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  1. That would be delightful news.
  2. I might be wrong, but I don't think the Premiership Forum has a thread for this? If we do, I'll happily close the thread. I know the Championship has one that thrives only too well due to some shocking journalism. The inspiration behind this thread came from BBC Sport's online report of Celtic's game against Stjarnan yesterday by Chris McLaughlin. Former Motherwell keeper, Gunnar Nielsen was playing for Celtic's opposition and here are McLaughlin's attempts at spelling his name, throughout the report: Neilsen Nielson (Twice) Neilson And then finally, in the listing of the line-ups he got it spot on with Nielsen. Surely at the top level, that's unacceptable? The fact that he kept changing the spelling throughout has to be some sort of in-joke? Here's a link to the article: Link. Anyways, feel free to chip in with your own examples as and when you find them!
  3. In the same vein as the 'Top 50 Worst Posters', 'Top 50 Best Films', 'Top 50 Horror Films and 'Top 50 Biggest Fud's on P&B' I thought that we actually do a 'football' related one. Some time ago, someone tried to do a 'Top 50 players' one but it never took off, as people just voted for their clubs current players. Hate is such a strong word, but some players just grind our gears, if hate is too strong, then severe dislike may be more apt. Vote for your top 10 most hated players to have played in Scottish football. Number these 1-10 and send the PM to myself. 1 being your most hated, 10 being the 10th most hated. You can cast your mind as far back as you like and use whatever logic you like. They do not have to have played in the top flight but they do have to have played professionally - That's my only rule. Depending on the uptake towards this, I may reduce it to top 20/15/10 dependent on how many people vote. Feel free to discuss some contenders to keep the thread up the top so that people can see it, but try to refrain from posting your full list for now! Scoring is as follows: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points and so forth. In the event of a tie, the poster who has appeared on more different lists. If there is still a tie after this, then the poster with most 1st places will be given priority, then most 2nd places, then most 3rd places and so on. Deadline is Sunday 10th December.
  4. With Dundee unveiling next season's home top, I thought it was worth starting the annual thread, as it is too easy for the strips to be lost in the individual club threads. So here's our effort:
  5. All things Dundee FC

    The Sun are linking us with Callum Booth.
  6. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    The Sun has us after Callum Booth - Any good?
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Aw f**k - Angol was utterly brutal for Motherwell and we regularly ripped him apart. I hope Elton is a step up in quality by comparison!
  8. Keep the DABs down. Hartley put them down, nows the time to keep them down. Thank you.
  9. All things Dundee FC

    I might be going against the grain, but I think Parish is nothing more than a steady eddie. I like the idea of one of our younger guys to challenge him but if we are to really go for a top 6 push next season, I think it's one of the key areas to upgrade alongside a striker and left back.
  10. All things Dundee FC

    I reckon Cerny is up there with the best in the league. Who's better? I'd say: Mclaughlin, Gordon,and Lewis for definite. He's probably similar to Marciano. Dunno offhand who else? I think he's better than Fox, McDonald, Mannus/Clark, Woods, Parish and Foderingham. I've not seen enough of Motherwell's keeper although he's highly rated. That's personal opinion. Others might disagree.
  11. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Courier says you lot are in for Nicky Clark.
  12. The Courier is saying that Dundee United lead the way for Clark.
  13. All things Dundee FC

    It's a pity we are so well stocked at CH. Good few talents from the Championship out of contract in Tam O'Ware and Craig Halkett. I'd like to see Jai Quitongo in if poss.
  14. All things Dundee FC

    If Gowser does get sentenced and it doesn't effect the club - then the club has a duty to stand by him IMO. I know it doesn't work that way in the ordinary working world but there's a lot of extra eyes on football players, particularly when drunk that it shouldn't merely mean he's thrown his career away. If he serves time and I stress if it only has a minimal to zero effect on us, then he should be kept on. If he's sentenced for 6 month or whatever, then that's a different story.
  15. Podcasts

    Probably more than one thread about this but what are you listening to now? I've been listening to Serial which was absolutely amazing but I dunno how I feel on the second series of it so far. Is there anything similar to it or even wildly different but equally absorbing that's worth a listen?
  16. The live wrestling forum for Raw.
  17. Dundee United 2018/2019

    So who's actually getting punted?
  18. All things Dundee FC

    He's the only one out of our current list of out of contract players that I'd like to see us hang on to.
  19. Holt can play centre half if you're going for a 3-5-2, but nah, he's a LB.
  20. All things Dundee FC

    I've posted my thoughts on your thread! Basically, we'll have offered O'Hara something and he's a terrific prospect - could go on to have a great career, but he's anonymous far too often and doesn't bring as much to the table as Kamara and McGowan do, so I'd hoped we'd be strengthening in that position. Wee bit gutted to lose him though. Kevin Holt is a steady left back. He won't pull down any trees and I've never seen a player play so nervously every week. Doesn't help that he's been our designated 'boo boy' for his duration at Dens. I don't think McCann had any intentions of offering him a new deal.
  21. Two very good signings for you lot. Kevin Holt is a lower end top flight left back, but if you can instill a bit of confidence in him, he can come on leaps and bounds. He was our designated 'boo boy' for much of his career at Dens. He's a good steady signing for a club wanting to just survive. All the best to him. O'Hara would sting a little bit more. A lot of Dee's won't be upset at him leaving as he is often worse than a man down at times, but he has so much potential. Loves scoring against Rangers and has the potential to make a real name for himself. Unfortunately for him, Kamara is by far our best central midfielder and we'd be as well as not playing when McGowan isn't in our current side, so he's the weak link of our midfield which we desperately need to improve upon if we are to kick on next season. I do think we'd have offered him something though so it's a wee bit of a coup!
  22. All things Dundee FC

    Boy on Twitter saying both Holt and O'Hara have signed PCA with St Mirren.
  23. What's the rumoured name?
  24. Quick Question Thread

    The 'do away goals count' patter is really top banter, but where did it stem from? I feel like I missed a P&B 'moment'.
  25. All things Dundee FC

    I'm bored of this break already. New season please.