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  1. This is fucking brutal read. Can the Morten fans no just f**k off? This thread has little relevance to them. St Mirren pasted us yesterday and the players they have brought in look like sizeable upgrades on what they had. We won't be relegated, St Mirren won't be relegated and Morten will not be promoted this season. Feel free to bookmark this post and slag me if it all goes wrong.
  2. We had Cadogan on trial last season. He's not the best.
  3. I've consoled myself with the fact that it's better to get put out early rather than allowing myself to build my hopes up - as this team is never winning anything in a month of Sundays. Major surgery needed on this squad and it's sad that our best CH is the only one out of contract and looking like it may not be renewed either. Julen can Gtf.
  4. It's pretty unbelievable that the season St Mirren have had to date, and the fact that a lower league team disposed us with ease yet the only one looking utterly humiliated is virginton. Some effort.
  5. Can only be a few clubs that have 10 past them in the last 20-30 years? Morten,Cowten? Who else?
  6. @buddie06smfc No, he didn't. Not in the first half at least.
  7. El Bahk was fucking heartless today. Looked like he didn't even want to get involved. Wighton still far too lightweight and 19 games with 1 goal is simply not good enough. He needs dropped but when you only have the likes of Danny Williams on the bench it's no wonder our players get away with it.
  8. United love a 6-2 result. Fs.
  9. Not too sure why the press had him as the MotM. Number 47, Morgan is it? He showed true class.
  10. Well done St Mirren. We were utterly rancid. You came with a game plan and you didn't look like a side rooted to the bottom of the league below. Deserved winners.
  11. I can't remember the 1992 event. Stuck it on last night expecting to be bored. Fell asleep but thoroughly enjoyed what I'd seen.
  12. We certainly never did it against Hibs when we were leading through Caballero. They still allowed us to cuff them by 4 in the replayed match though.
  13. There's still goals in this. St Mirren keeper made a few cracking saves. That said he's a bit flappy at corners etc but I reckon St Mirren fans will think he's a sizeable upgrade on what they've had in goal so far. St Mirren have looked relatively dangerous on the break but not troubled Bain at all. Sutton took his goal well.
  14. [emoji38] At least it didn't bother you. Having seen all 3 players on a semi-regular basis through various differing means I have no wish to try and justify my knowledge on them to a guy that thinks Arfield is better than McGinn. We have different opinions, you don't need to be mad about it.
  15. I'll be honest, I had only been keeping one eye on the original thread and when Jagfox99 tagged me to start a poll I felt obligated to do so! I only really use the mobile app and as such don't really venture into specific sections of the forum (just the unread and Participated) sections. Therefore I didn't know the original topic was not in the GN section and that there was more than one thread running a divisional section. Apologies all round but none moreso than [email protected] who done a great job and I fucked it. Sorry lads and ladettes.