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  1. I always thought (probably wrongly) that PA stood for Paisley & Argyll, for then very reason that so many Argyll places had PA postcodes.
  2. Stirling, while in it's own Shire, is an FK postcode. ETA Dumbarton/Dunbartonshire, Glasgow postcode. Are you even more annoyed yet @Hedgecutter?
  3. In my experience of following Sons games on Twitter, a Queens goal is imminent
  4. It's a ten about Len from Zen.
  5. Code : if they showed the slightest encouragement.
  6. She forgot to take her tits with her to the filming.
  7. Good game, good game.
  8. Agreed, looks like one of those shows where they have selected a host first, and then said "ok then, better come up with a format". A la 'Splash' with Tom Daley.
  9. I worked with a lassie who justified still smoking through her pregnancy with "I want to have a small baby that's easier to push out". Staggering that someone who was 'educated' enough to know that they are harming a child, even an unborn one, still goes ahead and knowingly did it.
  10. Fuckwits gonna fuckwit.
  11. Your post does have a kinda spoiler in it, because
  12. Unless he's called on to play in goal again, like he was on Wednesday.
  13. Did Carswell really come on in goals?
  14. I think he had a hand in planning it as a publicity stunt. He's on every UK news station going, the c**t.
  15. Random reminiscence