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  1. Fire in Glasgow

    It amuses me that this thread is 'hot'.
  2. Thanks for the update - I have a meeting to schedule in at work tomorrow, i now know the best time to schedule it in for.
  3. Your Top Five Seasons

    Not just my memory that's dodgy then
  4. Your Top Five Seasons

    This is why my 'every other season' was brilliant too. Watching Sons home and away wasn't about glory or winning really, it was about spending time with good mates, having a blast, eating pies, creating tales and anecdotes that still make us laugh today. If we won something along the way, then that was the icing, not the cake. Away trips in particular were/are brilliant.
  5. Your Top Five Seasons

    Was it not the quarter final?
  6. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    Take the empty bottle back, rather than 50p return, you get Colin Nish, Chris Johnston, Alan Kay* *Insert own DFC dud of choice.
  7. Quick Question Thread

    No reply @Swarley - I guess he must've reached his maximum.
  8. Your Top Five Seasons

    I was gutted at that game
  9. Your Top Five Seasons

    75/76 - seeing us in the Scottish Cup semi (and subsequent replay). 83/84 - the season we got promoted to the Premier. 84/85 - our actual Premier season. Ok, we came straight back down, but I doubt I'll ever see Sons in the top league again. Think I only missed 1 game all season, at Tynecastle. 94/95 - promoted to Div 1. The absolute high of the game at Forthbank, the week after the crushing loss at Cappielow. Every other season is joint 5th, I love The Sons. ETA reading @IainMorton'a post above, 94/95 may be 93/94, bloody memory.
  10. Quick Question Thread

    Aye ok, Tedi.
  11. Things that annoy or delight you on the telly right now

    There's references to previous seasons, but the actual case in this season is brand new, if you know what I mean? All the previous seasons are worth watching, but particularly the one previous to this, just for the fallout for what happened to Tosh, it was really powerful I thought.
  12. History in the making

    Clydebank won 1 (One) game in 1999/00, I haven't been able to track down whether it was pre- or post-mathematical relegation yet though.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Wrong full back.
  14. Insurance

    Never been abroad on holiday?
  15. The 2018 Challenge cup final.

    Typical journo, no fact checking whatsoever