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  1. This forum all changed when City started winning games and you stopped being a frothy moothed Spartans hating mess
  2. I'll survive
  3. I have never been in numbers 1,4,5,8 and 10. Don't think I've ever seen a 1. Hope I haven't missed out
  4. Can't say I've had public transport problems with the granddaughter, everyone I've encountered has been understanding as we boarded. There are worse probs for the disabled than a bus, toilet/changing facilities for instance.
  5. One drinks fine, two at a push, anymore time spent is soul just destroying
  6. That's a great result for LT
  7. Atlantica Cyprus booked for May with all the clan
  8. Sorry to hear this bud. I can't relate personally to your problems, but can to feeling like utter shite. As KK says, get yourself to your GP, sooner the better. I waited two years to do so and it was two years wasted in a shitey wilderness. All the best
  9. Bananas dipped in sugar are the mutts nuts
  10. Even worse when it's handed to you with wee marshmallows floating on the top
  11. Congrats grandad, lovely news
  12. Hope everything goes well bud
  13. That's what I was thinking, wee fucking grass whit he is
  14. Ayyyeee oookkkaaayyy then, I'll just keep shtoom as well on what I know then, it won't fit in with the bois criteria anyways.