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  1. I can assure you the frequency has increased greatly over the past few days.
  2. Incredible String Band - Eyes Of Fate
  3. They are getting worse, more frequent and intrusive again.
  4. Grant Lee Buffalo - America Snoring
  5. Boys Of The Lough - Wild Dismay
  6. Sorry about the intro! Kinks Mr Pleasant
  7. 7/10 Knew another 2 but had a brainfart
  8. Incredible String Band - Time
  9. Simon Nicol - Before Your Time
  10. Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
  11. Albion Country Band - I Was A Young Man
  12. Along slightly similar lines. When I was running a business in Dumfries we were getting a new IT system put in by a lot from Bucks. Week before the installation they phoned up to say they thought they would do all the work in Scotland in one day. A job in Dingwall, then Dumbarton then me in Dumfries. " How long would the drive take ? " I replied that he would need a f*ckin Tardis