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  1. Rio Ferdinand is bad enough. It's the fact he told Vidic that astounds me
  2. Hail Caesar! was the biggest lot of shite the Coen Brothers have made.
  3. I was getting shite speeds with Virgin. I'm supposed to get up to 70mbps, but I was getting less than 10mbps. After several phone calls, few arguments, they agreed to send me out their new superhub 3. Not had a problem since.
  4. The average is about 10 days before it'll be considered you have a 'problem'.
  5. How is Miles Storey? Few media outlets suggesting we are after him along with Motherwell and a few other clubs.
  6. Clark is a piss poor keeper. Hamilton is a piss poor keeper but plays for a bigger club. Easy decision. Is Jordan Archer any good?
  7. Jim Ross' wife has died in a crash of some sort. He's been posting updates on Twitter. Heartbreaking stuff.
  8. Seen on FB that us and Motherwell are apparently looking at Miles Storey.
  9. Arguing is a bit strong. RandomGuy making a c**t of it is a bit more precise.
  10. Devil is an absolutely cracking gem. Underrated. I came across it on Netflix a couple of year ago. Brilliant wee film.
  11. Signs is probably my favorite M Night Shy film. Just went through his movie history there, for better or worse, I've never seen Unbreakable. Is it worth a watch? The Village is up there with my most boring experiences tbh.
  12. It's like 'The Usual Suspects'. The film doesn't have the same effect on people these days as everyone knows the twist going in such was its effect on popular culture. TUS still stands up as a cracking film though even knowing the twist. I don't know if TSS does as I've not seen it in about 10 year.
  13. That's the way DomDom goes about things generally. Just jumps on bandwagons. That being said, Fletcher is still a crucial part of the Scotland squad in my opinion. If you want to debate me on it, I'm gonna take the DomDom on it though as I don't give a f**k about Scotland these days due to the depressing nature of Strachan's tenure.
  14. So what you're saying is that you'd prefer if it was just like the Sopranos, and it was just a black out on that sort of thing?
  15. Will I be able to pay at the gate as it were for the Stars vs Flyers game this Sunday aye?