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  1. I love the bingo, excitement that fitba just doesn't give me anymore. When I get a sweat, my boaby tingles
  2. I know it doesn't really Mata but only Juan Golden ale pal
  3. And worst of all they won't let you smoke inside the ground the c***s
  4. Not even carlsberg, probably the best lager in the world can dull the pain of X Factor
  5. Won the player of the tournament at the 2003 beach 5s, Scotland's premier beach 5s. I got a different coloured T-shirt than everyone else
  6. Great turnaround by the Albert in the last few years, fair made up for them and for Morris in particular
  7. What a great turnaround for the Albert, EOS whipping boys to this. Take a bow to the committee, management team and players. I'm sure Josh Morris has had pelters on p+b from some Berwick posters, well sit back son and enjoy your moment.
  8. Which is why when I read it I didn't reply I was too busy lifting my jaw off the floor
  9. That was fucking shocking!!! Stones and Cahill were laughable at times. Set pieces are still shambolic. Sturridge and Walcott were non exsistent, although I have a certain amount of sympathy for Sturridge. Henderson was rank rotten, cheers Joe Hart though, kidnapped a point
  10. Congrats, she's a wee smasher
  11. Has to be the same guy that does their cringey twitter
  12. Cameraman still their and as loyal as a Labrador, awe that mitters
  13. Heard a while ago LTHV are to be a LL club next season