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  1. Golfers Thread

    I hope you continue to improve DD. When I started playing again I thought I'd just pick up my clubs & instantly return to the same player I was when I was younger. It took me longer than it should to realise that it wasn't going to happen. I kept saying ''couple a rounds to get into it & then it'll come'', but it never did. It wasn't until I left the past in the past & just went forward with the attitude ''this is where I am, lets improve'' that things started to get a wee bit better, however, like you've described above, I would get to about the 12th/13th/14th in very good shape, have a bad hole & it would all go to pot. 1 bad hole would completely ruin my day, I got so angry, frustrated & couldn't put it to the back of my mind & move on. Sometimes my temper would ruin my round completely. It all came to a head one medal Saturday. I started off with an eagle 3 at the first, chipped in from off the green. I followed this with a par at the 2nd, par at the 3rd, birdie at the par 3 4th, par at the 5th & tap in birdie at 6. I then began to think as I approached the 7th tee ''well even if I have a couple of bad holes today, surely this first 6 holes will stand me in a good position. All I need to do is hit a straight drive here & even if I get a 5 that's it out the road''. The 7th at the course I describe is a dog leg with an elevated green. The medal tee is in an elevated small patch of ground surrounded by trees on the left, trees on the right with a pedestrian path & a burn. The trees on the left stretch right down to the dog leg & there is very little room on the right until after the bend either & as the laws of gravity go, everything kicks right off the sloping fairway too. Conservative players chip a 5 iron to before the dog leg, chip it over the dog leg hill with a wedge or 9 iron & then go for the green. However, if you are playing well you can drive it off the tee, carrying the dog leg. Of course, as I was playing well, I get the driver out, think I was playing with a Ping G5 at the time, loved the shaft in it. Anyway, I slice the first drive right & into the burn. I then tee it up again & do the same. So I go off the tee to my bag, get my 6 iron out & decide to just knock one onto the fairway, the conservative approach. However, by this point I was boiling, absolutely boiling. Hands were soaking with sweat, I could barely look up as I had the other 3 players in my 4 ball looking at me. That much time had passed the 4 ball in the group behind were also waiting. So I keep my head down, walk to the tee, tee it up &.........grip slips out my hands, ball goes straight left into the trees, club releases from my hands & nestles in the long grass/tree area to the left too. I tell the 3 guys to go on, swap score cards etc & walk the pedestrian path from the woodland area, heading in the opposite direction from the clubhouse, but a route that would eventually lead to my home. I had a brief look for the 6 iron, but never found it, might even still be there. I was absolutely embarrassed beyond belief. ''I used to be no bad at this game, really quite gid actually. I f*cking hate it now, I'm never playing again, that's me finished, I obviously don't have it any more'' (I muttered stuff like that to myself all the way home). It took me about a fortnight until I picked up a club again & afterwards I told myself that I would not take the game so seriously ever again, would just enjoy it & see where that led me. I can honestly say, the moment I adopted this attitude was the moment that my game began to improve. If I have a bad round I don't really bother anymore. I get upset, but I then put it into perspective. Could be that I've not played regularly leading up to the round, haven't practiced etc. However, when I prepare for a tournament or whatever, put the time in & take 1 shot at a time, I tend to do ok. And any time I ever find my blood reaching boiling point I try to just laugh & think ''that's golf, it'll try and do that to you, you've just got to smile''. This season I hardly played at all, but I've done enough to maintain a handicap, that's slightly went up. I have began Caddying full time at Turnberry, have a 3 year old daughter & play Football a couple of times a week, so I haven't really had as much free time to dedicate to golf. I've told myself that I'm really going to knuckle down next season & see where that takes me. My football/futsal career is hanging by a thread (knee is like glass) so I think I'll pack that in at the end of the season & make golf my only past time.
  2. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    Shankland scores again, game over now folks.
  3. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    3-1 now, geezo.
  4. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    Absolutely sensational stuff.
  5. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    Playing much better now lads.
  6. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    Thought you'd be pleased.
  7. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    Hope you're right King Kebab.
  8. East Fife vs Ayr Utd

    We're very poor so far, extremely poor.
  9. There's a shop in Kilmarnock recently opened stocking Subbuteo stuff I hear. I keep meaning to nip up for a look. I've still got the majority of my collection, unfortunately I've no one that's interested in playing it with me.
  10. Golfers Thread

    Expatowner, the secret to getting to single figures is not thinking about it. As long as you continue to improve, it will come in time. The secret is not to wish it to happen, that's when it doesn't happen. Golf is a funny old game, progress & success come around when you least expect it. All I can really do is go from my own personal experience. When I was younger I was single figures, I then didn't play for many years & took the game up again properly (i.e. joining a club, playing weekly etc) a couple of years ago. I had played sporadically through my early 20's, but didn't play any competitive games etc from 18 till I was 27. I thought I'd just pick the clubs up again, post my 3 cards for my handicap & be given 7 or 8. That didn't quite work out & I was given 14. For about the first year, I was absolutely obsessed with getting back to single figures & it just wasn't happening. I then spoke to a friend of mine who does a bit of golf coaching etc & he said to concentrate on 1 shot at a time, all of the time. We went out for a game & he took me through his wee process thing. Previously, I was a 1 hole at a time guy, but when I had a bad hole, I found it very difficult to forget about it. Anyway, I tried his method with him there & it worked, I shot a 74 scratch. It took me 4 or 5 rounds for me to manage to fully get into this mode when on my own, but when I started to do this & stopped thinking about my total score, the bad hole previously etc, I started to see a wee bit of success. I'm not saying it'll work for you, but give it a go & see how you get on.
  11. Ayr v QP

    We're getting pumped.
  12. Golfers Thread

    Great effort.
  13. Peaky Blinders

    Best show on the tele. Having to wait a f*cking week for the next episode is a crime.
  14. Project Brave rumbles on..

    As far as I am aware Swello, the Ayr United Academy is its own set up, separate from the club. Community based, receive grants, funding etc from outside sources, from what I am led to believe.
  15. Ayr United - 17-18 rumblings and mumblings

    Haha I was actually asked this very question the other day by a taxi driver, a topic I hadn't discussed or heard about for a long long time.