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  1. Coyle done an interview with Falkirktv after the legends game and it’s still not been broadcast. Usually very prompt at releasing interviews.
  2. Kidd, Watson and Shepps to start with.
  3. Owen Coyle is a free agent.
  4. Stephen Dobbie player/manager. #somoney
  5. Contract till end of the season and let him go if he wants.
  6. Groin issue. Back in training this week with Myles Hogarth
  7. Emergency board meeting to discuss how lucky we are to have an SPL/PREEEEEMIER league manager like Houston. Expect the unexpected COYB
  8. 7 bodies, 1 Kitman, 1 goalkeeper coach, 1 physio, Alex Smith, Alan Maybury, James Mcdonugh and Houston. And yet we’ve still had Muirhead at right back for close to 3 seasons and can only play 442 or 4231 for 4 seasons. Lock Coyle in the stadium tonight for training tomorrow.
  9. No idea why this bugs me so much.
  10. Mental decision. Almost as bad as having Darren Dods playing against Falkirk and not in the legends team.
  11. Subs on Lee Miller 65 minute tomorrow and maintains Livi made the team punt it by their tactics.
  12. If the spelling of Shepherds name is the only thing that annoys you about him then your in trouble.
  13. The BFL money won't be for this season it's for next.