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  1. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Halloween The original 70s slasher pic. Just the right amount of creepy tension. 9/10
  2. Films based on Stephen King books

    1, The Running Man 2, Stand By Me 3, Carrie (1976 version) 4, The Shining 5, Christine
  3. When I'm on a beer drinking session I can usually manage three pints before I need a single fish. After that I need one after every mouthful. How many can you drink before you need a pish?
  4. Montrose v Elgin

    3 points and 3 goals makes Danny a very happy boy...
  5. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia Never gets old. 9/10
  6. Favourite MILF Thread

    Keep talking...
  7. Cutting your own hair and making an arse of it

    I borrowed a set of clippers from a mate and tried cutting my own hair. It was a fucking disaster. I didn't look £8 better off and I didn't feel £8 better off. I just leave it to the professionals now. Besides visiting a hairdresser gives me a rare opportunity to speak to women.
  8. Belgium - Specifically Antwerp

    I first sampled this stuff in Antwerp I weighs in a a hefty 11.3%.
  9. Cutting your own hair and making an arse of it

    The Turkish barber across from the DCA. Good haircuts, they don't leave any hairs down the back of your collar and they do the ear burning thing.
  10. Did anyone ever play Subbuteo cricket? A mate had it but it completely bamboozled me.
  11. Forfarshire Cup 2008/09 - Alternative History It took me a few minutes to do this but it was well worth it. As the Forfarshire cup wasn't completed in season 08/09, I have decided to settle this for once and for all. Instead of the usual seven teams I have decided to add Kirriemuir Scottish Caledonian United in order to avoid any one team receiving an unfair advantage by getting a bye into the semi finals. St Johnstone beat Forfar on penalties in the final after a boring 0-0 draw at a windswept Station Park.
  12. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    March or Die Gene Hackman stars as a French Foreign Legion officer. Dated and boring. 3/10