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  1. Having a cracking Scran in the dome, mince and tatties mun, what mare could you want
  2. Peppa pig and paw patrol just now saves the day
  3. He'll be at a car boot sale this morning buying up all the jigsaws bless im, I hear they're very therapeutic
  4. Congratulations placid
  5. It wasn't an organised campaign though, it was just one of them felt so right gigs ken
  6. You sound like Standfree here he loved saying that. So a big ner ner ner ner ner neerrrrrrrrr to Stan and a goodbye sweet prince to Grimbo, box office to the bitter end
  7. Only way to do it is a #dece crawl and a #doss crawl, same day
  8. Will there be a buffet??
  9. The noise of the rain on the shed tin roof is setting me off ma heed
  10. I watched this on periscope last night and Hertz contribution was fucking tragic, it was a derby ffs, the penalty summed them up
  11. Wearing flip flops
  12. Start off at the bridge of doom and take it from there, go wi the flow, do whatever feels right
  13. In fairness to him he's done nowt wrong, he's just using a function that has been provided by the owner of this site to the maximum use. I honestly can't see why this/he rattles so many people??? No happy, block him, easy solved no ?
  14. Too true, somewhere like Oban should be safe
  15. Stan went looking for an internet fight and took someone with him to hold his handy by the sounds of it If ever there was a time for an Edinburgh crawl, this is the time btw