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  1. Total farce for something that should be pretty simple [emoji23].
  2. Total farce that's not even the same kit. Could they not get someone to wear it ffs [emoji23]
  3. Pretty meh. More like a Dunfermline kit, it's pretty hard to f**k to up black and white stripes (JD managed it before). Il give it a generous 5/10.
  4. Ourselves and Oldham seem to have got rid too, i think Ross County still might be using them? Even the customer service in JD Sports was really piss poor, staff didn't have a clue about release dates, wrong sizes ordered in, stock hidden behind Old Firm tat in the Paisley and Braehead stores. Farcical really but it was meant to be a really good earner for the club. Our new kit images are meant to be getting released today, hopefully will be on this thread soon!
  5. Loy is a proven scorer at this level though and when he was match fit he was excellent. Would rather we signed him than take a risk on a unknown. No chance anyone will pay him that kind of money at this level so it's up to him and Dundee if they want to pay him off and he wants first team football or does he dig his heels in sit on the bench/in the stand for another season hoping for a chance to prove himself? If it's about money surely he's better staying at Dundee.
  6. Oh aye it's intentional and these wanks know what they are doing. I was getting the train back from Central one busy afternoon and there was a lass who had been shopping, she chose the middle seat and had bags at either side and at her feet, so effectively she had written off 5 seats with her selfishness because nobody could get in so sit across from her either. Well aye, paying at least £100 a month to stand whilst these puddle drinkers have a nice cosy seat for their bag? Fck that. Agreed but I don't think football fans will be too popular with the public on trains. Witnessed some total cringe in my time.
  7. No wins from 5 [emoji14]. Actually 6 because Div forgot to add United in. We still have 2-3 signings to make which could make all the difference but just now Id be delighted with the play-offs. Signed a few part time players signed which make them an unknown quantity.
  8. Tough start for us. Imagine Saints starting off by not winning the first 5 games! Could potentially happen.
  9. So it appears most clubs who had JD kits have papped them this season? Good riddance. Hopefully our national team get rid of them too.
  10. Yes who the hell is Richard Eckersley
  11. We have Richard Ekersley as first choice with Gary Irvine and Super Stelious able to fill in at left back too. A couple of weeks ago I'd have driven Watson back myself but he is no longer required! Handome chap but he's just not Stelious material....
  12. The c***s that put their bag on the seat when there are folk standing should be kicked in the pie.
  13. Back in the day this was the tits. When the folks bought the 8 packs of the mini cereal boxes we'd always fight over the coco pops one. Nowadays coco pops, wheetos and nesquick are rotten.