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  1. Monster munch

    I knew I'd seen that face somewhere before..
  2. Dietary appropriation

    I remember getting bamboo in a Chinese carry out and wondering if I'd nicked a panda's tea.
  3. Carillion enters liquidation.

    didn't have a mate from Newcastle called Oz did he?
  4. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    George Aligyah's cancer has returned it seems... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42688248
  5. Dietary appropriation

    If it was fiery Irn Bru then Babylon's Burning.
  6. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    from my point of view even more !! please get some points (but less than us) to make a certain team in a New Town shite themselves..
  7. Edinburgh City v Montrose

    I spotted a guy in a Plastic Whistle hat so presume that must be oneteaminglasgow. Thanks for coming along, gadgie. I was feeling a bit down until I heard the Clyde score. Schadenfreude.. I suppose what you could say of our game is that when you're at the top you get the breaks and when you're down near the bottom you don't. Ach, hating Mo is like kicking a cuddly puppy, you can't really bring yourself to do it. Hats off to the Gable Endies fans for coming down in large numbers. The big man's chant in the first half "YOOOOUUUUU......AAARRRREEEEE....SHIIIIITTTEEEE..." amused me. I wonder how often that has been aimed at home players at Links Park in the past!
  8. Club name

    I've heard Chinese investors are looking at taking over the club. The consortium is called Asian DAB Foundation. I thank you.
  9. That bitch Sharon Goodmaid!!

    "Last year, Joseph Leftwich, a student from the Edinburgh College of Art, started a one-man advertising campaign by chalking the message "Who is Ryder?" across landmark buildings."Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/culture/club-facing-investigation-over-graffiti-1-845138 That's who Ryder is. Hope that makes a Happy Monday for you.
  10. Unfunny comedians

    you got more laughs watching this Nish
  11. Club name

    surely a new Tannadice club would be called Kelly's Heroes?
  12. Club name

    If a saviour came in and overthrew the current board would that be The Arabs Spring?
  13. Edinburgh City v Montrose

    It will be interesting to gauge recent improvements against playing one of the better teams in the League. 14-1 for City to win 2-0 is almost tempting mind you... I don't suppose Monty Mole will be playing in goal?
  14. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    tweeted tonight that they are. Good luck to them for being bold and jumping before bigger clubs might.