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  1. There is a Twitter based BBC video here. Link
  2. Funnily enough I started watching United the season he left but my memory is pretty hazy as to his performances. When he came back as player/manager you could see his qualities but he only played 4 games so I can't put him ahead of others in my team.
  3. It's okay, we won't have much to throw at you in the midfield anyway.
  4. He did have an incredibly red nose the last time I saw him but I thought it might have been the flu.
  5. Hamilton fans, will missing MacKinnon and (potentially) Imrie take much of the spine out of your team? I'll be honest I think for these types of games those two are vitally important in terms of the mentality and physicality of a one-off tie. We've needed someone like McKinnon for years because we are soft as shite.
  6. He is my best mate's dad, he is still alive and very much involved in the playoffs but I'm not too sure why he isn't posting much at the moment. I think he enjoys a brief hiatus once in a while.
  7. Also, you can get this as a bonus image even though it is from the Bundesliga 2 (I have nowhere else to put it). One of my favourite images from the last year as the 1860 Munich mascots have to wear tiny moustaches to support Movember.
  8. Poor show that nobody has yet to add this...
  9. We are all Mike Braid. #MikeBraid
  10. Exactly. It sounds like folk on Twitter thought that they had genuinely not worn them on purpose. Obviously a mistake but the TV folk need to go over it again and again.
  11. If there was any chance of him still being here I'd imagine he would have done a "I said Wato, what you gonna do, you gotta apologise Wato" type interview on ArabZone.
  12. I was close to putting him in but Kalvenes had better technique overall IMO. Robertson was an absolute machine in terms of pace and stamina. One of the reasons some United fans have dealt with recent months so badly is that it was only 18-24 months ago that we had Robertson, Gauld, Armstrong, Ciftci etc. To fall so sharply in such a short space of time is difficult to cope with!
  13. I think he has regressed a little in that respect. He's not bad with the ball but he has only just this season started to get his confidence back after last year.
  14. Goalkeeper - Struggling with this one, maybe go for Alan Combe who was actually much better than people gave him credit for. Right Back - Erik Pedersen Left Back - Christian Kalvenes Centre Back - Siggi Jonsson Centre Back - John Souttar (pains me to say this but in terms of technique we are pretty limited for options) Right Mid - Andy McLaren Centre Mid - Charlie Miller Centre Mid - Lars Zetterlund Left Mid - Barry Robson Striker - Nadir Ciftci Striker - Kjell Olofsson Special mentions - Stuart Armstrong, Ryan Gauld, Jamie Dolan (very underrated IMO), Craig Conway, Karim Kerkar (cameo), Jan Telesnikov (cameo), David Fernandez, Morgaro Gomis, Danny Swanson, Gary Mackay-Steven