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  1. 2 hours ago, G_Man1985 said:

    Curran will score goals in midfield? Isn't Ohara our top goalscorer or not far off it and you want him right back ?


    22 minutes ago, G_Man1985 said:

    52' - Jesse Curran bursts forward an unleashes a vicious toe-poke from the edge of the box that flies into the corner. 1-0 #thedee

    You tell me Gman, you tell me.

  2. Black Panther.

    I couldn't help shake the feeling I had seen this before. And I had, it's like a live action remake of The Lion King, the similarities are striking. I really, really, really don't like superhero films but went to see this and I was pleasantly surprised. I can easily see why it's not for everyone but it earns a 7/10 for me. Not something I'd watch again, but very glad I seen it.

  3. Genuine question: has his form dipped since the whole thing about pre-contract offers or has he always just been flakey?

    I only really started paying attention to him after we were linked with him back in December and he seems to take a pretty regular kicking from sections of your fanbase.

    He's been like that when he started. He seems to save his best performances for Rangers. Utterly unplayable against them. He's a very good talent but inconsistent to the extent that people have valid concerns as to whether he will make it or not.

    He's been poor for a considerable period recently but I wouldn't say that being linked with other clubs have been the cause of this, because he's had spells like this before.

    Sometimes he's the best guy on the pitch and others he's like bambi on ice. Other than his age - it's quite a hard thing to explain away tbh.

  4. Was Holt on the bench for the Partick Thistle game? Saw him arguing with Bobby Geddes after he was subbed in the cup game. He was then dropped from the squad entirely. There was then a few comments on Twitter about how he and McCann had fell out (But for whatever reason, despite my hang ups on McCann and his general reputation of taking no shite from players - I felt the posts were more mischief making than anything else).

    I like Holt. He deserves far, far better than the reception he gets from our fans. Always respectful, tries 100% every game and seems to get a serious bout of nerves when facing a frosty reception from our fans. He's a cracking player in all reality. He's not mobile enough to be a defensive left back and he's not agile enough to be a winger. He's one of those that has a lot of talent, but misses a few of the vital ingredients to actually make it.

    Unquestionably, Jon is better. It was criminal that McCann dropped him for Holt. That being said, Jon can be slightly too lackadaisical at times. He's not perfect.

    Going off on a tangent - I've watched Dundee since roughly 96. In that time we've had a few cracking left backs. Marrocco and Beghetto (Criminally underrated Lb and should have been our LB longer than he was) were my two faves. Matt Lockwood was an absolute sensation (Although it was sad to see him struggle in the top flight - if we had him in his prime, he'd have been up there with the best in the division, he had everything but pace). Lockwood was also the best striker of a penalty I've seen in my life as well and I include Moussa and Conroy in that. When he hit that horrific pen against Killie in the cup it was like a switch went off in his head and he never recovered. - Anyways, the point of my tangent was, Jon has the ability to be up there with them 3 but we seriously need to get the finger out and on the charm offensive to tie him down.

  5. 4 minutes ago, John Lambies Doos said:

    Explain why bonner wouldn't make a good goalkeeping coach. He was also very instrumental in the FAI's development plan in early 2000s, ROI qualified for 3 major tournament since. He's also played at the highest level and lives in Scotland

    So I ask again, why would he not make a good GK coach?


    He's an absolute dumpling that probably won't know our goalkeepers names, much less their areas of strength and weakness that he has to work on.

  6. Just now, Shadow Play said:

    McCann has had one full transfer window and one January transfer window and you agree four are a definite success.  I think it’s fair to assume Caulker will join that list.  I’m sure others will follow.

    Hartley had 45 ish signings.  How many of those can be classed as a success?  It would be interesting to see what clubs Hartley’s signings went on to play for after being with Dundee.  I’d hazard a guess all but 6 or 7 would be playing at a lower level.  That would suggest to me that Hartley bought players that weren’t good enough for this level or he failed to get the best out of them.

    There is no question the dead wood that was still in the squad at the start of season hindered McCann’s recruitment.  Common sense would tell you that their wages played a part in the budget.  When a new manager comes into any club there are always players he will not rate.  The problem with Hartley’s recruitment in his last August transfer window was that none of the players he brought in were a success.  That is an extraordinary bit of bad judgement/ business by any standards.

    The point I am making is McCann does seem to have s better eye for recruitment.  Whether he will be a better coach and manager remains to be seen.

    The purpose of my post wasn't made with the intention to be McCann vs Hartley, far from it, but if you wish to compare Hartley's signings in his first full transfer window and January window then you have:

    Paul McGinn - Success.

    Gary Harkins - Success.

    James McPake - Success.

    Kosta Gadzhalov - Success.

    Scott Bain - Success (During Hartley's period of reference)

    Paul McGowan - Success.

    Simon Ferry - Fail.

    Luka Tankulic - Fail.

    Phil Roberts - Fail.

    Thomas Konrad - Success.

    David Clarkson - Success.

    Greg Stewart - Success.

    Kevin Thomson - Success.

    Paul Heffernan - Closed the Derry.

    Stephen McGinn - Fail.

    Alex Harris - Fail.

    I'd argue that's a much higher success rate in his first season.

  7. 1 hour ago, harry94 said:

    McCann's opportunity to assemble a new team is massively over stated. He's had to work with a lot of guys who are tied up on long term deals and it's meant that having 9 or so signings and getting 7 of them to be great success stories hasn't been enough.

    Yordi, Low, Williams, Hateley, Julen, Gadz, Vincent and Haber are all still straining the budget and haven't played much or have left (likely still receiving contributions from the club). Past that, I really don't think O'Dea, Faissal and Holt are players he'd particularly like to sign but he's just had to go with it and work them in.

    I genuinely think that even if we had one extra effective player from the start of the season who could finish, we'd be much better off. Recruitment has been really good but Hartley was given free reign for long term deals that were really irresponsible.

    The first round of games have been the big issue with our season IMO. Took a while to come together and threw away so many points with good performances. I don't think it's a total surprise that we've hit another rough patch, especially with the change in January.

    We've still generally been playing quite well so that as well gives grounds for optimism (although maybe misplaced). Ross County is probably the only game of recent times where you could say we've been atrocious all round.

    That's a post that I just can't agree with Harry. I like your thinking, so I'll attempt to form a rebuttal (Although how successful this will be, I don't know).

    Firstly, having the ability to bring in 15 players that will contribute to the squad is an insane turnaround in the squad. It shows that he's been backed massively. If we take into account the players that you say are straining the budget, then it's hard not to think that he's been the best backed manager since the Bonetti era in terms of budget. Let's look at each of these signings one by one:

    Sofien Moussa

    Randy Wolters

    Jeremie Malherbe

    Steven Caulker

    Elliott Parish

    Lewis Spence

    Roarie Deacon

    Jack Hendry

    Scott Allan

    AJ Leitch-Smith

    Simon Murray

    Genseric Kusunga

    Josh Meekings

    Jon Aurtenexte

    Glen Kamara


    Out of those signings, I think Kamara, Jon, Meekings and Hendry are the only definite successes. Obviously it's too early to judge the likes of Kusunga and Caulker. A lot of money will have been spent on this selection of players. It certainly isn't a budget that has had McCann's arms tied behind his back due to the previous manager. I think there's a lot of assumptions in your post. You assume that we will still be paying the likes of Low and Yordi high amounts when Low has been getting paid by Derry for almost the full season now and Yordi was the one that instigated the ripping up of his contract. We have no idea of the rest of the players and how much was spent getting them off the books, so it is futile using those as a defence or indeed an attack on McCann's reign.  As far as recruitment goes, in comparison to Hartley's first season, I think McCann is well off, but Hartley did have more room to move admittedly.

    I'd like to point out Gadzhalov as being a special waste of the budget. McCann tied him down, then proceeded to sign 4 CH's ahead of him throughout the season and values Julen, Waddell and O'Dea ahead of him as well, so to say that Gadzhalov is a 'drain' is more McCann's fault than anyone else.

    Furthermore, you assume that O'Dea, Holt and Faissal aren't players he'd like to sign. Well, he handed O'Dea the captaincy, dropped Jon for an extended period for Holt and raved about Faissal whilst at Dunfermline and has played him for most of the season, so again, I think you're stretching here, but regardless - even if it were the case, this is something that any competent manager at this level would need to deal with. Just look at Steve Clarke for example.

    You say if we had one extra effective attacking player we'd be better. Who wouldn't? This is a league that has every team crying out for a Hemmings/Sara/Other great goalscorer. Our refusal to address the striking position in the January window, only acting when Scott Allan came to him and said he wanted to leave is downright criminal.

    Finally, people say we've been playing well. I see it all the time, and it's draining to be honest. We've maybe played well in periods of games, but we've never really played well.

    3-2 Kilmarnock - Killie down to 10 men, 1-2 down, to go on to lose that 3-2 is not playing well.

    1-4 County - You've already addressed.

    Drawing 1-1 with ICT - Not good enough.

    Going way back to the LC group stages - Scoring in the last minute to save our blushes against league one Raith, then drawing at home to United weren't good performances.

    Dundee 1-2 RC - Terrible performance.

    Hamilton 3-0 Dundee - Lauded as a great performance that'd normally see us win. To lose 3-0 to Hamilton can never, ever be considered a good performance though.

    Dundee 1-1 Hibs - Again, backs to the wall for 90 minutes and Scott Bain's decision to turn up for a game were the only reason we secured a point.

    I'd argue that we've only had 4-5, really good performances this season:

    Dundee 2-1 Rangers, Dundee 3-0 Partick, the two St Johnstone games and the second Derby.

    Don't get me wrong, I want to be positive, for people that have been on P&B for a good while like yourself, you'd know it's not in my nature to bash the manager and I'm usually one of the happy clappers, but I've not seen anything to give me a glimmer of positivity. I hope we smash Partick Thistle today, but at this moment in time it's a do or die battle. We are 5 points worse off than we were this time last season when fans were baying for blood. McCann has been backed, of that their can be no doubts and what have we got to show for it? A decent play style that is costing us more than it is benefiting us with players that can barely play the formation. Like last season, we are down to a team with no width, a stubborn manager, but also now one that doesn't have previous success stories behind him. A win today is massive, for if we lose, I'm genuinely concerned we'll be going down.