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  1. Last time I seen Hammell, he looked about 3 stone overweight. Is he not completely done as a top flight full back these days? Surely good news for you guys?
  2. How long has this rule been in force? Just a few year ago that I used to spot the players that were not in the matchday squad heading into the bookies before kick off pretty much every week.
  3. They seem to always dub the crowd as far as I can tell.
  4. Yeah Arsenal game is just a pipe dream - will be looking for a home tie around that time though.
  5. Anyone been to White Hart Lane before? How easy/difficult is it to get tickets? Was looking at the Tottenham vs Arsenal game in April but that will more than likely be too hard an ask. Want to strike the stadium off my list before they move into their new one.
  6. I've always liked Kevin Holt. He didn't and doesn't deserve half the stick he gets. That being said, sometimes he does something that just leaves you speechless as to why he done it. He's not the best at someone running directly at him - but he's a very good LB that has came on leaps and bounds since he joined.
  7. Edge - Could never see him as a main event star for some reason. It just didn't feel right for me. Chris Benoit - He genuinely made me groan when he came out. Dull and overrated. Randy Orton - Dull as f**k. RVD - Like him now but during his first stint in WWE I just never took to him.
  8. Couple of days ago I put a post on my hopes for people out of contract at the end of this season. We've a few of our better talents with only a year left in the summer. Scott Bain Kevin Holt Julen Extabeguren Cammy Kerr Nicky Low Mark O'Hara Rory Loy Yordi Teijsse I'd be looking to get Cammy, O'Hara and Holt signed up on extended deals before this season is even over tbh.
  9. Godfather - He was extremely popular but he was always a lower-midcard talent. Looking back, with the gimmick he had, that's all he ever could be but at the time I wanted him to be fighting at the top of the card. Big Bossman - Involved in some of the worst feuds of all time but again one of my favourites. Never really got reactions from the crowd. Bull Buchanan - Phenomenal athlete and if he was around these days, I reckon he'd have had quite a big push. D'Lo Brown - Would have been a world champion if it wasn't for a few unfortunate in ring incidents which stunted his career.
  10. If we do win this we'll go a long, long way to securing our safety for this season and making a genuine claim for the top 6. That isn't the Dundee way. Worst performance of the season and dragged right back into the mix is the Dundee way.
  11. Thanks Hartley for listening to me and giving it a go. It's nice to be valued.
  12. Being truthful to yourself, a fairer reflection on that game would have been if we had got another.
  13. He's Derry'ed oot his nut m8. I'd firmly expect him to tell you to do one after we finally accepted your £40 million and Dembele for him. And then he'd crunch Brendan Rodgers in the board room. Much like he ended Miller today, seen here:
  14. I love how rather than the fact they played together for Scotland and obviously know each other is completely skipped and straight to that sort of chat.
  15. Special wee mention to Craig Thomson pointing to himself, shaking his head, laughing then pointing to the linesman as the Dundee fans were shouting 'cheat, cheat, cheat' after they'd done us out a corner. Put his assistant right in it. Top moment.