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  1. Genuinely thought Jak was out of contract damn you Transfermrkt. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11719/10560325/alex-jakubiak-signs-new-watford-deal-and-joins-fleetwood-town-on-loan Another year loan please.
  2. Outside of the foot chip over the keeper won my heart.
  3. I doubt he’ll have to convince anyone to send him back up here as he’s out of contract in the summer. After 6 loan moves and no contract by January I’m guessing he’s not got a future there. 2 year deal on the table for him ASAP please.
  4. We have options on Robson, McGhee, Longridge and Sibbald and id keep them all along with Taiwo, Nelson and of course Jak but unlikely. Hartley already has eyes down south for next season and I’m moist.
  5. Indeed. I’d imagine they get home today after last nights games, they then play Tuesday (usually when they train) train on Thursday, game on Saturday and game the next again Tuesday.
  6. Brechin City v Falkirk

    That post makes me horny.
  7. Brechin City v Falkirk

    He’d fit right in at Motherwell imo.
  8. Thomson was fantastic and most fans didn’t realise this until he left for Brighton I’m sure. Even the quality at the back, Holden and Ross solid every week with big Gerard at the back.
  9. Cregg, Craig, Latapy, O’Donnell in the middle with Barr and Milne at the back. The season we lost out on top 6 away at Aberdeen was great, the 5-1 away to St Mirren, front 3 of Barrett, Higdon and Pedro was unstoppable at times and had Higdon not got injured we would’ve been top 6 comfortably.
  10. Show us your pussy..!

    Albus goes outside and within minutes is usually back at the patio door wanting back in. The other day let him out walked through to the kitchen to be confronted with this.
  11. Win Counter

    A little something from what I had left in my account.
  12. Ally Love

    5 games for racism yet 8 for Ohara for making a comment about someone’s eye. Making it up as they go.
  13. Midweek flutter

    This midweek sky boost with money back if it fails.
  14. Valentines Day

    f**k all.
  15. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Got aids reading this on Facebook. God knows what happened to the person who shared it.