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  1. Christ, no holding back from you eh? Admittedly you have seen Sean in the twilight of his career. Pre 2014 things were a little better.
  2. Accent-Unknown, what is this anti-Sean Dillon picture all about? I'm not sure I welcome this addition to the forum. Anyone but Sean.
  3. I must admit Gaz is right in some ways, our signings are a bit of a step into the unknown, but the same can be said for any club signing a large number of players. Some of those we have brought in don't have the most eye catching pedigree but that is just a mark as to where we are. No club in this division is signing people of the calibre that Hibs did last year so we are all on a fairly even playing field. I do think the squad is looking more balanced and versatile (although we are still desperately needing another forward). McKinnon has nowhere to hide this year, this is now his team and his system. I have no idea how we will do this season, my heart says that we have the strongest squad in the league and will win the division but my head knows that it will be really difficult and I think a few clubs will fancy themselves to mount a title challenge.
  4. So far most United fans would insist that we are actually better than last season in terms of our build up play. Hard to tell in a game like today but we seem to have more players that can make a difference in the final third.
  5. Surprised that nobody has mentioned the 'Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation' yet (just to add some data to this debate. The SIMD is something I look at a fair bit through my job and you can have a look at the map here if you are interested. Obviously it isn't the be all and end all but it does highlight things like health, employment and housing. What I always find is that in places like Dundee the 'deciles' used to measure deprivation can change so quickly. Behind my work the area is in decile 8 or 9 which is relatively affluent but yet right in front of my school we have people in the 'most deprived' deciles of 1 and 2. ^I realise how boring this paragraph is. For me - Dundee Best - The 'West End'. I grew up along Blackness Road and it had the perfect mix of everything really. My wife and I are expecting our first baby so we are already looking at houses there or potentially further east towards the Ferry, Monifieth and beyond (as a United fan I have to live East of Dobbies anyway) Dundee Worst - Difficult one, as many have mentioned the areas that used to be considered the 'worst' have been regenerated pretty well (it was always Beechwood growing up). Invergowrie Arab made a good point about amenities. If it wasn't for the shops and transport links then there are parts of Stobswell that would be high on the list.
  6. Think it is his shortest since pretty much his first. I suppose it had to be in the sense that it just bombards you from the very first minute and to have it go another half hour would maybe be a bit too much. Dunkirk (cinema) - Nolan is a wonderful filmmaker and this is a masterclass in direction, cinematography and sound. The music and sound in particular are absolutely superb (you have to try and see this in the cinema if you can). I left the cinema feeling totally gripped by the whole experience but I would say that I found some of the story threads weak in parts but not enough for me to be too distracted (the handling of the timescales felt a little off for me). Overall a brilliant cinematic experience and Nolan can do no wrong in my eyes. 9/10
  7. Decent interview with Lewis Toshney on ArabZone, seems to realise how much of a nightmare he had last year.
  8. War for the Planet of the Apes (Cinema) I hate my self for saying this but I didn't really enjoy it. The first instalment of the recent trilogy is a massive favourite of mine and I thought that the sequel was really strong overall. This feels very detached from those two, mainly because it is now all out war and I felt the whole thing was handled quite poorly. There were enough good elements in the early stages of the film but the second half didn't really grab me in any way. 5/10
  9. N'Koyi is in the mould of Daly, Mikkelson, Brain Graham etc. He has been brought in as a physical forward with a limited ability to excite fans with any dazzling skills. Both Daly and Mikkelson went through similar criticism. Daly obviously went on to become really important to us, Mikkelson eventually did pretty well. Brian Graham on the other hand...
  10. I wasn't talking about Pie and Bovril.
  11. Earlier on I was thinking back to other players who have started really poorly. I'm sure 'GMS' was pretty useless during his first few appearances as was Craig Conway. A bit more challenging for forward players because unless you score several times or go on ridiculous mazy runs you will be labelled as shit early doors. Two questions then for any United fans on P&B wanting something to do - Players who started well but turned out to be shite? Players who started off poorly but turned out to be quite good?
  12. Good to see the judgements of players has already started. Particularly bad on Twitter and Facebook but it seems that a game against Raith Rovers and Buckie Thistle are all you get before you are marked as being utterly useless or totally brilliant. Maybe we can revisit some of these judgements in a few months or at the end of the season to make a true call on who effective these players can be?
  13. I was at the game last night, the refereeing really annoyed me because of the inconsistency shown at two particular incidents. The first was the County player who quite clearly told the ref to "f**k right off" on the first half, no booking. Yet a Montrose booking in the 90th minute for the same thing? The second incident is the one mentioned involving Hay getting a yellow and then (I think) Dow not receiving a yellow for a worse foul. 6-0 flattered County but they were very impressive.
  14. Both he and Kieran Tierney put a lot of footballers to shame with respect to their attitude and the way they handle themselves. Hopefully both continue to fulfil their potential.
  15. We've got a young keeper on loan from Southampton who will probably start the league campaign as number one.