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  1. Bit awkward after your manager made it publicly known he was interested in him. Another blow for the grass.
  2. I wasn't really asking to be told what he earns. More that QotS are able to pay a considerably higher wage than what the likes of Dundee United are even offering some of their duds right now was a bit of a shock - even if it is just to a single player.
  3. Tam McManus saying that it's a FACT that Dobbie is the highest paid player in the league on Twitter. Anyone able to shed some light on that? @Skyline Drifter
  4. I'm fucking fed up creating new manager threads for you c***s. FS.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    If McGowan leaves, it will only be because of a breakdown in relationship with McCann IMO. McGowan is Derry'd Oot His Nut and I think in the right environment, he'd probably stay with us if we were relegated. I don't think he's the future of our club, but it'd be an absolute body blow to lose him from our squad.
  6. I'm surprised it wasn't less.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    I'd be genuinely shocked if McGowan joined St Johnstone.
  8. How's this season affecting your attendances?
  9. I'd say only Hartley's final season, in which according to him, he didn't know Stewart and Hemmings would be sold (Which is extremely naive) could be considered as a disaster in terms of signings. Before that season, even his duds were understandable signings in theory.
  10. All things Dundee FC

    See my signature. It's more than the fact he's a legend. It's destiny lads.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    McCann could potentially be banned from the dugout for between 2 and all 5 of our post split games due to his actions last week. Great leadership.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    I'm quoting this one rather than your mammoth post just so people don't have to scroll! You raise a lot of good points. McCann was asked in his pre match interview if we were any better off than when he came in. As you'd expect, he went mental and said we have a much better squad. (We don't). McCann is a Dundee hero and he talks a better game than pretty much any manager we've had. He's very good at keeping the fans onside. Even after the St Johnstone game, the vast majority of fans chose to make a hasty exit. Whereas after the Hamilton game that ended Hartley, there was chants of Hartley, Hartley GTF. That's just not happened so far. Many have been hypnotised by this idea that McCann has the right ideas about football and his refusal to compromise will mean it'll come good in the end. He needs to go.
  13. All things Dundee FC

    I'll accept that Spud, wasn't trying to be dismissive but read my post back and felt I came across that way. I don't think O'Dea was ever catching a pacy striker in a foot race. I wouldn't have said that was a major downfall in his game. I was more of the opinion that his confidence was shot, he'd end up trying an over ambitious pass and punting it to nowhere. He also got caught a few times. When O'Dea joined I thought he was massively overrated by our support. I now feel he's underrated! Think he gets an overly hard time. Can't comment on yesterday's performance. My biggest annoyance is that for a captain, he's awfully good at screaming in a youngsters face when it is him that's fucked up.
  14. All things Dundee FC

    There's a reason why the fans have turned against O'Dea this season and a large part of that has been his inability to play our new fangled play style this season.
  15. All things Dundee FC

    Caulker isn't a ball playing CH whatsoever. Either is O'Dea. Meekings can do it but he was a bombscare attempting it last week. Therefore, we shouldn't be utilising that style of play. Gadzhalov and Julen are probably the best CH's we have with the ball at their feet and they've been bombed out the squad (Julen can't have many complaints mind). It's just bizarre, everything McCann does struggles to have an explanation. McCann destroying Jon and throwing the ball away against St Johnstone. Then bringing Holt out from the cold. He'd not made the bench since January yet starts today. How many different positions has Deacon been deployed in now? In his post match interview, he fairly tore into Parish. Rightfully so. But the subbie keeper he signed isn't even making his bench. It's shocking mismanagement. He doesn't know what he's doing week to week.