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  1. Israeli films are where it's at...
  2. Like this one here? A mash up of The Warriors and Escape From New York.
  3. And this is what the fonz thinks of people who cry about dots...
  4. Gaye Advert appeared in Fiesta magazine back in the day. There's plenty of NSFW pictures on google.
  5. Instead of copying the URL at the top look for the share function underneath the video. There is a little arrow in between a plus sign and a flag. Click on there and it gives a URL slightly different to the one a at the top. Copy and paste...
  6. I put Rebecca De Mornay in the Strumpets of Yore thread but she's equally at home here. Still well doable, even at the age of 57.
  7. Assault on precinct 13. The original, not the remake. I love this film .It's tense, atmospheric and gripping. The soundtrack is perfect too. Every time I watch it I always feel like I want more. Like I want to know more about the characters, what happens to them next etc. 9/10
  8. Rebecca De Mornay
  9. Kathleen Turner
  10. 37 year old Walking Dead star Pollyanna McIntosh
  11. Yeah, I thought Brussels was just a big, unfriendly concrete jungle. I've never been to Bruges but I have only good things to say about Ghent and Antwerp. Charleroi was a fucking shitehole though, it's a francophone Falkirk FFS.
  12. The Honda 70, or the "steppie" as they were known in Montrose.
  13. Toni Basil
  14. Reading Festival 1986 The days when festivals were still alternative and affordable not money making corporate beasts like they are today...