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  1. Great news for you or for us?
  2. I reckon Kirrie and Carnoustie should form a 2nd Angus side. Possibly called Panmure Thistle. Angus United will need a local rival after all.
  3. Mindhorn Utterly silly but pretty entertaining. 7/10
  4. Same old Alloa Always weeping.
  5. Grief is nature's most potent aphrodisiac.
  6. We finished 3rd in 2008 but lost to Stranraer in the playoffs. It was a bit of as ballache as that was the season Gretna went bust so Stranraer and Arbroath both went up via the playoffs. I enjoyed this season more though because of the turnaround after SP took over.
  7. Cheers Bobby. I like the look of Treacle.
  8. I may as well ask this here instead of starting a new thread. I'll have a couple of hours to kill in Edinburgh one afternoon later this week. Can anyone recommend a decent place for some scran? I'll be on my jack so nothing too formal and it needs to be within reasonable walking distance of Waverley. I'm not interested in any chain type places. Preferably it would be something unusual. By that, I mean something that isn't typical pub grub.
  9. It's disappointing but on the plus side even a month ago I didn't think we'd get into the playoffs. Let's hope SP can build on this for next season.
  10. 1-0 to the home side at half time. In other news Roselea have beaten Buckie Thistle 5-0 in their playoff. Come on lads. Make it a Montrose double celebration.
  11. Yip. The greatest season in our illustrious history. We took the jambos to 2 replays in the Scottish cup quarter final and reached the league cup semi final where we were defeated by Rangers.
  12. 1920s movie star Louise Brooks
  13. 2nd from right... And...
  14. It's time for some prehistoric poontang...