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  1. Your first ever football goal.

    All about building a picture of my footballing childhood to be honest. It's all about the pointless detail.
  2. Your first ever football goal.

    First competitive goal came in a game for my first boys club team about 3 weeks after my first competitive game. Under 8's age group. We'd play on Saturday mornings at 9.30am on grass, 7 a sides. I would then go to my Grans for something to eat & head back down to the 5 a side complex for 12.30pm for the afternoon games. My first goal came in a game in the afternoon against a team called Coylton Colts. Our team, Prestayr, were dominating the match & everyone & their dug was scoring. I fancied a piece of the action, so ventured forward from my defensive position, wandered to the edge of the box, right in the middle, someone hit a shot, goalie saved it, ball rolled to my feet & I toe poked it into the roof of the net. Felt absolutely fantastic. Two minutes later, glowing with confidence, I strolled up the park again, this time shouting for a pass from the same position, received it & battered another one into the top right side of the net. Head trebled in size that day. Think we won the game 24-2 or something like that, but I scored 2 goals & absolutely everyone who came into contact with me after that was told about it.
  3. Morton v Ayr utd

    We both know that, however, that was the number quoted.
  4. Morton v Ayr utd

    Nah, you've nothing to worry about here. The club are financing 5 supporters buses to this match for Ayr supporters. Normally when we have a big crowd at a big game the teams arse collapses. I expect more of the same here. It's got a similar feel to 7 years ago. Not sure on every detail, but from memory it was the last game of the season, a win for either team meant Championship survival. Morton won the game, we went down, 2 young lads had a square go on the pitch. Obviously this time around Morton have moved on considerably & are at the business end of the table, whereas we have not moved on & find ourselves in a similar situation.
  5. TNA General

    What channel is this on nowadays?
  6. McKenna off for Ayr
  7. Dunfermline Athletic -vs- Dumbarton

    I would like this game to end in a draw. Thanks.
  8. Ayr United, What now 2016/17

    He'll play 20mins against Dumbarton, come off injured & we'll no see him for weeks. The Ayr United curse. We're just not meant to stay in this division.
  9. Chris Mitchell

    Just a wee update. I've spoken to a representative of the club & ive been advised that they do not allow any charity based collections etc within the stadium, however he doesn't think it could be stopped out with the ground. I have said I wouldn't do anything outside the ground if the club were against it, but have asked him to get back to me with a yes/no answer as soon as they can.
  10. Chris Mitchell

    Well I'd be up for speaking to an Ayr United representative to see if they'd be interested in organising something for Sunday. We could go with the Scottish based Charity. The idea of a tournament between the clubs would be great too, however, I'm powerless to organise such an event, but will speak to Ayr Utd & put that idea out there. I'll inform you all on here of progress. I would urge any supporters like myself, of Clyde & Falkirk to get the ball rolling at their ends. I think this would be a really positive thing to do in such tragic circumstances.
  11. Chris Mitchell

    I was thinking about this lad a lot today. Brought back a lot of thoughts & memories of a school friend of mine who passed away a few years ago too & for a large part of the day I was very down. Finding it difficult to sleep just now, but have had an idea & wanted to share for opinions etc, trying to think positively from such tragic circumstances. Although not confirmed, it's been speculated Chris Mitchell suffered from depression (mental health issues) & has committed suicide. I was looking at the teams he's represented & 3 of the 4 Scottish clubs are still in play off action, as are Bradford City down south. My idea was, would it be suitable for there to be some sort of fundraising opportunity in memory of the lad? Like donating to a mental health charity or something? Thinking about my own club, Ayr United, we've the game on Sunday & I'm thinking we could have collection buckets at the turnstiles or whatever. This could be repeated at the Falkirk Stadium & at Broadwood too, with a Just Giving site opened for other teams' supporters to donate too. Obviously there would need to be an agreed charity to donate to etc, but it could be done. What's everyone's thoughts?
  12. Ayr United, what now 2015-16

    Based on the wonderful news coming out of Somerset Park this evening, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Dunfermline, & the other 2 clubs from this league who'll be in the end of season playoffs, all the very best for this competition & really hope one of them are victorious and are able to join us in the Championship next season.
  13. Weekend 16-19

    Tomorrow's Treble: Burnley, St Johnstone & Raith Rovers. £20 treble returns just over £140.
  14. First Game you ever played!

    Alex the Kidd & Sonic 1 for the Master System 2. Got AK built into the console, Sonic (cartridge only) & a new TV for my room, think I was 5. I remember my Mum running about panicking cause there was only 1 controller. "I'm sure Santa gave you 2 controllers". Then later in the day the family came for dinner & the missing controller appeared. "Santa must have dropped it at your Aunt Janettes when he visited there earlier on Xmas Eve". To me, at the time, this was a perfectly logical explanation haha.