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  1. The Walking Dead

    Negan is the fucking man. Won’t hear anything else about it.
  2. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    My mate found this in a charity shop down in Carlisle and just about finished it. Quite an interesting read obviously favoriting Gretna throughout and how they were the victims throughout the rise and fall.
  3. Austin and Loy up top. Longridge and Dunne wide and the rest is pretty grim to pick.
  4. Potential. If we can get a decent fee in January with a sell on then I’d sell.
  5. I’d take Alston back in a heartbeat.
  6. Still a twinkle in my dads eye in 1990 but if you’ve got a clip I’d happily gif it.
  7. Gavvvy1876 Fifa18 Not on often but when I do your guaranteed a win.
  8. Hope this works uploading via the app but I made this gif of Dani Mallo at Inverness seeing as he retired yesterday. If it doesn’t work then I blame Dean Shiels and his Da.
  9. This. Also full of stuff that can go into the recycling.
  10. Both of them are c***s so no idea how it took so long for evidence.