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  1. All things Dundee FC

    Needed to get rid of Moussa as my DP. Thanks lads.
  2. =44. Darren Jackson - 17 points. A smugger face in football? Best moment? 'I guarantee United will stay up'.
  3. There's quite a few eyebrow raising names to come btw lads.
  4. =48. Scott Bain - 16 points. Shocked to see Bain make the list, but make the list he does. A man that left Aberdeen with rumours over a questionable attitude. He superbly put his career back on track at Alloa and moved along with Paul Hartley to Dundee. A keeper who's ability has never been in question, but his attitude has led to a sharp decline in his form. Firstly, he pulled out of the Scotland squad, the first time he was called up over an injury, but then shortly after uploaded pictures of himself abroad on the lash. Absolutely nothing wrong with that in my opinion - but it was the first insight into a perceived attitude problem. Bain started to have regular, and by regular, I mean every game, arguments with the home fans. It culminated when at the FT whistle after performing a comeback against Hearts, he sprinted from the other side of the pitch to cup his ears towards the Dundee crowd. Then there was the bust-up with Paul Hartley. Bain's close mate Kevin Thomson had left the club and Bain made it clear to Hartley he wouldn't sign a new deal which culminated in Hartley coming out and saying he wouldn't even be asking Bain if he wanted to sign a new deal as it's clear he doesn't want to be here. Bain also took to Twitter to slate fans and posted bizarre messages which suggested a broken relationship with him and the dressing room before quickly deleting them again. New season, new manager and to begin with, a new Bain. Everything looked to be getting back on track and McCann was optimistic about Bain signing a new contract. Bain's performances picked up ever so slightly - still not hitting the heights of his first season, but better. Then... It all fell to pieces. An argument at HT with McCann led to Parish getting stripped before Bain apparently 'refused' (This is just rumour from here on in) to come off, so there was the weird situation of Parish just sitting back down on the bench. Bain's not played for Dundee again since that day, and his Dundee career is over. He's fell out with the 2 senior managers he's had, pulled out of Scotland squads and there's been all sorts of other rumours about him (Which I won't post, but a browse through the various Dee forums will show). Best Bain Moment? Certainly not his attempts at saving pens anyways.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    I'm in the anyone but Moussa camp. I can't believe people were seriously say, 'aw but he could be decent, he created a chance and had a shot on target against Aberdeen' which is how low the expectations of him now are. Haber is a lazy b*****d, but play the ball in the air to him and he will link it up. He joined in October last season, and ended up with the highest amount of headers won in the league. He's lazy and he misses the odd opportunity but he's of decent quality whereas Moussa is just shite. I'd accept ajls although the way McCann has us playing, the ball just doesn't stick up top when he's on his own. Haber till January then replace the lot of them.
  6. =48. Peter Grant - 16 points. I can't remember too much about Peter Grant Snr. He was just leaving Celtic as I was just getting into football. As a coach - his high points are probably appointing Jim Duffy as assistant at Norwich, and getting sacked. And getting sacked whilst first team coach to Mowbray's Celtic. Can't say much more, so will leave it to the guys that voted for him to comment on why he's so despicable. I've no greatest moment of Peter Grant, so here's a picture of him with a sledgehammer. Thank you. (1 more to come in this spot, will be posted tomorrow).
  7. =48. Jamie Hamill - 16 points. Does a face scream 'Wannabe hard man?' more than Jamie Hamill's? I've personally never had a problem with Hamill, but the collective of P&B obviously have done. He's never performed against Dundee often enough for him to be noticed really. I was actually shocked to find out that he's still plugging away with Stranraer these days. He's only 31 FFS. Hamill's best moment? Unquestionably:
  8. Hearts v Dundee

    McCann certainly has a way with words like no manager we have had before.
  9. Lose this and we are fucked. Jocky in. McCann out. Win this and it's marching on to the top 6. I'm a bipolar fan and not afraid to admit it. Partick are in a worse situation than us. I don't know how, they've not got shite like Moussa.
  10. All things Dundee FC

    McCann's got about a month left. The year of the Jocky is soon upon us.
  11. Hearts v Dundee

    He has to stop tinkering as well. Unbeaten in 3 before a good performance against Aberdeen results in a change of formation and papped by a bunch of bairns.
  12. Hearts v Dundee

    I want to berate Allan and Moussa but I'm not there. I can just sense they've been shitebags.
  13. Hearts v Dundee

    We need at least a point here. Mon Hearts, be sound.