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  1. I was sparked out by my PE teacher 34 years ago, last week I bought an ice cream out his van. We didn't reminisce about the good old days
  2. Happy birthday big boy, hope you've had a lovely day babes X
  3. Aye ye may as well Burnie haha
  4. Grimbo has you all where he wants you, change tactics girls
  5. To be fair Derek, please don't piss on Tweedmouths parade, they won end of. I'm sure most teams are missing players this time of year through various things
  6. Same haircut since 1980, grade 1 skinhead
  7. I predict VT will have the cleanest arse on p+b tonight
  8. Pic of VT went up, VT spat his dummy and pic away, VT is a jakey looking fringe heeded fanny
  9. I'd like this verified, away crying to the mods, who'd have thunk it eh
  10. Two of the p+b greats right there
  11. Seen that on Twitter last night, great signing
  12. Mobile phones
  13. I'll see how babysitting duties are that weekend like ha ha and if I'm allowed out to play by me mam ;-)
  14. And here's me thinking awebidy gets on on here, then you read this
  15. Could be out in 90 days