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  1. NXT

    JR, Dusty and Regal! I can see this being a lot better show than Smackdown.
  2. F.C. Pro Vercelli 1892

    Couple of random questions for you Smurph, just wondered why you use Euro's as your currency and kg as your weighting scale? Just your preference or what?
  3. The Wrestling Thread

    Another question, is Vader officially back or was that just a one week thing?
  4. Monday Night Raw Live

    Aye, on his dvd there was a bit mentioned when he was hanging on the side of a cage/hell in the cell cage and he was punched by someone (Think it was Mick Foley may be wrong) and he just threw himself off the cage and went through the announcers table with its lid on which wasn't actually supposed to happen but he just got carried away and wanted to put on a show.
  5. The Wrestling Thread

    So what's Johhny's official role in the company now then? Is he only an on-screen character now?
  6. Monday Night Raw Live

    Definitely worth a watch. Best it's been in weeks, Vince is decent in it but he makes a good few mistakes as does Johnny who says the 100th episode of Raw is coming. Decent watch.
  7. Minecraft!

    What's the multiplayer like? And where can I acquire the 'hooky' version of this? Tried getting into the old free version, but struggled. It's the type of thing I'd love but I'm not the greatest with PC type controls.
  8. Minecraft!

    I was about to crack into this, but seen the price was £16.95, was looking for something a bit less than that so went to have a bash on the free version to see if I liked it first but I was faced with a page that told me the controls... and didn't proceed from there. Any ideas? Maybe it's just not for me. ETA: Java.
  9. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Prometheus As an Alien fan... I liked it. I liked the subtle links it has with Alien, and the end, well it never ruined it for me, it made it! And Noomi Rapace 7/10
  10. Cheers for the update! I'd go for Vorderman personally, but bring on the Riley's.
  11. Right, I completely gave up on this saga weeks ago, and as such I'm miles behind. Anyone care to fill me in? From what I gather, jelly and ice cream time will be short as Newco Rangers will be back in the SPL for the upcoming season, but it's a banker that original Rangers are gubbed. Is that about the long and short of it? Much appreciated for anyone who brings me back into the loop.
  12. Mafia Watering Hole

    What was the logic? Champion.
  13. Mafia Watering Hole

    You guessed, you had a 50-50 chance of being correct.
  14. Mafia Watering Hole

    I'm sure I was one of the few that no-one had sussed and I was the only one who never fell for the Shelldon bait.
  15. Monday Night Raw Live

    I disagree, I don't want to see Vickie get her comeuppance, nor do I hate her. In fact, she bores me and her voice goes through me. When she comes out with her, 'Excuse me?!' pish, it actually encourages me to switch off the TV/Laptop and go to bed. That's not a good heel as far as I'm concerned, and the only reason she gets the reaction she does is because the fans want her off. It's an extra advert break when she comes out and she held back Ziggler. She wouldn't even be on our screens if it wasn't for Eddie's tragic passing.
  16. Monday Night Raw Live

    TENSAI?!!?!? NOOOOOOOO!!!!
  17. Monday Night Raw Live

    Think the spoiler may be for next week given that Vince McMahon is coming back. Just a thought though.
  18. Monday Night Raw Live

    What's with the lighting?
  19. Monday Night Raw Live

    Can you PM me it if you wouldn't mind? Kane had a decent match last week, and I've always been a big fan of him but his match will be as predictable as last week.
  20. Monday Night Raw Live

    So what's the spoiler? Was that it?
  21. F.C. Pro Vercelli 1892

    Put the link up for people who can't wait, me being one.
  22. Mafia Watering Hole

    What was your guesses? It should be my 5th time, but SLJ (Was he the last host?) was a c**t about it.
  23. Mafia Watering Hole

    Read that totally wrong, and invited you into the wrong PM. Apologies! Can't help. ETA: Added you into Kyle's Captain PM thread.
  24. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Jacob's Ladder Brilliant film and a must watch. Anyone know of any films even remotely like this? Only purchased this because of the Silent Hill link and it did not disappoint. 9/10.
  25. The Wrestling Thread

    Why not the Rumble? '...And now it's time, for THE ROYAL RUMBLLLLLLLEEEE Match!!!'