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  1. Winning the league 1.5 times in 1890/91 & 1891/92
  2. That's classified. #needtoknow
  3. Curse you too, @Kyle
  4. AWOOOOGA (maybe)
  5. Allegedly over 600 buildings identified as having iffy cladding already, according to reports. 3 with the same cladding as Grenfel Tower. Govt not naming them specifically yet, to avoid creating panic.
  6. How many times have I had the reply to that instruction "I don't have a button saying backspace on my keyboard" Ditto when they've been told press any key "I don't have an 'any' key".
  7. And a few other reasons - One of those rubber thimble thingies for separating paper or counting cash. Paper open at the puzzle page. Either a pocket dictionary or thesaurus easily at hand. Tippex ditto. Yellow cardi. Extra back support. This bird will probably feature on the "c***s on a train" thread shortly.
  8. An obvious nod to our Dutch heritage, with players like, err, Van Zanten etc, plus our failed bid for Cruyff.
  9. Curse you, @Sonsteam of 08
  10. #teasingThursday
  11. One particularly boring late shift I decided to cover the same luddite's stuff in wee stickers that I'd found. He was an 8am start the next day, and apparently he went radge as he didn't know what any of the keys on his keyboard or phone were, so couldn't 'clock in' or anything so had been accused of being late. How I laughed, as I was sitting receiving a verbal warning the next day.
  12. Ah, the good old days of the ball mouse, where we got hours of entertainment out of removing the ball from a mouse belonging to one particular luddite in our work. He got all smug when we were upgraded to laser mouses, not realising that we could achieve the same result by putting a piece of tape over the laser bit. Based on my work, this behaviour is pretty much exclusive to our homeworkers.
  13. Except that, in 1 corner, he has to hit the ball down into the box.
  14. Hay Fever.