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  1. Saints v Sons

    Defo. It's not really fair to judge it from a photo, the defenders have made the keeper look even worse there but the angle shows how much of a swing and a miss it was as well.
  2. Saints v Sons

    Pic from our official snapper. Pretty much what we seen from his limited appearances last season, wasn't impressed with him when he played for Alloa but their fans raved about him. Don't think I'd swap Samson for any other keeper in the league tbh.
  3. Trailer park boys

    sad news. John Dunsworth was a genius. The show is finished now, can't continue without him. Fuckin way she goes [emoji174].
  4. First quarter complete. Top of the league by 3 points, 7 wins out of 9 with a few key players missing.
  5. Saints v Sons

    Didn't realise he was still around if it's the same one that played with Stranraer i think? all them years ago. Reilly scored last week for the first time in a while, albeit in the Fizzy Cup, hopefully gives him a bit of confidence.
  6. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Surprise surfuckingprise. We're going to beat Holland in a meaningless friendly and he's going to get the gig.
  7. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Surely getting to these tournaments first and foremost is the aim . Moyes doesn't fill me with confidence to be honest, he's had a really shitty few years, on the other hand the first person to replace Fergie was always up against it and he'd had been mad to turn that job down. He just seems on a downward spiral, I reckon he'd love a go at it though. Souness, McAllister, MacKay, nup not for me.
  8. Team for Next Year

    Why do we want to rip up this team that has produced the best bit of momentum we have had in a decade? Yes a slight tweak here and there but nothing too major unless we un-earth 2 world class centre backs from somewhere. A year is a long time, most of us on here had Russell Martin down as our best centre half and we have looked much better without him.
  9. Realistic foreign managers

    Are we not roughly paying around 500k per annum? I think O'Neil is on that too according to BBC Sportsound. Gordon Smith was on the radio saying Alex McLeish left because Birmingham, yes fucking Birmingham offered him 5x the amount of money we could offer. The money has went even more mental down South. We need to be really realistic here. Any half decent foreign manager will get snapped up by an English club before opting for us. Remember as well funny season starting down there (already has with De Boer getting punted). Our options between Scots and non Scots is very very limited.
  10. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    There's only one Scot I'd consider. Sir Alex Ferguson and that obviously isn't going to happen.
  11. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    You might not but plenty will.
  12. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    It's a fucking joke if we replace Strachan with Moyes or MacKay.
  13. Saints v Sons

    The fizzy cup starts to mean something if you get to the semis , then you're in it to win it. Getting knocked out quarter finals or before, it's not a big deal. Hate these games against Dumbarton. On paper we are expected to win given our full time status and wages ect but it rarely has worked out that way. Would gladly take a 1-0 win with the winner going in off someone's backside.
  14. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    f**k knows where we go from here. GS deserves credit for the run the team is on but if it wasn't for that awful Lithuania result we'd be partying this very minute. The last 2 campaigns have been failures, do we risk giving him a third attempt? On the other hand we have finally built up a bit of momentum for the first time in what, a decade? Do we want to rock the boat too much and get rid of the manager and kill off the momentum? Going 4-4-2 tonight was crazy imo, Martin has been a superb impact sub, why start him? That hopefully puts the 4-4-2 pish to bed. Just because you start 2 strikers it doesn't mean you'll be more attacking. Set pieces again cost us, Fletcher and Gordon to blame for the first? About 4 to blame for the second.
  15. U21 Euro 2019 Qualifying

    Didn't realise the player he was roasting in the second half was the right back playing for Spurs [emoji85]. Incredible.