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  1. As part of the Dundead festival they screened The Mist in black and white as Darabont originally intended. I'd seen the film when it first came out, but it was so much more powerful in black and white. Amazing film. The ending still hits hard.
  2. I thought Lalkovic was an excellent signing when you announced him. Surprised it didn't work out.
  3. Eta: the p and b version have long since been deleted. I didn't actually realise he was posting it on several forums.
  4. Seems a bit strange that you are cutting your cloth now. Couple of injuries in the next few games and the two Van Der's could have been important players come the play offs.
  5. Sturrock is and has always been an absolute c**t. If it makes you feel any better he spends his days posting on United Mad, usually on about how much he hates us. Just let that sink in.
  6. Looking at trains now, they're at about £50 return now. Probably be better driving through which is a shame.
  7. I think that's the crux of the matter. These things happen in football, players at this level need to milk as much money as they can. Doesn't excuse ripping the piss out of your manager though. Paul Paton is an absolute moron btw so I don't think he's at the wind up, I reckon he's genuinely saying f**k the Hearts or some such. He once punched a fan whilst on holiday, posted on Twitter that it was Dundee fans starting shite, it was then awkwardly revealed that it was United fans trying to party with him, then all the tweets were deleted. [emoji38] He's thick as mince.
  8. Genuinely don't understand what is unlikeable about McCann. He's completely inoffensive. Bit too polished I suppose particularly in comparison to our last manager in terms of appearance and our one before that in terms of personality but that's a good thing, no?
  9. The only names that deserve to be in contention are: O'Dea, Gadzhalov, Kerr and Haber in my opinion. The likes of Holt started well but let us down too often to be in serious contention for that.
  10. Nicky Low seems to be impressing the Irish fans:
  11. True, but you'd have to imagine that this arrangement would have affected training. Can't imagine the team get a Saturday afternoon off. Hartley only tended to do night games. I've not really a problem with it and I know Sutton's stirring but he does have a point.
  12. He does have a point tbf. Did our team get the day off yesterday or did McCabe have to take training?
  13. It's incredibly sad, but true fact that Tony Blair would make Labour a credible force again. An utterly horrendous human being is what it'd take for the Tories to be challenged again. That says a lot about the UK right now.