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  1. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    This is a harsh reminder that we have won f'ck all yet. Livi are having an absolute belter of a season.
  2. The majority assumed he was going because of the amount of money on the table from Barnsley. Would be too good too turn down ect We'll never know what really happened in the meeting between Barnsley and JR, along with the Dundee interest. It's best for all parties. Well apart from Tony Fitz who made an arse of it [emoji23].
  3. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    As a Strachan fan boy your right, he did deserve to go. The problem was always going to be bringing in someone who would be an upgrade on Strachan. We'd have been as well keeping Strachan rather than appointing McLeish though. Seen it with StMirren when we let Danny Lennon go only to replace him with Tommy fkin Craig. Opportunity missed imo and the 2 year deal hardly fills me with confidence.
  4. Players worth a look at

    Been shouting for Caulker for years on here. He's a better defender than Berra who has came back up here and is strolling the league. Hopefully Caulker sees the potential and realises the standard of Scottish football isn't as bad as its made out to be. He might only be up here for 6 months but that is more than enough time to fall in love with this country.
  5. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    To be fair to McLeish, you can't take anything away from that win in Paris. Aye France didn't play to their best but we were incredible that night, to a man. Probably the best win in our International history? Still doesn't mean he should get the job this time round. The way i see it is he is not an upgrade on Gordon Strachan.
  6. And Sevco, who are also an absolute basket case.
  7. I think we should be applauding a young Scottish manager for not taking 5 times the amount of money he was on to finish the job he started. He'll get his big move in the summer/November at the very latest,
  8. f**k Robbie Neilson, Jambo tramp. Get JR some golden cardigans, pronto!
  9. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    The 3 board members responsible for sounding out a shortlist of managers for the rest of the board members to vote on was Ian Maxwell Rod Petrie Alan McCrae? I think. Regan was the 4th before he left.
  10. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Yep. I sense a dream team of McLeish, Rae and Barry Ferguson coming. Oh joys. To be fair if he gets us to Euro 2020 we won't give a f**k by then but this is just so uninspiring.
  11. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    Would have been as well keeping Strachan.
  12. Robbie Neilson for me is a no brainer as a replacement. No offence to James Fowler but I don't think he'd be our long term solution. Should steady the ship enough to see us through to the summer though if needed and Jack wants an older head beside him at Barnsley.
  13. There is always jobs going in the English Championship, pretty much on a weekly/fortnightly basis and of course a decent sized job going in Govan in the summer. In English football terms Barnsley are a small outfit, lower end of the Championship and they might even get relegated to League One. If Ross stays and takes us up, gets a good start in the Premiership he could end up at a higher end Championship club come October time when silly season starts down there. He might not even fancy moving down South, he got homesick at Hartlepool as a player, maybe hold out for a bigger Scottish job.
  14. The Walking Dead

    What about GOT? I'll miss it but AMC are doing there dam best to ruin it. That fkin CGI deer alone is enough to kill the show off. There is going to be a point where Andrew Lincoln wants to move on to bigger and better things. Hope we get a few more seasons yet but only if it gets back to its best.