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  1. Always said it, the Starks are arseholes. Sansa is a cow, been hoping for a few seasons that she'd be getting the chop. Terrible actress too. Littlefinger is in trouble though, he's playing them just now but the weirdo Stark will spill all. Was shitting myself for the hound. Bit disappointing that only 1 of the suicide squad died though and how the f**k was Jamie rescued??
  2. Obviously the barcode on it would only work on the home end but i believe the away end turnstile doesn't have the barcode entry....
  3. Would be just as well giving us a patg now I don't think the Police will want Saints fans queuing along side Morton fans.
  4. So the tickets don't actually have home or away on them, so Saints fans can buy a ticket and then rock up to the away gate with it. What a farce this is [emoji23].
  5. Don't know what to expect tomorrow. My feeling is this season we may be a bit inconsistent but when we play at our best we should be able to beat anyone on our day. Can't afford a slow start tomorrow, losing an early goal to a Jim Duffy team wouldn't be good, they can grind out results. Even though we are missing Davis and Magennis, Morton's injury crisis means we are probably slight favourites for this. Again we need Smith and Morgan to turn it on, if they are on form the Morton defence will be in for a hard time. Morton going forward McHugh concerns me, he always scores against us. Nathan Austin caused us a bit of bother last week, not seen Quitongo live but he seems the pacey sort that could cause Gary Mac and Baird problems if he gets one on one with either of them. Set pieces could be key, both keepers looking a bit shakey, Gaston is pretty gash and Samson has had some shakey moments but has also pulled off some great saves. Gutted I am missing this, after our win last week a draw wouldn't be the worst result but JR will be going for the 3 points. Gary MacKenzie to score anytime 14/1, will be having some of that.
  6. I reckon there will be patg for the away end tomorrow. Would be daft of Morton to literally turn away cash (which they appear to be trying their best at). The all ticket thing will be so they didn't have to deal with 1500+ paying punters. Much easier to deal with a couple of hundred on the day, surely.
  7. Possibly, just can't see how he'll face the Mountain considering where he is heading just now. Unless Jon Snow saves him and they head back to Winterfell together? He can't not meet Arya again, surely.
  8. The Norseman is fine, well your shoes stick to the floor but I've never had trouble in it. Normally the wee dafties are too busy pavement dancing at the McDonalds roundabout to cause trouble anywhere else.
  9. What a joke of a country, can't even do a live cup draw properly, my nan could have scored a hat trick against that lot....
  10. Hoping for the Hound is the next episode too but I really fear for the big man. He's heading into big trouble. I think the only plot armour the Hound has is he is possibly going to meet one of the Stark girls and possibly sacrifice himself saving one of them? Otherwise Arya will never know he actually survived. Kind of the same with Jamie, there is no chance he is drowning, they wouldn't end his and Cercei's storyline just like that (a bit like a certain couple in TWD when there was a fake death).
  11. I heard the guy that installed the new ticket system has taken all the money and fucked off
  12. I'd take the 10/1 now [emoji23].
  13. Oh and again, no Hound no party .
  14. I must have been watching another episode, the first 3/4 was pretty dull. Even Arya/Sansa meeting up. Sansa is a jealous cow btw, was kinda hoping Arya would stab her with the pointy end. Jamie and Bronn should have died like 3 times over, Jamie's hand would drown him never mind his armour. Over halfway through the season now though .