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  1. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Good man, all good
  2. Genuinely awful cold meat.

    Prefer canned corned beef, cut 1/2” thick, HP or pickle on
  3. Pregnancy And Parenting

    How could you say no to that face Always liked paw patrol, on to transformers now though
  4. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Don’t wipe their nose properly when they come out the toilet
  5. Kelty Hearts 17/18 thread

    Like Sheerin then
  6. Ageing

    Stop, just stop
  7. Groundhop 2018 dates

    Heriot game looked a cracker
  8. You’re fucking nuts, and I mean that in a good way btw
  9. Ageing

    For you maybe, smellyarse
  10. Ageing

    Don’t talk shite
  11. Saughton game off!!!!

    Date or day wrong though
  12. Saughton game off!!!!

  13. Ageing

  14. Ageing

    Pornhub ???? What is this