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  1. In an ideal world so would ours but I chatted recently with the ArabZone people and basically the club itself put in zero money so to pay for their team they have to fund the entire thing through the membership (I think it has about 1700 or so members if I remember correctly).
  2. Our match footage is behind a paywall as part of our 'ArabZone' service. The goals are sometimes uploaded for free but interviews and highlights will set you back £5 a month.
  3. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I actually would have wanted Celtic away in the Cup. The league is what matters and I liked the idea of getting a bit of a financial bonus due to a Scottish Cup tie (despite it probably ending up as a cricket score). Maybe if we progress we might eventually make a little money but I would have taken a pumping if it meant a couple of hundred thousand helping the bank balance.
  4. I'll be missing from this game (my wife and baby negotiations involving United games has meant a temporary ban on all away fixtures). I hope we make a real statement on Saturday and head into the Dunfermline game with a good win behind us. A strong run of results before Christmas will put us in a great position for the second half of the season.
  5. Dundee United 2017/2018

    If we can beat Brechin and then Dunfermline it will put down a huge marker and hopefully give us an edge at the top of the table. The team to win this league needs to be averaging 18-19 points per quarter (based on the last few Championship seasons).
  6. Just to compare, this was Paul in better spirits earlier in the week talking about the game....
  7. There seemed to be a number of the Falkirk support clapping at the end, I'm assuming it was aimed directly at the goalkeeper who did have a very good game. Surely no supporter would clap a performance as bad as that?
  8. King looked like a different player today, helped that he had Robson overlapping at every opportunity, which gave him the chance to cut inside or drive into space.
  9. A very enjoyable watch. It is difficult to judge a manager on his first game and that is made more difficult when the opposition put in an embarrassing performance that is up there with the worst I have ever seen from a Falkirk side. Some very good performers from us and I hope that this is a sign of things to come from Laszlo going forward.
  10. He’s great, thanks for the gifts, very much appreciated! I will be there tomorrow, can’t wait (although that’s mainly due to the few hours of freedom rather than the game!)
  11. I would imagine given how much Laszlo has talked about commitment, effort etc then someone like Flood (regardless of his limitations) will feature most weeks. He'll want guys like Flood, Scobbie, McDonald and Durnan to be the motivators in this team.
  12. That will explain the photos of Morrissey hanging up all over the place.