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  1. Man arrested for turning dug into a nazi

    have any other Scottish dogs ever been caught doing a Nazi salute?
  2. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Played against us for Raith Rovers in a pre-season friendly a few seasons ago. You might be amused to know that the ref asked the Raith bench to sub him before he was sent off due to his head having gone as Big Joe bossed him all game.
  3. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    another cowden win... to paraphrase Sir Alex
  4. Things The Lower Classes Do

    ^^^ *ahem* DOGGER, Fisher, German Bight...
  5. Quick Question Thread

    see if Ant is now a pissant is that Dec's career f*cked?
  6. Quick Question Thread

    The Port Sunshine, Leith....

    I agree. But why are you talking about Greenock on a thread about Cowdenbeath?
  8. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    I think we rested some players on Saturday- must be taking this one seriously. Respect to da Clyde. Prediction- a boring 0-0 draw with the bar rattled a couple of times.
  9. Add Yogi to that list! He's also won fewer trophies for Killie than Bobby Willamson and Kenny Shiels too.. I'm glad they're enjoying themselves but I'm getting fed up of these smug Killie fans. Karma awaits in the form of Clarke going elsewhere and Yogi pitching up at Rugby Park..
  10. Cowden v Elgin City

    I thought Cox and Sheerin looked quite handy on Tuesday. Hope you're enjoying your win, but Elgin have had some bad results on the road since winning at Central Park in November. Just as well for them it's Fortress Borough Briggs or they might have been dragged into the mix.
  11. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    given our cup final record scratching from any cup would be a popular decision... now when's that pesky City Cup draw...
  12. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    change your colours to half blue half green and white hoops and rename the club Buckfast FC and you might get more interest from the town.
  13. Aye, but judging by some of the matches I've been to involving Stirling the family in question are the Manson family. Still you're not as bad as C***e.
  14. Everyday scummy behaviour

    I saw a couple of obvious junkies leave their flat today with a backpack and a sleeping bag heading towards the Sainsbury's at Meadowbank for a hard day's "work". I was walking home with a workmate a couple of weeks ago during the snow and someone approached us and asked for 10p. It couldn't have been for the bus as they were off and it wasn't for a cup of tea as all the cafes were shut. I usually say when approached for spare change "sorry mate, I spent all my money on drink and drugs".