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  1. And yet it'll be people that make these sorts of arguments that'll stop voting on the basis of this 'hysterical and idiotic' policy.
  2. Is there really an argument being made that dogs might be happier without their tail or at least it being shorter?! Ffs. Maybe we should start 'shortening' babies fingers because they 'get in the way'. It's fucking barbaric and it's potentially a vote killer, it'll certainly make me think twice about voting for them again.
  3. Churchill. It's no wonder this isn't pulling in the audiences. It's not the best. Brian Cox puts in an absolutely sensational performance but he's got little to work with. It feels like it should be on stage with the dialogue at times. It's watchable, not horrible, and if you like that sort of thing you'll have a good time but it's little more than a time passer. 5/10.
  4. [emoji38] I don't have a Facebook profile, I just typed his name in and they both came up!
  5. He has two FB profiles. One has him living in Manchester, the other Glasgow.
  6. More worryingly, I didn't see Haber in any of the pictures.
  7. Nick Ross, Kevin Gomis and Daniel Higgins have left Dundee. Lewis Spence has joined.
  8. John Viola's currently representing the following players according to transfermarket:
  9. Once you've decided on what position you want Higgins to play, he'll be a great wee player. He has all the attributes to be a cracking CH except he's rather small which is maybe why we were trying to convert him into a CM. He's the type that could slot into the first team and not look out of his depth regardless of his age.
  10. The fixtures being released has heightened my worries for the coming season. Start of pre season today and still not brought in a striker or a CH.
  11. I don't doubt you, you'll know more about the player than me but McCann must have some sort of plan to sign him and only give him a one year deal.
  12. We've only got him on a one year deal, and I don't think, judging by McCann's comments that he would have time to develop on loan. Sounds like we are giving the lad a chance but if he doesn't manage to make an impact this season then he'll not get another chance.
  13. Even in signing him, McCann has stated that Spence has a fight on his hand making it into our squad.
  14. Read the rest of the post to understand the context.
  15. Lewis Spence is not a bad signing even if he does turn out to be awful. McCann's taken a punt on a player he knows has the ability, will be on an extremely low wage and is a low risk signing with a high reward attached if he turns out to be decent.