse be necessary. I've seen loads of kids being smacked and it seemed to me that the smacker got more out of it than the smackee
  14. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    In fairness he hasn't said what beer it was, if it's some type of pish witer an open hand would suffice
  15. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    When both my sons were at home they were like locusts I had to hide the beer, biscuits and crisps in the garage. Even now food goes missing, it coincides with a txt to me that they've been down for a lend of a power tool etc. No respect nowadays the c***s