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  1. Analfistbat.
  2. I've been to Tel Aviv. The white city area is where most of the nightlife action is. This area is made up of Bauhaus buildings that were built by Jews fleeing Germany in the 30s. There's plenty of pubs and clubs on and around Allenby Street that are open all night. Some of the bouncers are packing heat but I never really felt threatened. There plenty of seriously doable Jewish, Ethiopian and Russian birds strutting around. There's a restaurant called Nanuchka the serves up hearty Balkan and Georgian cuisine before everyone get pished and starts dancing on the tables. If you're on your own expect some pretty intense interrogation at the airport on the way home. Its probably safer to not let on that you've been to the west bank. I got taken aside and questioned by around 3 or 4 different security guards. It's worth pointing out that they were all teenage girls on their national service. They examined my passport and really got their knickers in a twist over the Malaysian stamp.
  3. Like this?
  4. I'd agree with that. I've never been to brugge but I love Ghent and Antwerp. I thought Brussels was a bit of a concrete jungle though and the less said about Charleroi the better.
  5. The Banana - There She Goes Again This cover of a Velvet Underground track was recorded in 1967 in a tent on a US military base in Vietnam.
  6. Scars were dece.
  7. Colossal Pretty quirky and entertaining. 8/10
  8. Yeah, you're right about the dca. The screen is too small and the seats are not steep enough. A far better class of customer though and you can take a pint in with you.
  9. I got sucked off behind this pub when I was younger.
  10. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky and Mick. Titch can GTF.