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  1. Just stick O'Hara up front. IMO.
  2. You could probably guess half of it.
  3. I quite like it now. Thank you.
  4. Who the f**k showed you how to do the fancy avatar shite? They should be shot through the skull. IMO.
  5. Head to the Snug Bar, there's a free car park beside it, that's where I park. 5 min walk to the away end.
  6. Yes, I liked a few things, the cat was one of them. Thank you.
  7. Wise words.
  8. Should have made a weapon* and stabbed Pats skull with it, the strangulation was never going to work on his fat neck. IMO. *ffs he's been down there long enough to figure something out.
  9. RIP Shades.