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  1. This really is getting beyond taking the piss! I think the tories will suffer badly because of this.
  2. Incredible String Band - How Happy I Am
  3. Archie Fisher - Open The Door Softly
  4. This! Also if you are saving a particularly tasty looking morsel for the end, she finishes her meal first and before you know it has swooped in to spear said morsel from your plate. Rage inducing !
  5. Knew 9 scored 9/10 Ausiie politico gtf!
  6. Bob Dylan- The Times They Are A Changing ( Copy paste still not working, think it's a macOS Sierra thing ? )
  7. Donovan - Universal Soldier
  8. Kinks - Tin Soldier Man
  9. Stays in cheap hotels imo?
  10. Soft Machine - Hazard Profile
  11. Dave Swarbick And Simon Nicol - Merry Boys Of Greenland
  12. Maggie Bell - No Mean City
  13. Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
  14. David Davis on Andrew Marr just now? Jesus H ! What an ill informed blustering fool he is.
  15. Nic Jones - Sir Patrick Spens