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  1. Eccles is ok. That's the main thing. IMO.
  2. Just watched it again, if he had vaulted the wall and jumped down into the Derry, I honestly believe he would have been kicked to death.
  3. Unfortunately no, I was further back. Just as angry though.
  4. I must admit, I was absolutely fucking seething when this Pawlett/McGinn escapade happened. Thank you.
  5. The broken english/Thailand stylee of typing stuff out gets on my tits.
  6. Last one died last year, she was 94, mothers side of the family all make it to their 90's. There's a photo of me when I was about 2 with my mother, my gran, my great gran, and my great great gran.
  7. I think you'll find Dens is superior. Thank you.
  8. Thats Simon Murray, is it not?
  9. I do both, thank you.
  10. Looks like the league campaign will be yet another Duffy heroic failure. IMO.
  11. Open top bus parade through the villages of Angus.
  12. St Mirren should be about three up here.
  13. Nice one Rory.
  14. or, There's only one King Billy, and that's Pirie.