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  1. Thanks for taking the time to explain your reasoning.
  2. Based on which stats? Where can we see these stats?
  3. Verdana.
  4. Sorry @Christophe, hope this helps get you back on course.
  5. Without Google research, name me one Dumbarton player from the same period*. Not rocket science if you follow Scottish Football *Don't actually bother, I'm just trying to make a point, poorly.
  6. When did accuracy matter to the papers? (or me, sorry for not being encyclopedic with my Rangers history)
  7. Something about "all-conquering nine-in-a-row" hero returning in the club's hour of need would probably see most of them fall for it. Backed up by separate pieces from 'sources close to' Martin Jol and Frank De Boer about how hey are gutted to have missed out, just to make sure.
  8. The first part is still functioning for me. The 'see who gave me a rep' was withdrawn yesterday, as part of red/green dots (which had been taken away altogether) being brought back. The amount of each that you can award has been greatly reduced too. All this happened yesterday, so yes, recent issue.
  9. Agent Rodgers doesn't look to be trying too hard in that one.
  10. Have you been totally oblivious to the threads about dots?
  11. #dreamteam
  12. Were Blondie really a punk band though? Or, like the Stranglers, were they classed as punk because the music journos of the day couldn't work out where they actually belonged?
  13. 'tler...
  14. Re Jaz being back on the bench in the last couple of games - do I remember a while back that Mark Brown agreed to delay his departure to the police until Jaz was fit, or am I just on drugs, and he's going to bleed us for every penny until the end of the season?