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  1. Have you let yourself go?

    51, lost over 5 stone last year, stopped smoking 5 months ago, feel great
  2. Eurodisney

    It’s hell on earth
  3. EoSFL Pub Map

    I’m happy to buy a pint to any Ormiston or Stirling Uni visitors
  4. EoSFL Pub Map

    You must have stuck oot like a sare thumb in the Eagle heard the Masons is currently shut and the west barns inn is now called No5, bar at the ground was always ok
  5. Tunisia v England

    A good 23 minutes, then they went into their usual shitey game, thank f**k for Kane, it’s all they’ve got going for them
  6. Tunisia v England

    Well that was fucking shite, I can’t believe those absolute c***s in the studio think that it was anything else. Belgium will maul them
  7. Bonnyrigg Rose 2018-19

    That’s a tremendous signing, you’re gonna like this lad
  8. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Pint in cafe Havana’s
  9. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Thems proper mans hands them like, moisturiser by diesel and oil
  10. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    Giving rose street a try
  11. Promotion / relegation

    No, but you can sit on my knee
  12. Promotion / relegation

    It’s simple rab, look what’s left from last season, LTHV have in a sense fucked themselves up for promotion, Preston are unlikely to see tier 5 again, the middle to bottom half are gonna get pumped tae f**k, but they still said aye in ye come, all welcome, that took balls that did. The LL need to show some. These juniors are at last here, some from doing their homework, some from the scales tipping but who cares, we now have in the east a chance at a proper structure and self interest shouldn’t be a part of it. Get the weak oot the LL and get the strong in,then let’s start getting the shite oot that 2nd division.
  13. Promotion / relegation

    What risk ??? They all fucked off with no regard towards the Eos whatsoever, basically leaving them to rot. I can’t remember many complaining about it, the Eos cut their cloth accordingly and got on with it, because it was what was needed to forward Scottish football. Now the Eos have opened their doors, basically fucking many of their loyal clubs to weekly pumpings, but again it’s whats needed to further the game in this country. Now it’s the turn of the LL clubs to do the same, regardless of what happens above. It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past, who wouldn’t come on board then and who said what, there’s something big happening beneath you and although some LL clubs must be shitting themselves right now, in my opinion that’s what a pyramid is all about is it no. The LL should do their part, sooner rather than later and let’s get everyone where they should be
  14. Gardening Query

    Put one up last year as a craft shop for the wife. Insulated the floor but left the sides and with a lpg heater it was warm in the winter. My sons is the best quality though and was easiest to put up, he got his at Dunster House
  15. Broxburn Athletic 2018/19

    it’s called St Marks, along ferry road, turn down to the crematorium and passed it