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  1. Tom Dallison Patrick Brough Dennon Lewis all signed so far for the Hartley Juggernaut.
  2. Very similar style to Lyle Taylor going off the old YouTube.
  3. Can see Shepps going out on loan if we can’t get him off the wage bill fully. You would think Loy’s agent would have him something sorted can’t say the same for Harris. A right back is needed and wouldn’t want us going for Tumilty tbh, Tyler Reid from Swansea has a season left so you never know. Anything that stops us having McGhee as a right/left back.
  4. Sad to see Longridge leave he got close to double figures in assists and goals but if a contract can’t be agreed then we aren’t jn a place to mess about.
  5. He’ll need some work done before he can join our handsome 11.
  6. A solid 6 out of ten for us. Nothing more nothing less.
  7. Only another 5 signings from down south to come but let’s post what the team could be right now. Good plan.
  8. He said he’s looking for the above and is also wanting the pitch to be as slick as possible so plenty water on the pitch like when we first got the pitch.
  9. Pretty much sums up the evening.
  10. I can confirm that Hartley smells delightful.