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  1. Belgium v Panama

    Murphy fuming that Fabregas just dished oot a telt.
  2. Tunisia v England

    Tunisia would have had half a chance if they called up Ler... SOFIENNNNNNNNNNNNNN MOUSSSSSSSSAAA!
  3. Unpopular opinions.

    Leroy Sane should have been called up for the World Cup.
  4. Belgium v Panama

    Absolutely not. The focus on commentary on here is what gets me through.
  5. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Based on Csaba's comments, it sounds like Rakovan will start as number 1. Wikipedia suggests he's made 30 appearances in more than 5 years. Siegrist an impressive 43 first team appearances in 6 year including 12 for Solihull Moors. Sarcasm aside though, Vaduz paid £210,000 for him from Villa.
  6. Belgium v Panama

    About fucking time. Should open up now.
  7. Belgium v Panama

    Why is Phil Neville laughing dismissively every time Fabregas speaks? Looks like he almost wants to give him a pat on the head. He couldn't be more different to Gary.
  8. Belgium v Panama

    Today has been an utterly horrible, horrible day for football thus far. Wouldn't have happened if... Nah, 1 per thread is enough.
  9. Belgium v Panama

    Lawrenson is close as you'll get to that.
  10. Belgium v Panama

    Lawrenson is the antithesis of McCoist earlier. f**k sake. He's sucking the soul out of me already.
  11. Belgium v Panama

    Did they really just conduct a pre-recorded interview with a goalkeeper that hasn't even made the team? Oft.
  12. Paul Hartley is ripping the piss here. Get them unveiled.
  13. Belgium v Panama

    Panama would have had a better chance for this one if they'd called up Leroy Sane IMO.
  14. Sweden v South Korea (the big one)

    Clattenburg having a go at the ref there for not awarding a penalty straight away that, despite his insistence otherwise, didn't have a good angle on is downright bizarre.
  15. Sweden v South Korea (the big one)

    If South Korea had scored, the ref wouldn't have been able to call on VAR to correct the penalty. I thought that once the ball goes out of play, a decision can't then be made to refer to VAR. It could only be done in the original procession of play. I could be talking out of my arse there admittedly.