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  1. I got a train from montrose to dundee last week. As I alighted I realised there was a blob of chewing gum stuck to my arse. Some dirty c**t had spat their chewing gum onto the seat. I was wearing a brand new pair of jeans and I was worried that they were fucked but i managed to remove the gum by scraping it off with my Swiss army knife then rubbing coconut oil into the sticky residue before throwing them in the washing machine. What kind of mink spits chewing gum onto a seat?
  2. If only....
  3. I hope you waited until after the watershed before viewing that scene of graphic violence.
  4. They also had difficulty keeping to the schedule. Programmes would often start earlier or later than advertised. Occasionally they'd show 5 minutes of something random like a bloke skiing or rock-climbing between programmes just to get the schedule back on track...
  5. My second favourite channel...
  6. To be fair, there was some absolute pish on TV back then as well. There was only 3 channels so choice was very limited. Its easy to look back with rose tinted specks but I do remember being bored out of my skull watching showjumping on a Saturday evening or utterly shite variety programmes like "London night out".
  7. Yeah. I'm seeing a lot of right wing bloggers and social media types sobbing like babies at the moment. The left won't disavow antifa they cry. Don't they realise that's because the entire planet enjoys watching them get their c***s kicked in?
  8. I'm going to break my own guideline about the artist being successful to a degree. This guy had zero success but his song deserves a wider audience...
  9. I've only done it twice. The remake of The Producers that came out around 10 or so years ago and American Honey, last year. Both were utterly painful to watch...
  10. Here's Department S star Peter Wyngard with some incisive social commentary...
  11. He's crying like a snowflake cuck.
  12. Yip, and the pained look of regret on his face as he sings just compounds the arse puckering awfulness of the song.
  13. I hadn't heard that for about 30 years and its even worse than I remember...