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  1. Doubt it's him, as it's been mentioned he won't have a clue what's going on unless he has been spying on everyone. Only reasonable explanation just now would be Gregory at the hilltop, he had a chat with Simon didn't he? Maybe Simon told him to kill Maggie and he couldn't go through with it.
  2. The walkers are still a threat too, even if the viewers are always cheated by the silent zombies off camera and all of a sudden they do that crazy noise and pop up out of nowhere. So who is the Lee Wallace then?
  3. No money, just 3 points against the Sons please! Not being smug, just delighted i actually payed attention to something for a change.
  4. Sasha is a complete fanny. Oh and who was it with the crossbow [emoji848][emoji8].
  5. I wasn't there last night and I'm not bothered about a ticket for the England game. Nothing to do with the team, I refuse to pay the SFA over the odds for match tickets. Scotland games shouldn't cost more than £25 no matter the opposition. Last night the tickets should have been reduced to £10 for adults £5 for kids.
  6. Hopefully this cements Martin's place as an impact sub, don't think he offers enough movement to be a nailed on starter. Miss aside Griffiths caused them problems. Tierney, Armstrong, Robertson are proper footballers. If we had players like that in every position we'd be laughing our way to the quarter finals in every competition at the very least.
  7. Going by reports from fellow fans the view from the first few rows was ridiculous, couldn't see any of the game because of the advertising boards ect. Atmosphere sounded amazing though.
  8. We have to beat them anyway, near impossible to qualify for the play offs.
  9. Got to be happy with the 3 points. Puts us up the Slos back sides, we won't still qualify but it keeps it interesting. Got to give credit where it's due, Strachan got it spot on tonight.
  10. Tierney and Armstrong were stunning.
  11. Keep the faith cuntos
  12. yaaasssssss
  13. Can't really blame Strachan tonight tbh, should be 5 up.
  14. Has to score there.
  15. Aye well done Gump, throw the ball to the opposition so we can't make the sub, fuxakes.