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  1. FIFA 18

    I just got into the habit of trawling through teams and leagues and buying up as early as I could so that when the SBCs come around I can either sell everyone or do the requirements. Most leagues that don't get included at the start you can do the individual sides for pennies. Then you identify some teams that have particularly rare players and take a gamble. Last year I bought 85 Fojut's for 200 coins each because he was the only central defender for his team and I had heard there was going to be a Polish league SBC (which there wasn't) so that was a gamble that didn't pay off. I made a huge amount on the the English Championship and Ligue 1 challenges. This has definitely been my one and only year of pack luck and then getting Messi was just ridiculous. He is clearly amazing but I have been getting tempted with the idea of selling him as he is currently going for nearly 3.4 million and it would mean I can do pretty much what I wanted from here on in.
  2. FIFA 18

    I've not spent anything other than getting the top end edition at the start of the game giving me my free packs and then my wife bought me FIFA points as part of my Christmas (which ended up being the points I packed Messi with). Out of that team I packed Messi, Kimmich, Vidal, Boateng, Bender, Mustafi and Griezmann. I did the Overmars and Costa SBCs as well as the Bundesliga one (which I plan for every year) and the Larsson one (which was surprisingly cheap). As I said earlier I have focused quite a bit on trading and buying in bulk before selling on and I have been very lucky with my timing on that one. Sarah for example I bought two of his OTW cards when they were down at 300k or so and then he goes and gets a couple of IFs and all of a sudden that card is worth 650k+. If you take Messi out of that team it isn't a totally unrealistic side for someone that plays a fair bit of FIFA and knows how to trade and build a team.
  3. Livi v Utd

    I know that there is a general consensus that McDonald has given up and that he has maybe had a bit of a fall out with the management. I'd give him the game on Friday to prove us wrong and hope that his professional instinct kicks in for the remainder of the season. I hate him but he is probably still in the 'potential match winner' cliche category.
  4. shite badges

    I wrote a short thing on this about three years ago. Some belters out there (I only scratched the surface). Two or three favourites from my post (here) are...
  5. Livi v Utd

    Mehmet Murdoch Durnan Scobbie/Quinn/Edge (apparently one will be fit) Robson McMullan Stanton Gillespie King McDonald Mikkelsen Csaba will undoubtedly play Flood or Lyng in there somewhere and he will probably not drop Lewis.
  6. FIFA 18

    He is incredibly good in this year's game.
  7. FIFA 18

    I deserve that.
  8. FIFA 18

    I've been holding off posting my team for fear of ridicule. I have had some ridiculous pack luck this year (Messi being my all-time ultimate achievement in my time I've played FIFA) and I have focused a great deal on trading and making sure that I have planned for SBCs etc. Anyway, here is my current squad...
  9. Call of Duty: WWII

    I finished the campaign yesterday (I only ever really play the campaign when it comes to Call of Duty/Battlefield etc). I thought it started realy well and there were some fun missions but it was painfully short and ended very suddenly. Probably won't touch the game ever again now.
  10. Dundee United 2017/2018

    The Clep Bar. Actually Glasgow, a Twitter storm this morning about him having a go at Sturgeon which resulted in a "mass walk out" (but it didn't really)
  11. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I'm happy for the Dundee fans to be all excited about Simon Murray. They also got very, very excited about Sofien Moussa earlier in the season so they know a player when they see one.
  12. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Can I just thank the Kilmarnock team for clearing this thread of Dundee fans for a short while.
  13. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Would be happy to see a different team to start the next few games with two or three players needing dropped/rested. Wouldn't be against - Mehmet Ballantyne Durnan Scobbie (if fit) Mason Gillespie Stanton McMullan Smith King Mikkelsen I'd also be happy if Chalmers, Kadded and Martin got an opportunity. I don't like Robson, and I cannot be fucked with Scott McDonald at the moment. Lyng hasn't shown anything since signing (although he was totally isolated today). Flood needs dropped, Lewis needs a break, Slater has done nothing and for me Murdoch doesn't deserve to play ahead of a natural right-back that has not been given an opportunity.
  14. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I'd be more than happy for Mehmet to be given a few games. Felt sorry for Gillespie that his first game is at right-back against Aberdeen and he was playing directly next to Stewart Murdoch.