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  1. To be fair to McPherson we rarely played a game with 1 up front. It was normally 2 up front with players like Thomson, Brady, Dorman in midfield. It wasn't the best to watch but then again a lot of the football under Danny wasn't brilliant either, it was good when it paid off for him. If Hopkin is appointed and keeps us up i'll be happy. If the style is hard to watch and we struggle to win games it makes it much easier to criticise a manager.
  2. I'll get today's fun started then [emoji8]. Hopkin favourite for the vacancy according to the Daily Ranger. Discuss... Personally i think the guys style of football with Livi would make Gus blush. Does Hopkin have any other style? He bases his teams on the way he was as a player. I'd be astonished if Hopkin was our next manager. It's got to be Neilson, surely?
  3. According to the DR Hopkin is the favourite for our job. Neilson is the popular choice amongst our fans. I just want this summer over with now tbh [emoji852].
  4. ICTFC 17/18

    Avoid Hutton like the plague. One of the worst players i've ever seen, and we have had some shite in my time. He has the best agent in the world if he gets another full time gig in this league.
  5. The Falkirk FC Thread

    If we get Neilson i hope he fails the same way he did at Hearts. Was it 2nd place he left them sitting before he left? [emoji23]
  6. Pretty dam good bud. Neilson or Goodwin for me. I won't say a bad word against JR, he performed a miracle for us over the last 18 months and deserves this move. He'll have Sunderland flying.
  7. Pro Ev 2018

    Holy shit. If they can somehow transfer them into the game it will be sensational.
  8. Maybe Jack's agent is at the wind up to get Ipswich to offer him that job [emoji23].
  9. Maybe Jack agreed terms and it's been leaked before he let StMirren know. Who knows. Just want this nonsense over with tbh so we can appoint Boyband Bobby [emoji7]
  10. Pro Ev 2018

  11. Pro Ev 2018

    Incredible news [emoji16] Also snow is going to be reintroduced!
  12. 18/19 kits thread

    f**k yer team GB. I think the ICT home one is actually alright.
  13. Sounds like a taller younger version of Steven Thomson.