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  1. I'm trying to make a fist of what you're alluding to, but I'm stumped.
  2. Sorry, didn't realise there was a Greggs round there.
  3. Two police officers casually strolling past a car not only parked half on the pavement, but also on double yellows. #clearuprates
  4. Genius
  5. If anyone wants to off someone live of Facebook, I can happily supply a list of youtubers that my kids drive me daft with day after day. And the world would be a better place without them (the youtubers, not my kids.
  6. You say that like it's a bad thing?
  7. Actually, now if she wanted to bring her boss too.....
  8. She'd only shag you if she'd cleared it with her boss first.
  9. "Steel a motorbike" FFS
  10. Which is why we never have any wastage at the food stalls.
  11. Blew someone on a motorway slip road, did she not? ETA beaten to it by Zen.
  12. Why does that annoy you?