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  1. I think you are misunderstanding my posts. I've said I trust the board at present, I still have concerns but considering our past I think it'd be bizarre if anyone didn't. I agree, it is the much smarter option financially but it's going to cost them a hell of a lot of cash, which they admittedly have, but they won't be doing it for the good of their health. They will expect a return which is fair enough, but I don't think they'll get it considering the work and money it's gonna take for this development.
  2. It's folly (And dangerous, considering our previous owners IMO) to think that they will be investing multi-millions, not be fans of the club prior to investment, and not expect a decent return at some point rather, just looking for 'practical knowledge'. If they were just looking for 'practical knowledge', I'd have to question their business sense as there are a million and one different ways to garner the knowledge of doing business in the UK rather than investing in the bottomless pit that is Scottish football.
  3. We'll make nothing from Dens as we don't own it and we also sold off the area at the back of the South Tier stand. The Main Stand is a listed building so we're restricted in what we can do with that stand as well.
  4. The money that they have invested and plan on investing doesn't correlate to the amount of money they could possibly make from a top Scottish club. Other than Celtic, only a few Scottish clubs turned a profit, of those that did, it certainly wasn't a great deal and would likely have been reinvested in the club for the next season.
  5. Massively updated the Dundee squad which I've been meaning to do for some time. Some of the ages are slightly out of sync as I've put the squad's ages as of 1st May just for easiness sake.
  6. The rumour was that we are going to be using Rotherham's stadium as a comparison. The Courier is running with a story that we're planning a 15,000 seater. Rotherham's stadium is around about 12k. One thing about bowl stadiums, that a mate of mines brought up, was that when playing a big game, a lot of the ground goes to waste due to segregation, with a big sheet of tarpaulin used as a divider. Imagine the Derry only being seperated from the DAB's only by a sheet of tarpaulin. Oft.
  7. Well, we do have a billionaire owner and I expect he'll see it as a long-term investment to hoover up all the external uses it will provide. They've already spent £1.2million purchasing the land. Just a word on Keyes, his dad, James Keyes was the CEO of Johnson Controls which was worth $22 billion when he retired in 2003. Since then, he's formed Keyes Capital with his son which invests in companies worth between $2million-$20million and he's probably better well known in the States for randomly donating his money to different US Universities. For example, from what I can see, he donated $7.2million to a University in 2007. So they're certainly not short of cash. It's harder finding information about the son and our overlord Tim, but he seems to be taking over a lot of his dad's work thus why John Nelms is basically the caretaker at Dens. The Keyes Capital 'Company Profile' gives some indication of how they think they might be able to recoup their investment with us though: Make no doubts about it, they'll want to see a strong Dundee on the park but I think they see the long term investment from the money that the facilities will provide. The Keyes family sound too good to be true considering our previous owners. One thing that cannot be questioned though, is that these guys have serious dosh to play with, unlike many of our previous 'investors'. The question is, if they really are so savvy, why are they investing in a Scottish football side with an incredible amount of baggage?
  8. The architect involved (Bob Hynd) was also involved in designing the dog track, the ice rink (Under Dixon), the new stands, the club shop, the upgrade to the lounges and he also dealt with the sign-over of the club from Dixon to the Marrs which led to him staying on the board and becoming a non-executive director. He's since been on the board for DFCSS as well at one point. Seems he's our go to guy. Least it's a Dundee fan that's partly designing the new stadium which is a plus.
  9. Carolina Port was our home for 6 year until 1899. I don't think it's a fair comparison to our 118 years at Dens. Certainly no one alive would share the same sentiment anyways! I agree, Dens, and in particular the Derry is crumbling. I understand that for us to be a self sufficient club a new stadium makes the most financial sense. Doesn't mean I agree with the move though. Sentimentality wins out for me, I'd rather have an anchor pinning us down than sell out for a new stadium and having say the sort of success that St Johnstone currently enjoy. It's not a tradeoff I'd be interested in. I totally get that's craziness to a neutral or to maybe even some Dundee fans, but Dens Park is part of Dundee FC to me and to leave it, takes some of the specialness away for me.
  10. I think it's ripping the soul out the club. Dens is our home. I understand the economic benefit but I want to watch football at the same place my great grandfather watched his football and my great grandsons will long after I'm gone. If someone asked me what made Dundee special for me, a large part of that would be Dens Park for better or for worse.
  11. I'm still 100% against a new stadium for what it's worth. I know financially it's the correct decision, but it doesn't sit well with me. Now that it's pretty much confirmed we're going ahead with it (Legalities permitting), I can only hope it's not a lego style creation. That very basic concept picture gives me the fear slightly, but I trust our American overlords.
  12. Absolutely nothing can be taken from that statement other than we are going full steam ahead with the stadium (Which is quite a lot tbf!). The most interesting aspect is the attached design picture. Looks like a completely enclosed stadium with some big facilities off it and 2 training pitches.
  13. James Demetriou also linked by the Tele.
  14. Meekings would be a fantastic signing. He's been at Dens for nigh on the past 3 month so we'll have a fair idea of the condition he's in. If he's not fit, or still injured, then it won't be long until he is if we give him a deal.