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  1. Man arrested for turning dug into a nazi

    This walloper calls himself a "professional shitposter" and an "edgi boi" on his Twitter profile. He deserves the jail for that alone...
  2. Gazza has now formed a comedy double act with snooker has-been Willie Thorne . Coming to a theatre near you soon. I shit you not...
  3. The Walking Dead

    I'm not willing to try it myself but seemingly lit cigarettes don't ignite petrol...
  4. Ready Player One

    I read the book a few months ago so I'm quite looking forward to this.
  5. Stockport County

    Now this is completely unforgivable... https://youtu.be/mC5wN1QJf1M Any club that inflicts Daz Sampson on the public deserves everything they get....
  6. Genuinely awful cold meat.

    I just ate 2 Wall's Scotch Eggs... They were pretty fucking rank if truth be told...
  7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Three Billboards Very dark. I enjoyed it. 8/10
  8. Ageing

    I'm going bald and I'm overweight. I'm not really interested in losing weight as I've always thought that skinny bald guys look like they have bad AIDS. I got my nostrils waxed at the Turkish barbers last week. I didn't hurt at all. I thought it would be really sore but I hardly felt a thing. I'm thinking about getting my back waxed as I'm self conscious of my back hair.
  9. Montrose v Peterhead

    A decent game yesterday and absolute scenes after the third goal.
  10. Topman

    But it had the royal seal of approval.
  11. Montrose v Peterhead

    Sounds like the perfect weather for this match. Freezing cold arctic conditions are a fitting tribute to the proud seafaring heritage of our respective towns. I'm looking forward to this, Scottish football at its very finest.
  12. Ukraine

    I've just looked at In Your Pocket and it seems that Art Club 44 is still open. It was lesbian night when I went there. A very strange experience being one of around half a dozen men surrounded by about 200 women who were making out with each other. Something changed inside me that night.... I'll never be a lesbian.
  13. Things The Lower Classes Do

    With caterpillar boots.
  14. What Are You Drinking ?

    Not yet but I'll remedy that situation very soon. I have tried Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout though... It tastes like Nutella.
  15. Mike Tyson

    Tyson's finest moment.