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  1. Mafia Watering Hole

    I'm out for Lichtie's game, so no clash for me at least!
  2. Mafia Watering Hole

    Not at all, I'll just judge it as I see it.
  3. Mafia Watering Hole

    For the next Apprentice game, put my name down for a helper role. I'll refrain from playing, I was terrible last time.
  4. Have I Got News For You

    Brian Blessed was cracking when he hosted and should be on it more than guff like Alexander Armstrong although not a permanent host, as his schtick would grow thin. All in my opinion.
  5. Eastenders....

  6. The Wrestling Thread

    To be fair, a debate was sparked when Vince McMahon had his 'accident' as to whether it was real or not and if he was actually dead!
  7. The Wrestling Thread

    I know it's old news but I'm shocked to find out Carlito was/is addicted to pain killers, always thought he was one that could go far in WWE. What happened?
  8. Mafia Watering Hole

    Kyle - Get a sign-up thread going, it's not as if you'll have to do much work with that! P.S, Forehead this thread was an ingenious idea.
  9. Mafia Watering Hole

    No, because then the fellow captains could snap up my wish list.
  10. Mafia Watering Hole

    If you refuse the option on captaining a team, I'll be looking to acquire you on the bosman ruling. I have my team set in stone, obviously since the captains only get a single pick each turn, he team may not turn out to be what I want it, but I've got my ideal team lined up and you're in it, sir.
  11. You're a bit late with that news, he's in the squad list.
  12. Mafia Watering Hole

    Can't wait to captain TigerBlood mk II to victory just as I'd done originally. It's safe to say, if picked by me, you're winning! Can't wait for this game! Am I right in saying the qualifiers will be done before the team's are picked? However, the seeds will obviously be revealed by that time. So we'll have a bit of waiting and watching the qualifiers first?
  13. The Wrestling Thread

    Why would he admit he's leaving WWE on RAW? Think WWE are just jumping onto the rumours (And rightly so) and running with it.
  14. The same trialist ploy that you described as the, 'Most pathetic thing I've ever seen'?
  15. Do you try your hardest to be a c**t? That's a brilliant effort in a little under 2 weeks.
  16. Going by Smith's favoured squad size, we'll make another 2 signings which could rise to 5 depending on the future of Forsyth & Harkins and Dundee Mad's player fund which I'm led to believe has raised around 9k already.
  17. I half expected Russell to do a lap of the court when he went 30-15 up, such are his chances today. Fair enough Gaz, was just getting in a pre-emptive strike before I'm called upon.
  18. Dundee Goalkeepers Robert Douglas (39) - May 2012 John Gibson (21) - May 2012 Defenders Rhys Weston (30) - May 2012 Craig McKeown (26) - May 2012 Gary Irvine (26) - May 2012 Matthew Lockwood (34) - May 2012 Kyle Benedictus (19) - May 2012 Connor Rennie (19) - May 2012 Midfielders Ryan Conroy (24) - May 2012 Nicky Riley (25) - May 2012 Gary Harkins (26) - May 2012 Stephen O'Donnell (27) - May 2012 Graham Webster (18) - May 2012 Strikers Steven Milne (31) - May 2012 Graham Bayne (31) - May 2012 Jake Hyde (20) - May 2012 Leighton McIntosh (18) - May 2014 Ages as of 1st August 2010 Released Gary Bartlett Alan Tulleth Ross Carnegie Gary Irons Michael Hutcheon Out of Contract Craig Forsyth Sean Higgins - St. Johnstone Updated with the announcement of Jake Hyde, Steven Milne & Ryan Conroy signing.
  19. I'll be gutted should I post up some guff and I fail to be held to task over it now. Whenever I do post some 'guff' I'll just hit back with the witty retort of 'Just testing'.
  20. And? I'll happily admit, only Wimbledon grips me, and whilst I may not be as knowledgeable as others on all things Tennis, I and others are still allowed to have our opinions on it.
  21. The Wrestling Thread

    I might stay up and catch a link, but anything 'old school' expected to happen, ie, Kane, Rock, Austin, Taker etc?
  22. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    When you've got a deadline to work to and you get the flu just before it.
  23. The Wrestling Thread

    Only the RR is worth paying 15 quid for these days, and even then, that's fast deteriorating. Wrestlemania's only saving grace, the past few year have been the Taker matches IMO.
  24. The Wrestling Thread

    TNA is by far and away superior in my opinion, but that is because WWE couldn't care less anymore. They don't have any real competition, and for the forseeable future will be top dog, doing whatever they want.