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  1. He was amazing on his day. Very injury prone and not Giorgi Nemsadze went against him though. Actually - there's a tinpot thing. Nemsadze, one of the most talented midfielders to grace Scottish football. Before we signed him, he'd previously had a failed trial at Hibs. In which they played him at CH ffs.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    I don't know why people choose to sit in the Main Stand. The worst atmosphere in the ground, more poisonous that the BC (Where I sit - and that is saying something in recent times) and easily the most uncomfortable experience in the stadium. If one likes a side on view - I don't get why people choose the Main Stand over the Derry.
  3. I've seen us be accused of this a few times. Are you sure it wasn't just this song? It was a 'medley' we regularly played during that era. I suppose it can be considered a minter, but it was never something we purposely played to inject a bit of life or drown opposition fans out. If you want to talk Dundee minters though, Dundee were blasting out the Champions League theme when we came out against Perugia at Dens in the UEFA Cup.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Also, can anyone share what McCann and the fan in the main stand were arguing about? Didn't seem like a quick back and forth - seemed to go on for a considerable period.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    I just can't see why people rate Moussa ahead of Haber. Haber is limited and will undoubtedly be pish in a playing from the back style (Which isn't working anyways) but he's double the player Moussa is. I think Moussa gets more credit than he's worth because he throws himself about the pitch a lot. Haber looks lazy and half arsed but is extremely effective at what he does (When it's played to his strengths). Moussa clearly isn't effective regardless of what you do. I feel sorry for AJLS because he's being made to look pish too. McCann asked him to essentially play a Simon Murray role today. That's not his game. Ajls is nothing more than a penalty box striker. He's like a younger, poorer man's version of Paul Heffernan. Asking him to harry a defence, take the ball out wide and deliver crosses just isn't his game at all. I think Ajls is a luxury player because he's not the best at what his game actually is but we are onto a loser when we utilise him like we did today. Also, Deacon is a winger. Purely a winger. Nothing but a winger. The fact he came on and played just behind the strikers was criminal. I'll go against the grain and say O'Dea didn't do too badly today. Too much pussying about at the back when 0-2 down and McCann showing no sense of urgency. O'Dea showed his leadership qualities today. Parish spent ft apologising to the fans and looked genuinely distraught, and I mean verge of tears material. O'Dea grabbed him, cuddled him and spoke to him. Parish then went to an empty Derry, again to apologise to the crowd and again O'Dea tried to raise his spirits. Says a lot about his character and I still like O'Dea. He's not a bad CH. Just clearly not suited to McCann's style.
  6. Dundee v Motherwell

    Course he'd be at the game today. Lives in Dundee. Chance to see his boyhood heroes and the club he loves. He also, likes to watch us get pumped from Celtic. Bit of a jinx is Rab.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    My one positive for today was that Kusunga looks decent. That quickly turns into a negative when I realise we've got about 6 decent CH's and yet still, somehow play Kevin Holt at CH. Slap in the pus to the likes of Waddell and Gadz. I like Holt, and I get McCann's thinking of him being a left footer but ffs.
  8. All things Dundee FC

    And then he passed it to the keeper. All well and good creating chances (For himself - He doesn't really create for anyone else) when he's no chance of scoring. I wonder if we will see Malherbe next week.
  9. Dundee v Motherwell

    Utterly awful. Nothing new. Team gave up. Brutal
  10. Dundee v Motherwell

    Parish and Holt combine for another howler.
  11. Dundee v Motherwell

    Howler by Parish. Extremely poor goalkeeping. Went under him.
  12. Dundee United 2017/2018

    And? If there wasn't hope, what'd be the point in supporting a club outwith Celtic? Dundee fans tend to fall deepest at times for downright craziness (Myself included) but which Scottish team's fanbase wouldn't get overly excited about a signing like this? Let's say Caulker proves to be shite and an utter disastrous signing. Who benefits? United get a little giggle at Dundee, but other than that? It's symptomatic of being a Scottish football supporter - there's always got to be a downside because Scottish football is shite. It's that attitude that degenerates our game. I don't know if it's just P&B, or the Internet in general, but there's a severe lack of allowing oneself to get carried away in the 'fantasy' as it were in Scottish football these days with only too many always ready to put one down. And before anyone has a pop at me for revelling in United's misery - I very rarely post in this thread and it is only the relegation night that I revel in, because again, it's the type of game that any supporter would revel in. I'm not here to try and consistently take the piss, because I know what a shite time it is you lot are having and it'd be oh, so easy to once again swap positions.
  13. Ross County 3 points behind the play-off spot, but with a massive win against Dundee last weekend, they have renewed hope. County went into last weekends fixtures with a feeling that if they lost, they were dead and buried. It's funny what a difference a 1-4 mauling can do for one's confidence. Partick Thistle The team that has hovered in the 'danger zone' for the longest period this season. A team that was crippled by injury and don't look up to much, despite having much the same squad as last season which stormed into the top 6. Hamilton Accies Currently keeping Partick Thistle out of the play-off spot, but have 2 games in hand. Rumours of admin abound though. Will this be the season they run out of luck? Dundee FC Stop start season for Dundee. Top 6 budget, woefully underperforming. Lost Jack Hendry and Scott Allan on deadline day, remains to be seen whether we can kick on without them. It's going to be particularly hard to utilise our playstyle without Hendry to lead from the back. A 1-4 defeat by the bottom club sparks fears. St Johnstone A team in freefall currently. A strong start to the season has left them in a position more comfortable than their form suggests. Still 2 games in hand over a lot of the sides below them, but look ever increasingly like getting dragged into the battle. I'd like to say Kilmarnock and Motherwell are just about safe now (Unless Killie lose Steve Clarke so won't include them in this.)
  14. All things Dundee FC

    Let's say, worst case scenario, we've signed a player that's not a shadow of his former self, then we've arguably still got a player that will comfortably be up there with the best in Scottish football. Let's say he's the same talent as before, and just needs time and patience to get up to speed - then the board are printing money. Happy to announce the board and McCann have well and truly shut my greeting puss with this signing. Yasssssss.
  15. Next Scotland Manager Mk II

    It's nothing to do with Malky being a racist or not for me. It's more down to the fact he'd be a shite choice.
  16. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    What, where, why, how?
  17. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Someone tell me what I missed please?
  18. All things Dundee FC

    That'd be a signing that'd make me change my negative tune. Therefore I doubt it'll happen. We are overloaded with CH's as it is though.
  19. The OF generally never outnumber/equal our fans at Dens. Tbf, Celtic did for the first time in my lifetime in the LC game at Dens this season, but that's an exception really.
  20. All things Dundee FC

    Livi look like they are about to overtake United in the league tbf.
  21. All things Dundee FC

    Hamilton fans discussing administration in their thread. Dancing shoes out lads.
  22. Scotland name squad

    Don't really understand why people are replying to Supras. Giving him exactly what he wants. Anyone with half a brain knows that Scott Bain has been shite for the past 2 and a half seasons (Lot of that is down to his attitude) and whilst he has the talent to knuckle down and potentially make a squad in the future, there are plenty more deserving than him.
  23. All things Dundee FC

    Scott Allan?