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  1. It was Philpy's fault
  2. Lucky fucking billy, not a bad sandwich to be in between
  3. Bless you Brucey, you, billy smart and starsky and hutch will always hold a special part of my life
  4. I still get facetimed off grandson Jack every time he gets wrong, i'm the only one that can calm him down and stop his greeting
  5. According to the wife I'm a c**t for starting sentences with 'like I say' can't say I've noticed, I'll have to take her word for it
  6. Anyone who says Yup
  7. Wee Nico Robert, born this morning at 10.31, weighing in at 7lb 7oz, him and Mum doing fine, where as I'm an emotional wreck, happy days
  8. It's only took me 50 years to be cool, better late than never
  9. Thank you, I'll give them a miss, I only look right in a boilersuit anyways
  10. Aye that's my thinking as well, fine for kicking whelks off the rocks
  11. Are these considered trendy and in shoes, to wear with a dark blue suit ??? Affae long and pointed imo, but is that the whole point of them
  12. Our refs are so good we don't need them
  13. Restaurant's are a nightmare for me, I just know she's gonna kick off, Hotels are her specialty also, loves a free night