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  1. Panic is something some of us have as a default setting.
  2. No they won't.
  3. This. I went to Paisley (when it was a college not a uni) to do Industrial Engineering, but realised within 4 months that it wasn't for me, so got a job and left. Perfectly happy with the way my life has panned out, but, still have that nagging feeling that I should have done a course and got a higher qualification. However when I left school after 6th year, I still had no clue what I wanted to do with my life (still don't really, beyond being happy).
  4. Probably too busy voting for Mrs Brown's Boys as the best sitcom ever on their phone at the time.
  5. I was thinking left side/right side as in his picture though?
  6. Should've only painted half last night, and the other half tonight, in retrospect.
  7. Surely the only thing between anoraks is static electricity?
  8. Me too, and also on the open days to Strathclyde Uni, and Caley and Paisley when they were a college and not a Uni.
  9. Haven't read the 4 pages - has VT had a go at UoL-ers yet?
  10. Cling Film.
  11. Slut that he is.
  12. Happy 59th birthday today @Kenny Ashwood. Are you doing anything specific to celebrate?
  13. Kurylenko must be Russian for cameltoe.
  14. See I agree, but if Mrs Ranter comes into the room when it's on, she says "why are you watching this crap again"? Gene Hunt = legend.