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  1. The f**k are the ICT players up to? Mental absolutely mental.
  2. Stephen McGinn will be the obvious choice for us, Gary MacKenzie has turned into a solid defender since January, Mallan finally turning it on with the arrival of McGinn but for me the only player to be consistent the whole season is Lewis Morgan. Kyle Magennis and Kyle McAllister both deserve a mention too, fantastic from the youngsters, they were introduced just when we started to turn results and performances around.
  3. When you look at the table as it was back then I'd have bitten my grans arm off to be in this position with 2 games to go. It's back in our hands, we are scoring goals, winning games and have clawed back an almighty gap from Raith. Absolute disgrace that Raith are in the mire with us and Ayr. Ayr haven't beat us this season in what, 6 games? We haven't beat Dumbarton but Ayr have taken so many points off them. It's been pretty crazy, we were something like 1/6 to finish bottom.
  4. Wouldn't be the worst deal in the world but Smith is too good for this league. If he doesn't get his chance at the Dons i can see him doing well at somewhere like Killie or Thistle. Id say he's worth taking a chance on. Really quick and direct, could be a long term replacement for Hayes if he can develop at the Dons. Shankland won't make the grade. Struggled with us this season in a poor team right enough, but hasn't excelled at Morton when they have been flying high. Maybe a lower end Championship player in there somewhere but not good enough for the Prem never mind Scotland's 2nd best team. Looked like the kind of player we were crying out for until we signed Stephen McGinn a few weeks after. Struggled to get in the team since, only seen him once or twice, he could win the ball but then be really sloppy with possession and slowed our play right down which isn't the way Jack Ross wants the team to play. Out of the 3 I'd say Smith has the best chance of making the grade. Would probably write the other 2 off, definitely in Shankland's case.
  5. f**k YOUR 190222222222222222
  6. I have now as an insurance bet. 9/1 in play. £100 would soften the blow if they win tonight. Sounds like they are well on top.
  7. oh sheeeeeeeeeet
  8. Is it not the same night as the England game? That has got carnage written all over it .
  9. Ayr fans can't exactly grumble when they were practically gifted 3 points v Raith. StMirren fans can't grumble because it took us till December to win our first fkin game.
  10. Hibs Hibs ooohhhhhh Hibs Hibs oooohhhh Hibs Hibs oooohhh. Hibs Hibs Hibees 3 Rangers 2 Jambos know that it's true
  11. not a bad effort from the Ton, much nicer than the 90's efforts actually.
  12. You weren't reffing our game against United were you? [emoji14]. Pretty sure the SPFL take most of the gate receipts. Could just do without the extra stress tbh.
  13. Typical we help Hibs win the league in recent weeks and they repay us by playing the reserves v Raith [emoji25]. Raiths away record is appalling but il be sticking an insurance bet on them.