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  1. The live wrestling forum for Raw.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    You tell me Gman, you tell me.
  3. McLeish's coaching team.

    Bobby Geddes for Scotland Gk coach Imo.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Year of The Jocky.
  5. Radford doesn't like his name being mentioned tbf.
  6. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Black Panther. I couldn't help shake the feeling I had seen this before. And I had, it's like a live action remake of The Lion King, the similarities are striking. I really, really, really don't like superhero films but went to see this and I was pleasantly surprised. I can easily see why it's not for everyone but it earns a 7/10 for me. Not something I'd watch again, but very glad I seen it.
  7. What would you rather watch

    Depends what era, because old seasons of The Simpsons are up with anything on TV. Current era? South Park by a mile. The Sopranos or Breaking Bad?
  8. All things Dundee FC

    He's been like that when he started. He seems to save his best performances for Rangers. Utterly unplayable against them. He's a very good talent but inconsistent to the extent that people have valid concerns as to whether he will make it or not. He's been poor for a considerable period recently but I wouldn't say that being linked with other clubs have been the cause of this, because he's had spells like this before. Sometimes he's the best guy on the pitch and others he's like bambi on ice. Other than his age - it's quite a hard thing to explain away tbh.
  9. Was Holt on the bench for the Partick Thistle game? Saw him arguing with Bobby Geddes after he was subbed in the cup game. He was then dropped from the squad entirely. There was then a few comments on Twitter about how he and McCann had fell out (But for whatever reason, despite my hang ups on McCann and his general reputation of taking no shite from players - I felt the posts were more mischief making than anything else). I like Holt. He deserves far, far better than the reception he gets from our fans. Always respectful, tries 100% every game and seems to get a serious bout of nerves when facing a frosty reception from our fans. He's a cracking player in all reality. He's not mobile enough to be a defensive left back and he's not agile enough to be a winger. He's one of those that has a lot of talent, but misses a few of the vital ingredients to actually make it. Unquestionably, Jon is better. It was criminal that McCann dropped him for Holt. That being said, Jon can be slightly too lackadaisical at times. He's not perfect. Going off on a tangent - I've watched Dundee since roughly 96. In that time we've had a few cracking left backs. Marrocco and Beghetto (Criminally underrated Lb and should have been our LB longer than he was) were my two faves. Matt Lockwood was an absolute sensation (Although it was sad to see him struggle in the top flight - if we had him in his prime, he'd have been up there with the best in the division, he had everything but pace). Lockwood was also the best striker of a penalty I've seen in my life as well and I include Moussa and Conroy in that. When he hit that horrific pen against Killie in the cup it was like a switch went off in his head and he never recovered. - Anyways, the point of my tangent was, Jon has the ability to be up there with them 3 but we seriously need to get the finger out and on the charm offensive to tie him down.
  10. Tynieness once gave me a wee PM to tell me to stop saying the word that refers to Rangers fans and is HappyAccies adopted nickname. Never got a warning for it. He's a good guy is Tynieness, surprised you got hit straight with a warning tbh.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Mark O'Hara has the potential to be our best player. He shoulders a lot more criticism than our 'own' youngsters, I've no idea why as he's generally better. I really like him as our future Gavin Rae but he admittedly has been off the boil for a wee bit.
  12. I might be wrong, but I don't think the Premiership Forum has a thread for this? If we do, I'll happily close the thread. I know the Championship has one that thrives only too well due to some shocking journalism. The inspiration behind this thread came from BBC Sport's online report of Celtic's game against Stjarnan yesterday by Chris McLaughlin. Former Motherwell keeper, Gunnar Nielsen was playing for Celtic's opposition and here are McLaughlin's attempts at spelling his name, throughout the report: Neilsen Nielson (Twice) Neilson And then finally, in the listing of the line-ups he got it spot on with Nielsen. Surely at the top level, that's unacceptable? The fact that he kept changing the spelling throughout has to be some sort of in-joke? Here's a link to the article: Link. Anyways, feel free to chip in with your own examples as and when you find them!
  13. ICTFC v Crusaders

    Is there anyone at this game? Also, the state of that fucking pitch,
  14. Looks like there's some deep rooted problem between Sarris and Canning. The Greek lads look like they'd rather Hamilton went down.
  15. McLeish's coaching team.

    He's an absolute dumpling that probably won't know our goalkeepers names, much less their areas of strength and weakness that he has to work on.
  16. All things Dundee FC

    Get O'Hara in the goal FFS.
  17. I see Gourlay has thus far struggled to break into your team. Disappointing as there were hopes that he could go on to be our next first choice.
  18. How's Vincent been for you lads?
  19. Subtitles

    Bit of a weird one. Subtitles used to be something that put me off watching something that was already in English. Yet, now, in the age of DVD... and now Netflix and various other online media, subtitles have became a must for me. It actually puts me off if I've not got subtitles. There is an exception to this, however, I don't like the colour of the terrestrial TV subtitles therefore, that gets switched off but Netflix or a DVD - Subtitles on. I'm not deaf - I just have a preference for them and bizarrely so does my missus and mates which came as a shock to me. So, do you use subtitles or not?
  20. Jags v Dundee 17/02/18

    His feigning injury every single game back when he played for Hamilton used to rile me up. Does he still pull that one out the book these days?
  21. Jags v Dundee 17/02/18

    Tomas Cerny - biggest timewaster in Scottish football and refs still don't notice. Kudos.
  22. All things Dundee FC

    Night out is on the cards after that, can't relay how buzzing I am. As you can see from my posts earlier, I thought we were dead and buried. Couldn't see us winning. Although I wasn't at the game, I did receive some strange looks as I celebrated our 2nd.
  23. Jags v Dundee 17/02/18

    That is absolutely massive for us. Puts a good bit of distance between the bottom sides. We love a last minute winner against Partick Thistle. That relieves a massive amount of pressure on McCann. What a priceless 3 points they are!
  24. Jags v Dundee 17/02/18

    This is the perfect chance to distance ourselves from the bottom spots with a win today. 7 points clear of County, same games played and 4 ahead of Partick Thistle. Must win.