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  1. Rowetta Satchell She's starting to show her age but I still wid.
  2. It's time for some terror totty. Patty Hearst Leila Khaled Ulrike Meinhof
  3. The Olympic stadium in Munich is pretty unique.
  4. Marsha Hunt
  5. Well this has turned into a clusterfuck of gigantic proportions. I never got the SMS with the voucher code but Coral did spam the bejesus out of me with texts telling me to log into my account for free bets. When I logged in these free bets were not there. More than two weeks later I got an email with the code. When I tried go use it on the TOFFS site I got an error message telling me the code was invalid. I emailed both Coral and TOFFS. Coral said they would get back to me but I've heard nothing yet. TOFFS sent me a link to their site and told me where to enter the code. When I follow the link it gives me the list of shirts but the option for choosing a size is not there so I can't proceed any further. I managed to win my tenner back though with a few small carefull bets on Chelsea and the like so it's not all bad news.
  6. Bettie Page
  7. I prefer the term Cougar to MILF and feel it would be more appropriate for this thread.
  8. Nah, they won the 3rd division in 2000, were relegated after one season then went up again via the playoffs a few years later.
  9. What brought it on? Is he one of Hamish McLaren's Braintree mates or is this an unrelated nutjob?
  10. Yeah, I saw that a few years ago. It's pretty amusing.
  11. Here she is...
  12. Borderline boiler who stalked a Mormon missionary all the way from the USA to England, kidnapped him, chained him to a bed and forced him to pleasure her.
  13. 52 year old Marisa Tomei
  14. Not as good as the Leningrad Cowboys