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  1. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    Why have Leitch-smith take it when we have 3 players on the pitch who haven't missed one for us as of yet? Strange.
  2. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    We'll regret that. It's the Dundee way.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    Kyle Gourlay has joined Airdrie on loan till January.
  4. Partick Thistle v Dundee

    Haber and Allan fit but neither travel with the squad. Although Haber has turned up.
  5. Premier League 2017-2018

    It's being marketed the way it is so that BT and indeed Virgin can't say you get this with such and such package - because there's a chance it might not be on Main Event or whatever smaller package you could have. Therefore you have to have all the channels to be guaranteed the content you want. Shambles.
  6. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Witch. Heard so many good things about this but what a lot of boring old shite. The poor man's version of The Crucible, except there are actually witches. 3/10.
  7. You've read this thread and seen Prandelli's name mentioned, right?
  8. GD trying to claim intellectual superiority is a kick in the balls right enough.
  9. It's amusing that people are having a go when it's not exactly like I'm oblivious to the fact I made a roaring c**t of myself and admitted as much in the post in question.
  10. I admitted as much in the original post.
  11. In the Italian Football thread when I originally posted it about 5 month ago. I've got a new phone and don't have them on this one, or would have reposted those as well.
  12. Indeed, it was a bit of a nightmare on my part and I'd woefully not prepared for the trip.