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  1. Twitter is already awash with "lying b*****d", "he needs to get to f**k". People have a narrative and won't change their mind regardless of what kind of interview Thompson gave.
  2. They do have the in-game 'momentum' that affects how your player performs. I think it depends on things like if you start well your players get a little boost but if you concede two quick goals for example your players become error prone and sluggish. It is why so many people score goals and then the opposition seem to score with their first attack after the goal, they get a small momentum boost to make the game "more exciting". A little like PES used to have (not sure if it does now) when players had morale boosts or handicaps. It is one of the reasons why people fill their benches with bronze players to bring the overall team rating down so that they get a small boost when they play someone with a highly rated team.
  3. The interview with Thompson airs in full in half an hour but much of it has been quoted in the media today. The main points seem to be that nobody has approached Thompson with anything that resembles a firm offer for the club and he is still looking for investments/loans in the meantime to cover costs and keep the club operating at a reasonable level of finance. That is where things get difficult IMO. If Thompson is accused of not spending money on the club then that is false. He has. Unfortunately the money we are still spending on the team and the infrastructure is Premiership level spending and means we are running at a loss. One option is that we get some 'soft loans' and bank on promotion either this season or next. This seems to be the short term plan. The other is Thompson cuts costs dramatically to the point of us "living within our means" which would result in us losing St.Andrews and a big slice of our playing squad plus slashing our wage budget (which means less of a chance of promotion). I'm still not overly critical of Thompson when it comes to the purely financial side of things, I think he has, on the whole, managed the club very well over the last few years. I feel like I constantly go over old ground with this but his big mistakes have been in recruitment and the timing of some of our player sales. His footballing decisions have been pretty poor since we lost Levein. Financially though he has done what I would assume most fans would want. Cut the debt, attempted to stabilise the club and give us a long term future as a business. What we have now is a fan base that is clerkly unhappy and a team on the park that falls way below what most of us think is acceptable. That, coupled with our relegation, means that Thompson is in the firing line (and many would so rightly so). Unfortunately social media gives rise to a huge number of shouty, very judgemental and ill-informed comments. The best of those right now is definitely "Aye bet he just wants our season ticket money to help the club, well thats just typical" (so clubs can carry on as normal without that money? Of course he wants your season tickets, we need them like every single other club)
  4. Where would you be going?
  5. Just trying to support the club as much as I can. We need the money, apparently.
  6. Some people are convinced that if you let your team stay the same for long periods of time it reduces the chemistry and feels sluggish, apparently signing new players rejuvenates things (apparently a ploy to get people to keep buying packs etc)
  7. Think I'm heading to the season ticket lounge before it. Nisbet is heading along so you should be on the look out for him!
  8. McKinnon's interview on ArabZone said he was delighted with Robson and Coote but he is wary about "burn out". Toshney is doing a photo thing before the game in the club shop with Dillon and Spittal so no appearance from him tonight either. I'd start both Coote and Robson but I think Dixon will definitely be back in the team with possibly Nicholls or Murray in for Cootes midfield position. My team - Bell VdS (if fit) Durnan Edge Robson Telfer Flood Coote Andreu Murray Mikkelson Raymondo's team - Bell Murdoch Durnan Edge Dixon Flood Telfer Nicholls Andreu VdV Murray
  9. Wato Kuate officially joins on a short term deal. If he ends up being awful and a disaster of a signing can I trademark the headline - "Wato load of nonsense"?
  10. United are expecting a £300,000 investment from an American based supporter according to Spence in the Courier. The investment is secured against Gussie Park.
  11. It has started already. Most seem to have made their mind up about what ST will say and that he is only talking to the BBC to boost season ticket sales (and there may well be an element of truth in that). With the United AGM also taking place today it will be an interesting couple of days I'm sure.
  12. Looks like it is a case of giving him the remaining games to make some kind of impression before a potential extension in the summer. We have had him on trial for a few weeks now so it makes sense to extend that and get him involved in the first team over the next few weeks. On the face of it he will at least add a physical side to our midfield which we need. Edit - Looking at his Wiki page, having played in Greece and Turkey I am worried he might be intimidated by the atmosphere at Tannadice.
  13. I'm sure Gary Harkins will LOVE that.
  14. I don't think so. The tweets read as if Thompson has mentioned it in passing to sponsors that there is a possibility of something happening.