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  1. great result, although cheers useless Forfar diddies.
  2. Am I right in thinking that is Elgin's first ever league win over us at Central?? Can only recall them beating us in the cup at Central.
  3. What the hell have East Fife seen in Kane to sign him, at League 1 level at that. According to the East Fife website Chris is comfortable as a central defensive midfielder or central defender - my arse.
  4. big Joe was solid today, apart from one wee lapse he mopped up everything. He would have had our defence sorted out the past season.
  5. 2 dire teams, city just edged it, well done to them. Feel sorry for shire, was standing chatting with a couple of them who have been going for years, felt the lads pain at full time. Special shout out to big Joe, apart from one lapse absolutely strolled it. Lastly, city have a few young wallopers in their support.
  6. Thanks pal.
  7. Folks is this all ticket or pay at the gate?
  8. We need a decent manager, not a complete waster of the highest order.
  9. Yep, to be back in the same league as your mob, would bring tears to the hardest of men.
  10. You may get a reply back from the club with a photocopy of his P60 with any luck.
  11. No Cowden to stop you finishing bottom though.
  12. Now that Cowden have been relegated, gonna go along to this, hopefully a good turn out and a decent match.
  13. Aye gonna miss going to your clubs soulless Lego stadium and getting humped for quite a while, although we may get you in our annual guff draw in the cup.
  14. Townies will be long gone before Cowden ever play their last match. Jog on troll.
  15. 1 is ok, but the other 2 would get football stopped.