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  1. JFK Files

    JFK? It was suicide. As was Diana. Oh, and Rangers while we're at it.
  2. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    somebody else buy them for you Heed...?
  3. Trigger warnings

    https://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2010/06/25/roy-rogers-legendary-horse-trigger-under-hammer/ there should have been a Trigger warning for Edinburgh City who had a successful bid accepted and now have a stuffed horse playing in their defence. Along with 3 other ones.
  4. The Great outdoors.

    You get red squirrels in Perthshire. Greys are just neds from the States. MInd you I once saw a Black Grouse in Perthshire. Black Grouse > Squirrels. The advantage of indoors (certainly my indoors) is that it doesn't have any dug shite.
  5. Poorest Scoring Start to a Season

    City have scored 5 goals in 9 league games now so we're not far behind Cowden. If it wasn't for Clyde leaking three goals to us at Broadwood.... in fact Clyde should do the honourable thing and disband in light of this fact!
  6. Luncarty's co- managers seem to be doing well with a team who play in tangerine and were previously a joke...
  7. Eeh lad, a 0-0 draw? You were lucky. Used to dream of a 0-0 draw. Used to get up at midnight, work 36 hours in poncy Edinburgh insurance firm, watch t'City muck up another match and then pay over the odds for some fizzy pish in an Edinburgh pub after a game. 0-0 draw in Stirling? Luxury.
  8. A mild autumn day, the sun is seen, the football maketh the eyes bleed though. Just when we were discussing the merits of gaining a point we give away a penalty. Seeing as today is Trafalgar Day I shall paraphrase Nelson's famous signal and say "Scotland expects every man will see the City defence cock it up again". The game was so dull two blokes came out from one of the houses behind Ainslie Park, climbed up onto the roof of an extension to fix a window and couldn't even be bothered to enjoy a free view of the match. It managed to dull into quiet submission 50 plus pished up on prosecco females. Even the blokes with the drum fell largely silent in the second half. The only sound to be heard was Henry weeping at another bust coupon, the odds on a City win being too tempting. It was a shame he had to rip off Hamilton Accies with that scam to cover his debts- next time try and bankrupt Livingston FC, cheers. I can't even rouse myself to righteous anger any more. It's October and we're toast. Or we would be if it wasn't for the managerial genius that is William Brown ESQ and even Cowden will wise up and push the panic button at some point. Free the lot in January and buy the gang of LTHV psychos instead. Oh season of mist and mellow uselessness.
  9. we could put the defence up front and the attack in defence. pity that leaves the midfield in midfield though....
  10. Show us your pussy..!

    I'm not surprised- shifting that sofa on it's side and then defying gravity must take a lot of energy!
  11. Edinburgh City

    i've got a really scary hallowe'en costume. It's the most evil and satanic thing seen since Damien in The Omen....
  12. hopefully the new management can inspire that bunch of bone idle shagbags to three points. or I'm buying a Spamtins season ticket instead* Some inspiration for our goal shy strikers: *this is a lie
  13. People You Dislike For No Proper Reason

    looks like Gollum's twin.
  14. Have you heard about the new film "constipation"? No? That's because it hasn't come out yet