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  1. And get into the grave?
  2. things you arent so proud of

    Yip, I recently went for a shite when I had a boner. I ended up pissing through the gap between the toilet seat and the bowl and all over my jeans and punders.
  3. things you arent so proud of

    On holiday in Poland last year I got so drunk that I pished the bed in my hotel room. Luckily it was my last night there. I left an empty water bottle on the bed just so the cleaners would think I'd just spilled water on it.
  4. Dating advice for P&Bers

    No, she went of her own accord.
  5. The Official President Trump thread

    If Elvis walked in carrying a portion of chips you would hear the vinegar sizzle on them....
  6. Have you ever found yourself in a pickle?

    I once bought a jar of pickled eggs from Tesco. I finished the jar off in one sitting then was violently ill for the rest of the evening. I limit myself to no more than two a day now...
  7. Have you ever found yourself in a pickle?

    Pickled onion monster munch... Manna from heaven.
  8. Magnificent names archive

    Here's billionaire Turkish businessman Mustafa Koc... His company is called Koc Holding... https://blog.stetson.edu/emba/tag/funda-gungor/
  9. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    You should have put a bet on it mate...
  10. Magnificent names archive

    His face is a mess.
  11. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Come and See Soviet made film depicting Nazi war crimes in WW2. powerful but pretty grim. 8/10
  12. Votes for prisoners

    Yup, the only thing stopping me from going a killing spree is the fear that I'd never be allowed to vote again.
  13. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Anybody who cant go a couple of hours without stuffing their face is obviously some kind of c**t.
  14. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    I'm pretty sure that was the season arbroath fans were wearing fake beards in support of Danny McGrain.